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1-1 Differences Between Two

Kinds of Youth

The trip to the United State opened my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of similarities

1.In this article

D) The differences

2.American young people___

B)Show more interest in people’s ideas

3.American youth often______

C)Neglect their weight

4.When American youth

D)will rarely display their love in public

5.French youth may think more about_____

B)Their relationship’s future

6.When meeting with strange

B)Will try to create a bond with them

7.When facing strangers,French

C)Are shy and lack confidence 8.If French pupils want to ask questions in class,they will_____ D)Think about it before they do so

1-3 Shopping in America

Going shopping seems easy,

but actually it takes a lot of

learning, especially in America.

1.Shopping in the United States_

B)requires some learning

2.Americans change their clothes


B)People take it as a rule

3.People shopping in America

will discover_________

C)Prices vary much sometimes

4.A person who needs furniture


D)rent some at low cost

5.At a“white sale”,one can buy__

C)bed linen,towels,etc.

6.Garages sales are held_______

A)Once or twice every three


7.Goods at “discount stores”


B)Very cheap

2-4 Computer Viruses

The computer virus is an ou

tcome of the computer overgrowt

h in the 1980s.

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/11b05c77ba0d4a7302763ada.htmlputer viruses are small pr


C)Reproduce by attaching a

copy of themselves to another


2.Viruses can infect other progr

ams if only they are ____

C)Attached to another progr


3.People create viruses for the

purpose of ________

B)damaging the system

4.The four main types of viruse

s do not include______

D)Hard disk

5.About 50% of viruses are she

ll viruses,because shell viruses


C)are easy to write

6.What do intrusive viruses plac

e into a host program?

B)Some virus

7.What must an operating syste

m virus do before overtaking a

n operating system?

A)Load onto the system

3-1 Building Your Business,

Building Your People

What an exciting thing to do—

developing a successful business!

1.From the first paragraph we know

the author`s present company is___

A)developing quickly

2.It`s necessary to find out your

team`s personal drives so that


C)can keep them at their best

3.Careful planning,goals,and

purposes will be useful only


D)your team members are as

committed to them as you

4.If you help your employees believe

in themselves,you can __

B)lift their achievement

5.According to the author,an

employer should____

C)provide his people freedom of

operation within measurable


6.Employees complain to the author

that they don`t get enough


7.What response will people give if

they are told to be creative?

A)They may become brave in

using their creativity

8.What can be said about

encouraging people in your team?

C)It brings a lot of joy

3-3 Bright Heart

Last Tuesday I was invited to participate in a party for Tuesday`s Children,

1.From the first paragraph we know Tuesday`s Children is____

C)a group for helping kids with AIDS

2.What was the purpose of making the wall hanging?

A)The wall hanging would be given to a man as a gift

3.Most of the children painted__on the squares.

D)blue cloud and green flowers

4.The heart painted by a boy was very unusual because___.

B)it was dark and lifeless

5.Why did the boy choose the color?

C) Because he felt sick and hopeless

6.Although people can`t do anything to make the sick child healthy,___. A) they can help by sharing their love

7.The author wanted to make the boy feel better by talking with him,but the boy___.

B)embraced the author instead of talking to him

4-3My Way and Your Way

Like any relationship, a marriage

requires effort and commitment.

1.A successful marriage require



2.What is the key to personal g


A)Be accepted and accept oth

ers without judgment.

3.If a couple can share their fe

elings and accept each other,__


C)they can grow and become

better people

4.When two people get marrie

d, they ______.

B)have different ideas on ma

ny things

5.How is the author influenced

by her father?

D)She is generous with mone

y as her father.

6.In any marriage, it is desirabl

e ______.

B)to reach a balanced compr


7.“Working at marriage” means

you should______

A)make efforts to keep the fi

re of romance alive

5-1 How to Lengthen

Time—24Hours Is Enough!

Recently as I participated

some years back in a live-to-a

ir TV training session on time

management, a caller rang in

with a question.

1.What is the question from o

ne caller that stays in the auth

or’s mind?

B)How to keep a balance bet

ween work and family.

2.From the second paragraph

we know________.

A)we have changed,but time


3.If you fail to spend special t

ime with special people,_____


B)you will never have spare


4.These days, many people for

get how to ________

A)enjoy the present experien


http://www.wendangku.net/doc/11b05c77ba0d4a7302763ada.htmlnguage is a very importan

t factor in our life and we sh


D)begin to use positive word


6.An effective way to better o

ur health and lengthen our ho

urs is to______

B)be grateful for the gift of

life and many other things

7.The author suggests that we

should_______while we do co

mmon things.

C) get pleasure from the acti

vity for itself

8.Another way of lengthening

time is to _______.

A) think and breathe deeply

5-3 The Power of an Apology

The call for an apology when

people feel they have been unjustly

treated has become a major issue in

our society today.

1.When people feel they’ve been

unjustly treated,they usually_______

C) desire to get an apology

2.To reduce his pain,the young man

who had personal conflict with his


B) started taking drugs

3.The meeting between my friend

and his father took place many years

later because my friend_______.

D) was ready to confront the issue

4.Which of the following is not a

result of the son’s meeting with his


B) The son apologized to his father.

5.When we do things that upset

others,we should make an

apology,which may____.

C) produce very good results

6.When people are really angry,often

they only want to_______.

A) speak out their feelings

7.When we don’t realize that our

behavior has offended others,we


A) clarify our behavior

6-3Are language Skills Enough?

There is so much more meaning to a message than what exists in the spoken or written words.

1.According to the first paragraph, all the following are important to understand the meaning of a passage except ____.

B) gender

2.We get familiar with our own cultural cues__.

B) through our process of socialization

3.How did Marsha feel when her French friend Bertrand made fun of her

C) She felt upset

4.Bertrand teased Marsha because he___?

D) regarded Marsha as a close friend

5.In Costa Rica,people meeting in a park wont`t __.

A) mind waiting for some time

6.When her Japanese business partners` nodding at her presentation doesn`t mean “yes”, Sarah felt____.

B) shocked

7.Nodding one`s head in Japan may mean___.

C) one understands

7-1 The Night on the Beach

Our guide,Castor,is serious

when he tell us,“No camera.No

flashlight.No cigarette.”

1.The author has been stumbling

on the beach in darkness in order

to ______.

D) see turtle laying eggs

2.When is the end of green sea

turtles` nesting season?

C)Late October

3.What is a “huge sacrifice” for a

female turtle?

A)Aborting her gees

4.What did the author read about

that day?

C)The threats to turtles

5.To make a hole as the nest for

eggs, the green sea turtle___.

B)uses her body like a powerful

drilling machine

6.What message is the author

waiting for?

C) The turtle is mature at 20 or


7.Which is true about the

surviving situation of the green

sea turtle eggs?

D) Only a few of the strong

eggs will survive.

8.What does Castor show the

author in the end?

C) Young turtles leaving their


7-3 Daydreaming Is Good for


Daydreaming is healthy an

d natural action of th

e human min

d,according to American Healt

h magazine.

1.When is day dreaming at its pe


C) Early in the afternoon

2.One of the effects of

daydreaming is that___.

A) i t helps lesson people’s

stress at work.

3.Experts think highly of daydrea

ming because ____.

B) it helps people deal with a

wide range of problems.

4.What is the opinion of people

in general about daydreams?

D)Daydreams are mostly unrea

listic thoughts.

5.The benefits of daydreaming fo

r children lies in___.

C)helping them have a better u

nderstanding of things in life.

6.People develop one of the three

types of day dreams____.

A) when they are children

7.The scattered daydreamers are

characterized by___.

D)getting bored and distracted


8-3 The History of Harvest


Throughout history, mankind ha

s celebrated the abundant harvest wit

h thanksgiving ceremonies.

1.Many ancient farmers believed that

if the spirits in crops were not

destroyed, they would ________.

C) do harm to the farmers

2.In many different countries

throughout history, there are______.

B) harvest festivals

3.The ancient Greeks offered gifts to

their goddess of corn in the hope that

they could______.

C) get a good harvest next year

4.What did the Romans do at their

harvest festival?

C) They made offerings to Ceres.

5.When celebrating Sukkoth, the

Jewish people built small huts


A) To honor their ancestor’s living


6. In ancient Egypt,people would

pretend to be sad in order to _____.

B) Deceive the corn spirits

7.What happened in 1621?

C) The Pilgrims had their fall


9-1 Tips on Tipping

It's every traveler's nightmare. The porter brings your bags to your room and helpfully explains how to use the television.

1.The nightmare for many travelers is ______.

A) not knowing how much to tip

2.People are expected to leave a tip in Bangkok when going to restaurants that are____.

B) westernized

3. In Jakarta, the expensive restaurants will add ______ to the bill.

C) a 10% service charge

4. In Malaysia, you are not expected to pay tips ______.

D) at a low class hotel

5. In Manila, give a tip above 10% if you want to ______.

A) get loyal service

6.According to Korean culture, tipping is ____.

B) generally unnecessary

7.Tipping in Singapore ________.

C) goes against the government rules

8.Singaporean taxi drivers ______.

D) accept tips in a certain way

9-3 A life Fully Lived

The sharp April wind hurt

Anna`s cheeks as she glanced


1.Two years before, there were

___members in Anna`s family.

C) five

2.Anna`s family were shocked to

know that ____.

B) Ali had deadly liver cancer

3.The treatment Ali received

when she first fell ill appeared__.

C) effective

4.Anna suggested the family go

on a Hawaii vacation because__.

D) every day was precious for


5.John was determined to help

other children fighting against

cancer by___.

A) establishing a special fund

6. In October 1997, John _____.

B) died of a heart attack while


7.Anna decided she`d raise

money to support______.

C) children`s cancer research

10-3 The Joy of SOHO:Making

a Life While Making a Living

A better Choice

The next time you hear a

friend or co-worker talking

excitedly excitedly about SOHU,

1.Many people set up

home-based businesses


C) big companies are cutting


2. In today`s economic

climate,what is very common for

a business?

A) Reducing cost

3.Many home-based business

owners make a mistake in ____.

D) not thinking about


4.It is best for a SOHO to be __.

D)in a separate room

5.What is very important for a

home-based office`s future


B) Its location

6.People with a home-based

office should____.

C) put good working

conditions first

7.In the US,small businesses

make up_____.

C) 90% of all businesse


She wouldn't take a drink, much less could she stay for dinner.


He thought I was lying to him, whereas I was telling the truth. 3.这个星期你每天都迟到,对此你怎么解释?

How do you account for the fact that you have been late every day this week?


The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy.


Such measures are likely to result in the improvement of work efficiency.


We have already poured a lot of time and energy into the project, so we have to carry on. 尽管她是家里的独生女,她父母


Despite the fact that she is the

only child in her family, she is

never babied by her parents.



Mike didn't come to the party

last night, nor did he call me to

give an explanation.




The person sitting next to him

did publish some novels, but he is

by no means a great writer.



He has no interest in football

and is indifferent to who wins to





The manager needs an assistant

that he can count on to take care

of problems in his absence.



This is the first time that he has

made a speech in the presence of

so large an audience.



You are never too experienced

to learn new techniques.



There remains one problem,

namely, who should be sent to

head the research there.



Their relationship did meet with

some difficulty at the beginning

because of cultural differences.



Though he has had ups and

downs, I believed all along that he

would succeed someday.



I have some reservations about

the truth of your claim.



She isn’t particularly tall, but

her slim figure gives an illusion of



It is a great pleasure to meet

friends from afar.



It doesn't matter whether the cat

is black or white as long as it

catches mice.



You must let me have the

money back without fail by ten

o'clock tomorrow morning.



Allow me to take part in this

project: I am more than a little

interested in it.



Everyone knows that he is

special: He is free to come and go

as he pleases.



Watching the unhappy look on

her face, I felt as though she

wishes to say something to me.


He spoke confidently, which impressed me most.


My father is so forgetful that he is always looking for his keys. 3.我十分感激你给我的帮助。

I\'m very grateful to you for all the help you have given me.


The bad light, coupled with the wet ground, made driving very difficult.


Being starved of funds, they had to cancel their plan to start a business.


They always lean on us whenever they are in trouble. 1.就像机器需要经常运转一样,


(Just) as a machine needs

regular running, so does the body

need regular exercise.



He learned to play the piano

while studying in the United




To our disappointment, he

turned down our invitation.




The reality is that, for better or

worse, the world has changed with

advance of new technologies.



Most of the female students in

my class appear to be ill at ease

when (they are) required to answer



The local government took

charge of the security for the

sports meeting.



At the meeting they discussed,

among other things, the present

economic situation.



The more I learned about the

nature, the more absorbed I

became in its mystery.





The doctor recommends that

those stressed people should try

something new, interesting and

challenging in order to give their

negative feelings an outlet.




The teacher gives more

homework to the student who has

bad grades instead of cutting it




By contrast, American parents

are more likely to attribute their

children\'s success to natural talent.




One of a teacher\'s priorities is

to stimulate students\' interests and

their creativity.



Little did she know that this

picture would one day be worth

more than a million dollars.



While I understand what you

say, I don’t agree with you on the




I think the police are meant to

protect people.



I went to see him yesterday,

only to find that he had gone

abroad several days before.



At the weekly meeting,

everyone must confine their

remarks to the subject.




If only I hadn’t said those silly

words! I was too young then to

distinguish right from wrong.


I am frequently asked the question ,”Can you use chopsticks”

I have lived in Korea,Japan and China.In each country,I have,C.more often than not and without having requested one,been given a fork B.when one was available.I have politely refused and said that I would be fine with chopsticks.Sometime,I have to make B.further explanation.

Chopsticks are A.the least of my worries when I am eating in an Asian home or restaurant.In fact,learning D.how to use chopsticks takes me B.nothing but a few weeks .This is not to say I was skillful, though.Learning how to use chopsticks is easy for me,C.whereas learning the rituals and how to D.conduct myself at the table is quite difficult.A.Just how many times do I have to say ”no ,thank you” C.when I really mean” no ,thank you ,I truly am full ”?How do I get away with refusing more food without D.offending someone?If I insist and I still get more ,is it appropriate just not to eat it ?This would be C.impolite where I come from.

I have enjoyed many great meals and my C.interactions with the people have been great.I am B.increasingly aware that I will never be able to A.give back as much as I have received. I don’t know how I can ever thank all of the people who introduced me to eating in Asia.


This was what all of the

training and pain was

about-winning. I watched TV to

see the young runner who had been

under my B.coaching for the last

few years .I would have been there

on the spot D.had it not been for

the traffic problem .I couldn’t

B.make it even on my bicycle.

While I watched the young runner

enter to the cheers of thousands of

people ,I could not help

C.thinking of the pains that he had

gone through in his training.

The young runner was hardly

considered to be B.promising

when he first came to me .There

were countless training C.sessions

full of pain for him.I had seen

fatigue written on his face I had

heard him A.swear at me.I had

been A.indifferent to his anger

and pain.It was clear that only hard

work could B.earn him success.I

had smiled to myself when I found

that he had too much D.passion to

give up .And he would B.persist

with the training until he reached

perfection .I had never forgot to

remind him that D.despite the

challenges he had to keep on

practice. It was unfair that he had

no time for his G F. But that was

life for him.

The thunderous shouts and

cheers drew me back to the TV

screen. Oh, my dear ,the young

runner was B.gaining speed .He

was running to the finish line .He

was strong enough to C.beat other

runners.His courage ,heart and

discipline together with his years

of practice won him the honor.

Tears rolled down my cheeks when

I found on the screen the young

runner was looking around .I

understood at once that he was

right reasons”.Love had

A.nothing to do with

marriage .And ,for my husband’s

part, well, I C.suspect love was on

his mind either .He married me

because I made him feel young .He

was such an ordinary man going

B.around his very ordinary

midlife crisis .He was

divorced ,looking for younger

women and a career change .That

didn’t B.bother me, though .He

was still fairly charming ,pretty

handsome and C.above all rich .I

married for money ,and I don’t

have any B.doubt about it .My

friends don’t C.applaud my

decision ,but I can also tell that

they wish, at least a little bit ,for

some of the same things that I now

enjoy .They always prefer to

D.speed a lot of time by my

swimming pool than at their

common little homes .And another

thing, they are always

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/11b05c77ba0d4a7302763ada.htmlplaining about their

“beloved”. “He’s always watching

how much I spend.”“It’s become

more like a business relationship

D.than a marriage.”

My husband,however,doesn’t

B.care how much I spend and our

marriage never become a business

because it already was one. You

could say, we have a A.mutual

understanding .We are very

D.realistic about the whole

thing .It is painful for my friends

when they realize that love is just

an C.illusion.Marriage for love

never existed for me. And, he’ll

never D.divorce me .He’d lose too

much money.

without it life has no meaning or

purpose.I Love allows us to do

more than we could B.eve r

accomplish without its power. So

often we take good care of our

C.physical needs .We make sure

our bodies are fed ,cleaned ,clothed,

exercised and rested .However ,we

tend to A.overlook the most

important need-love .Of course, as

a society ,love is not

overlooked .Popular media

constantly places great emphasis

D.on what we need to do to attract”

love”. B.But being loved is not as

powerful an emotional need as that

desire to love someone else.

The need to love and A.care

for other is built into us

biologically .This need is D.what

allows parents to give up sleep and

food while raising their children.

This need is what allows people to

put themselves D.at risk to save

other from natural C.disasters or


Love means to cherish ,hold

dear, and treasure. We do not hurt,

harm ,or cause pain to those we

love;rather, we seek to A.alleviate

their suffering .It’s not about

wanting to possess or control

others; it’s about wanting to set

them free .Love is the power

A.that allows the wheel of life to

continue turning ,for when we love

B.beyond our own needs and

desires. We D.sacrifice our

time ,our energy, our wishes, and

sometimes even ourselves because

of love .It is love that allows

emergency services personnel to

face danger. It is love that allows

soldiers to C.risk everything. The

ultimate definition of love is not

about feeling good C.but rather

about doing good.

table. Mrs.Stewart had lost all C.patience in telling him to stop. Her words were falling on B.deaf ears .She had asked her son to quit doing sth. that was bothering her so many times that she A.hardly even knew the words were coming from her mouth .Billy had B.got used to this .He just D.ignored his mom’s expressions like these .He banged on without a pause.

She used to try to phrase her words in A.positive ways like,”When you bang on the table that way ,it D.upsets me. Would you C.mind doing sth. else that is a little quieter? ”There was warmth in her voice and she had all of the best B.intentions. But when she actually managed to get Billy’s attention in this way, he simply replied ,’But I’m bored.’’ She tried to offer him a bunch of D.alternatives, but nothing worked and it all became too tedious .It had become A.noticeable even to herself that she was A.increasingly using negative expressions.

Mrs.Stewart seems to understand that D.even if she shouts she can’t expect Billy to respond immediately. But she still believes that to keep on C.applying the pressures might work someday .Children may learn that arguing no longer works because of her continuous shouting. different name at your birth. Some

of us A.recognize that our name

does not necessarily fit and start

using a different name B.rather

than the one we were given. Many

of us B.choose to use our middle

name so we can be true to our

parents, and at the same time be

more confident. Some people who

have changed their name D.claim

that their professional lives

improved .They feel better about

themselves so they are B.more

likely to achieve more .But those

who have changed their names are

not just being overly sensitive.

Name themselves A.convey some

information causing others to make

judgment based solely C.on

them .Here is an example :A

magazine D.declined to print a

writer’s name simply because the

editor thought it suited a baseball

player C.more than an art

critic .Another example: A women

at a party became C.embarrassed

when she wanted to be introduced

to a man she had declined because

of his name .One study showed

that teachers give different grades

to the B.identical essays written

by boys with different names.

A.Similarly, girls’popularity can

be related to their names.

Yet, which name works and

which does not depend on the

times .The good qualities of a

well-liked president or actor can

often influence A.how a name is

seen .But if a name becomes too

well-known ,it might also fall out

of favor A.as parents look for sth. a

little more unique for their child.


financial stress .My company was

cutting jobs and they were

D.evaluating each worker’s

performance .This was

C.inevitable in those days of

rising competition and

D.shrinking companies .The

companies were getting smaller

because of the B.hopeless

economic conditions .I knew I was

being considered as one of the

workers they would let go though I

had been overworking .Or maybe

it was my home life .My wife and I

had gotten in an B.argument and

my 19-year-old daughter

announced that she was leaving the

house to move in with her


I am usually not a person of

quick C.temper ,but yesterday

was different .I rode my bike to

work B.as usual;it’s about 20

kilometers .I had stopped for a red

light and then B.proceeded when

the light turned green .I had

D.assumed the car coming from

my right would stop, B.but

instead it went right on through

the red light and C.nearly hit me .I

C.barely had time to react .I

grabbed my bike lock and threw it

at his car ,hitting his rear window

and making a crack.

The driver stopped and got

out of the car. I laid my bike down

and picked up the bike lock from

the ground for B.protection .Then

he reached for his phone to call the



C.puzzles me. From my

B.perspective, the world is never

seen so many C.incredible

opportunities for young people

exiting college.

Trends toward specialized

careers and lower salaries leave

economists and sociologists

A.fearful that the next generation

of employees will be C.confined

to roles that are too narrow and

thus not B.regarding enough.

Many say corporations are taking

D.advantage of the labor force.

B.But, no one is forcing our youth

into such A.occupations. If a

rewarding job does not A.exist in

the current system, they’ll have to

C.create it for themselves. The

Internet has already answered

students’cries for more C.career

p o s s i b i l i t i e s.T h e n e x t

breakthrough to create something

truly creative is A.bound to

happen anything now. At the same

time let’s D.ensure that students

are prepared for the day when their

c h a n c e s a r e c o m i n g.

By telling our young people

everything has already been done

and that there is nothing left to

dream about, we are D.robbing

them of the opportunity to create a

system that is new and exciting,

outside the confines of what is

B.currently imaginable. But then

again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I

shouldn’t A.worry about our

youth at all. Their ability to

D.challenge what is before them

and defy our unnecessary worries

is their great strength. Maybe by

telling them they can’t, we are C.in

effect encouraging them to create

something truly incredible. All in

all, the future for the young people

is not gloomy; A.instead,