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一 2014全国新课标I (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)

阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于3个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Are you facing a situation that looks impossible to fix?

In 1969, the pollution was terrible along the Cuyahoga River Cleveland, Ohio. It __61__(be)unimaginable that it could ever be cleaned up. The river was so polluted that it _62__(actual)caug ht fire and burned. Now, ears later, this river is one of _63__most outstanding examples of environ mental cleanup.

But the river wasn?t changed in a few days __64___even a few months. It took years of work__ 65__(reduce ) the industrial pollution and clean the water. Finally, that hard work paid off and no w the water in the river is__66__(clean) than ever.

Maybe you are facing an impossible situation. Maybe you leave a habit __67__is driving your f amily crazy. Possibly you drink too much or don?t know how to control your credit card use. Whe n you face such an impossible situation , don?t you want a quick fix and something to change im mediately?

While there are __68__(amaze) stories of instant transformation, for most of us the__69__(cha nge) are gradual and require a lot of effort and work, like cleaning up a polluted river. Just be 70 (patience)

二 2014全国新课标II卷(共10分;每小题1.5分,满分15分)

阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于3个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。One morning, I was waiting at the bus stop, worried about __61___ (be) late for school. There were many people waiting at the bus stop, __62___ some of them looked very anxious a nd __63__ (disappoint) . when the bus finally came, we all hurried on board. I got a place next __ _64___ the window, so I had a good view of the sidewalk. A boy on a bike ___65__ (catch ) my at tention. He was riding beside the bus and waving his arms. I heard a passenger behind me shoutin g to the driver, but he refused ___66___(stop) until we reached the next stop. Still, the boy kept __ _67__(ride). He was carrying something over his shoulder and shouting. Finally, when we came t o the next stop, the boy ran up the door of the bus. I heard an excited conversation. Then the drive r stood up and asked,“___68__ anyone lose a suitcase at the last stop?” A woman on the bus shout ed, “Oh, dear! It …s __69__ (I )”. She pushed her way to the driver and took the suitcase thankfully , Five others on the bus began talking about what the boy had done and the crowd of strangers ___ 70__(sudden) became friendly to one another.


Jonny: Hey! I'm just practicing Tai Chi.Would you like to join me?

Peter: I know nothing about it. Is it difficult?

Jonny: It seems easy, but you need a lot of practice. You just follow me like this.

Peter: OK. Don't laugh 61 me. I may look funny.

Jonny: Bend your knees slightly and reach out your arms like tree branches, naturally and 62 (soft). Try to keep your body straight. Move slowly , then be sure to keep your balance and don't let your body shake.

Peter: I cannot control my body well. My legs become 63 (pain)

Jonny: Keep 64 (hold) your position for a while .It helps develop your strength and flexibility.

Raise your leg and let 65 stay in the air for seconds.

Peter: I feel my legs shaking. I cannot do this any longer.

Jonny: Be patient! Tai Chi 66 (call) “shadow boxing" in English. It asks you to act like water: to be flexible as well 67 strong. In real competition, a Tai Chi master borrows the strength of th

e competitor and uses this energy to fight back. The 68 (hard) you try to beat him, the more lik

ely you will get hit. He controls you!

Peter: Unbelievable! Oh..., 69 you don't mind, I'll stop and take a deep 70 .

四 2014福建阅读下面短文,根据以下提示:1)汉语提示,2)首字母提示,3)语境提示,


Many of us were raised with the saying "Waste not, want not.” None of us, (76) h , can comp letely avoid waste in our lives.

Any kind of waste is thoughtless. Whether we waste our potential talents, our own time, our lim ited natural(77) ____ ,our money, or other people's time, each of us can become more aware and careful. The smallest good habits can make a big (78) d ____ . It's a good feeling to know in our hearts we are doing our(79)h in a world that is in serious trouble. By focusing on( 80) (节省oil, water, paper, food, and clothing, we are playing a part (81) ____ cutting down on waste.

We must keep reminding (82) ____ that it is easier to get into something (83) it is to get o ut of it. Actually, severe damage( 84)d ___to our land is fairly recent in the history of our evolutio n. It's time for us to( 85)____no to waste so that our grandchildren?s children will be able to deve -lop well. We can't solve all the problems of waste, but we can encourage mindfulness. Waste not !




As Christopher Walsh saved his brother and then his sister from the water of a river, his mother sh outed ho him:“I'm proud of you.”

Christopher was in the car with his parents, sister Rosie, and brother Mac, (25) ____ his father dro ve into a metal barrier. The family's car fell down a hill (26) ____ the river, and landed with its wh eels up.


Christopher, then 12, swam through a broken window and got out into the freshair. But (27) ____ (see) the rest of his family were still in the car—in the water, he took a big breath and swam back to save first Mac, and then Rosie. Christopher said “I was frightened, but it was all happening so f ast and I really had no time (28) ____ (think) about the danger.”

Christopher freed Mac and then swam back to get Rosie, (29) ____was under the cold, cloudy wat er, in the car. Christopher had to feel for her seatbelt because he could not see anything. He took t he seatbelt off her, and then went up for air. Finally he went back to pull her out of (30) ____ car. Beryl, the mother, said:“When I got to the side and looked back, I thought Christopher and Rosie had gone. I thought (31) ____ were dead. Then I saw him come up out of the water like a dolphin, and I could see he had Rosie. I shouted across the canal, …I?m so proud of you.'”


I'm reading this brilliant book, (32) ____ (call) The Great Kapok Tree. It's by Lynne Cherry. My p arents gave it to me as my birthday present and I just (33) ____ hardly put it down.

The story (34) ____ (set) in the tropical Amazon rainforest. The author visited the rainforest (35) ____ she could find out about what was happening for herself. As I'm sure you know, man is cutti ng down so many of the forests and trees there. A lot of animals and plants are in danger (36) ___ _ this.

So, here?s what happens in the story. The main character is the woodcutter. He comes into the wo od with an axe in his hand. All the animals are chatting happily in the forest. As soon as they see the man, they stop (37) _____ (talk) and become quiet. They know what the woodcutter?s job is-to cut down the great kapoktree. But it?s the (38) _____ (large) tree in the forest and the rainfor est is very hot.

The woodcutter soon gets tired and falls asleep under the tree. As he sleeps, all the animals come up to him and whisper in his ear. One of them says to the wood cutter,“What happens tomorrow depends on what you do today. IF you destroy our home, we (39) ____ (have) nowhere to live. Please think twice.”

The woodcutter wakes up but I?m not going to tell you what happens in the end. You?ll have to re ad the book to see (40) ____ he cuts the great kapok tree down or not.


25. when 26.into 27.seeing 28.to think 29.who 30.the 31.they/both

32. called 33.can 34.is set/was set 35.so that 36.because of/owing to /due to 37.talking http://www.wendangku.net/doc/14bd0338a4e9856a561252d380eb6294dd8822f0.htmlrgest 3 9.will have 40.if/whether

(1) 阅读下面短文,根据上下文填入适当的词语,或使用括号中的词语的适当形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡上标号的相应位置。

In the United States, there were 222 people ____1____ (report) to be billionaires(亿万富翁) in 2003. The ____2_____ of these is Bill Gates, worth at least $ 41 billion, who made his mon ey ____3____ starting the company Microsoft. Mr. Gates was only 21 years old _____4____ he fi

rst helped to set up the company in 1976. He was a billionaire _____5___ the time he was 31. _ ___6____, there are still some other people who have made lots of money at even ____7____ (yo ung) ages. Other young people who have struck it rich include Jackie Coogan and Shirley Temple.

____8____ of these child actors made over a million dollars ___9____ (act) in movies before the y were 14. But ___10___ youngest billionaire is Albert von Thurn und Taxis of Germany, who, in 2001, inherited (继承) a billion dollars when he turned 18!


1 reported

2 richest/wealthiest

3 by

4 when

5 by

6 However

7 younger

8 Both

9 acting 10 the


Finishing their shopping at the mall, a couple discovered that their new car ____1_____ (steal) .

They filed a report____2____ the police station and a detective drove them ____3____ to the park ing lot to look for evidence.

To their ____4____ (amaze), the car had been returned ___5____ there was a note in it that said: “

I apologize for taking your car. My wife was having a baby and I had to rush her to the ____6___

__. Please forget the inconvenience. There are two tickets ____7____ tonight's Mania Twain conc ert.” Their faith in humanity restored. The couple attended ____8____ concert. But when they returned home, they immediately found ____9______their house had been ransacked (洗劫). On the bathroom mirror was ____10_____ note: “I have to put my kid through college someh ow, don't I?”


1 had been stolen

2 at

3 back

4 amazement

5 and

6 hospital 7for 8 the 9 that 10 another



People _____1___ (live) in different countries made different kinds of words. Today there are a bout fifteen hundred _____2_____ in the world. Each contains many thousands of words. A very l arge dictionary, for example, contains four ___3___ five hundred thousand words. But we do not need ____4____ these. To read short stories you need to know only about two thousand words. __ __5_____ you leave school, you will learn only one thousand or more.

The words you know are called your vocabulary. You should try to make your vocabulary ____ __6___ (big). Read as many books as we can. There are a lot of books _____7____ (write) in easy English. You will enjoy them. When you meet _____8____ new word, look it ____9_____ in you r dictionary. Your dictionary is your _____10_____ (much) useful book.



1 living

2 languages

3 or

4 all

5 Before

6 bigger

7 written

8 a

9 up 10 most

4) 阅读下面短文,根据上下文填入适当的词语,或使用括号中的词语的适当形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡上标号的相应位置。

When you are in England you must be very careful in the streets ____1_____ the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street you must look to the right first _____2____ then the left. In t he morning and in the evening when people go to or come from ____3____, the streets are very b usy. Traffic is most ____4___ (danger) then.

When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, ____5____. Always remember the traf fic moves on the left. So you must be careful. _____6____ (have) a look first, or you will go ____ 7____ wrong way.

In many English cities, there are big buses ____8_____ two floors. You can sit on the ______9_ ___ (two) floor. From ____10_____ you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting.


1 because

2 and

3 work

4 dangerous

5 too

6 Have

7 the

8 with

9 second 10 there

(5) 阅读下面短文,根据上下文填入适当的词语,或使用括号中的词语的适当形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡上标号的相应位置。

____1____ artist had a small daughter. Sometimes he painted women ___2_____ any clothes o n, and he and his ____3____ always tried to keep the small girl out ____4____ he was doing this, “She is ____5_____ young to understand,” they said.

But one day, when the artist _____6____ (paint) a woman with no clothes on, he forgot to lock the door, and the girl suddenly ran into the room. He mother ran up the stairs ____7____ her, but when she got to the room, the little girl was already in the room and looking at the woman. _____ 8___ her parents waited for her to speak.

For a few seconds the little girl said ____9_____, but then she ran to her mother and said ____1 0_____ (angry), “Why do you let her go about without shoes and socks on when you don’t let me ?”


1 An

2 without

3 wife

4 when/while

5 too

6 was painting

7 after

8 Both

9 nothing 10 angrily


Most Americans don’t like to get advice ____1___ members of their family. They get advice fr om “_____2___(strange)”. When they need advice, they don’t usually go to people they know. __ ___3___ many of them write letters to newspapers and magazines _____4___ give advice on man

y different subjects ______5___ (include) family problems, the use of language, health, cooking, child care, clothes, ____6___ even on how to buy a house or a car.

Most newspapers _____7____ (regular) print letters from readers with problems. Along with th

e letters there are _____8____ written by people who are supposed to know how to solve such pro

blems. Some of these writers are doctors, ____9____ are lawyers or educators. But two of the mos t famous writers of advice are women without special ____10___ (train) for this kind of work.


1 from

2 strangers

3 Instead

4 that/which

5 including

6 and

7 regularly

8 answers

9 others 10 training


Without proper planning, tourism can cause______1____. For example, too many tourists can c rowd public places _____2_____ are also enjoyed by the inhabitants(居民) of a country. If tourism create too much traffic, the inhabitants will become _____3_____ (ann oy) and unhappy. They begin to dislike tourists _____4____ to treat them impolitely. They forget how much tourism can help the country’s economy. ______5_____ is important to think about the people of a destination country and _____6______ tourism affects them. Tourism should help __ ___7_____ country keep the customs and beauty that attracts tourists. Tourism should also advanc

e the wealth and _____8_____ (happy) o

f local inhabitants.

Too much tourism can be a problem. If tourism ______9_____ (grow) too quickly, people must leave other jobs to work _____10_____ the tourism industry. This means that other parts of the co untry’s economy can suffer.


1 problems

2 that/which

3 annoyed

4 and

5 It

6 how

7 a

8 happiness

9 grows 10 in



Why is setting goals so ______1_____? Because goals can help you do, be, and experience eve rything ____2_____ you want in life. Instead _____3____ just letting life happen to you, goals all ow ______4_____ to make your life happen.

_____5_____ (success) and happy people have sets lots of goals to help them reach their aims.

By setting goals you are taking control of your life. It’s _____6____ having a map to show you __ ___7____ you want to go.

Winners in life set goals and follow through with them. Winners decide what they want in life a nd then get there by making plans and _____8___ (set) goals. Unsuccessful people just let life hap pen by accident. Goals aren’t difficult to set, and _____9_____aren’t difficult to reach. It is up to


you to find out what your goals really are. You are ____10____one who must decide what to do a nd in what direction to aim your life.


1 important

2 that

3 of

4 yourself

5 Successful

6 like

7 where

8 setting

9 they 10 the


We often think of future. We often wonder ____1_the world will be like a hundred years’ time. Think of ____2___ space. Perhaps a permanent station on the moon _____3___ (set up). Perh aps people will be able to visit the moon as _____4___. Cheap rockets for space travel will have b een developed, _____5___ (permit) long journeys through the solar system. When that time come s, people will be taking holidays in space and visiting _____6____ planets. Great progress will ha ve been made _____7___ medicine, too. Pollution will have been controlled in a hundred years’ ti me.

_____8_____ the world will have been developed—even Antarctica. We will have used up mos t of the earth’s land to build our cities, _____9____ floating cities will have been built. The Japane se have already plans of this kind. And there will be cities ____10____ the sea.


1 what

2 /

3 will have been set up

4 tourists/visitors/travelers

5 permitting

6 other

7 in

8 All

9 so/thus/therefore 10 under


The Internet as become part of young people’s life. 1_________ report shows that 38% of students often use the Internet . Most of them get 2__ ________ (use) information on the Internet 3_________ use the Internet to help in their studie s. But many students don’t use it 4_________ a good way. Some play games too much, some visit websites 5_________ shouldn’t look at. So bad things may happen 6_________ students spend to o much time on the Internet.

7_________ is important for students to use the Internet properly. Now we have a textbook, 8___ ______ uses many examples to teach students some good ways to use the Internet. It gives useful advice.

Some students also make 9_________ on the Internet. But if you want to have a face-to-face 10__ _______ (meet) with your online friends, let your parents know and meet in a proper place. 11) 1. A 2. useful 3. and 4. in 5. they 6. if 7. It

8. which 9. friends 10. meeting


Rivers are one of our most important natural resources. Many of the world’s great 1_________ ar e located on rivers, and almost 2__________ country has at least one river flowing through it that plays 3__________ important part in the lives of its people.

Since the beginning of history, people 4_________ (use) rivers for transportation. The longest one in the United States is the Mississippi, and the lifeline of Egypt is the Nile.5 __________ tran sportation, rivers give water to drink, water for crops, and chances for fun and recreation for the p eople 6_________ live along their banks.

However, large cities and industries that are located on rivers often make problems. As the cities g row 7__________ size and industries increase in number, the water in the rivers becomes 8_____ _____ (pollute) with chemicals and other materials. People are learning the 9__________ (i mportant) of doing more to keep their rivers clean 10__________ they want to enjoy the benefit s of this natural resource.

(12)1. cities 2. every/each 3. an 4. have used 5. Besides

6. who

7. in

8. polluted

9. importance 10. if


Liu Xiang was the first Asian 1___________ (win) the men’s 110m hurdles at the Olympics in Athens. 2__________ that he became an idol(偶像) to the young people.

“I never thought I would run under 13 seconds and break the Olympic 3__________.”

said Liu Xiang in tears, I am very very excited. I’m proud not just for myself and for Chinese 4__ _______ for Asia. My race went 5___________ (wonderful) from start to finish.” Liu added. “It is 6__________ amazing experience being the Olympic champion. I want to thank my coach an

d my friends for 7_________their help. I think today w

e Chinese have showed the world we 8___

______ run as fast as anybody else.”

Since his return from Athens, Liu Xiang 9__________ (be) at the center of a media circus and he has been to many press appearances and meetings. But Liu thinks 2004 is just the beginning, a nd he expects to be at his peak in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Liu said, “For some players, it’s just

a job. For me, it’s 10_________ I love.”

(13) 1. to win 2. After 3. record 4. but (also) 5. wonderfully

6. an

7. all

8. can

9. has been 10. what


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