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Lesson 8 Three Cups of Tea (Excerpts) Translation

1. 当他被人从河里救出来时,几乎半死不活了。

2. 在我上一次访问这个村子时,那里还没有学校。现在一所小学已经屹立在山顶上。

3. 他恢复了知觉,睁开眼睛,想努力搞清楚发生了什么事,为什么他躺在那里。

4. 展览会上最吸引观众的是新奇的电子产品。

5. 温室里的许多奇花异草引起大家争先拍照。

6. 这位作家出生于一个大家庭,他的家谱可以追溯到十五代以前。

7. 当地少数民族在杀牲口前,先要举行一番宗教仪式,请求上苍允许他们杀生。

8. 村民们贫穷的事实并非说明他们就愚昧无知。

9. 志愿者们的共同努力使得项目开展起来了。

10. 登山者感到头晕,几乎站立不住,一是由于过度疲劳,也是因为太饥饿了。


1. When he was saved from the river, he was more dead than alive.

2. On my previous visit, there was no school, but now one stands on the mountain.

3. As he came to himself, he opened his eyes, trying to figure out waht had happened and why he was lying there.

4. At the exhibition there were many novel electronic products that attracted the attention of visitors.

5. People were keen on taking pictures of the many exotic flowers and plants in the greenhouse.

6. This writer came from a large, prominent family whose genealogy streches back fifteen generations.

7. Before killing an animal, the indigenous ethnic people usually hold rituals to request permission from their God.

8. The fact that the villagers are poor doesn’t mean they are ignorant or stupid.

9. The volunteers made concerted efforts and got the project off the ground.

10. The climber felt so dizzy that he could hardly stand up, as much from over exhaustion as from starvation.

1.他把网上的流传当成一个笑话,不予理睬。(dismiss as)

He dismissed the story circulating on the Internet as a joke.

2.马克?吐温的《竞选州长》是一篇著名的短篇故事。(run for)

Mark Twain’s “Running for Governor”is a famous short story.

3.对于遭受灾难的人们,我们应该毫无保留地帮助他们。(reach out to)

We should reach out to those who suffer from disasters without reservation.


Given their lack of experience, their work should be considered asquite good.


She grew up in a community where the inhabitants were predominantly of Chinese origin.


Being in a bad mood cannot justify your rude attitude toward your colleagues


The police dismissed the incident as a case of misunderstanding.

57. 这些在贫困中成年的孩子很珍惜他们得到的每一个机会。(come of age)

These kids who have come of age in poverty treasure every opportunity they got.

58. 他们虽然克服了种种困难,终于在一个偏远的山村里建立了一所小学校。

After overcoming the odds, They succeeded in building a primary school in a remote village in the hills.


Although the earthquake shock was over, she was still haunted by fear.


More and more people have realized that economy should not be developed at the expense of the environment .


With enthusiasm and effort ,these young people have built a business from scratch.


Only a few have realized their dreams and the majority failed to make it


The production of meat contributes to carbon emissions too.

64.人类与自然的关系在许多早期的文学作品里就经常得以体现。(find expression)

The relations between man and nature have found expression in many early literary works.


This is true of the rural area as well as of the urban area.

2. 他指望他们给予支持。

He was counting on their support.


I don't remember his exact words, but I'm sure he did say something to that effect.


The guests were overwhelmed by the warm reception.

5. 他们用出其不意的进攻打垮了敌人。

5. They overwhelmed the enemy by a surprise attack.

6. 他们的困难就是我们的困难,正如我们把他们的胜利看作是我们自己的胜利一样。Their difficulty is our difficulty just as we view their victory as our own victory.


It is clear that German fascists were trying to subjugate the people in that region.