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2015年优质资源评选 精品命题 人教版九年级英语上册 Unit2一课一练 蛟中

九年级上Unit 2一课一练


Period One


1 Parents often teach their children not to talk to s________ on the street .It may be dangerous

2. Li Hua’s grandfather has been d________ for years

3. T he flowers grown by me are gradually d__________now because of the high heat of the sun

4. My bag was s________ secretly by someone among the crowds. I don’t know who stole it .

5. My grandmother’s black hen l________ two eggs every day last year . Now the hen is l__________ eggs in the grass

6.Though Ning Zetao is very young , many people a________ him because he won so many gold medals.

7. Do you often have some d_______ after dinner ? –Yes, we eat some ice-cream.

8. We often have a big dinner with our r________ on New Year.

9.It’s fun _______(hang) out with my best friends. I often had great fun ________(hang ) out with my best friends 10. Look , there are many clothes _________(hang) on the clothes line . 11. June is the h__________ month of the year in this district , so don’t get sunburned. 12. New Year is a good time for ________(wash )away bad things and ____________(bring) new luck to them .


Put , throw , luck ,tradition , fill 21·cn·jy·com

1.These days I have ________ on weight now because I ate too much food .

2.During the Water Festival , people of Thai are busy ________ water at each other and they often have great

fun .

3.The bottle was _______ with much water at that time , so the crow could drink the water easily.

4.___________ speaking , people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.农


5.__________ , it rained cats and dogs , so I was wet all over .What a terrible day it was !


On Christmas Eve, I _______(_躺)on the bed to read a __________(小说) . The novel is about a man who failed in __________(事业)and ________(以….结束)being bankrupt._________(任何人)he asked for help, he was always_________(被拒绝). He had to ________(偷)for a ________(谋生). One day, he got into a ________(陌生人的)house and took away a lot of things : 300 ________(英磅), eggs ________(下蛋)by chickens, some ________(甜食)and even the host’s ________(领带).


My teacher thought I was the worst student . My family also had the ___1_____ thought as my teachers.

When I was going to give ___2___ my studying , a new teacher , Miss White came to our school. She was young , beautiful and knowledgeable .

One day , I was sitting alone in my classroom . Miss White came up to me and talked to me ___.3 _____(happy). Soon her smile drove away my unhappiness.

“Do you think I can go to college?” I didn’t know why I asked such ____4_____ question. I thought she must say “no” because everyone else said so . ____5_____ she said , “Dear, you can do anything you want . Just try , and you will get closer to success. I believe you are the ___6_____(good)!”

I was touched deeply by her words. I decided ____7____(study) hard . From then on , we became good ____8____(friend) . She often helped me with my study in her free time .

In the end , I ___9____(do ) well in my studies and went to a good college . Miss White is an angel . Her words have kept me ____10____(go ) forward. She helped me to see that I am special and can be successful in life.

Period One参考答案:

一.1.strangers 2. dead 3. dying 4. stolen 5. laid , laying 6. admired 7. desserts 8. relatives

9. to hang , hanging 10. hanging 11. hottest 12. washing , bringing

二. 1 put , 2 throwing 3. filled 4. traditionally 5. Unluckily

三.1. lay 2. novel 3. business 4. ended 5. Anyone 6. refused 7. steal 7. living 9. stranger’s

10. pounds 11. laid 12. desserts 13. ties

四. 1.same 2. up 3. happily 4. a 5. But 6. best 7. to study 2-1-c-n-j-y

8. friends 9. did 10. going

Period Two


1. The street is so c___________, so it’s hard for the buses to go through

2. Don’t talk to s_________ because you are unfamiliar with them , it is dangerous

3. These days I ate too much food , so I guess probably I have p_______ on weight now .

4.I am ______ sorry for what I said(true)

5. In western countries, New Year’s Day is mostly c________ on January 1 . People are so happy with the ________(celebrate)

6.The stones in the mountains are in different s________ of animals

7. Chinese people have been ________(celebrate) the festival for years

8.She was t________ by the t________ movies , all the people cried hard

9.He s_______ at the birds but he didn’t shoot it down 10.Liu Qian is one of the best-known _________(magic) in China 11. W________is late for school will be given a tiny punishment 12.I was so happy to find the hen ________(lay) eggs in the grass 13. The t_________ of celebrating the National Day has been a long period 14.I can’t find my purse , may be s________ or lost 15. T________ speaking , people will throw Zongzi into the rivers or lakes to let the fish keep away from Qu Yan on Dragon Boat Festival. 16. After meals , my sister likes eating d__________ , so she is fat 17. We students a________ Mo Yan very much . Because he is the first one in our country to win the Nobel Prize for Literature 18. Do you know how many eggs the hen l__________ every day ?【版权所有:21教育】


Tradition , who, wish , touch , refuse

1.You can bring _______ you want to the party on Friday.

2.The movie is very ______ and I have watched it for three times.

3.David ______ his friend’s invitation to the picnic in order to stay at home and have a good rest .

4.It is a ________ that the young look after the old in many countries.

5.Mooncakes carry people’s _______ to the families they love and miss.

Fly, watch, young , repeat , crowd

1.Mother Teresa was born in Macedonia, Europe. She was _______ _______ of three children of the family.

2.Many teenagers think the program “Grade One “ is fun ____________.

3.During the Spring Festival , the bus station is always ____________.21*cnjy*com

4.It’s time for _________a kite.

5. 5. Can you ______ it once again? I didn’t quite hear clearly just now .


Tears went out of my eyes when I talked to my mum ___1_____ the phone.

It was 7:30 in the evening , she was still working in the fields. These are my parents. They are always working hard. My father worked from seven in the morning to nine in the evening . And my mum is much busier than him because all the housework is left to her . ___2______, she also has to look after the vineyard.葡萄园. Every day she gets up early at 4:00 in the morning , and keeps on _____3____(work). One day I called her at eight in the evening . She said , “I have just got home from the vineyard and haven’t had supper yet. I am washing

the clothes now .”

Although they are busy and ___4______(tire) , they forget it as soon as I appear. For them , the happiest time is to be with me . Once my mum saw me ___5____(walk) towards home , she cried happily. __6____ I got back home, she always runs into the kitchen _____7____(cook) something delicious for me .

Dear Mum and dad, I am full_____8____ hope . I will take more exercise to keep healthy. I will study ____9_____(hard) to be excellent at school.

Love, sometimes, doesn’t need many words. Love your parents ___10____ they love you . Give them a call and tell them you miss them .

Period Two参考答案:


1. crowded

2. strangers

3. put

4. truly

5. celebrated , celebration

6. shapes

7. celebrating

8. touched , touching

9. shot 10. magicians

11. whoever 12. laying 13. tradition 14. stolen 15. Traditionally 16. desserts 17. admire 18. lays


1. whoever

2. touching

3. refused

4. tradition

5. wishes

1. the youngest

2. to watch


4. flying

5. repeat


1. on

2. But

3. working

4. tired

5. walking

6. when

7. to cook

8. of

9. hard 10. as

Period Three


1. Do you like the character who d________ up as a doctor in the movie ? 21·世纪*教育网

2. The two towns l________ on the coast 海岸.

3. The cat was l_________ fast asleep by the fire.

4. He l_________ down on the sofa and soon fell asleep.

5. This is the novel w_________ by Lu Xun.

6. The boy _______ (name ) Jackie is over there.

7. Don’t worry about the cost. I will t_________ you nice. 21世纪教育网版权所有

8. My parents is always t__________ me as a child.

9. My grandfather is used to ________(get) up early who was late always late for work before.

10. My parents used to p____________ me by not letting me watch TV.

11. The poor man died ________ (介词)drinking too much. 【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】

12 My grandfather has been d________ for four years.

13. He was p__________ for drunken driving.

14. She loved the job of being a teacher , so she e_________ to be a teacher.

15. The guidebook w_________ against being alone at night. www-2-1-cnjy-com

16. I can’t e________ her to be on time if I am late myself .

17. I tried to w_______ him , but he wouldn’t listen.

18. The guidebook warns __________(介词)walking alone at night.

19. We got excited about something and then ended up ________(speak) in Chinese.

20. She warned her pupils not ________(go) near the pool.

21. She is ___________(tie) the stick to the tree to make it straight and not fall down in the storm.