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1. From her _________ I guess she's from the Northeast.

Accent arbitrary access belief

2. It was very clever of her to __________ his argument __________ himself.

save up stand a chance take one's time turn against

3. I found __________ shoes under the bed but they don't make a pair.

a couple of call on revolve around save up

4. Dr. Bright always __________ as he examines his patients and treats them with extreme care.

save up stand a chance take one's time turn against

5. British companies are trying to avoid the __________ their American counterparts have already suffered.

dismiss employment fate given

6. Wilfred's remarks __________ me in my opinion that he was an honorable young man.

conduct confirm dismiss employment

7. The key __________ for the prosecution |(原告方)| was offered police protection after she received death threats.

Temporary trial wander witness

8. I thought that was the end of the matter but __________ events

proved me wrong.

Presumably revolve subsequent temporary

9. Having practiced for so long, the New York baseball team __________ of winning the World Series this year.

save up stand a chance take one's time turn against

10. At the __________, Bob's teacher, who was called as a character witness, said he was a quiet boy who had never been in trouble before. Award fate trial wander


1.We've just had a very _________ meeting with the management and

we're now much more hopeful about the pay rise.

Evolution fruitful intend limitation

2. The book I'm reading explains the _________ of plant and animal life on earth.

definitely despite download evolution

3. Living in a flat is all right, but it has its _________ -- for example, you

don't have your own garden

Fruitful intend limitation messy

4. The two witnesses gave contradictory _________ of what had happened that night.

unconver version view web

5. _________ the fact that there was almost no hope of finding the

missing boy, the search party still went on looking.

Data definitely despite download

6. Alice _________ to go back to work after she has had her baby. Intend limitation messy mild

7. The report is a bit lengthy; __________, it says that more money

should be spent on education.

bring up in short take out think up

8. Without an official pass, the guides will deny you _________ to the courthouse.

access contract data definitely

9. Amy was trying to persuade her father to let her drive but she was getting _________.

Notable nowhere online quest

10. Simon has done a _________ job and deserves to be promoted. online quest super unconver

11. Sorry the place is so _________; I haven't had time to clean up. messy mild notable nowhere

12. Mr. White found to his dismay that his son had been spending far too much time chatting with his key pals _________.

mild notable nowhere online


1. In terms of population, Greater New Y ork City is the largest _________ center in the

United States.

stimulate switch technological urban

2. The article provides a detailed ____________of the root causes of the accident. analysis civil compel convince

3. Many young girls like to _________ for recording their private thoughts and feelings. catch one's breath keep a diary leave out send off

4. There are obvious benefits in allowing each student to go at his own ___________ . loan pace profession reflection

5. The dredger represents a major _____________advance in keeping the river clear. stimulate switch technological urban

6. The tired traveler stopped to _________ and make sure of his directions.

catch one's breath keep a diary leave out send off

7. Bob didn't turn up at the party; I had an __________that something must have gone


Distribute energetic intuition learned

8. Roger was quite stubborn and it was almost impossible to _________ him of his mistakes.

civil compel convince distribute

9. In history the war between the Union and the eleven Southern states (1861-1865) is

called American __________War.

civil compel convince distribute

10. The office building _________ recently _________ for greater comfort and


Was professioned has been reflectioned was renovateed has been repayed


1. He always uses my first name, although he is several years my ________.

Junior junk lean limb

2. This is just my kind of diet –no ________ food, plenty of fruit and vegetables, which I love.

junior junk lean limb

3. A beautiful newly constructed highway ________ its way along the coast of the island.

strains surrounds twists winds

4. Vitamin C helps to combat stress either from worry or from intense

________ exercise.

maximum per physical relationship

5. Not only is measles a killer, but it also causes blindness, deafness and mental ________ in thousands of children every year.

handicap interpret junior junk

6. ________ the left mouse button twice and your card design will be printed.

Affect click cover curl

7. Many beautiful landscapes that glow in the gallery are sadly ________ in reality.

Curled decayed doted elaborated

8. Few actors have so fully ________ the deepest feelings of Shakespeare as Olivier Laurence.

handicap interpret junior junk

9. As the patrol commander approached the door of the bank, he spotted a black briefcase ________ against a wall.

Junioring junking leaning limbing

10. Money, of course, is no substitute for the loss of life or ________. Junior junk lean limb

11. The goat ________ its neck to make a grab at a fallen twig on the ground.

leaned limbed twisted winded

12. As a mother, I give advice when my children need it, but basically our ________ is one between equals.

maximum per physical relationship

13. The city of Kyoto, the imperial capital, lies ________ by hills and is frequently bathed in mists.

Ran spoted strained surrounded

14. There are __________ four companies, perhaps five, that would like to start a 24-hour news channel.

add to at least bring back call up

15. Banks raised interest rates five times from mid-1989 to mid-1990, ________ squeezing the bubbles in the stock and property markets.

call up catch sb.'s eye curl up in hopes of / in the hope of


1. The June 3, 1996 __________ of *Newsweek* carries a long article

about Japan's future empress .

index interrupt issue rack

2. Bound hand and foot, the victim was left __________ in the lavatory .

Frantic helpless index interrupt

3. They have never met, but they have been in __________with each other for years.

Assume embarrassment correspondence enroll

4. Quickly picking up the diary, Phil _________ straight to the last entry

and began reading it.

Flipped formallied franticed helplessed

5. Her lungs were ___________with fever and the doctor sent her to

the isolation ward.

Indexed tucked issued racked

6. While my wife and kids were away for the long weekend, I

__________ the entire house _______.

had to myself help out on guard run out

7. The police warned people to be __________ against burglary during the festival.

Have to ourself help out on guard run out

8. Many university students experience severe __________ as final exams draw near.

session skip tension tucked

9. Mr. Tyler used to eat with a napkin __________ under his chin. session skip tension tucked

10. We have four hours of English a week, including one ___________ in

the language laboratory.

session skip tension tucked


1. After a careful examination, the doctor _________ a new medicine

and a three-day rest for her

Poised prescribed scattered shivered

2. The little girl wore a very thin coat. A sudden gust of cold wind made her _________.

poise prescribe scatter shiver

3. With tear gas and fire hose the police _________ the demonstrators Scattered shivered slacked slide

4. The drink had an _________ taste which I found quite unpleasant. Gaze icy acid slip

5. The road became so slippery after the rain that several cars

_________ sideways into the ditch.

Icy acid slide slip

6. Andrew held his elderly mother firmly by the arm in case she

_________ on the ice

shivered slacked slide slipped

7. Olivia _________ with embarrassment when she couldn't answer the question

Flushed gazed icied slacked

8. The acrobat walked along the tightrope with a water jar ________ on

her head.

Acided poised prescribed slided

9. If I were you, I would _________; there is no need to be so nervous. bring down keep from out of sight take it easy

10. Philip and his brothers decided to spend their weekend

_________their boat.

Shivering varnishing slacking slideing

11. After his father explained the difference to him, the boy became

_________ and relaxed.

Shiver slack slide slip

12. Phil was said to have died in the flu______________ in 1916. detached flush epidemic gaze


1. No one trusts Felix, for he is never punctual and often ___________

his duty.

Interferes maintains neglects pictures

2. Greater efforts are needed before we can ___________ our goal of

economic reform .

Attain attitude benefit contribute

3. I hope you ___________ not ___________ his work.

Will due to will get along with will go about will interfere with

4. As it turned out, the speaker was shouted down by the ___________ crowd.

Fantasy growth hostile interfere

5. The events that occurred in his childhood ___________ his whole life. Shaped soared spaned substituted

6. Martin finally succeeded in ___________ the two graphs onto the

same screen with an overhead projector .

Maintaing neglecting pictureing projecting

7. Young children may run around and make a lot of noise. Actually they

are acting ___________ for their age.

achievement amount appropriately attain

8. I enjoy my job, but I'd like to do something more ___________. Contribute creative fantasy growth

9. There is no doubt that these measures ___________ the solution of the problem.

Will amount to will contribute to will due to will get along to 10. That child's concentration ___________ is poor – he only listens to

the teacher for a few seconds at a time!

shape soar span substitute

11. The 20th century was ___________ for its inventions.

Interfere maintain recommend remarkable

12. He would be seeing Sarah tonight, and a ___________ of her face

suddenly came into his mind.

Tense attain vision attitude

13. The singer's voice ___________ easily to the top notes.

shaped soared spaned subsed

14. On April 12, 1912 this ___________ unsinkable ship hit an iceberg. Substitute appropriately achievement supposedly