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My biggest dream

,so doI我也这样.My biggest dream is to


When I was a little girl,I watched a lot of soap operas肥皂剧about policewomen.Then I fell in love with爱上this dangerous but interesting job.Because I think policewomen are brave勇敢地.They can catch 抓住thieves贼.To be honest坦率地说,I like being a policeman.I like do ing something different做不同的事情.It’s my favorite.

I know there are many difficulties困难to be a policeman.But I won’t give up放弃.I will try my best 尽自己最大努力to make my b iggest dream come true 使实现although 尽管it’s not easy.I believe myself相信自己.I will study harder and harder越来越努力.I’ll read more books .And at the same time在同时,I’ll do exercises everyday and keep health y保持健康.I know that if you want to be better than other s比别人更好,you must work hard to improve .





My school life and hobbies

I’m in Grade3 now,I feel a little busier忙一点than before比以前.As由于the big final 最后的exam 大型期末考试is coming near即将到来.I work harder and spend more time on my study.花更多时间在学习上。

My parents do n’t allow me to watch Tv or play computer games any more不再on weedays 在工作日,so sometimes I feel boring or not relaxed enough in my life. I used to do sports or play QQ games with my classmates and I have got a lot of fun.I like playing QQ games best.However 然而,I know that it’s too much time wasting 浪费太多时间nowdays现在.I find a good way of relaxing myself放松自己.that’s 那是listening to music.A piece of beautiful music一件美妙的音乐always can make me feel comfortable and help me get away 脱离,摆脱the great pressure压




My hobbies and my ideas about the future

Eveyyone has different hobbies爱好and interests 兴趣at their different ages在他们不同年龄

When I was a child,I liked playing with my friends.We usually went to the beach,caught抓住some small fish,swam游泳in the sea.Sometimes we climb ed 爬onto the trees to catch bird s抓鸟.I had a happy time in my childhood童年.I miss想念it.

Now I study in a middle school中学.I’m busy studying every day.In my free time在空闲时间,I like playing basketball with my classmates,or surfing the internet上网sometimes.I think they can make me relaxed让我放松.

In the future,when I leave school to work放学去上班,I hope I can do some jobs that I like to do.做我喜欢做的工作Maybe也许I will be a teacher.It’s my dream.



Talking about my life

My school life校园生活is a lot of fun很有趣.I like studying in the classroom with my lovely 可爱的classmates.We get on well with each other.We play sports and sing together.I often miss my classmates and teachers if I don’t see them for a long time有一段时间.But sometimes our teachers give us too much homework.Parents and teachers often put great pressure on us给我们施加太多压力

I wish a happy life 希望有一个幸福的生活in a big city in the future.I will live in a big house with a garden带有花园的大房子.and I drive to work.开车上班I will travel a lot常常旅游in my free time在空闲时间.

I’ll work hard so that以便I can go to a good university大大学.Then I can get获得a good




The best ways for students to relax

Recently最近I have 已经made a survey 做调查of the students in my class on关于ways to relax after class下课后.

There are 60 students in my class(31boys and 29girls).Different students have different ways to relax.Half of the students often watch Tv.12students like to play computer games.8 students enjoy listening to music.5 students think doing sports is a good way and another five are too busy to relax.

As 由于we study too long every day and have too much pressure有太多压力,every student should choose good ways 选择好的方法to relax..In my eye s我的看法,watching TV or playing computer games is not a good合适的way to help us relax.I think taking exerci se 运动is a good way because it can make使我们us have a good rest休息的好.Besides而且,It can help 有助于improve提高our health增强体质.Therefor e因此,I often play pingpong after ’s really的确helpful有益to both my health and(两者都)my study.






Doing too much homework is good or bad?Some students think it’s good for them to do too much homework.They think that to do much homwwork can help them go ove r the lessons复习功the things teachers said in class, make them get new ideas获得新的看法.Some students think it is bad for them to do too much homework,they think that to do much homework make them sleepless失眠and they have less time 很少有时间to do the things they like.They think teachers should teach their students how to study,how to learn the things the learned.

I think we can do suitable适宜的homework and we don’t need to 不需要do too much 太多homework,We can use good ways to study and we can use most time 大多数时间to do the things we are interested in.So I hope everyone can study well,sleep well,play well and keep healthy.



Sports in our school校园体育




Sports in our school have changed a lot已经变化很大.Now we have more than多于,不仅仅three P.E.classes a week.and we have at least至少one hour to exercise锻炼every day.

Students get so excited变得如此兴奋at these changes在这些变化上More and more students take an active part in积极参加the ball games,running,and jumping on the playground.Our school life is becoming正在变得more wonderful 精彩.

Doing sports is a god way to relax and keep fit保持健康.What’s more而且,a healthy body健康的身体can help us study better 学习更好and live happier life 过上更幸福的生活.


How to relax yourself如何放松自己



Health is very important to us teenagers对于我们青少年来说.A strong body强健的身体is good for either study or 要么---要么work.Doing sports every day helps us keep healthy and energetic保持精力充沛.If we don’t take any exercis e锻炼.we may feel tired and get sick easily容易得病.Just as the saying goes一如谚语所说, “Exercise one hour a day,keeping illness away远离疾病.”

There are many kinds of许多种类sports we can do,such as例如running,swimming and ball games.

Now we students have to do too much homework after school.I hope teachers will leave 留下us less homework少留作业so tha t以便we can have more time to take part in参加sports.I also hope our school can organize组织more sports


1. 2.保持健康的方法;3.保持健康的结论以及你的看法

范文一:Here is my advice这是建议about how to keep healthy.As作为a middle school student,first you’d better你最好do more excrcise such as例如playing ball games,running,swimming and jumping.Then you should pay attention to 注意your diet节食or meals三餐.Don’t eat too much meat肉and sugar 糖果,you should eat more vegetables and fruit.Third you need enough sleep or rest.Next 其次keep yourself happy保持你自己开心.people often say smiling makes younger笑一笑让你年青.Last you mustn’t 千万不要drink wine 喝酒or smoke.They’re bad for your health.That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and


I’m talking about how to keep healthy.Today many teenagers are unhealthy不健康because they do less exercise运动少,eat more junk food,and haven’t enough time to sleep.If we

keep healthy we must keep taking exercises坚持锻炼every day.Eat lots of fruit and

smoking.Early to bed early to get up早睡早起.Breath.keep happy every





In 20years二十年后,Xiamen will be more beautiful.There will be将会有more trees and less pollution.People will use cars less,Instead取而代之的是,people will ride bikes or take buses.

By then到那时,I will be35years old.I think I will be famous.I will live with my parents in a big house in Xiamen.That will be a house with a garden.I will exercise锻炼every day.And I will go to Australia with my family on vacation.


How I Change我怎样变化的

初中的学习生涯即将结束了。三年来,在你获取知识的同时,你的外貌,兴趣爱好,习惯…都有了一定的改变吧!请你一定以(How I Change)为题,写一篇短文,告诉我们你的变化。


has changed a lot (已经变化很大)in the past three years在过去的三年里. When I was in Grade 7, I was a short and shy girl with long hair. I often listen to music at home. But now I like to make friends 交朋友and take part in 参加all kinds of activities各种活动.I prefer running with my classmates. So I’m becoming逐渐变得much healthier than

高兴with me.


很胖and short when I came to the middle school. At that time在那时I was interested in computer games and I spent most of time on it. My parents were worried about me担心我.

Now, I like sports and I often play football with my classmates after school. So I become taller and stronger变得个子更高身体更强健than before. I like reading, too. I usually go to the library to read some interesting books. Good habits好习惯help me to study better and keep healthier.


please don’t play computer games all day


(提示词:give up放弃;concentrate on集中注意力于;be (become)interested in)

Li Xiaohu spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others落后于别人. As 作为a close friend 亲密的朋友of his, I must do something to help him.

First,I must tell him that playing computer games too much过量is bad for his health, especially尤其for his eyes对于他的眼睛. So he must give it up. I can play more sports with him after school. Maybe he will become more interested in对---更感兴趣sports than computer games.

And then I’ll ask him to concentrate more on 集中更多注意力于his study. Of course当然, I will try my best 尽我最大努力t o help him with all his subjects. I think I can do it in many ways在许多方面and let him find much fun in studying.

At the same time同时, I’ll ask叫both his parents and(两者都)our teachers to help him, too. If I try these尝试这些,I’m sure 我相信he will make great progress 取得大进步soon. more important更重要的是, help improve my abilities能力. When reading, I can learn a lot.




①请你以Tom 的名义,给远在美国的父母写一封信,介绍学校的现状并谈谈你的感受。

③词汇参考:build up建立,创建 a harmonious campus和谐校园impress vt. 给--留下印象Dear Mum and Dad,

Time flies! I’ve been here for nearly a year. I’m very pleased to find that our school is really a good one. The students in our school work hard at their lessons努力学习功课. They take an active part in 积极参加activities活动that help to improve提高,提升their mind心灵and health健康. They are friendly to each other彼此and always ready to 乐于help each other互相帮忙.

The teachers here all enjoy their work and they love their students. They work hard and do what they can do做他们所做的to help their students. And the students love their teachers. They get on well with 相处融洽each other彼此. The students in our school try their best to keep the school yard clean and tidy保持干净和卫生. They never从不throw waste 扔垃圾around四处.

In a word一句话, I am very impressed by对---印象深刻the colorful life丰富多彩的生活in this school. I love my new school.








I’m a student in Grade 3,every day I have a lot of homework to do.I nearly几乎have no time to do sports.My parents do n’t allow me to watch Tv or play computer games any more不再On weekdays.I feel worried about觉得焦虑them,so sometimes 有时I feel boring or not relaxed enough不够放松in my life.

Nowdays现在,I find a good way of relaxing myself放松自己,that’s那就是starting a diary开始写日记,I write down写下my thoughts想法,dreams,problems or anything I want.Writing a diary can make me feel easy感觉舒适and help me out of the great pressure帮助摆脱压力of hard work繁重的工作.in all总之,if you want to feel well about yourself自我感觉良好,you must believe in yourself相信自己!Learn to relax yourself放松自己or go to ask for help寻求帮助if you have






At an early age在早些岁数的时候,I began to practice Kung Fu,it is hard work.I got up at 5:00 in the morning and trained训练for at least至少six hours a

day.I felt so tired all day that(如此---以至---)I nearly几乎gave it up放弃。To my surprise让我惊讶的是,I kept ondoing it坚持做下去.When I won the first place第一名赢得第一名in the Kung Fu competition比赛last year,a lot of people around周

I looked like看起来想 a hero.


Never giving up makes me be successful让我成功已经长大from that thing从那件事情上.Hard work辛勤的工作is happiness幸福。I’m lucky幸运的that I didn’t give up放弃this





Keeping healthy保持健康is important for us.We can’t get获得good jobs in the future if we are not strong强壮enough足够,so,how can we keep fit保持健康?I n my opinion(看法)用我的话来说,we should try our best尽我们最大努力to do the following.做下面的

First,I think you’d better你最好take exercise every day for at least至少one hour.Let’s do sports to keep healthy from now on从现在开始。

Second,don’t eat junk food.It’s reported that据报道most children can’t help eating junk food忍不住吃垃圾食品e very day.The more 越多we eat,the unhealthier越不健康,Keeping on坚持eating fruit and vegetables,then然后you’ll feel better soon不久(身体)就会好起来.

Third,I suggest 建议that you should do what you can 你所能做的to relax yourselves.Are you busy with忙于your homework all the time一直?Why not have a good sleep好好睡or try to listen to some wonderful music in our free 空闲的time?

In short总之,there’re many ways to keep in good health保持健康.If you

You’ll have a strong body好身体



(1)保持健康的重要性(2)保持健康的方法(3)保持健康的结论(4) (你的看法?)




Dear boys and girls:

I’m talking about how to keep healthy/fit. Today many teenagers are unhealthy不健康because they do less exercise运动做的少,eat more junk food, and they usually do not have enough足够的time to sleep. If we wish希望to keep fit, my advice建议are as follow如下: Firstly, we must keep taking exercises every day , and eat lots of fruit and vegetables .

Secondl y, try to sleep for about 8 hours a night sleeping well睡的好can keep us energetic 保持精力充沛the next day.

Finally, stay away from 远离smoking. Besides(除此之外), don’t forget to breath(呼吸)the fresh air呼吸新鲜空气in the open air在户外.Keep happy every day.

That is my advice .I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.