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There are sharp edges if we set the parting line here, it will reduce the tool life.


The thickness is not equal and it will bring the stress lines on the surface, suggest to improve the part as the picture shown.


The small slider is inside the big slider, when the mold open, the small slider need to recede first and the big slider have to postpone. When the mold close, it is contrary.


This position need to force ejection.


This position need to make a pole for gating because there have no enough space for hot sprue.



1.High shrinkage values could indicate sink marks or voids at gate location 高缩水率的产品容易产生缩印,但在浇口附近可以避


2.Welding line on the cosmetic surface 熔接线在外表面

3.Two banana gate was to being confluent in the end of melt flow. 两个香蕉浇口在流动未端熔合。

4.Venting insert here has flash 排气镶件处有飞边

5.Venting gap between inserts is too big 镶件处的排气槽过大

6.Stress mark on the cosmetic surface 产品外表面上有压痕

7.Uneven thickness 不平均的产品壁厚

8.Unreasonable product structure 不合理的产品结构

9.Injection speed is high 注塑压力过高

10.There is black spot on the cosmetic surface 产品外表面上有黑色点

11.There is flash on the product 产品有飞边

12.there is sink mark on the cosmetic surface 产品外表面上有缩痕

13.Gate size is not reasonably 浇口尺寸不合理

14.There is argent spot 这里有亮点(银色斑点)

15.The plastic of first shot didn't meet high temperature. 塑料的第一胶不会有很高的温度。

16.Make sure the core float plate was closed before lifter completely return to correct position 确认lifter完全回位时core侧


17.Make sure the ejector system is smooth 确认顶针系统移动平稳

18.Add early return structure to protect lifter return to correct position 增加先复位机构保护lifter回到正确位置。

19.Propose to add draft on slider side wall and draw polish. 建议增加slider的角度和抛光角度。

20.It is too thin and very difficult to inject fully, and weakness wall will have risk of the part function 该处壁厚过薄而造成很难去


21.These are will have sink marks due to uneven thickness, propose to reduce plastic. 壁厚不均匀容易产生缩印,建议在该处减胶。

22.These are will have sink marks due to ribs opposite. 正面的筋位易导致背面产生缩印。

23.Please confirm the 3D part thickness whether has including painting thickness or not? 请确认产品的设计是否考虑到油漆的厚


24.Black paint on back side。背面喷黑漆处理。


This red surface is undercut at cavity side / core side / slider side.


These red surfaces are undercut at cavity side / core side / slider side.


This position is too small and it will bring the thin steel at cavity side / core side / slider side.


These red lines are the parting line of cavity and core / insert / slider / lifter.


Use the stripper plate / ejector block to eject this part.


Inner angle slider at cavity / core side.


Suggest to change the draft direction of this position to make the mold structure simply.


Finally gate position according the mold flow analysis.

25.Cosmetic issue 外表面问题

26.Customer appointed material 客户指定材料

27.Increase the temperature for improving filling. 增加温度来改善填充

28.All of the fill patterns are unbalance 所以的填充样板都不平衡?

29.The part has hesitation effect and unbalance. 产品有滞留和不平衡

30.Bulk temperature is uniform. 体积温度不平均

31.The cycle time is the same 周期是同样的

32.Shear rate is over the maximum value at the gate region 浇口区域的剪切速率已超出最大值

33.Weld line is obviously on blue region. Advise to cut core insert to strengthen venting. 蓝色区域有较明显的熔接线,建议做

core 侧镶件来加强排气

34.The areas highlighted in pink ball are the places where air traps maybe happen and suggest cutting insert to improve venting. 粉


35.Average wall thickness is 0.50 only, Max is 0.74. It is too thin and very difficult to inject fully. 产品均厚仅有0.5mm,最厚为

0.74mm, 产品整体壁厚太薄,很难成型饱满。

36.Sharp edge shown in red circle, there may occur as flash or burr issue after painting process, it will impact to paint yield rate. 红色


37.Cutting by CNC after hard coating process. CNC后需经热处理。

38.Core side no any marks 后模无任何标记。

To keep the sharp edge around the product, we can extend the skirt on outside, then cut it off by CNC after hard coating process.

39.Keep some clearance on this face. 此面留铁

40.Visible lines here, please confirm. 此处有熔接线,请确认。

41.Sub insert for air vent 排气镶件

42.Shut off 插穿/ Kiss off 碰穿

43.Insert molding/ Family mold / Over mold 嵌件模/子母模/包胶模

44.General Parameters 普通参数

45.Part overview 产品概况

46.Surface Texture 表面皮纹

47.Remarks on geometry 表面标记

48.Analysis wall thickness 产品壁厚分析

49.Thick section, propose to reduce plastic to keep even wall. 产品厚壁部份,建议减胶以保持均匀壁厚。

50.Weak steel 薄铁

51.Draft analysis Cavity/Core Cavity/Core的脱模角分析

52.All the green face no draft, propose to add 1degree on core side/cavity side for part release. 所有

的绿色面没有脱模角,建议加1°在core侧/ cavity侧为产品出模。

53.All the green face 1.0 degree on cavity side, propose to reverse to 1.0 degree on core side to avoid sticking cavity side.


54.Draft analysis slider/lifter Direction slider/lifter方向的角度分析

55.Tool – concept 模具结构

56.Gate location/ Sub marine gate/ Edge gate/ Fan gate/ Banana gate/ Overlap gate

浇口位置/ 潜浇口/ 侧浇口/ 大水口浇口/ 香焦浇口&牛角浇口/ 搭阶浇口

57.Propose to add recess for gating. 建议加浇口加凹坑

58.Weld lines on visible surface 可见面上有熔接线

59.Parting line proposal/ Parting line description 分型线建议/分型线定义

60.Areas without split lines and any marks 没有任何分型线和标记的区域

61.Marking of the part 产品标记

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/1234511f4a2fb4daa58da0116c175f0e7cd119fa.htmlments/ open issues 问题点

63.Texture (VDI) cavity/ core cavity/ core的皮纹

64.Special area texture 特殊皮纹区域

65.Tool concept : 2plate or 3plate 模具结构:2板模或3板模

66.Number of cavities cavities的数量

67.Injection concept: cold runner or hot runner 进浇结构:冷流道或热流道

68.Number of external sliders 外部滑块数量

69.Number of internal sliders 内部滑块数量

70.Number of lifters 斜顶数量

71.Will use these two Holes as a locator with the core insert (insert molding) 将用这两个孔去定位Core 侧镶件

72.Please confirm texture area and specifications according to the draft figure and texture specification table. 请确认皮纹区域和


73.According to surface request to propose customer. 根据皮纹要求建议客户

74.Gates need 2nd process remove by CNC machining 浇口需要CNC机器二次加工来去除

75.Gates Vestige will be 0.1mm 浇口残留0.1mm

76.We will to do mold flow analysis then define 我们将会做模流分析然后再定义

77.Flow balance 流动平衡


79.Location hole for spray painting 喷漆工艺孔。

80.Location boss for CNC. CNC过程工艺圆柱。

81.This part is a thin wall product, the average wall thickness is only 0.5. We suggest using high speed machine to mold such thin

product. Numbers of venting insert on core is necessary to exhaust the air from inside to outside. 该薄壁件壁厚仅为0.5mm,建议使用高压注塑机成型。在后模侧的一定数量的排气镶件利于成型。

82.Propose to add rib for 1st shot gating. 第一胶时建议增加一些筋位。

83.Propose to reduce plastic form 1.02mm to 0.9mm as right picture shown to avoid sticking cavity side. 右图示的区域建议减胶从


84.Propose to remove the red radius to avoid thin steel. 为避免尖铁建议去除红色的圆角。

85.This surface use sleeve to form 该特征用丝筒成型。

86.Some areas can be improved 图示区域需改进。

87.Please confirm this surface is non-cosmetic or not? 请确认该面是否有外观要求?

88.Do there any Cosmetic surface? 是否有任何外观面要求?

89.Please confirm any require of gate Location. 请确认关于浇口信息。

90.What the resin for this part? Please provide detail material brand. 该产品用何材料,请提供具体的材料牌号?

91.Core pins for fixed the steel (insert molding) 嵌件模具的定位镶针。

92.Propose to add hook to drag plastic (insert molding) 建议增加卡扣防止产品跑位。(嵌件模具)

93.Propose to reduce plastic sing side 0.05mm to avoid mismatch. 为防止错位,建议单边减胶0.5mm.

94.Material mark, sub surface. 内表面刻材料标记。

95.All the magenta face need to high glossy 所有紫色面需高抛光处理。

96.Ejector pin deepened at part. 顶针低于产品表面。

97.Improve the air exhaust 需增加排气。

98.Re-polish the electrode and re-do EDM 电极重新抛光和放电。

99.The size is out of spec 尺寸超差。

100.Improve molding parameter 改进模具注塑工艺。

101.Propose to decrease the recess depth 建议减少凹坑深度。

102.Add individual cooling channel to adjust warpages. 建议新增单独水路,以减少变形。

103.We have suggested 2 options based on customer requirement 在客户的基础上我们提供2种方案。

Option 1 will be a better choice we are proposing texture from raw material. 方案1是更好的建议,在粗加工基础上做皮纹处理。

Secondary process is required for option 2 as bending will affect material texture. 方案2,后加工变形会影响产品皮纹。

104.Sink mark will occur on yellow region. Because of thickness vibration, it is no use to increase gate size. 由于壁厚的震动导致黄色区域会有缩印,没有必要增加浇口尺寸。

105.This surface molding by lift 该面用斜顶成型。

106.Please keep intend on sink mark problem 请关注缩印问题。

107.Cancel the slot. 取消腰形槽。

108.Remove the groove. 取消凹槽

109.The thread hole of eye bolt is too weak to lift the big mold. 吊模孔过小,不能承受模具的重量。

110.The gusset is too thick to lead to sink mark on the opposite surface.圆筒壁太厚引起反面缩印。

111.The viscosity of the resin is too higher to fill the thin rib. 材料粘性过高,致使难以成型薄筋位。

112.The land of the gate is too long. 浇口流道过长。

113.The gate scar is too big to cut away by knife. 浇口余料过大,很难用刀去除干净。

114.The ramp is necessary to lead in the snap. 卡扣有必要有一定的过渡的斜度。

115.The cooling channel is crack and leak out water. 水路开裂致使漏水。

116.The banana gate does not suite the transparent part. Flow mark is visible. 透明件不宜用香蕉浇口,易见流痕。

117.If the temperature of dry resin is too high, the degradation will happen. 材料烘干温度过高,易分解。

118.Higher the package, smaller the sink mark. 背压提升会减小缩印。

119.The nozzle does not match the sprue bush hole. 机台咀嘴与注塑咀嘴不匹配。

120.The Z pin can’t draw out the sprue runner. 拉料针不能拉出流道。

121.master batch 塑料色母

122.talcum/ talc/ titanium dioxide/ gold perle/ caustic soda/ copper sulfate/ Hydrogen Peroxide/

123.Nozzle spherical radius 1/2”咀嘴球头半径1/2“

124.Bush concave depression 13mm 浇口套内凹13mm

125.Under “dry-running” condition 低于干燥条件

126.The grease can withstand temperature up to 2500F. 油脂能承受2500F 温度

127.Electro nickel/ electro chrome 石墨电极和铜电极

128.pre-pocketed 粗加工

129.without the consent from you. 贵方不同意

130.Tooling design is over its life span. 模具设计已过超过寿命极限

131.business relation 商务关系

132.to fulfill the order 完成订单

133.specific gravity 材料比重/材料密度? ? ?

134.flammability/ hardness/ abrasion/ fatigue, fatigue crack/ creep/ 易燃性/硬度/耐磨/疲劳,疲劳裂纹/蠕变

135.viscosity/ water absorption/ tensile strength/ flexural strength/ impact strength/ 粘度/吸水/拉伸强度/弯曲强度/影响力/ ? ? ?

136.heat conductivity/ linear expansion/ arc resistance 热导率/线性膨胀率/ 耐电弧?

137.glass transition temperature/ decomposition temperature/ brittleness temperature/ heat deflection temperature/ ignition temperature/ 玻璃化转变温度/分解温度/脆性温度/热变形温度/点火温度/ ? ? ?

138.uneven cavity filling/ uneven filling between the 2 cavities/ uneven shrink rate 填充不平衡/两穴间的填充不平衡/ 不均匀收缩率

139.Many component defects can be attributed to flow imbalance. 许多元件缺陷可能是由于流动不平衡

140.polymer alloys/ LCP----Liquid Crystal Polymer/ 聚合物合金/ LCP的----液晶聚合物/

141.knurling/ ounce/ solar shield / 滚花/ ? ? ? ?

142.design revision/ trouble-shooting 设计版本/问题排除

143.demolding taper/ shallow taper/ steep taper/ 脱模锥度/浅锥度/陡峭的锥形/ ? ? ?

144.stress concentration at sharp corners 尖角应力集中。

145.interchangeable inserts/ tolerances cost money/ 互换镶件/成本下降

146.carbon/ manganese/ silicon/ chromium/ tungsten/ vanadium/ nickel/ molybdenum/ aluminum/ 碳/锰/硅/铬/钨/钒/镍/钼/铝/ ? 147.transparent / translucent/ colorant/ cure/ elastomer/ copolymer/ premix/ compound/ dry time/ foaming agent/ plastic pellet/ color mottle/ fading/ filler speak / internal porosity/ tinted natural color/ 透明/半透明/色素/治疗/弹性体/共聚物/预混剂/复合/干燥时间/发泡剂/塑料颗粒/色斑驳/衰落/填料发言/内部孔隙度/有色自然色? ? ? ?

148.hot stamping/ coating/ print/ haze 烫金/涂层/印刷/雾晕

149.cell/ void content/ aberration/ atomization/ blister/ blooming/ body wrinkle/ bubble/ burn mark/ flash塑料/ burr金属胞孔,微孔/孔隙率/色差/雾化/吸塑/散开/皱纹/泡沫/烧伤/飞边/毛刺

150.camber/ center buckle/ checking/ crack/ crazing/ deformation/ fissure/ flow mark/ glazing/ gloss/ galling金属之间/ corrosion/ 膨胀/纵向弯曲/检查/裂纹,龟裂/碎裂/变形/豁裂,裂缝/花斑/上光,抛光/光泽/磨损/腐蚀/

151.tie bar/ nozzle/ toggle clamping system/ torpedo spreader/ moving platen/ fixed platen/ejector rod/ daylight length/ to fall clear from mold face/ fixed backplate=top clamp plate/ moving backplate=bottom clamp plate/ 拉杆/喷嘴/肘杆合模装置/分流板/移动台板/固定压板/脱模板拉杆/压模间距/从模具面清除/固定背板=顶部夹板/移动背板=底部夹板/

152.resistance to abrasion/ heat deflection/ resistance to UV/ particularly easy-flowing/ product description/ oil and grease resistance/ 耐磨性/热变形/抗紫外线/流动性特别好/产品介绍/油脂阻力/

153.Just give me a ball park estimation. 只要给我预估

154.If the volume really start to pick up to million range. How the unit price of the brass insert parts will drop by what percentage? 如果产能超过一百万,黄铜件的降价比率是多少?

155.lot/ grade/ color/ injection moldable grades/ high viscosity/ medium viscosity/ low viscosity 份额/级/颜色/注射成型等级/高粘度/中粘度/低粘度/

156.thin-sectioned part/ outstanding weatherability/ ultimate strength/ creep resistance/ 产品薄壁部分/显著的耐候性/极限强度/抗蠕变性/

157.improved rigidity/ corrugated plastic wall/ minimize sinks and voids 改善刚性/塑料波纹墙/减少收缩空间

158.purity/ impurity content/ foreign matter/ moisture content/ oven dryer 纯度/杂质含量/异物/水分/烘干机

159.It must be emphasized that the hopper should be covered to protect the dried pellets from room atmosphere. 需要强调料斗必须密封保护干燥粒子与空气隔离。

160.to minimize contamination from metal flaking/ moisture may condense 金属剥落,以尽量减少污染/湿度可凝结