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高中英语Unit1Cultural relics Period One课时作业 新人教版必修2

Unit 1 Cultural relics Period One

高中英语Unit1Cultural relics Period One课时作业 新人教版必修2

Period One Warming Up & Reading


How to Work Faster and Smarter

?Structure.Planning, using productivity tools, and scheduling tasks on your calendar can help.Set yourself up to win by breaking tasks down into manageable small tasks.__1__ And you still have time to take care of yourself, such as eating well, exercising, relaxing, etc.Without self-care, you lose efficiency due to being overworked.

?Don’t multitask.There is an illusion(错觉) that doing many things at once is productive.Instead, it leaves you half-focused, and constantly switching gears(切换注意力).__2__ Set a timer, and work in 90-minute increments.Focus on that one task either for 90 minutes, or until it is complete.Then, take a break, and move on.

?Urgent doesn’t necessarily mean important.__3__What someone else thinks is urgent can create a sense of people-pleasing caused panic.If you know it is not important, then prioritize, and do what is most important first instead.You know best how to set your priorities and get your work done.

?__4__ Power down those phones, turn off notifications.Set up an autoresponder(自动回复器) if you need to, but disconnect in order to avoid distractions.You will get more done, if you focus only at the task at hand and answer to all missed calls and notifications once you’re done.

?Take breaks.__5__ Shake it out.Eyestrain and headaches can happen if you look at a computer screen for too long.Get outside for a quick walk and come back feeling refreshed and energetic.

A.Turn it off.

B.Get up and move around.

C.You must listen to yourself.

D.Create true office hours and stick to them.

E.Remember that you can expect the best in return.

F.In this way you can know what is most important to do first.

G.You may have a sense that nothing ever really gets complete this way.

答案 1.F [空格前面一句意为“让自己把任务分解成可管理的小任务”,那么接下来的一句应该说这样做的好处是什么。选项F的意思为“这样你就知道首先要做的最重要的是什么”。


2.G [空格前面的句子意为“相反,它让你只有一半的专注,不断切换注意力。”这种做法造成的结果是“你可能有一个感觉,用这种方式从来没有什么事情是真正得到完成的”。故选G。]

3.C [空格后面一句意为“别人认为紧急的事情可以引起恐慌。”所以紧急并不一定意味着重要。因此你应该倾听自己。故选C。]

4.A [根据本段“让手机断电,关闭通知”等等内容,可以判断本段的标题应该为“把它关掉”。故选A。]

5.B [本段标题为“休息”,选项B意为“起来四处走走”,这是休息的一种方式,故选B。] Ⅱ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

My six-year-old daughter, Caitlynd, and I stopped at a shop for some candy.As we were going out the door, a boy was coming in.The boy had a big scar in his face __1__ made him very ugly.He held a skateboard under one arm and a basketball under the other.

Caitlynd, who was walking ahead of me, __2__ (stop) when she saw the boy.I thought the ugly boy scared her, and she’d frozen on the spot.But I was wrong.Caitlynd backed up against the door and opened it wide.So it was much __3__ (easy) for the boy to pass it.Now I was face to face with the boy.I stepped aside and let him pass.He replied “Thank you very much.” __4__ (polite).

On our way to the car, I commended Caitlynd __5__ her manners in holding open the door for the boy.She didn’t seem to be __6__ (scare) by his appearance, but I wanted to make sure.If a __7__ (mother) talk about freedom of self-expression and allowing people their differences was in order, I wanted to be ready.As it turned

out,__8__was I who needed the talk.The only thing Caitlynd noticed about the boy was the fact that his arms were full.“It was __9__ (difficulty) for him to open the door.”

I saw the ugly scar in the boy’s face, but she saw a person carrying something under each arm and __10__ (head) toward a closed door.

答案 1.which/that [考查定语从句引导词。made him very ugly前面缺少指代scar这一名词的主语,故用which或that引导定语从句。]

2.stopped [考查动词时态。本文主体时态为一般过去时,该句为发生在过去的事情,故用stop的过去式。]

3.easier [考查形容词比较级。Caitlynd将门打开的宽宽的,使得小男孩更容易通过。] 4.politely [考查词性转换。空格处所填单词应该修饰动词replied,故用副词形式。] 5.for [考查固定搭配中的介词。commend sb for sth是固定搭配,意为“因为某事而表扬某人”。]

6.scared [考查被动语态。根据空格后面的by his appearance可知,Caitlynd没有被小男孩的相貌吓住。]

7.motherly [考查词性转换。mother为名词,而空格处需要填一个形容词,用以修饰其后面的名词talk。motherly为形容词,意为“母亲般的;慈母般的”。]

8.it [考查代词it的用法。It is/was...who/that...是强调句型结构。]

9.difficult [考查词性转换。空格前面的was决定了空格处应该填difficulty的形容词形式。]

10.heading [考查词性转换。空格所填单词的形式应该与carrying一致,故填heading。] Ⅲ.阅读理解

London is one of the most popular places in the world for tourists to visit.If you’re planning a trip to London in the future, you’re in luck.There are a variety of attractions for you to enjoy.

One of the most popular attractions in London is The Tower of London.Founded more than 900 years ago, The Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous towers and has many changes throughout the years.Here, you can also find some ravens (渡鸦), which live in the tower.

Another popular place to visit is Westminster Abbey.It was founded in 1065 by

Edward the Conqueror.Visitors to Westminster Abbey enjoy its beautiful unique Gothic architecture (哥特式的建筑风格).There are also lots of memorials (纪念碑) of Kings and Queens to enjoy.Excellent transportation is available here by bus or tube from many locations in London.

Buckingham Palace is another place with a rich history to discover.It’s the official residence (官邸) of Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ.During August and September, you can visit the State Rooms and see the Changing of the Guards.Be sure to check the opening time before you make plans to visit the Palace because it is not open year round.

If you want to enjoy one of London’s most beautiful gardens, Hyde Park is the place for you.There are many activities to join, including swimming, tennis, and horse riding.In addition, many concerts are performed in Hyde Park.There’s also a playground available for the kids.It’s suggested that you should not drive because there are a limited number of parking spaces available because of the popularity of the Park.


1.In which of the following places can you enjoy music?

A.The Tower of London. B.Westminster Abbey.

C.Buckingham Palace. D.Hyde Park.

答案 D [细节理解题。根据文章最后一句中的In addition, many concerts are performed in Hyde Park,可知,在Hyde Park游客可以欣赏到音乐。]

2.If you want to travel to Buckingham Palace, the important thing you must consider is ________.

A.to choose the right time B.to wear official clothes

C.how to travel there D.where to park your car

答案 A [细节理解题。根据第四段对Buckingham Palace的介绍,Buckingham Palace有些地方并不是全年开放,所以游客考虑的应该是游览的时间问题。]

3.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A.The Tower of London has not been changed in the past 900 years.

B.Travelers to Westminster Abbey will learn about gothic architecture.

C.Buckingham Palace was built to remember some kings and queens.

D.Ravens are a kind of birds which you can see all around England.

答案 B [推理判断题。根据第三段中的Visitors to Westminster Abbey enjoy its beautiful unique Gothic(哥特式的) architecture.可知,Westminster Abbey有很多哥特式的建筑,所以游客可以了解一些哥特式建筑的风格。]

4.We can know from the passage that ________.

A.Hyde Park offers many kinds of activities only for adults

B.the State Rooms in Buckingham Palace is opened all year round

C.you’d better take a bus or a tube or go on foot to Hyde Park

D.memorials of Kings and Queens can be seen in Buckingham Palace

答案 C [推理判断题。文章最后一段最后一句说明,应为Hyde Park停车位紧张,作者建议游客不要开车去,所以最好应该乘公共汽车或地铁去。]


Nine-year-old Bethany Walker has a very special mo tto: “You’re never too little to make a difference.” Since last year, Bethany has been weaving bracelets(手链) and __1__ them to raise money for Anne Marie Cox, who has a __2__ skin disease.By selling the bracelets on her Facebook page, the 9-year-old has __3__ $47,000 for Anne Marie’s family to __4__ a therapeutic saltwater pool, one of the few therapies available.

Bethany’s mom Janet said that when her daughter came to her with the bracelet idea, she thought it was very __5__,but that she wouldn’t be able to raise more than a few hundred dollars.“You __6__ tell your kid ‘no, you can’t do that’ when there’s a __7__ they could succeed,”Janet said.“So after __8__ it with me and my husband, Bethany went with it.”

It took Bethany only 19 weeks to raise the money by posting the __9__ on Facebook.When the __10__ of the pool finished last month, the Cox family hosted a swim party to __11__.

Kandi Cox, Anne Marie’s mom, said that aquatic therapy is one of the only physical therapies __12__ to the rare disease.She is especially __13__ for the pool because it allowed her daughter to feel like a __14__ girl.“Now she can spend time with friends

and __15__ in it,” Kandi said.“It is so much more than a swimming pool.It is __16__ life-changing for this child and for our family.I have been __17__ with kind messages from people all over the world who have heard the girls’ story and been __18__ by it.”

In pursuit of her goal to help those in need, Bethany is continuing to make bracelets __19__ Anne Marie’s pool has been com pleted.Her next__20__is to provide financial aid to the family of a young boy named Riley, who has a cancer.“I want kids to know that they can make a difference too.”

1.A.donating B.decorating

C.selling D.delivering

答案 C [根据下面一句中的By selling the bracelets on her Facebook page,可知,Bethany Walker编织手链并在Facebook page卖掉来为Anne Marie Cox筹钱。]

2.A.rare B.common

C.slight D.usual

答案 A [根据短文内容特别是下文的to the rare disease可知,Anne Marie Cox所得的是一种罕见的皮肤病。故选A。]

3.A.raised B.saved

C.begged D.cheated

答案 A [Bethany Walker在Facebook page卖自己编织的手链为生病的Anne Marie Cox 已经筹集了$47,000。]

4.A.buy B.afford C.design D.develop 答案 B [Bethany Walker为Anne Marie Cox家筹钱的目的是为了让她的家能够买一个能够为Anne Marie Cox的皮肤病治疗的盐水水池。]

5.A.funny B.strange

C.expensive D.practicable

答案 D [Bethany Walker的妈妈Janet认为Bethany Walker在网上卖她编织的手链为Anne Marie Cox筹钱这个主意是可行的。]

6.A.only B.never C.also D.still 答案 B [根据句意可知,作为父母绝不要告诉孩子“不,你不可以做那事”。其他选项不符合句意。]

7.A.responsibility B.challenge

C.possibility D.request

答案 C [有成功的机会的时候,对孩子绝不要说“不,你不能做这事”。]

8.A.discussing B.arguing

C.debating D.sharing

答案 A [Bethany Walker在和爸爸妈妈讨论了她提出的主意以后,开始编织手链卖了。] 9.A.bags B.caps

C.bracelets D.boxes

答案 C [文章第一段中的Since last year, Bethany has been weaving bracelets就提示了答案。]

10.A.construction B.business

C.performance D.practice

答案 A [Bethany Walker筹集了$47,000为Anne Marie Cox在家里建一个池塘,上个月施工完成。]

11.A.reserve B.protect

C.entertain D.celebrate

答案 D [水池建造完工,Anne Marie Cox一家举办了一个晚会来庆祝。]

12.A.inspiring B.available

C.appointed D.valuable

答案 B [这种水上疗法是针对这种罕见的疾病的唯一一种物理疗法。]

13.A.annoyed B.worried

C.satisfied D.thankful

答案 D [Bethany Walker筹集了$47,000为Anne Marie Cox在家里建一个池塘为她治疗皮肤病,由此Anne Marie Cox的妈妈对Bethany Walker很感激。]

14.A.sick B.normal C.special D.spare 答案 B [在这个池塘里游泳能让Anne Marie Cox感觉到自己是个正常的孩子。] 15.A.swimming B.singing

C.dancing D.running

答案 A [建了池塘当然是要在里面游泳了。其他选项不符合句意。]

16.A.briefly B.completely

C.really D.successfully

答案 C [对于Anne Marie Cox来说,这个池塘不只是一个游泳池,而是一个改变人生的东西。]

17.A.overwhelmed B.disappointed

C.depressed D.angry

答案 A [看到来自世界各地的人们对女儿的留言,Anne Marie Cox感到受惊若宠。] 18.A.threatened B.frightened

C.touched D.encouraged

答案 C [人们看到了Anne Marie Cox的故事并且被这个故事感动了。]

19.A.as if B.as for

C.long before D.even though

答案 D [根据句意可知,尽管Bethany Walker为Anne Marie Cox筹钱建造一个池塘的目标已经完成,Bethany Walker将继续编织手链。]

20.A.experiment B.goal

C.trade D.adventure

答案 B [provide financial aid to the family of a young boy named Riley是Bethany Walker的下一个目标。]