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必修1 Unit 1-2

Unit 1 Friendship


第一组:crazy, loose, calm, entirely, reason, thunder, share, German, habit, teenager, upset, communicate, outdoors, situation, advice

1 A group of Frenchmen and _________ are visiting Window to the World.

2 Please wait in line. Everyone will get his ________.

3 The doorknob (门把手) has come _________. Who will fix it?

4 Don’t always stay indoors. Y ou’d better go __________ for fun time.

5 I once studied some Japanese at college, but I’m afraid that I’ve __________ forgotten it now.

6 Don’t scold him. After all, he is only a __________.

7 __________ often follows lightning.

8 People say that __________ is second nature.

9 China is going through good economic __________ these years.

10 Since you have question, why not turn to him for some __________?

11 My child spends most of the time playing online games. It really _________ me.

12 ___________ well with others is considered a kind of ability.

13 Seeing mother smiling at me among the audience, I felt _________ on the stage.

14 No one knew the __________ why he was absent from class a second time.

15 Seeing the famous film star appearing, all the fans became _________.

第二组:list, power, point, suffer, ignore, edotor, cheat, questionnaire, trust, dare

16 Do you know when President George Bush came into _________ ?

17 I __________ from a bad cold the other day. It took me days to get rid of it.

18 Only a few years after graduation my sister became the chief _________ with China Daily.

19 Can you design a ____________ to find out what kinds of friends your classmates like to make?

20 He is your father. How __________ you say to him like that?

21 Little Peter always lies to others. His classmates won’t _________ him anymore.

22 Mrs Wang wrote on the blackboard: No _________ in exams!

23 Mary got very unhappy, for other friends __________ her at the party.

24 I got 90 __________ in the final English exam.

25 Before going shopping you’d better make a _______of what you are going to buy.


2 It is nearly 11 o’clock yet he is not back. His mother ____________ him.

3 The Lius ___________ hard times before liberation.

4 ____________ get a good mark I worked very hard before the exam.

5 I think the window was broken ___________ by someone.

6 Y ou should ___________ the language points on the blackboard. They are useful.

7 They met at Tom’s party and later on ____________ with each other.

8 Y ou can find ____________ English reading materials in the school library.

9 I am easy to be with and _____________my classmates pretty well.

10 They __________ in a small village so that they might not be found.

11 Which of the following statements is not right ____________ the above passage?

12 It’s getting dar k. I ___________ be off now.

13 More than 1,000 workers ___________ the general strike last week.

14 All her earnings _____________ about 3,000 yuan per month.

Unit 2 English around the world


第一组:direction, command, lightning, block, request, accent, retell, recognize, standard, northwestern

1 ___________ is a kind of natural phenomenon.

2 Please read the __________ on the bottle before taking the medicine.

3 May and I are classmates, but we live in different _________.

4 Mao Zedong spoke with a strong Hunan __________.

5 When we met many years later I could hardly __________ Lily at the airport.

6 Gansu is a __________ province of China.

7 If you want to learn Chinese, you may learn from her. She speaks very ________ Chinese.

8 Will you please __________ the story to the whole class?

9 Visitors are ___________ not to touch the exhibits.

10 He lived in America for five years and has a good __________ of English.

第二组:rule, rapidly, apartment, government, subway, identity, international, vocabulary, include, present, native, actually

11 The population of that country is increasing ___________.

12 Our __________ must do something to stop the rising house prices.

13 The police are trying to discover the __________ of the killer.

14 Usually you will read faster if you have a bigger English _________.

15 All those _________ at the meeting are high officials.

16 _________, English is not so hard to learn if you put your heart into it.

17 _________ speakers of English are in good demand in our school.

18 Only ten boys passed the exam, _________ Peter and you.

19 My father likes me to major in __________ trade when I go to university.

20 Underground and _________ mean the same in English.

21 Englishmen say flat, while Americans say ____________.

22 India was once __________by Britain and won its independence in 1947.


灌溉) today.

2 That question ___________ at yesterday’s meeting.

3 Karl Marx could speak a few foreign languages, _________Russian and English.

4 Y ou must ask for leave first __________ you have something very important.

5 The media _________ major ________ in influencing people’s opinions.

6 _________ years of hard work she looked like a woman in her fifties.


Unit 1

一第一组: 1 Germans 2 share 3 loose 4 outdoors 5 entirely 6 teenager 7 Thunder 8 habit 9 situation 10 advice 11 upsets 12 To communicate 13 calm

14 reason 15 crazy

第二组:16 power 17 suffered 18 editor 19 questionnaire

20 dare 21 trust 22 cheating 23 ignored 24 points 25 list

二 1 face to face 2 is concerned about 3 went through 4 In order to

5 on purpose

6 set down

7 fell in love

8 a series of

9 am getting along with

10 hid away 11 according to 12 have got to 13 joined in 14 adds up to

Unit 2

一第一组:1 Lightning 2 directions 3 blocks 4 accent 5 recognize 6 northwestern 7 standard 8 retell 9 requested 10 command

第二组:11 rapidly 12 government 13 identity 14 vocabulary 15 present 16 Actually 17 Native 18 including

19 international 20 subway 21 apartment 22 ruled

二 1 playing a part 2 came up 3 such as 4 even if 5 play a…role 6 Because of

高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-必修1 Unit 3-5

Unit 3 Travel journal


第一组:properly, cycle, transport, insist, record, stubborn, brave, fare, familiar, camp

1 I live near our school. Sometimes I _________ to school.

2 I ________ that the rude shop assistant should apologize to me.

3 My daughter is so ________ that she cannot easily change her mind.

4 Y ou only have to pay 20 yuan; children travel at half _________.

5 I signed up for the 2007 English Summer _________.

6 The notice is written in German. Is anyone _________ with the German language?

7 The boy was ________ enough to keep chasing after the thief with a knife.

8 Liu Xiang broke the world _________ for the men’s 110-meter hurdle.

9 If you get to Beijing, there are two kinds of ________ for you to choose—by air or train.

10 When you write it is important to use words _________.

第二组:determine, topic, plain, persuade, attitude, journal, shorts, altitude

11 Fighting against terrorism(恐怖主义) has become an important ______ throughout the world these years.

12 Can you think of ways to _________ him to give up the plan?

13 When people are travelling they often write about their travels, which is called travel _______.

14 The Everest has an ________ of 8844.34 meters, according to the latest survey.

15 After putting on a T-shirt and ________, he went out to play tennis.

16 If you want to pass the exams, you’d better change your ________ towards them.

17 The soil of the Northeast _______ is fertile(肥沃的) and fine corn, sorghum, and rice grow there.

18 Upbringing(培养) plays an important part in _________ a person’s character.



cha nge one’s mind give in dream about

for one thing…for another be familiar to be determined to do


1 Since I was a child I _________ taking a space trip.

2 He fail ed again. _________, he didn’t have enough time.; _________, he couldn’t find people to help him.

3 I __________ go to a famous university in the future.

4 Finally the enemy had to ____________ to us.

5 This old song __________ those Chinese people who lived in the 60s.

6 She ___________ at last and promised to go together with us the next day.

Unit 4 Earthquakes


第一组:pond, fresh, brick, electricity, organize, injure, judge, shake, rise, speech, disaster, destroy

1 Let me write it down while it is still _________ in my mind.

2 Without __________ our life would be quite different today.

3 He got _________ in the right leg while playing football last week.

4 When an earthquake comes people can feel the house _________.

5 At Jerr y’s party, Mr Smith delivered an amusing _________.

6 If a nuclear war should break out, it would bring a great _________ to man.

7 Most of the buildings _________ in the earthquake.

8 From yesterday on the temperature began to _________.

9 Never _________ a person only by his clothes.

10 Our class went on an _________ trip last Monday.

11 Stones and _________ are used to build a house.

12 The water in the small _________ froze and kids skated on it.

第二组:ruin, smelly, steam, honour, rescue, bury, shelter, dam, canal, burst, shock, prepare, mine

13 The clothes of those who smoke a lot are often __________.

14 Li Siguang is __________ as the father of geology in China.

15 After getting hanged Saddam Hussin _________ in his home town.

16 Three Gorges (峡)_______on the Changjiang River is a great project in the world.

17 Reading the letter, she _________ out crying.

18 The students are busy __________ for the New Y ear’s Day Evening.

19 Hundreds of workers were killed in the coal _________ accidents last year.

20 He was greatly _________ at the news of his uncle’s death.

21 The Grand ________ was built during the Sui Dynasty(隋朝).

22 It looks like rain. We’d better seek _________ from the rain.

23 Five soldiers were sent to _________ those skiers trapped in the snow.

24 _________ can be seen rising from the boiling kettle(水壶).

25 The bad weather _________ our trip.



right away at an end dig out

a number of thousands of give out


1 After a long walk we all __________.

2 __________ workers went on the strike(罢工), but I didn’t know the exact number.

3 Just wait for me on the spot; I will come ___________.

4 More than a dozen people ___________ of the avalanche(雪崩) alive.

5 When we arrived at the cinema, the film was nearly __________.

6 __________ people gathered on the square watching the fireworks.

Unit 5 Nelson Mandela- a modern hero


第一组:quality, cruelty, prison, blanket, vote, stage, degree, fight, reward, hero

1 The Society for the Prevention of _________ to Animals (SPCA 动物保护协会) is a well known organization in the world.

2 The girl wrapped herself with a _________ to keep herself warm.

3 The famous actress first appeared on the _________ only in her teens.

4 The two boys who were _________ in the playground were ordered to stop.

5 People regarded him as a ________, for he saved a drowning 8-year-old boy out of a freezing lake.

6 Y ou really deserve a _________ for being so helpful.

7 My uncle received a doctor’s _________of medicine in America in 1998 and returned to China the following year.

8 He obtained 89% of the __________ and was elected president of the Party.

9 Nelson Mandela was put in ________ a few times.

10 People often value the _________ of a product rather than its packaging.

第二组:active, criminal, advise, guard, accept, position, educated, period, president, willing

11 The _________ was charged with robbing a bank and sentenced to death.

12 Two soldiers _________ the government office building all the time.

13 My father was promoted to a higher _________ for his achievements.

14 I stayed in Japan for only a short _________ of time.

15 Those boys are so helpful that they are always ________ to help others.

16 George Bush was elected _________ of the USA a second time in 2004.

17 All my family are well _________, of whom my brother studied in Harvard University.

18 I am a Party member and never ________any bribe(贿赂) from others.

19 The doctor _________ me to take more exercise so that I can keep fit.

20 Some students are very ________ in answering teachers’ questions while others just keep silent when asked any question.

第三组:principle, sincerely, league, terror, youth, violence, peaceful, continue, fear, republic

21 I _________ hope that you won’t let me down.

22 To his ________, he found a figure coming towards him in the darkness.

23 What really worries those parents is that there is too much sex and _______ o n TV.

24 The rain ________ falling all afternoon. But it came to a stop by dark.

25 PRC is short for the People’s _________ of China.

26 His son has been missing for five days and now police are beginning to _______ the worst.

27 After retirement she moved to the country and lived a ________ life.

28 The _________ play an important role in building our country.

29 I have been a ________ member for 3 years.

30 Stick to your ________ and tell him that you won’t do it.



lose heart in trouble worry about out of work

as a matter of fact blow up put…in prison

come to power set up be sentenced to


1 That building __________ yesterday and the police began to look into it.

2 Never _________; believe in yourself and keep up courage.

3 In America those who are __________ can live on relief(救济金).

4 He is very helpful; he always helps those _________ out of difficulty.

5 He pretends to be making comment on the drawings, but ____________, he knows nothing about art.

6 Due to lots of thefts he was __________.

7 What I am _________ is whether I can find another job.

8 That chemical works, which _________ only two years ago, has been closed down recently, because it has brought lots of pollution.

9 Saddam Hussin _________ death in 2006.

10 This party __________ at the last election.

Unit 3

一第一组:1 cycle 2 insisted 3 stubborn 4 fare 5 Camp 6 familiar 7 brave 8 record 9 transport 10 properly

第二组:11 topic 12 persuade 13 journal 14 altitude 15 shorts 16 attitude 17 Plain 18 determining

二 1 have dreamed about 2 For one thing; for another 3 am determined to

4 give in

5 is familiar to

6 changed her mind/gave up

Unit 4

一第一组:1 fresh 2 electricity 3 injured 4 shaking 5 speech 6 disaster 7 were destroyed 8 rise 9 judge 10 organized 11 bricks 12 pond

第二组:13 smelly 14 honoured 15 was buried 16 Dam 17 burst 18 preparing 19 mine 20 shocked 21 Canal 22 shelter 23 rescue 24 Steam 25 ruined

二 1 gave out 2 A number of/ Thousands of 3 right away 4 were dug out

5 at an end

6 A number of/ Thousands of

Unit 5

一第一组:1 Cruelty 2 blanket 3 stage 4 fighting 5 hero 6 reward 7 degree 8 vote 9 prison 10 quality

第二组:11 criminal 12 guard 13 position 14 period 15 willing 16 president 17 educated 18 accept 19 advises 20 active

第三组:21 sincerely 22 terror 23 violence 24 continued 25 Republic 26 fear 27 peaceful 28 youth 29 league 30 principles

二 1 was blown up 2 lose heart 3 out of work 4 in trouble 5 as a matter of fact 6 put in prison 7 worying about 8 was set up 9 was sentenced to 10 came to power

高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-必修2 Unit 1-2

Unit 1 Cultural relics


第一组:wonder, state, remove, remain, furniture, survive, fancy, cultural, style, design, jewel, vase, reception, vase, rare, dynasty

1 Matter has three ________: solid, gas and liquid.

2 All the passengers should ________ seated until the plane touches down.

3 It was a miracle that three persons ________ that big fire.

4 There are some _________ differences between the east and the west.

5 It was my father who _________the bridge.

6 Those few foreigners show great interest in this Chinese ________, dating back to 800 years ago.

7 Li Bai, a great ancient Chinese poet, lived in the Tang _________.

8 Our government has passed laws to protect the ________ wildlife that are d ying out.

9 If you want to buy a house, you may come into the _________ room for further information.

10 Our company deals in kinds of ________.

11 The hotel has been redecorated but it’s lost a lot of its _________.

12 She didn’t ________the idea of going home in the dark.

13 After moving into the new apartment we will buy a new set of _________.

14 Will you please _________ the chair? It’s in the way.

15 It is no ________ that he failed again, for he had never studied hard.

第二组:treasure, mirror, sailor, consider, opinion, trial, evidence, doubt, prove, secretly, castle, pretend

16 Peter, what is that spot on your face? Just look at yourself in the _________.

17 I don’t like my present job, so I am _________ changing a new o ne.

18 The murderer was finally sentenced to death after a few _________.

19 Do you ________ that our class will beat theirs at the basketball match?

20 I told her _________ what had happened to him.

21 When he passed by, he _________ not to see me.

22 Y ou r dream is nothing but ―_________ in the air‖.

23 What he said ________ that he was very honest and sincere.

24 There is convincing _________ of a link between exposure to the sun and skin cancer.

25 If you want my _________, I think you are crazy not to accept it.

26 Smith used to be a _________ in his twenties.

27 The police found buried ________ in the backyard of the white house.



look into belong to in search of in return

take apart think highly of make..into at war


1 That black suitcase on the floor _________ me.

2 That murder case is __________ by the police.

3 China was __________ with Japan at that time.

4 I gave him a nice gift _________ for his help.

5 All of us __________ Mary’s spoken English.

6 Groups of people went out ___________ the missing child.

7 Wood can be _________ fine paper.

8 We had to _________ the engine piece by piece for transport.

Unit 2 The Olympic Games


第一组:advertise, physical, compete, athlete, slave, honest, poster, relate, ancient, admit

1 Do you know anyone with a mental or ________ disability?

2 More ________ than ever before will take part in the 29th Beijing Olympic Games.

3 To be ________ with you, I don’t like the way he talks.

4 Much of the crime in this area is _________ to drug abuse.

5 Little Tom _________ having broken the window last night.

6 In _______ times, people used abacuses to calculate, which was slow.

7 What is written on that _________? Let’s go and have a look.

8 _________ were often forced to do heavy physical labor without any pay.

9 They are __________ against each other for the new contract.

10 We’ll __________ for new pupils. Our class starts at the beginning of the summer holiday.

第二组:host, stadium, silver, medal, interview, promise, replace, gymnasium, golden, magical

11 There is to be a football match at the City _________ this coming weekend.

12 To some players their goals is not only for a gold _________.

13 They arrived at 7.30 as they had _________.

14 After work I usually go to the _________ for exercise.

15 Her words had a ________ effect on us all.

16 My ________watch is not really made of gold.

17 Can you find an appropriate word to _________ this one?

18 More than 30 people were _________ for this job but only four were accepted.

19 They didn’t win a gold medal though they did their best. But luckily they got a _______ medal and a bronze one.

20 Five cities bid to _________ the 2011 World Universiade.



take part in a set of as well as

one after another run against


1 The students present at the lecture asked the professor questions _________.

2 I bought _________ china, which cost me a great deal.

3 He is a famous scientist ________ a well known writer.

4 I will _________ the other 10 boys in the 10,000-meter race.

5 Only five students were chosen to __________ the national math competition.


Unit 1

一第一组:1 states 2 remain 3 survived 4cultural 5 designed 6 vase 7 Dynasty 8 rare 9 reception 10 jewels 11 style 12 fancy 13 furniture 14 remove 15 wonder

第二组:16 mirror 17 considering 18 trials 19 doubt 20 secretly 21 pretended 22 castles 23 proved 24 evidence 25 opinion 26 sailor 27 treasure

二 1 belongs to 2 looked into 3 at war 4 in return 5 think highly of

6 in search of

7 made into

8 take apart

Unit 2

一第一组:1 physical 2 athletes 3 honest 4 related 5 admitted 6 ancient 7 poster 8 Slaves 9 competing 10 advertise

第二组:11 Stadium 12 medal 13 promised 14 gymnasium 15 magical 16 golden 17 replace 18 interviewed

19 silver 20 host

二 1 one after another 2 a set of 3 as well as 4 run against 5 take part in

高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-必修2 Unit 3-5

Unit 3 Computers


第一组:wander, notebook, brain, technology, move, universally, create, artificial, material, totally, disagree, birth

1 A __________ computer, or a laptop computer usually costs more than a desktop computer.

2 We often talk of IT, which is short for information __________.

3 It is _________ accepted that English is an international language in the world.

4 Those ___________ flowers look like real ones.

5 Y ou are __________ wrong on that point.

6 He was blind from _________ and couldn’t be cured.

7 What he said sounded unreasonable, so I _________ with him.

8 Why not try to find more reading ___________ to improve your comprehension ability?

9 The Bible said God ________ men.

10 It’s getting late; we have to make a ________.

11 Teachers spotted that he had a good _________ at an early age.

12 Lots of girls like _________ through the streets without buying anything.

第二组:mop, calculate, arise, common, coach, revolution, personally, mathematical, choice, intelligence, advantage, network

13 An abacus is the oldest type of __________ tool in China.

14 Mary is a very _________ English name for girls.

15 It was between 1966 and 1976 that the Cultural __________ took place in China.

16 This maths test, including 30 problems, can assess children’s __________ ability.

17 This child is clever and quick-minded, and he is of high _________.

18 The office _________ allows users to share files and software and to use a central printer.

19 Living in the country has also some __________, compared to living in the city.

20 It seemed that we had no __________ but to wait for the rain to stop.

21 _________, I think this article is well written except for its sharp remarks.

22 Y ou’d better find a _________ for one-to-one training to better your skills.

23 We keep them informed of any changes as they _________.

24 Peter, please _________ the floor. It is very dirty.



in common go by deal with in a way

make up with the help of after all watch over


1 Will you please _________ my child while I am out?

2 Those two brothers not only look alike, but also they have a lot _________.

3 When I am back to school from sick leave, I will _________ for the missed lessons.

4 __________, he has been very successful.

5 I cannot think of ways to __________ the salesman at the door.

6 I made great progress in English ___________ Mr. Lin.

7 Look! Little Tom is in tears. Don’t scold him. __________, he is only a boy of six.

8 Three months _________ before I knew about it.

Unit 4 Wildlife protection


第一组:bite, wildlife, whale, protection, affect, enemy, powerful, reserve, contain, area, insect, zone, suggest, stomach, apply

1 Everyone should realize the importance of __________ protection, because some animals are endangered.

2 Sunglasses can be a _________ to your eyes against the strong sunlight on hot summer days.

3 We should be kind to friends, but never show mercy to _________.

4 Wolong Nature ________ , Sichuan Province is one home to pandas.

5 China has an ________ of 9.

6 million square kilometers.

6 Shenzhen Special Economic _________ was founded in 1980.

7 Oxen have four ________ while we human beings have only one.

8 Many college students _________ to work in the western China after graduation.

9 Her pale face ________ that she was sick, so I advised her to go to a doctor.

10 _________ are small creatures with six legs and a body divided into three parts.

11 Fresh fruit and vegetables ________ plentiful Vitamin C.

12 China is getting more and more ________ in the world.

13 Sex and violence in TV plays __________ the development of a child.

14 A _________ is the largest animal in the sea.

15 People say that barking dogs don’t ________ .

第二组:rub, butterfly, effect, recently, lazy, fierce, peace, loss, mosquito, drug

16 The idiom ― to have _________ in one’s stomach‖ means ― to have a nervous feeling before doing something‖.

17 I have seen little of Mary _________.

18 A tiger is a very _________ kind of animal. However, it won’t attack you if you don’t.

19 Living near an airport may cause the ________ of hearing some day.

20 Y ou can buy kinds of medicine at a ________ store.

21 Why not hang a ________ net over a bed to keep them away from you?

22 Although we had several quarrels, yet we made ________ later.

23 She is so _________; she seldom tidies up and cleans her house.

24 Proper ways of educating kids will have a good ________ on their character building.

25 Pupils are asked to ________ out the mistake if they find it wrong.



die out as a result (of) in peace in danger

protect…from pay attention to come into being


1 The new country _________ only two years ago.

2 He fell far behind other students ________ laziness.

3 The government is doing its best to _______ those rare animals _______ being hunted.

4 I had warned him of the possible danger, but he didn’t_______ it.

5 Elephants would _________ if men are allowed to shoot as many as they wished.

6 Children’s lives are _________ every time they cross the road.

7 The two communities live together _________.

Unit 5 Music


第一组:saying, perform, form, advertisement, fan, folk, ability, stick, clap, attractive

1 The doctors are ________ an operation trying to save the dying man.

2 Jones would move to another city so she put an _________ in the newspaper to sell her house.

3 At college I majored in(主修) _________ literature.

4 What bad luck! My car got _________ in the mud on my way to the meeting.

5 She is an __________ woman and lots of men chase after her.

6 When he was singing the sweet song everyone _________ in time to the music.

7 I will try to do the job to the best of my ________.

8 Jay Chou has lots of ________ among young high school students.

9 Ten years of work in the country ________ the basis of his writing.

10 As the __________ goes, ―Practice makes perfect.‖

第二组:musician, instrument, loosely, passer-by, extra, reputation, afterwards, frog, unknown, earn

11 My sister takes an interest in music and she can play some musical ________.

12 Sorry, I don’t know where the post office is. I am a _________.

13 As soon as his first novel was published, he earned a ________.

14 ________ have very long back legs for jumping.

15 The old couple ________ their living by collecting and selling used plastic bottles.

16 X is often used to represent an _________ number.

17 Afte r the lunch we parted, so I didn’t know what happened to him _________.

18 I get a low salary so sometimes I work ________ to earn more.

19 He fastened the belt ________ around his waist.

20 Beethoven, a great German _________, lived between 1770 and 1827.



dream of be honest with play jokes on or so break up by chance sort out stick to above all


1 The watch costs 200 yuan ________.

2 It was ________ that I found the jewel.

3 ________, make sure you keep in touch.

4 It is the kind of trip that most of us can only ________.

5 If you _________ others, they will help you a lot.

6 If you _________ the truth, you have nothing to fear.

7 The boys _________ Tom. They hid his shoes and he couldn’t find them.

8 Sentences can be ________ into phrases and phrases into words.

9 Please ________ the things you want to keep and throw everything else away.

Unit 3

一第一组:1 notebook 2 technology 3 universally 4 artificial 5 totally 6 birth 7 disagreed 8 materials 9 created 10 move 11 brain 12 wandering

第二组:13 calculating 14 common 15 Revolution 16 mathematical 17 intelligence 18 network 19 advantages 20 choice 21 Personally 22 coach 23 arise 24 mop

二 1 watch over 2 in common 3 make up 4 In a way 5 deal with 6 with the help of 7 After all 8 went by

Unit 4

一第一组:1 wildlife 2 protection 3 enemies 4 Reserve 5 area 6 Zone 7 stomachs 8 apply 9 suggested 10 Insects 11 contain 12 powerful 13 affect 14 whale 15 bite

第二组:16 butterflies 17 recently 18 fierce 19 loss 20 drug 21 mosquito

22 peace 23 lazy 24 effect 25 rub

二 1 came into being 2 as result of 3 protect…from 4 pay attention to

5 die out

6 in danger

7 in peace

Unit 5

一第一组:1 performing 2 advertisement 3 folk 4 stuck 5 attractive 6 clapped 7 ability 8 fans 9 formed 10 saying

第二组:11 instruments 12 passer-by 13 reputation 14 Frogs 15 earn 16 unknown 17 afterwards 18

extra 19 loosely 20 musician

二 1 or so 2 by chance 3 Above all 4 dream of 5 are honest with 6 stick to 7 played jokes on 8 broken up 9 sort out

高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-必修3 Unit 1-2

Unit 1 Festivals around the world


第一组:handsome, clothing, social, award, satisfy, national, gain, starve, watermelon, religious

1 Never believe in him; He is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s ________.

2 He was ________ the Hero of the City for having saved a boy from the big fire.

3 The March of the V olunteer(义勇军进行曲) is the Chinese ________ anthem.

4 Mum, I am _______. Is dinner ready?

5 –What’s your _________ belief? – Islam.

6 I like fruit, such as pineapples, mangoes, grapes and _______.

7 China didn’t ________ its independence until 1949.

8 Y our answer is quite _________. I am satisfied with it.

9 She is very _________ and has a large circle of friends.

10 After selling the old car, I bought a new _______ one made in Germany.

第二组:feast, independence, agricultural, ancestor, admire, daily, Christian, rooster, lamp, gather

11 America declared its _________ on July 4, 1776.

12 In China Tomb-sweeping Day(清明节) is a day to be in memory of their _______.

13 These machines are inspected twice ________.

14 _________ has the same meaning as cock.

15 I am now _________ convincing information for my paper.

16 It was Edison who invented the electric _________.

17 Those who believe in Christianity are called _________.

18 I _________ him for his bravery and determination. He made it in the end.

19 The central government has made a series of _________ policies to encourage farmers to work the land.

20 They held a grand wedding ________ at a five-star hotel. More than 500 guests were invited.

第三组:weep, permission, couple, energetic, possibility, European, forgive, origin, obvious, drown, announcer, apologise, fool, sadness, arrival

21 Without my ________ anyone is not allowed to enter.

22 To get the job done, one should be ________ and dynamic(动力的).

23 Britain, France and Germany are all developed _________ countries.

24 Do you know the _________ of the earth?

25 When the girl was saved up the shore, she was almost _________.

26 If you do something wrong you should ________ to others.

27 Y ou were ________ enough to believe him.

28 On my _________ home I found the front door open.

29 At the news, he was lost in deep ________.

30 There came the ________ voice, ―Flight for Beijing delayed due to thick fog‖.

31 It was very _________ that he showed no interest in our plan.

32 Please ________ me for coming late.

33 Is there any _________ that our team will defeat theirs?

34 We haven’t seen each other for a ________ of days.

35 I ________ to see him looking so sick.



take place in memory of dress up look forward to day and night

as though have fun with keep one’s word hold one’s breath


1 Children often __________ the arrival of a holiday.

2 Mom, don’t worry about me. I am ___________ other boys.

3 The Olympic Games _________ every four years.

4 There is to be a get-together tonight. Please __________ for it.

5 That school was founded ___________ the famous scientist.

6 The couple worked ___________ to pay back their debt.

7 It looks ___________ it’s going to rain soon.

8 I ___________ to visit him the next day.

9 ___________ and count 1 to 10.

Unit 2 Healthy eating


第一组:limit, strength, fibre, mutton, slim, diet, gently, glare, energy, roast

1 He pushed against that big stone with all his _________.

2 We call the meat from a fully grown sheep _________.

3 Mary has been on a _________ for weeks but still hasn’t lost any weight.

4 The two men in the fight _________ at each other.

5 I prefer _________ chicken to stir-fried chicken(油爆鸡).

6 Those players are resting on the grass to save up ________ for the next match.

7 The old man patted me on the head _________ and said, ―Just keep up good work.‖

8 Y ou can make yourself thin by eating _________ foods

9 V egetables are rich in _________.

10 There is a time _________; you must finish it in 30 minutes.

第二组:item, curiosity, packet, digestion, weakness, benefit, combine, research, balance, cucumber, customer, mushroom, sigh

11 The letter was not addressed to me but I opened it out of _________.

12 The child had a good _________, for he is hungry again 20 minutes after lunch.

13 Y ou will _________ a lot from morning exercises.

14 The scientists are __________ into ways of improving people’s diet.

15 __________ and __________ are vegetables but not fruit.

16 ―Oh, the match is lost this time. Hope we’ll have better luck next time,‖ she _____.

17 The waiters in the restaurant all know me—I am a regular _________.

18 Don’t be particular about food. A __________ diet is very important for health.

19 Hydrogen __________ with oxygen to form water.

20 It is very important to know your own strengths and _________.

21 The man is really a chain smoker; he smokes three _________ of cigarettes a day.

22 Please listen to that _________ of news; it has a lot to do with our job.



ought to throw away get away with tell lies get rid of earn one’s living in debt


1 Jack is addicted to gambling(赌博) and he is __________ to many of his friends.

2 Sometimes it takes days to __________ a cold.

3 As students we _________ devote our time to studies.

4 Never believe in those who like _________.

5 Granny Li used to _________ by selling newspapers.

6 If you do something wrong you cannot _________ it.

7 Y ou can _________that old chair, for it is beyond repair.


Unit 1

一第一组:1 clothing 2 awarded 3 national 4 starving 5 religious 6 watermelons 7 gain 8 satisfying 9 social 10 handsome

第二组:11 independence 12 ancestors 13 daily 14 Rooster 15 gathering 16 lamp 17 Christians 18 admire 19 agricultural 20 feast

第三组:21 permission 22 energetic 23 European 24 origin 25 drowning 26 apologise 27 fool 28 arrival 29 sadness 30 announcer’s31 obvious 32 forgive 33 possibility 34 couple 35 wept

二 1 look forward to 2 having fun with 3 take place 4 dress up 5 in memory of

6 day and night

7 as though

8 kept my word

9 Hold your breath

Unit 2

一第一组:1 strength 2 mutton 3 diet 4 glared 5 roast 6 energy 7 gently

8 slimming 9 fibre 10 limit

第二组:11 curiosity 12 digestion 13 benefit 14 researching 15 Cucumbers; mushrooms 16 sighed 17 customer 18 balanced 19 combines 20 weaknesses 21 packets 22 item

二 1 in debt 2 get rid of 3 ought to 4 to tell lies 5 earn her living 6 get away with 7 throw away

高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-必修3 Unit 3-5

Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-Note


第一组:character, pilot, permit, jealous, tiny, scene, novel, humour, servant, steak

1 The plane crash was caused by the ________ error.

2 She is very _________ of my success.

3 The movie opens with a _________ in a New Y ork apartment.

4 This film is only funny if you appreciate American _________.

5 –How would you like your ________ done? –Medium(5分熟).

6 Ms Wang is so busy with her career that she is considering hiring a domestic(家里的) _________.

7 Jane always comes up with some _________ ideas at a meeting.

8 Only a ________ minority hold such extreme views.

9 Y ou mustn’t park here without a parking _________.

10 The little boy can read and write more than 800 Chinese _________.

第二组:tale, dessert, appearance, stare, patience, director, indeed, manner, decade, spot, shoulder, barber, bow, scream, passage

11 _________ is sweet food served at the end of a meal.

12 The girl is _________ at the stranger with her eyes wide open.

13 Zhang Yimou is a well-known film _________in the world.

14 It is bad _________ to litter about.

15 I have just ________ a mistake on the front cover of the magazine.

16 I have my hair cut once a month at the _________.

17 People ran for the exits, _________ out in terror.

18 A dark narrow __________ led to the main hall.

19 All the people __________ down before the Emperor.

20 Life is so hard for Mrs.Jones. She has to _________ the double burden(担子) of childcare and full-time work.

21 A _________ is a period of ten years.

22 A friend in need is a friend _________.

23 To do that work calls for great _________.

24 Never judge a person only by his clothes and __________.

25 The Match Girl by Andersen is a fairy _________.



make a bet go ahead (with) account for

to be honest in rags by accident get into trouble


1 Philip couldn’t __________ his absence from school, which made me angry.

2 He is fond of __________, but he loses every time he does so.

3 –Could I use your phone for a while? --Sure, __________.

4 __________, he will never lie to any of us.

5 I got the news from Tom __________.

6 If you don’t want to _________, please stop doing it!

7 Look at that poor man dressed __________.

Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of the stars


第一组:force, disappoint, system, surface, harmful, astronomy, gravity, publish, atmosphere, planet

1 His words _________ me and I lost hope for him.

2 He seems very honest on the _________ but actually he is not reliable.

3 Ther e is still a lot that scientists don’t know or explain in the field of _________.

4 He posted his newly-written novel to a _________ house but received no reply.

5 There are eight _________ in the solar system.

6 When I entered the meeting room I sensed the _________ was unusual and everyone kept silent.

7 Do you know about Newton’s law of ________?

8 Drinking alcohol is ________ to people’s health.

9 In the Chinese education _________ exams are laid in the most important place.

10 Never _________ anyone to do anything he doesn’t want to.

第二组:telescope, development, oxygen, violent, presence, gradually, mass, spread, explode, solid, exist, float

11 With the _________ of science and technology people can enjoy the modern civilization fully.

12 Children should not be allowed to watch any ________ movie.

13 _________, he began to understand how silly he was to have done such a thing.

14 With the Internet news from every part of the world _________ rapidly.

15 Many of the students think that _________ geometry is too hard to learn.

16 A plastic bag was seen ________ in the water.

17 The scientists say that dinosaurs _________ millions of years ago but then died out suddenly.

18 A bomb _________ near the doorway of the restaurant from across the street.

19 When you are on the moon your ________ will be less than on the earth.

20 He sat in the front row and hardly noticed my ________.

21 Man cannot live without ________.

22 With the help of a ________ you can observe lots of stars in the sky.



in time prevent…from depend on cheer up now that break out


1 SARS _________ in the mainland of China in the year 2003.

2 ________ everyone is here, let’s start work.

3 I arrived there just _________ for the film.

4 Nothing can ________ him ________ carrying out the survey.

5 Anyhow, you can ________ him to give you a hand.

6 Give Mary a call; she needs ________.

Unit 5 Canada –―The True North‖


第一组:broad, booth, Atlantic, border, terrify, minister, dawn, downtown, queen, slightly

1 There is a phone ________ from across the shop, where you will be charged only 0.

2 yuan per minute for a long distance call.

2 Six provinces ________ Hunan Province. They are Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Chongqing, Hubei, and Jiangxi.

3 Wen Jiabao is the present prime ________ of China.

4 I work ________, which is about a 20-minute ride away from here.

5 This city has a small population, only _________ over three hundred thousand.

6 In this country, it is not the king but the _______ who rules the people.

7 At ________, a scream for help woke up the people living next door.

8 The sight of a big snake almost ________ me to death.

9 There are four oceans in the world—the Pacific Ocean, the _______ Ocean, the Indian Ocean , and the Arctic Ocean.

10 The tall boy with blue eyes, curly hair and _______ shoulders is from France.

第二组:harbour, official, extremely, continent, distance, cowboy, wealthy, maple, frost, surround, flow

11 French and English are both ________ languages in Canada.

12 Of the seven _________, Asia is the largest, while Oceania is the smallest.

13 This film gives a description of the life of the western ________ in the 1970s.

14 The _________ leaf is the Canada’s national emblem(象征).

15 The police __________ the house and caught the kidnapper eventually.

16 She tried to stop the _________ of the blood from the wound.

17 What a freezing day! The car windows were covered with ________.

18 Bill Gates is the ________ man in the world.

19 In some western countries ________ is measured in miles.

20 Many college graduates find it _________ difficult to find a good job now.

21 Several boats lay at anchor(抛锚) in the ________.



settle down have a gift for figure out as far as in the distance


1 A small boat can be seen _________.

2 Five years later, the Smith family _________ in England.

3 _________ I am concerned, I like travelling.

4 I cannot ________ why he insisted on going together with me.

5 The child ________ music.

Unit 3

一第一组:1 pilot 2 jealous 3 scene 4 humour 5 steak 6 servant 7 novel 8 tiny 9 permit 10 characters

第二组:11 Dessert 12 staring 13 director 14 manners 15 spotted 16 barber’s17 screaming 18 passage 19 bowed 20 shoulder 21 decade 22 indeed 23 patience 24 appearance 25 tale

二 1 account for 2 making a bet 3 go ahead 4 To be honest 5 by accident

6 get into trouble

7 in rags

Unit 4

一第一组:1 disappointed 2 surface 3 astronomy 4 publishing 5 planets 6 atmosphere 7 gravity 8 harmful 9 system 10 force

第二组:11 development 12 violent 13 Gradually 14 spreads 15 solid 16 floating 17 existed 18 exploded 19 mass 20 presence 21 oxygen 22 telescope

二 1 broke out 2 Now that 3 in time 4 prevent…from 5 depend on 6 cheering up

Unit 5


一第一组:1 booth 2 border 3 minister 4 downtown 5 slightly 6 queen 7 dawn 8 terrified 9 Atlantic 10 broad

第二组:11 official 12 continents 13 cowboys 14 maple 15 surrounded 16 flow 17 frost 18 wealthiest 19 distance 20 extremely 21 harbour

二 1 in the distance 2 settled down 3 As far as 4 figure out 5 has a gift for

高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-必修4 Unit 1-2

Unit 1 Women of achievement


第一组:medical, communication, welfare, behave, nest, achieve, rate, explain, condition, worthwhile

1 The heavy snow prevented _________ with the outside world for three days.

2 I hope my kids will _________ themselves while I am away.

3 Only by working hard can you _________ you goal in time.

4 The reason Peter _______ to us for his lateness was unreasonable.

5 It cost me a lot to travel around the world, but it was really ________, for it broadened my views.

6 That secondhand car in perfect ________ went well.

7 Most people walk at an average ________ of 5 kilometers an hour.

8 Birds often make their _________ in trees.

9 They would rather work than live on _________.

10 She attended a _________ school before becoming a physician.

第二组:specialist, observe, strike, institute, inspire, kindness, modest, respect, organization, connection, entertainment, consideration, deliver, campaign, argue

11 The police _________a man in black entering the bank.

12 My brother graduated from a university and was assigned to work at a research _________.

13 I can never repay (报答) your many ________ to me.

14 We should care for the young and ________ the elderly.

15 A man was arrested in ________ with the murder of the teenager.

16 We will surely take this matter into __________ at tomorrow’s meeting.

17 The young couple are always _________ with each other about money.

18 Y esterday the police began a _________ to stop taking drugs.

19 She was __________ of a healthy boy weighing 3 kilogrammes.

20 After work I relax myself by watching TV, listening to radio or taking part in other forms of _________.

21 The World Trade _________ was established in January, 1995.

22 She was very _________ about her success.

23 His paintings were clearly _________ by Monet’s works.

24 Those workers went on _________ for higher wages.

25 He is a _______ in Japanese history, so just turn to him if any question.



devote…to look down upon care for

be intended for concern oneself with argue for


1 This chair ________ you but she took it away.

2 Nowadays children ________ too much time _______ playing computer games.

3 The lawyer decided to ________ that poor man.

4 Although poor they should not _________.

5 She moved back home to ________ her elderly parents.

6 He ________ how the speaker set out his ideas in his report.

Unit 2 Working the land


第一组:nutrition, level, struggle, grain, suitable, hunger, exchange, summary, sunburn, export

1 According to the latest survey the Qomolangma is 8844.43 meters above sea ______.

2 We should try to save rice, never waste even a _______ of rice.

3 He died of ______ because he had not eaten for days.

4 We were asked to write a ________ after reading the long passage.

5 The toys produced in our factory are mainly ________ to European countries.

6 If you stay out in the scorching sun for some time then you will get ________.

7 Can I ________ my seat with you? I cannot see the blackboard clearly.

8 Shenzhen is really a modern city ________ for people to live in.

9 When seeing a boy ________ in the river I jumped into the water to save him.

10 The doctor gave us a lecture on the connection between food and _______.

第二组:pest, chemical, motorcycle, output, bacteria, certain, freedom, confuse, supply, expand, equip, whatever, reduce, mineral, circulate

11 The physical change is quite different from the ________ change.

12 The hybrid rice has a high ________ and over 60% of the rice produced in China each year is from this strain(品种).

13 A _______ Miss Wang called you this morning.

14 I am ________. Will you please explain it to me in an easy way?

15 In the past decade the population of Shenzhen is _________ very fast.

16 ________ happens, please call me in no time.

17 I am very thirsty. Please buy me a bottle of iced _______ water.

18 Rumours(谣言) began to ________ about his financial problems.

19 Our government is doing its best to ________ air pollution.

20 Our school library is well ________ with modern facilities(设施).

21 The residents were very annoyed because for no reason the water _______ was out of service.

22 Those slaves never stopped fighting for their ________.

23 ________ exist in large numbers in air, water, living and dead creatures and plants. They are often a cause of disease.

24 I like to ride my ________ to work, for it is much faster than a bike.

25 Farmers often use pesticides to kill ________.



rid..of be satisfied with lead a …life would rather refer to thanks to be rich in


1 _________ the doctor’s timely help, the boy was saved.

2 Since you don’t know the word, why not ________ a dictionary?

3 Y ou have given the correct answer. I __________ it.

4 Before liberation people ________ miserable_______.

5 We must find ways to ________ the house _______ blackbeetles(蟑螂).

6 V egetables ________ vitamins.

7 I _______ that he were here. I need his help.


Unit 1

一第一组:1 communication 2 behave 3 achieve 4 explained 5 worthwhile 6 condition 7 rate 8 nests 9 welfare 10 medical

第二组:11 observed 12 institute 13 kindnesses 14 respect 15 connection 16 consideration 17 arguing 18 campaign 19 delivered 20 entertainment 21 Organization 22 modest 23 inspired 24 strike 25 specialist

二 1 was intended for 2 devote…to 3 argue for 4 be looked down upon 5 care for 6 concerned himself with

Unit 2

一第一组:1 level 2 grain 3 hunger 4 summary 5 exported 6 sunburnt 7 exchange 8 suitable 9 struggling 10 nutrition

第二组:11 chemical 12 output 13 certain 14 confused 15 expanding 16 Whatever 17 mineral 18 circulate 19 reduce 20 equipped 21 supply 22 freedom 23 Bacteria 24 motorcycle 25 pests.

二 1 Thanks to 2 refer to 3 am satisfied with 4 led a …life 5 rid…of 6 are rich in 7 would rather

高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-必修4 Unit 3-5

Unit 3 A taste of English humour


第一组:vast, swing, astonish, overcome, snowstorm, slide, whisper, pancake, content, boil, fortunate, cruel, mountainous

1 Look! Some children are riding on the roller-coaster; others are playing on the ______ .

2 She ________ injury to win the Olympic gold medal.

3 In English classes, we often show ________.

4 I had a ________ and a few steamed buns for breakfast.