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Section One

A 1---4F F F T

B.1---d, I, m 2---a, c, e, j, l 3---h 4---f 5---b, g 6---k


1.all her up about/your side of

2.for sale

3.house-trained/reasonably-trained/two years/two weeks/needs training/within

4.25p/all a man was worth

5.staring me in the face/blew me top

6.blamed me for

7.egged her on

8.came off/barged into

9.blown over/a world of good

Section T wo


A.1---4: c a a b

B 1.She would feel highly insulted.

2. They got the right to vote and some of them became members of the Parliament.

3. They have been useful in helping women in their jobs, in other vocations.

4. She didn’t want to vote.

5. She feels all right joining men in their world of work and sport. But she is happy to leave politics to men.

C.1. approve of 2. a good laugh 3.In the long term 4.interferred with/a few boos and there/clapping 5.different to /at their own job 6. a great thrill on the race track


A. 1.T 2.F 3.T. 4.T. 5.F. 6.F

B. 1.sit under/ fall off/got to stand up 2. being discriminated against/at least to some extent

3. proved wrong/removes/valid grounds for

4. stamp it out

5.a great shame/go round Section three

1. Reading for a particular purpose

2. why does a student come to the library

3. writing is the most difficult skill

4. how to write a correct sentence

5. simplicity---a quality much admired

6. participating in group discussions

Lesson 17

Section One

Task1: News in Brief

A.1. ----5: c a a b b 6: c

B.1----6: F T F T F F

C. (1)—(g, o, p); (2)—(d, h, n); (3)—(c, i); (4)—(e, j); (5)—(b, f, m); (6)—(a, k, q); (7)—(l) Task2: Old Age and Health

A.1---3: a c a

B. 1.becoming senile/very few people 2. 15%/over 65 3. 80%/over 65/at least 4. watch

out for 5. immune system/to decline/lungs/the senses/the brain/skin 6. benefit more from/the eldly

Section T wo:

Task1. At a small restaurant

A.1----4: c, b, a, a

B.1----5: F T F T T 6----9: F T F T

C. 1. He has trouble finding good, reliable domestic staff for his restaurant.

2. Because more and more organizations wanted to see his demonstration.

3. He wanted to combine the demonstration with a permanent establishment.

4. He decided to choose this remote place because he wanted to have a restaurant for those who love peace and quite and beautiful scenery and who also appreciate good food.

Task2. The Tree climbers of Pompeii


1.A man was half way up the tree.


3.to collect pine cones.

4.The processed them into some sauce which is used in Italian cooking.

5.No. The foreman bought a licence from the State for the right to go round places collecting

pine cones.

6.The tree climbers.

C. 1. halfway up this tree/his hands/his feet/20 or 30 feet up

2. more or less/a rather middle-aged monkey/of 50

3. extremely sought after/in the food industry

4. good at, um recognizing/ready/a bit hard

5. sit around/fell down

Section Three

1.Expressing neutrality after being nominated

2.Making a promise of what to do when elected the president

3.We should go to the moon

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/12ce25791711cc7931b716dd.htmlmemorating a person

5.The problem of the black people should be considered.

6.Why I want to resign.

Lesson 18

Section One: Energy Crisis

A.1----5: b, b, a, c, c


Pros :

a.It is the only alternative when fossil fuel is running out.

b.It can produce electricity for our daily use.

c.Working at a nuclear power station is far safer than working down a coal-mine or on a North

sea oil-rig.

d.It can create its own fuel and burn its wast



a.Nobody can imagine what will happen if there is a nuclear accident.

b.Radioactivity causes cancer and may affect future generations.

c.There is no technology for absolutely safe disposal of nuclear waste.

d.Terrorists could hold the nation to ransom if they captured a reactor.

e.Nuclear energy is expensive, dangerous, evil, and most of all, absolutely unnecessary.

C.1. 450 years/50 years/30 years 2. go back to the Stone Age/turn our backs on 3. active for thousands of years 4. 25 years/26 “retired”reactors 5. the sun/the waves/the wind/survive unless/working on 6. and there are a lot of them about/none of us/at night

7. in the short-term/rely on/oil, coal and gas/conservation of present resources/research into new forms of power

Section T wo:


A.1----6: b, a, c, a, c, b

B.1----5: T F T F F 6----8: T T F

C. 1. 216,000/ninety percent/in the poorest countries 2. at least/ alternative sources of energy

3. due to/half of the population

4. species/the loss of their habitat

5. within five or ten

years/save the earth


A. 1. a space station to be launched towards the end of the 1990s.

2. No, eleven other nations have agreed to contribute a few of the station’s many parts.

3. In the space.

4. Eight.

5. a dream that has been cherished for 120 years---a colony in space.

6. Because they want to use the space station to discover how to establish healthy and productive habitation in space.

B. a. a room for each crew member

b. a shower

c. a toilet

d. exercise equipment

e. a washing machine

f. a pantry


a sick bay h. a television set i. video j. a telephone k. a computer

C. 1. celestial body/a shining star/38 degrees north or south of the equator

2. twenty trips/two rockets/piece by piece/ a low orbit

3. 250 miles above the earth/bolt together/many companies/batch of parts/in 1995

Section Three

1. I shall return

2. Hoping for a country of equality

3. commemorating a person

4. I won’t send you to any foreign wars

5. why I resign

6. I’m innocent of the charges against me. Lesson 19

Section One

Task1. Estate Agent

A.1---3: a, c, c

B. 1. to live and relax in/living in the cramped little houses and flats/the Second World War

2. are growing up, and very small children demand a room of their own

3. may demand an extra room to treat their friends privately

4. restaurant and transport, people are beginning to entertain and dine at home, which requires a larger dining room

C. 1. a. in the business heart of the city/traffic in the evenings; b. opened recently; c. those who like living high up since accommodation being situated mostly is tower blocks

2. a. upper middle class families who prefer a detached house; b. surrounding the house and ensuring privacy;

3. a. those who are not interested in gardening; b. mansions to be chosen; c. of the Thames; d. away from London’s theatres and shops.

Task2. Jazz singer

A. 1. She is the First Lady of Jazz, the greatest blues singer the world has ever known.

2. to learn dancing. But she failed.

3. All by accident. A pianist discovered her talent.

4. No, at first she had to learn a lot to become a professional musician; then she has to know a lot about the public and changing fashions in order to keep her top position.

5. She chooses what she wants to sing. Anything she does sing is a part of her life.

6. She feels she has always been her true self in her music. And she’s singing from deep down inside herself.

B. 1----5: T F F T F 6---8: T T T

C.1. slower/lighter/how I feel/the same way twice/a mixed up sort of thing

2. stay at the top you really have to know your job/ out of work/on the streets/you started from

3. up to a point

4. made a fortune from my music/any damn thing

Section T wo:

Task1. Setting up a Home Computer

A.1----4: b, a, c, a

B.1----6: T F F T F T

Task2. My computer Makes Me Sick

A.1----4: c, a, c, b

B. 1. No, but statistic figures at least suggest that there is a cause of alarm.

2. the terminal should be placed where there is another source of light; no blank wall behind the terminal so that the operator has a chance to rest from time to time, get up regularly and walk about the room.

3. Those who use computers for interest or pleasure in their own homes.

4.a. constipation because of long hours spent in sedentary inactivity;

b. backache due to crouching over an inconveniently positioned key board; and

c. a general sense of fatigue owing to having puzzled over a problem for longer than was sensible

5. The condition worsened.

6. Because of the electrostatic field of the video screen attracting dust from the atmosphere, which irritates exposed skin.

7. A generation of short-sighted, constipated, hunched migraine sufferers with skin problems and circulatory troubles.

C. 1. there is an alternative source of light from that of the screen

2. frequently, if possible, by looking at something in the distance to give them a change from the close focus used on the screen.

3. the screen is properly tunned, for a shaky or fuzzy image can cause nausea or headaches

4. and working area are so designed that you’re sitting in a comfortable position, not screwed up or bent over

5. regularly and walk about the room. Better go out into the fresh air occasionally.

D. 1. working capacity/intellectual capacity/dangers/benefits

2. the UK/800 pregnant women/computer termiuals/a major part/no less than36%/severe abnormality

3. coutrol group/the same age/computer terminals/severe abnormalities/16%

Section three (略)

Lesson 20

Section One

Task1. Fixing an appointment

A. 1----3: a, c, b

B. 1. the last short-list interview/to dine with the Japanese agent/a meeting with the lawyer about planning permission

2. a committee meeting/business with the examining board/a meeting with Johan Blun’s parents

C. 1. is to be postponed to Wednesday or later in the week

2. is to be put off till Wednesday morning

3. at 2.30 on Monday afternoon

Task2. Last of the Airships?

A.1----5: c, b, a, b, c

B.1----5: F F T T F 6----8: T T T

C. 1. 97/35/62 2. 50/25 3. 245/41/125km/hr /less than half the time 4. 1,000 passengers/circus animals and cars/1937 5. 1.5 million/13,100

D. 1. was pressurized in order to prevent gas from ever entering it

2. were chained to the tables

3. were searched for matches before entering the ship

4. was made of special materials, which had been chosen to minimize the possibility of accidental sparks, which might cause an explosion.

Section T wo

Task1. Looking for a Flat

A.1. she is trying o find a flat in the advertisements in those newspapers

2. No, she is going to share it with two other girls.

3. Because Peggy and her roommates would be out all day.

4. Because they wouldn’t have to walk at all and would get to work quickly

5. Because they are the girls who will share the flat with Peggy.

B. 1. a kitchen and a bathroom, two bedrooms and a sitting-room.

2. 21pounds a week, 7pounds for each

3. on the No.10 bus route in Woodside Road

Task2. Moving In

A. 1----5: a, c, b, b, a 6---7: a, c

B. two chairs/one bed/a wardrobe/a desk/the chest of drawers/the stereo/the amplifier/the television set/two speakers/the bookcase/the table lamp

C. 1. a bad size room 2. on earth/nothing much/most of it out

3. you mean/enough space/two feet/stick out too much

4. sort that out

Section three (略)

Lesson 21

Section one

Task1. Talking about television

A. 1---3: c, a, c

B. 1----5: F F T T F 6---8: T F F

C. 1. a bit of 2. came on/over/protest 3. a shame/ switch on 4. turned over

Task2. Games

A. 1---3: c, a, c

B. 1----5: T F T T F 6---7: T T

C. Harry Carter: 2,3,5 Mark Smith: 1,4,6

D. 1. just shakes/ in bewilderment/finish it off

2. in with a good chance

3. nervous against/took the lead

4. have a quick work with Section T wo:

A. 1---4: b, a, b, c

B. 1. totally opposed to reducing the size of the Olympic Games in any way at all

2. in favor of removing from the Games those sports which are well presented in other international contests in the media, such as boxing and football

3. a. attention to be focused on the more unusual sports which do not normally gain so much international attention

b. in favor of a true test of individual stamina instead of skills

4. agreeing to keep some of the team games

C. 1---6: T T F F T F

D.1. boxing 2. football 3. fencing 4. archery 5. hochery 6. sailing 7. pentathlon

8. canoeing 9. basketball 10. volleyball

E. 1. reject/out of hand/discuss it 2. in terms of/financially demands/subjected to 3. soar phenomenally/stage 4. am inclined 5. horse-riding/axe 6. strand of thought/individual excellence/cutting out/featured

Section three (略)

Lesson 22

Section One

A.1----5: c, b, c, c, a

B. 1---5: F T T F T

C. 1. really stick together/in the middle of/muddy fields/came upon/9,000 Range Rovers

2. a very good point/in fact/fitting into either of these two extremes

3. the upper class/extraordinary/totally uninhibited/passing moral judgments on them

Section T wo


A. 1---4: a, c, a, c

B. 1. He was the only person outside her family who helped her and encouraged her to get an education

2. She graduated from it as one of the first two Indian pupils in that school.

3. She learned bookkeeping.

4. She was suspicious of the speaker at first but began to trust her gradually.

5. She felt hurt and hard being an Indian

C. 1---4: F T T F


A.1----5: b, a, b, c, a

B.1---5: T F T T F 6---8: T F T

C. 1. upset/jump at the chance to come back 2. work out/failed/I would really feel bad

3. important/what I look for in a friend/their education/for enjoyment of understanding

4. understand/on the outside/enough to be friends

Section Three (略)

Lesson 23

Section One

Task1. Finding a job

A. 1. Pamela Gable 2. 147 Collington Road, Croydon 3. 2468008 4. July 8,

1965 5. personal assistant to the manager of a modeling agency 6. French and Italian 7.

none 8. 8,000pounds

B. 1. a. keeping the accounts b. writing letters c. answering the telephone d. looking

after bookings and engagements e. taking care of all the models who work for the agency

f. keeping those models happy, lending an understanding ear to their heartaches

2. a. meeting people b. transporting them form one place to another c. making sure they

are comfortable d. a bit of telephoning

C. 1---5: T F F T F 6---7: F T


A. 1---5: a, b, a, c, b B 1----5: T F F F T 6---7: F T

C.1. her eighth birthday 2. a Tuesday 3. those who were present 4. the names of

those present 5. the clothes those present wore 6. the presents she received 7. her address at that time

D. 1. in order to reach a person’s mind/as much as possible/to concentrate/my voice

2. not to think about/just to accept it

3. rely on the ticking of a clock/boring, repetitive

sounds/stare at some objects in the room 4. back to their first year

Section T wo:

A.1---5: c, a, a, b, c

B.1----6: F T T F T T

C.(1)---(d); (2)---( c); (3)---(a, b)

D. 1. few months alone/250c.v.s./80 percent/inadequate in a way

2. condense/ a future employer doesn’t know enough/go too far the other way/my recruiting

role/thirty pages long

3. unreadable/The essence of/ neat, legible/accurate

4. have no place in letters of application/hearing about/stated, quite bluntly/more money to

pay/No boss/by such directness

Section three

1.Answer: main idea with supporting details

Reason: “we may note” for main idea; “he once said” and “once” for supporting details

2.A: main idea

R: “the first important point to note”

3.A: supporting details

R: “ a good illustration of”

4.A: main idea

R: “what I want to emphasize to you is this”

Lesson 24

Section One


A.1----6: a, b, b, b, c, a

B.1----4: T T F F

C. 1. are not easy to measure/appreciated 2. spotted sufficiently early/developed/in my

view/unhappy adults/they are best at 3. never get the chance/an instrument/artists/composers/pleasure and satisfaction/tunes/in key


A. a. a hobby that a child takes pleasure in b. a child’s vocabulary c. a child’s language d.

a child’s experience e. children to become independent in life

B. 1---6: T F F TT F

C. 1. mystery books 2. science fiction 3. newspapers and magazines 4. signs 5. textbooks 6. comic books

D. a poor student/a comic book/he’s reading something/the back of the cereal box/wouldn’t take it away/a step to go on/limit it/certain areas/stifle/stop reading completely

Section T wo:


A.1---5: a, c, b, b, a

B.1----3: T F F

C. a mathematical way/are related to each other/good at one/good at the other/you are poor at

one/poor at the other/they are not related to each other/go together/has nothing to do with Task2.

A.1---4 c, b, a, a

B.1----5: F T T F F 6---7: T T

Section three:

1.Answer: main idea

Reason: “this is an important point”

2. A: supporting detail

R: one of the most dramatic example of

3. A: digression

R: by the way

4. A: digression

R: although it is not strictly relevant to our topic