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Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.

I. 单项填空。

( )1. I think I have ________ my key in the car.

A.forget B.

left C.forgotten D.leave

( )2. — Is Mount Tai the highest mountain in Shandong?

— I think so. It is 1,545 meters sea level.

A. under

B. above

C. past

D. along ( )3. — After being trapped (困住) for 36 days, Strong Pig was still when people found it.

— It was great news.

A. alive

B. lively

C. lived

D. live ( )4. — Columbus was a man who changed the world.

— I agree. His of America was one of the greatest events in human history.

A. invention

B. discovery

C. appearance

D. agreement

( )5. — Is the airport closed because of the bad weather?

— No. But my flight to Beijing was because of it.

A. locked

B. booked

C. lost



( )6. — Did Mrs. Smith call you yesterday?

— Yes. I was about for lunch when the telephone rang.

A. going out

B. to going out

C. to go out

D. go out ( )7. — I want to buy a ticket to the movie.

— Sorry, we have all the tickets.

A. put away

B. given up

C. given away

D. sold out ( )8. —James said he would come to my party, but he didn’t .

—Really? He didn’t keep his word again.

A. show up

B. get up

C. set up


give up

( )9. — I must go home. —If you must, at least wait the rain stops.

A. since

B. as

C. till

D. when

( )10. — How it was when I fell down in front of so many people.

— Well, everyone can fall, right?

A. embarrass

B. embarrassing

C. embarrasses

D. embarrassed

( )11. — Do you know who the award will go to?

— I have no idea. We have to wait until the result .

A. announces

B. will announce

C. will be announced

D. is


( )12. It is ________ good exhibition that I have seen it several times.

A.so B.such C.so

a D.such a

( )13. —You did go to see “The Hunger Games 3” yesterday evening?

—No. I it already.

A. see

B. had seen

C. have seen

D. would see

( )14. — Do you know when you arrived?

— Five minutes. I missed something exciting.

A. how long the show had been on

B. how long had the show been on

C. how long has the show been on

D. how long the show has been on ( )15. — Barcelona lost the match last night.

— It is unbelievable. They always win.

A. How come?

B. Never mind.

C. I can’t agree more.

D. That’s common. II. 词形转换。用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空,每空格限填一词。

1. He felt ________(embarrass) when he heard the _____________ (embarrass) news.

2. He felt __________ (lucky) that day because he lost his money on the train.

3. There are __________ (hundred) of people dancing on the square now.

4. I don’t think what he said is __________ (believe). He is a man who often tells lies.

5. Teachers are often compared to _____ (burn)candles.

6. My father works at __________ (little) ten hours every day.

7. The movie has a bad _________ (end), many audiences cried in the theatre.

8. The _______ (discover)of power plays an important role in society.

9. What time do you get _________ (dress) every morning?

10. Tina stared at him in _________(belief), shaking her head.

III. 动词应用。用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,必要时可加助动词或情态动词。

1. If you keep _________ (work) hard, you will succeed in the end.

2. When he was about __________ (leave) home, he saw a stranger come into the house.

3. Have you finished __________ (read) the book?

4. He had a chance _________ (learn) French in Paris last year, but he had to give it up because of his illness.

5. The farmer said he would stop __________ (grow) apples because they were too cheap.

6. They __________ (begin) to work before I arrived there.

7. The girl said that she __________ (finish) her homework already.


He invited a lot of friends _________(come) to his birthday party.

9. I _________ (fool) by my best friend on April Fool’s Day last year. I want to play a joke on her this year.


The students began with speaking English, but ended up _________(speak ) Chinese.

IV. 完成句子。根据所给汉语提示完成英语句子,每空一词。

1. 当我起床的时候,父母已经离开家去上班了。

_________ ________ _________ I got up, my parents _________ ________ home to work.

2. 他什么都没说。飞快地穿上衣服跑出门去。

He said nothing. He quickly ________ ________ his clothes and ________ _________ the door.

3. 对不起,你能捎我一段路程吗?

Excuse me, can you _________ me _________ __________?

4. 我们带着怀疑的目光看着黑烟正从燃烧的大楼上方升起来。

We stared _________ ________ at the black smoke _________ above the burning building.

5. 或许你的坏运气会变成好事呢。

Maybe your bad luck will _________ ________ a good thing.

V. 阅读理解。


Are you happy most of the time? Or do you easily get angry sometimes? Everyone has a different temperament(脾气). It is usually believed that both genes(基因)and e nvironment may influence people’s temperament in different ways. Scientists have found that the season of the birth also plays a role.

Scientists from Budapest, Hungary, studied 400 university students. In the study, The students needed to finish some questions to know which of four kinds of temperaments they most had. From the questions, scientists found that the students always answered something like “my mood often changes for no reason.” and “I love to deal with new projects, even if it is risky.” these answers were then connected with their birthdays.

They discovered that people born in summer easily change between sad and happy moods compared to people born in winter. Those who always feel positive are mostly born in spring and summer.

The study also found that those born in fall less probably had a mood of depression which may easily drive them to cry, while those in winter were not easier to be angry. Scientists said that this was probably because the seasons had an influence on certain chemicals in the human body. And the chemicals are important to control people’s moods even in adult life. “It seems that when you are born may increase or decrease your change of developing certain mood, disorders,” scientist Xenia Gonda told the Telegraph.

根据短文内容,判断下列句子正 (A)、误(B)。

( ) 1. Age s probably may influence people’s temperaments according to the Paragraph 1.

( ) 2.The underlined the word “depression” most probably means sadness.

( ) 3. The answers to the questions of the study were matched with their birthdays. ( ) 4. People born in winter get sad or happy more easily.

( ) 5. The best t itle of this passage is “The Influence of Genes”.


It was a great pleasure for the family to move to a house with a very big garden.

Betty and Tony could climb up trees,grow flowers and even play badminton. They liked to watch the birds flying among the trees in the garden. They even started to put food out to attract more birds.

Everything was fine for a few days until one afternoon there was a strange bumping noise on a window. Betty went outside and found a small bird dead on the grass. Its neck seemed to be broken.

“It must have flown into the window. ” Tony said when his sister Betty called him to have a look. “Ah, yes, look here. You can see the mark where it hit the window. There are a couple of tiny feathers stuck on the window. ”

“Poor thing!”Betty said.

During the next month, five more birds died in the same way. “Why would they fly to the windows? ” They wondered. Finally they knew the truth. When the birds w ere flying, they couldn’t see into the rooms. All they saw was the reflection (倒影)of the garden. They thought that they were flying into trees because they saw trees reflected by the window.

“Something has to be done to save the birds.” the parents decided.

At first, the family tried keeping curtains (窗帘)across the windows, but this made the room dark. Then they bought some strong black paper and cut out the shape of a hawk. They made six hawks ——one for each window. They stuck the hawks to the windows. They looked pretty and did not keep out much light. When the birds saw the hawks, they would fly away.

After that, there were no more dead birds. The family were much happier.

( ) 6. They put food out to attract birds because they .

A. had a special garden for birds

B. had too much bird food to feed the birds

C. wanted to see more birds flying in the garden

D. wanted to catch some birds in the garden

( )7. birds died in the garden.

A. Six

B. Five

C. Four

D. Seven

( )8. The birds flew to the windows because they .

A. found the windows very big and clean

B. wanted to fight for more food

C. thought there were more trees ahead

D. wanted to go into the room

( )9. The underlined word “ hawk ” means .





( )10. The story is mainly about .

A. why those birds died in their garden

B. Betty and Tony were good at paper-cutting

C. how the family saved the birds in the garden

D. the family had a new house with a big garden


Humans’Greatest Achievements

The earth is 4.5 billion years old, but the human race has lie

d on it for just 200,000 years. In that short time, w

e have achiev ed some amazing things.

11 The list is almost endless. The invention of the airplane has changed our lives. The discovery of antibiotics(抗生素) has saved the lives of millions of people. Can you imagine living without electricity? What about the printing press(印刷术)? Without great achievements in communication, such as radio, TV, computers, the Internet and smartphones. 12

What about the arts? The arts have brought pleasure to many p eople, but are the Beatles and Bach more important than antibiotics? 13

Finally, we must not forget humens’ early achievements. 14 We can’t imagine modern life without cooked food and cars.

What are humans’greatest achievements? To answer the question, w e need to decide what

We mean by “great”. 15 Or is it just something that makes us say “Wow”like the Great Wall? What do you think ?


答案:11.________ 12.________ 13.________ 14.________ 15.__________


Have you ever heard of a girl of 15, who set up a company of her own? Wendy Wong is the girl. She started the business two years ago. She has already written several successful computer games. They are so popular that over half a million games are sold every year. Now all of her family work in her business, and she is still in school.

She gets up early in the morning and then she talks with her family about the business over breakfast. Every day she goes to school in her own car with a driver, for she is not old enough. She enjoys her school, but some of the work is too easy for her to feel interested. She usually gets “A” grades in all her subjects, so the other students often ask her for help.

She finished her homework in half an hour after her driver takes her home. After dinner, she goes on her office and goes on working on her computer, writing games

until 2 am. She does not usually need so much sleep as other children.


16.When did Wendy Wong start the business?


17.What has Wendy Wong already written successful?


18.How does Wendy Wong go to school every day?


19.How about her grades in all her subjects?


20.How long can she finish her homework?


Ⅵ. 选词填空。


“Jack, the headmaster wants you in his office.” When he heard this, Jack began

to 1

about it and suddenly everyone around 2 and shouted “April fool”, for this

was April Fool’s Day.

In Britain and in some other 3 , it is usual and ordinary to play a joke on people on that day. Children are 4 to play harmless jokes on their friends until

twel ve o’clock at night. Usually they try to play a joke on other children into

5 foolish things. Not only children but also grown-ups enjoy a joke on others. Even newspapers and radios at times try to play a joke on the

6 with a clever

April Fool’s story.

Some time ago, for example, a very serious BBC TV program did a ten-minute 7 about spaghetti trees in Italy. The reporter said that trees weren’t produced as much spaghetti as they did last year because of the bad weather. He also said that

the 8 of spaghetti would go up. A lot of people who didn’t know what spaghetti

was made of 9 the story. Some housewives 10 to buy the food that was going

to become in short supply.

答案:1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. __________

6. ________

7. ________

8. ________

9. ________ 10. _________

VII. 书面表达。




要求:1. 日记应包括图画中所有内容。可适当发挥,使短文完整、通顺。

2. 词数:60词以上。

Tuesday October 8, 2013 Fine

When I got to school this morning,








1.B 解析:本题考察leave的用法,表示“把某物忘在某处”要用词组leave sth. +地点。


2. B 解析:根据句意“泰山是山东最高的山吗?是的。它高出海平面1,545米。 under 在…

之下 above 在…之上 past 经过 along沿着故选B

3. A 解析:本题考查 alive 、 lively 、 lived、 live的用法

4.B 解析:本题考察名词辨析。invention 发明 discovery发现appearance 外貌、露面 agreement同意根据句意“美国的发现是人类历史上最伟大的事件之一。”故选B

5. D 解析:本题考察动词辨析。 locked锁上 booked 预订丢失lost cancelled 取消


6. C解析:考查固定短语be about to do sth.正要做某事故选C。

7.D解析:本题考察动词短语辨析。根据句意“我想买张电影票。对不起。所有票我们已经卖完了。”put away放好,收起来 given up放弃 given away 赠送,泄露sold out卖光故选D

8. A解析:本题考察动词短语辨析。根据句意“James说他将会参加我的聚会,但他没有出现。 show up出现,露面 get up起床 set up建立 give up放弃故选A

9. C解析:本题考察连词的用法,这四个词都可以引导时间状语从句。when:指一点时间或一段时间.表示主句和从句的动作同时发生,也常表示从句的动作先于主句的动作. till:表示直到……才(=until).as: 因为,用于句首. Since:1)since +过去一个时间点2)since +一段时间+ ago. 3)since +从句4)It is +一段时间+ since从句.根据句意故选C 10.B本题考察embarrassed与embarrassing的用法,embarrassed修饰人,人做主语,而embarrassing修饰物,物做主语,根据句意故选B

11.D 解析:本题考察被动语态。result做主语,谓语动词应用be+动词过去分词。


12.D 解析:本题考察固定搭配such…that与so…that结构.

such…that结构中的such后跟名称,单数可以用a\an修饰such a good exhibition;而so…that结构中的so后跟形容词 so good an exhibition 故选D

13.B 解析:本题考察过去完成时,had+过去分词。根据句意,动作发生在昨天之前,即过去的过去。故选B


15.A解析:本题考察交际用语。A. How come? 怎么会这样?B. Never mind. 没关系

C. I can’t agree more. 我再同意不过了.

D. That’s common.这是常见的故选A II.

1.embarrassed;embarrassing 解析:本题考察embarrassed与embarrassing的用法,embarrassed修饰人,人做主语,而embarrassing修饰物,物做主语。

2. unlucky解析:lucky的变形有luck,unlucky,luckily, unluckily四个变形,feel 后跟形容词,故应填unlucky

3. hundreds 解析:固定结构 hundreds of

4. believable解析:believe的变形有belief和believable 根据He is a man who often tells lies.可知,应填believable

5. burning 解析:此句表示老师经常比作燃烧的蜡烛,动名词修饰名词。

6. least解析:at least 固定搭配“至少”。

7. ending 解析:a bad…应修饰名词,而end的名词修饰是ending。

8. discovery解析:discover 动词发现,它的名词形式是discovery。而固定搭配the discovery of 的意思是…的发现

9. dressed 解析:get dressed 是 get +adj. 的用法, dressed是过去分词充当形容词,意思是“穿好衣服的”get表示得到或进入某物(或某种状态)

10. disbelief解析:in disbelief 固定结构,不相信的,怀疑的。


1. working 解析:固定结构keep doing 继续做某事

2. to leave 解析:固定结构be about to do 将要做某事

3. reading 解析:finish doing完成做某事

4. to learn 解析:have a chance to do 有机会做某事固定结构

5. growing 解析:stop to do 停下来去做另一件事,stop doing 停止正在做的事情。根据句意应填stop doing

6. had begun 解析:begin的动作发生在arrived之前,故填过去完成时had begun

7. had finish 解析:finish的动作发生在said之前,故填过去完成时had finished

8. to come解析:invite sb. to do sth. 固定结构

9. was fooled 解析:根据句意应填过去式的被动语态,去年被朋友愚弄了

10. speaking 解析:end up doing以作某事而告终或结束


1. By the time; had left

当…时候,三词短语应用by the time,因放于句首故填By the time; 因got up 是过去时,已经离开的动作发生在got up之前,故用过去完成时had left

2. put on; rushed out

固定短语“穿上”是put on;“跑出去”是rush out。根据said,应用过去时。put的过去时还是put。

3. give; a lift “捎…一程”是固定搭配give …a lift。因句子中有情态动词can,故give用原型

4. in disbelief; rising

“怀疑的,不相信的”是固定短语in disbelief。“升起来”是动词rise,在这里rising 表示一种伴随的动作,正在升起。

5. turn into 固定短语“变成”




1. B 细节理解题。第一段没有谈及年龄对人们脾气的影响。

2.A词义猜测题。 depression表示“抑郁、沮丧”。


4.B 细节理解题。由第三段第一句可知描述错误。

5.B 主旨大意题。文章主要介绍了科学家研究生日对人的脾气的影响


【语篇解读】本文是记叙文。讲述了Betty和Tony 发现有些小鸟误飞到自家窗户上被撞死了,为避免类似的悲剧重演,他们家人尝试了不同的办法并获得了成功。

6. C 细节理解题。由第一段的最后两句可知,他们给鸟食物是为了看到更多的鸟在花园里飞,故选C。

7. A 推理判断题。由During the next month,five more birds died in the same way. 可推测出,共有六只鸟死在花园里,故A为正确选项。

8. C 细节理解题。由文中“When the birds were flying…They thought that they were flying into trees…”可知鸟飞向窗户是因为它们认为前面由更多的树。故选C。

9. B词义猜测题。根据常识可知,鸟害怕鹰,所以Betty一家人买了黑色的纸,剪成鹰的形状贴在窗户上,防止鸟飞向窗户。故B项答案正确。

10. C 主旨大意题。文章主要讲述了一家人尝试不同的方法来挽救花园中的鸟的故事。



11. E 由设空处后的内容可知是在列举科技领域的成就。故可推断出答案为E项。

12. G 根据第二段内容可知答案为G项。

13. F 由设空处前的内容可推断答案为F项。

14. D 由下文的cooked food and cars可知答案为D项。

15. B 由前后文内容可知答案为B项。



16.At the age of thirteen. 所问的问题是“Wendy Wong什么时候开始做生意?”根据Have you ever heard of a girl of 15, who set up a company of her own? Wendy Wong is the girl.

She started the business two years ago(你曾经听说过一个15岁办了属于自己的公司的女孩吗? Wendy Wong就是这个办公司的女孩,她两年以前就开始做生意)就能作出上述回答。

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/12ca9ab7bdeb19e8b8f67c1cfad6195f312be81f.htmlputer games. 所问的问题是“她成功地写出了什么?”根据She has already written several successful computer games(她已经成功地写出了几部游戏程序)就能作出上述回答。

3. In her own car with a driver. 所问的问题是“Wendy Wong每天怎样去上学?”根据Every day she goes to school in her own car with a driver, for sh e is not old enough(每天司机开着她自己的车送她去上学, 这是因为她年龄还小)就能作出上述回答。

4. She usually gets “A” grades.所问的问题是“Wendy Wong的学习怎么样?”根据She usually gets “A”grades in all her subjects, so the other stude nts often ask her for help. (在所有功课中,她通常都得优秀,因此,她的同学常常问她功课方面的问题)就能作出上述回答。

5. In half an hour. 所问的问题是“她多长时间能做完作业?”根据She finished her homework in half an hour after her driver takes he r home(在她的司机送她回家之后的半个小时内完成作业)就能作出上述回答。

VI. 【语篇解读】本文是一篇说明文。介绍了西方国家的节日—愚人节的情况。

1. worry 句意“当Jack听到要上老师的办公室时开始担心了。worry about 固定搭配