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常见英语面试问题(工作经验篇)English Interview Questions--WORKING EXPERIENCE

●Tell me about your work experience in general terms.


●Why did you leave these jobs you just mentioned?


●What are some of the reasons for considering other employment at this time?


●Tell me about some of your past achievements. / What contribution did you make to your

current (previous) organization?

●告诉我你过去的一些成绩。/ 你对现在(之前的)工作有何贡献?

●What is the biggest mistake you have made in your career?


●Will you describe your present duties & responsibilities? / What kind of work does the

position involve?

●描述一下你现在工作的职责。/ 具体涉及到什么样的工作。

●What are some things that frustrate you most in your present job?


●How would you describe your present/past supervisor?


●Can you describe a difficult obstacle you've had to overcome? How did you handle it? /

Give me an example of your initiative in a challenging situation.



●What is your rank of performance in your previous department? What special abilities

make you achieve this kind of rank?


常见英语面试问题(工作知识篇)English Interview Questions--JOB KNOWLEDGE ●Explain your understanding of this job's responsibilities.


●I see you've worked as a _____ (job applied for) for __ years. Would you describe some

of your experiences to be a ____ (job applied for)?

●我看到你作为一个__ 已经工作了__年。能简单描述一下你对于所应聘岗位的理解么?

●Is there any work procedure in your previous job? What is it?


●What do you know about our company and the current situation of this field?


●Why do you feel you are qualified for this job? / What qualities do you think it would take

to become a successful ____ (job applied for)?

●你觉得自己能胜任这份工作么?为什么?/ 如果要成功被录用,你觉得需要具备哪些条


●Why do we have to employ you while others also possess the same advantages like



●This position you applied for is facing some …… difficulties, how do you solve these

problems and how long does it take?



●If hired, how would you start your new job?


●Brief products in your previous company. Do you know advantages of our products?

B’) JOB KNOWLEDGE (For manager or above)


●What leadership qualities did you develop as an administrative personnel?


●As a manager, how do you arrange a task? Make an example.


●What is your management style?


●What kind of training can you give your team? How often do you give a training to your



●What do you do when there is a decision to be made and no procedure exists?


●How do you improve or inspire your team to make it fruitful?


●As a team manager, you need to own lots of abilities, tell me what are your advantages

and weakness.


●If you were hiring someone for your team, what kind of questions do you often ask? What

personalities do you think the candidate must have?


●How do you arrange your work time in a week?



●What are you going to do if your team staff disobey?


●How do you evaluate their work?

常见英语面试问题(工作习惯篇)English Interview Questions--WORK HABIT ●How do you handle your conflict with your colleagues in your work?


●What do think of working overtime?


●How do you manage your working time properly?


●How do you organize yourself for day-to-day activities?


●What do you usually do when you encounter a problem you never met before?



●How do you cooperate with other departments?


●What are you going to do if others won't collaborate by saying busy?

常见英语面试问题(个人因素篇)English Interview Questions--PERSONAL FACTORS

●In general, how would you describe yourself? / Can you use 3 words to describe


●你如何描述自己?/ 用3个词

●What's your greatest weakness?


●What's your greatest advantage/strength?


●What kind of situations make you feel tense and nervous?


●Are you a multi-tasked individual?or Do you work well under stress or pressure



●What do you think company do that can make you work harder?

常见英语面试问题(职业发展& 薪资待遇篇)English Interview Questions--CAREER DEVELOPMENT & SALARY

●What is your career development plan for the coming 5 years? / Describe the sort of

career path you would like to follow.

●你未来5年的职业规划是什么?/ 描述一下你喜欢的职业的发展道路。

●Tell me about your career goals and what kind of things you are looking for in a job.


●What of our company most attract you?


●What is your salary structure in your present company?


●What are your salary expectations coming into this job?


常见英语面试问题(结束篇)English Interview Questions--Closing

●What else companies have you been interviewed? How were the results?


●What is your expectation as individual to our company?


●What do you want to know about our company?


●If hired, when could you start work?




When they finish quizzing you,interviewers always ask, "So, do you have any questions?" That's your cue to show off your research with queries about the company's competitors, plans for growth, specific products, etc. But some questions can make you seem ill-prepared, overeager or disagreeable. Here are eight commonly asked bloopers.

1. What, exactly, does your company do?

Never pose questions that a library search could have answered.

2. What does the job pay?

Avoid money discussions until the interviewer makes you an offer.

3. How many vacation and personal days do you allow?

Makes you sound lazy--again, wait for the offer.

4. How long will it take me to get promoted?

Try a less pushy version: "Can you describe what my career advancement track might be like?"

5. Is that your husband in the picture on your desk?

Don't initiate a personal discussion. Stick to questions about her career path.

6. What are you going to do about the poor performance of Product X?

Reframe the question positively. "What plans do you have to build sales for Product X?"

7. What's your company's track record on promoting women and minorities?

A legitimate question, but interviewers may worry that you'll sue if you don't advance quickly. Instead, check out the company's reputation through the industry grapevine.

8. So, when do I start?

A slightly obnoxious quip. Don't invite yourself into the job



面试前的准备Preparation before Interview


A) Get To Know the Company


●Find out establishing time, scale, business coverage, corporate culture and latest

trends in this field.


●Figure out job requirements, features, as well as the average salary .


B) Dressing Code


●The principle is neat, experienced, suitable, natural, making people comfortable.


C)Things You Have To Prepare



●You need take a resume along with you when you go for the interview, which shall be

in step with the one you sent to the company; make sure that you didn’t write down much working experience, otherwise you will be considered as unstable.


●Bring some certificates verifying your sucsess.


D) Common Questions In Interview



●Generally speaking, you shall get ready for some common questions you are going to



●Answers to common questions should get prepared in advanced, which need to be

clear, coherent and persuasive as well.


During the Interview:


早到。迟到会给对方留下不好的印象,也显得对面试不太重视,如果你不熟悉路程地点,就预留更多的时间在路上;太早到会打乱别人的计划,因为在约定时间前,对方的HR 可能有其它安排,也或许正在面试别的求职者。

●Be punctual: Be sure get on time, or 10mins earlier. Don’t be too early, thus you will

interrupt other people or their or iginal plans; don’t be late, otherwise you leave a bad impression to interviwers. If you are not sure how to get, you’d better leave enough time.



●Being modest will impress people: be grateful and polite to the receptionists or the

assistants. Never judge people by the way they look or their positions, for sometimes it is the very person who becomes the keypoint of wether you can get the job. Mostly HR will ask for these people’s opinions. So never ignore them!



●Behavior helps you win the interview: pay attention to your behaviors during the

interview. Keep your hands and feet stable; keep eyecontacting with interviewers; no unnecessary body languages or gestures, which can show your tension. If you are nervous, try to relax by taking deep breath or psychological implication.



●Details: don’t forget to take away your disposable cup after drinking; don’t touch the

files or any office supplies while waiting for interview without perssion; remember to close the door after you; put back chair to the right place.



●Resume: don’t overpolish your resume, otherwise things get just the opposite.



●Being grateful to your previous job or company: you will be often asked for the reason

why you quit, and usually this is important to the interviewers. Pls be notified that try not to make any attack or slander to your previous company, not to even reveal the

commercial confidentiality, because what you said has much to do with your

personality.So try to be reasonbale when you say the reason.



●Salary: it is always difficult for interviewees to say their salary expectation

appropriately. They are afraid of losing the job by asking for too much. In fact, there is an average salary in each industrial.So interviewees shall find out this average salary as reference before the interview. Generally speaking, this average salary is the best.

Thus what you ask for will not scare those employers. Of course, you can ask for

more if you are confident enough.



●Expressing your appreciation after interview: “thanks for giving me such a good

opportunity to show myself”. When you leave, put back the chair, close the door after you. Chin up and leave confidently.


After the Inteview:


A) Thanks-giving Letter


●Writin’ a thanks-giving letter can impress the interviewers a lot, so you get much

more possibility of succeeding.


● A thanks-giving letter should mention your name and time of interview, expressing

your appreciation.


B) Don’t Ask About the Result Hastily


●It usually takes three to five days for the employers to decide the final candidates,

sometimes even much longer than one or two weeks.


●Job seekers must be patient, do not ask about the result hastily.


C) Adjustment



●If you apply for more than one job at the same time, remember to do some

adjustments after one interview so as to dedicate yourself to next one.


D) Asking About the Result


When you don’t get the reply by the end of the time employers promise you or in two weeks from the interview, you can write a letter or make a phonecall to get the result.