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1.Tom (was) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Young's every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye.

2.Seeing his daughter graduate from high school,he felt a sugar of love and pride that he couldn't express in words.

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/17a380a4bceb19e8b8f6ba9d.htmlst year when Mr.Li first began his venture int the stock market,becoming a millionaire was beyond his wildest dreams.

4.On my holiday,I was lucky enough to witness some wild seals feeding on fish.I took several photos of them,but unfortunately they were all out of focus.

5.The prince has been going steady with the actress for three years and nothing can alter their plan to get married next week.

6.It is a complete misconception that the poor do not need compulsory education because they do not even have enough to feed on. Without education, how can poor people ever overcome their poverty?

7.All of David's classmates are completely-no one can work out how he became a top student overnight.

8.It was obvious that her rejection of his proposal hit him hard,but in time he recovered from his wounds.


1.The ability to fend for oneself is indispensable to any adult,but real maturity is more than just a set of survival strategies.

2.On Children's Day,kids are entitled to free entry to all the city parks.It's a way of compensating them for the long hours they spend in school all year.

3.You're giving more priority to your personal life than to your studies. It's no wonder your grades are suffering.

4.Given that most women nowadays have jobs outside the home,it's natural that they object to their husbands treating them like housekeepers.

5.Quite a number of American millionaires own at least two house and a private plane.

6.When John recovered unexpectedly from cancer, his doctors attributed it to his strong will and faith in the future.

7.There's no practical reason to perpetuate the custom of opening doors for women, let alone the tradition of "women and children first."

8.Many feminists object to the notion that men can't nurture children as women can.

1.We soon grew weary of her constant complaints, and avoided her as much as possible.

2.The mayor will preside over a meeting this afternoon that will pave the way for plans to build a new highway.

3.If we had more time at our disposal, I'd take you up this mountain. The view from the top is truly awe-inspiring.

4.Anyone who is in love with life will have no difficulty in finding the symbolic as well as the actual beauty in the migration of the migration of the birds.

5.Watching the magnificent view of the ebb and flow of the tides fills me with an inner contentment that I find nowhere else.

6.His misfortune aroused great sympathy among the listeners,who are keen to help heal his mental wounds.

7.Recognition of the importance of Dr. Hawkin's research may be difficult or impossible for a layman , but it is sure to have a lasting impact on our lives.

8.Mr.Smith has long wished for a chance to relate his lunar landing experience to the young people around him,but he never has enough time at his disposal.

1.We'd like to remind our viewers to be considerate to your neighbors and keep your TVs turned down after 10 PM.

2.I hope my advice will work with students under pressure-the road ahead is full of unforeseen opportunities.

3.Incidentally, Linda is a shy person who might feel uneasy about speaking in the presence of so many strangers.

4.In order to get ahead in their students need to equip themselves with independent study skills instead of relying on their teachers for everything.

5.Young people nowadays are growing up old,with the conviction that achievement is measured by how many possessions one owns.

6.Many students justify their working part time by saying that it reduces the economic pressure on them.

7.What you need to do right now is to fill in the forms you were given when you arrived.

8.A career in itself requires one's lifelong devotion, but it does not mean that after you get into a certain profession you must continue in that same one all along.

1.To help foreign investors get a better understanding of Shanghai, they've compiled this little guide from the various sources they could find.

2.He's the sort of person who prefers to keep his plans to himself until they're realized.

3.I came to New York from far away to see him, only to find he had gone abroad two days before.

4.It is difficult to imagine now how we've survived for so long without electricity,television or telephone.

5.The new policy encourages people to become wealthy if the money has been acquired honestly.

6.If I were in charge of the project, I'd make better use of the money that's available.

7.He was refused an entry permit on the grounds that he was a dangerous person.

8.It didn't take the teacher long to catch on that Tom always had an excuse for turning in late assignments.

1.I wish you could adopt a more reasonable attitude towards the event.

2.I broke my leg in the car accident and so did my son.

3.The old woman, overwhelmed by grief, could hardly/barely walk on her own.

4. It was 50 years after his death that his accomplishments were acknowledged by society.

5.Where there were flames of war, now there are peace and prosperity.

6.He is seriously ill and his disease defies the healing power of any medicine.

7.He has lost confidence in life-the future has blurred and gone blank and his early hopes have faded into nothingness.

8.Little Tom realized that nothing could change the harsh reality that his family had fallen apart with his parents' sudden deaths.

Uint 7

1.As long as you enjoy your hobby,you don't have to feel ashamed of being mediocre at it.It doesn't matter what others think of you.

2.Money is becoming a big deal in competitive sports, but we must

make sure that it doesn't get in the way of what's important.

3.We all need some form of exercise every now and then to keep ourselves in good shape.

4.I've said over and over it's time you tidied up your room,but you keep putting it off.

5.He only took up painting a couple of years ago, so his technique isn't up to professional standards. Can you give him some instruction?

6.Health experts are trying to discourage people from smoking by informing them of its dangers.

7. Being committed to your job is fine, of course,but you shouldn't let work eat up all your leisure time.

8.As far as I'm concerned,both jobs and hobbies should be seriously considered.

Unit 8

1.NASA announced that one of the tangible objectives of this nine-day mission was to do research into the effects of space flight on the aging process.

2.During the Cold War era, the Soviet Union and the United States both spent spent substantial funds on space great deal of controversy.

3.The President's proposal to scale down/back the government's

social welfare spending has caused a great deal of controversy.

4.Before the American space shuttle Discovery returned to the Kennedy Space Center, the bad weather in Florida, coupled with the door trouble ,put its safe landing in doubt.

5.So far there is little evidence of life on Mars, but this doesn't justify the conclusion that space research has no scientific value.

6.The International Space Station,a collaboration in which sixteen countries are taking part,is the most expensive space-exploration project ever undertaken.

7.This book describes the period at the end of the 1950s when the pioneers of Chinese space exploration pressed ahead with their research without the help of foreign experts.

8.This year the profits made in manufacturing industries have exceeded $200 billion, making up one half of our country's GDP.