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I made up my mind to drive to South Carolina to meet my friends in my used car. Though I had only been there once 1 and did not know the 2 very well. I was on the 3 after I had made some inquiries (询问).

At Ashvelle, there was a crossroad where I could go on along the main road or I could take a short cut. The short cut was to 4 several hills and was dangerous ,I hesitated (犹豫)for a little while and then chose the main road, for I wanted to be 5 .

Something strange happened after I drove a long 6 and found it was not the correct road that I wanted to 7, but the hilly road I decided to avoid .I realized that it was at the 8 that I had made the 9 mistake. “What shall I do?”I asked myself .If I went back to take that road again, it would be very late by the time I got to Columbia. Thinking it 10 , I decided to go on. “If 11 people can go along this road, why can’t I?”I 12 myself

The short cut, to my surprise ,was not that 13 .In fact, it was only a very peaceful country road, 14 up and down two low 15 .There was 16 traffic. On both sides of the road, you could see trees, wild flowers, and 17 with cows and horses. My fear was 18 with the wind. Listening to the beautiful country music over my car stereo (立体声), I drove on and 19 the scenery which was so quiet and so natural .Even my used car forgot to give me 20 .It was just in this light heartedness that I arrived at my destination. My friends, after they heard what had happened to me, all said it sounded like an adventure.

1. A. before B. ago C. already D. still

2. A. town B. country C. friends D. way

3. A. train B. car C. highway D .phone

4. A. have B. go C. ride D. cross

5. A. safe B. dangerousC. fast D. slow

6. A. moment B. way C. road D. day

7. A. come B. leave C. take D. drive

8. A. crossroad B. corner C. station D.beginning

9. A. direction B. road C. disappointed D.interesting

10. A. about B. over C. of D. up

11. A. another B. the other C. other D. others

12. A. asked B. forced C. encouraged D. told

13. A. far B. safe C. dangerous D. dirty

14. A. going B. coming C. driving D. walking

15. A. lands B. cars C. farms D. hills

16. A. heavy B. little C. few D. light

17. A. farms B. trucks C. houses D. villages

18. A. together B. gone C. covered D. coming

19. A. looked B. liked C. enjoyed D. found

20. A. happiness B. scenery C. joys D problems


Tick,tock,tick,tock. I’m sitting here,watching the movements of my existence

pass slowly away. My house has been 1 for such a long time,and I’m lonely and forgotten. Sitting here, by myself, all that I can do is 2 and think about my past. I could tell you stories that only 3 would know. But walls can’t speak.

I came to this place many years ago,along with an old man…. 4 , he was with me for on1y three short years before he passed on….

For a time,I was left alone,while people came and 5 the house…. Then,one day a nice couple moved in with a young son. 6 , their son Danny liked to stay with me,and I was completely 7 with him. He always looked as if he loved the stories I told,most of which began with. ‘‘Back in my day…”and ‘‘When I was 8 .…”

I sometimes had the kind of idea that he didn’t really understand what I was saying,but it felt good to be 9 .When Danny went off to college, my heart broke. Soon afterward, 10 sold the house.…

New owners came and 11 . Then,One day it so happened that I was in when a new family was moving into the house. You can’t even imagine my 12 when,unexpectedly, Danny walked through the front door. He had a 13 and kids now. I was so overjoyed when I saw him that I put all my 14 into my daily activities. ... I spent the next twenty years watching his kids grow up, with a mixture of pride and 15 about what would happen next.

The kids finally became 16 and Danny sold the house. That was about five years ago…. Some of the local kids have started the rumor that the house is haunted (闹鬼的)--- and,in a way,it is. It is haunted by 17 of all the people who have lived in it. Every second has 18 me so much. I have been 19 them down and they are almost up for me.... I hope that someday somebody will 20 me, and drop in on me again. Maybe then I’ll get a new home and an opportunity for a whole new set of memories.

1. A. crowded B. empty C. painted D. sold

2. A. look back B. enjoy food C. have a dream D. chat with friends

3. A. friends B. learners C. neighbors D. walls

4. A. Luckily B. Happily C. Sadly D Surprisingly

5. A. looked at B. settled in C. bought in D. sold out

6. A. At last B. At one time C. In the end D. From the beginning

7. A. tired B. friendly C. taken D. fond

8. A. older B. healthier C. better D. younger

9. A. loved B. told C. disliked D. believed

10. A .Danny B. I C. his parents D.the old man

11. A. settled B. went C. lived D. greeted

12. A. pity B. pride C. surprise D. sadness

13. A. friend B. daughter C. son D. wife

14. A. energy B. time C. life D. ideas

15. A. happiness B. dream C. anxiety D.disappointment

16. A. old B. impatient C. adults D. tired

17. A. families B . furniture C. houses D. memories

18. A. impressed B. surprised C. encouraged D. inspired

19. A. putting B. copying C. counting D. taking

20. A. call B. remember C. visit D. attend


The sound of the rain hitting the windows wakes me up and it sound just exactly as it did 15 years ago, which reminded me of my girlhood.

It was my second day of 1 and it was raining heavily. I could not 2 the habit I had at home , so I fell asleep right at my 3 . I woke up to find myself not in the classroom but carried on Dad’s back. We were 4 home. It was the last time I felt 5 to him.

After that, he never carried me or hugged me as other fathers did to their children.

I was not bothered much by this 6 . I was proud of it, for I felt 7 and “grown up.”However, there were times when I felt depressed by not having sought 8 from him.

One day, I was writing Chinese characters as homework. I hated doing this more than anything. Dad came and stood behind me for a moment, 9 me scratching (乱吐,勾抹) the paper. Then he said,“This kind of writing needs 10 .Your writing is not strong enough. Press harder.”

I follow his 11 for the next two words, but 12 I could see little improvement, I followed my own method-the 13 way. His advice did not improve my writing but our 14 . As I grew older, I found out that he had finished his 15 in Grade 6, which was the highest grade in town then, so he was considered to be a 6 . People used to ask him to write something to put on the walls, but he never felt very useful.

He often said to me, “As you can see, this family is going to count on you. We are 17 to improve you anything for your future .Your have to get 8 to change the life for yourself.”

As a result of his 19 , I have 20 it through high school and through college.

1. A. graduation B. employment C. college D. school

2. A. from B. resist C. follow D. break

3. A. dormitory B. door C. desk D. bed

4 A. at B. already C. beyond D. halfway

5. A. close B. near C. happy D. relaxed

6. A. gap B. thought C. action D. accident

7. A. lonely B. depressed C. independent D. comfortable

8. A. comfort B. help C. support D. explanation

9. A. helping B. directing C. watching D. blaming

10. A. skill B. patience C. time D. practice

11. A. introduction B. manner C. spirit D. advice

12. A. even if B. while C. as D. though

13. A. difficult B. slow C. efficient D. fast

14. A. relationship B. friendship C. thought D. life

15. A. schooling B. life C. hope D. expectation

16. A. writer B. scholar C. scientist D. specialist

17. A. tired B. glad C. useless D. ready

18. A. an education B. a rich boyfriend C. a well-paid job D.a good writing

19. A. help B. expectations C. examination D. watch

20. A. succeeded B. got C. made D. found


The worst thing is the headlines. I use the underground almost every day and watch the people travel, their heads 1 in the{r newspapers. The headlines today 2 suicide (自杀) bombers and of horrific attacks that they say 3 by members of our community.

Something on the journey is 4 . I am not 5 anything that would indicate I am a Muslim. I normally do not 6 it is Friday and I am on my way to prayers. 7 I sense an uneasiness in the carriage. People are 8 . No one is speaking and it must be said that no one is being 9 unfriendly towards me. But I think the 10 I get are different. I am being checked out, sized up. It is all a bit uncomfortable.

People are looking around for things and people 11 look suspicious (可疑的). I am doing it a bit 12 and in the coming days, as more claims are made about the people who did this and their aims, that feeling is likely to get 13 . As you look around the 14 , it is difficult to know what people are thinking. Some are 15 thinking “those Muslims come here and look what they do" but they 16 understand we condemn (谴责) this like everyone else.

Whoever did this didn't 17 about who was killed or whether they were Christian or Muslim. They just had no respect 18 human life at all. We all travel around London and we use public transport. We have as much fear as anyone else about 19 in something. But in the coming days, everyone is going to have to work together and keep calm. We will look out for each other and that's how we. will 20 this difficulty.

1. A. buried B. hung C. hidden D. sunk

2. A. tell about B. talk over C. think out D. Speak of

3. A. to carry on B. were carried out C. to carry out D. were carried on

4. A. different B. difficult C. easy D. interesting

5. A. putting on B. dressing C.wearing D. having on

6. A. unless B. until C.before D. after

7. A. However B. Thus C. But D. And

8. A. calm B. noisy C.quiet D. cheerful

9. A. in a way B. in one way C. in no way D. in any way

10. A. looks B. opinions C.ideas D. experiences

11. A. which B. that C. who D. whom

12. A. itself B. himself C. myself D. oneself

13. A. better B. worse C. more D. less

14. A. carriage B. bus C. train D. taxi

15. A. surely B. certainly C. probably D. hopefully

16. A. have to B. might C. are able to D. may

17. A. ask B. hear C. know D. care

18. A. with B. of C. for D. to

19. A. keeping up B. being caught up C. catching up D. being kept up with

20. A. get away B. get off C. get out D. get through