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He was pleased to learn that Chibi knew all the places where the wild grapes and wild potatoes grew. He was amazed to __1__ how much Chibi knew about all the flowers in our class garden. He liked Chibi's black and white drawings and put them up on the wall to be __2__. He liked Chibi's own handwriting,which no one but Chibi could read,and he put that up on the wall.

But,when Chibi appeared on the stage at the talent show of that year,no one could __3__ his eyes. “Who is that?”“What can that stupid do up there?”

Until Mr. Isobe announced that Chibi was going to imitate (模仿) the voices of crows. “Voices?”“Voices of crows?”

__4__ he imitated the voices of newly hatched crows. And he made the mother crow's voice. Then he imitated the father crow's voice. He showed how crows cry early in the morning. He showed how crows cry when the village people have some unhappy accident. He showed how crows __5__ when they are happy and cheerful. Everybody's mind was taken to the __6__ mountainside from which Chibi probably came to school.

Chibi made very special __7__ deep down in his throat(喉咙) to imitate a crow in an old tree in the end. Now everybody could imagine __8__ the far and lonely place where Chibi lived with his family.

Then Mr. Isobe explained __9__ Chibi had learned those calls—leaving his home for school at sunrise,and arriving home at sunset,every day for six long years.

Every one of us cried,thinking how much we had been __10__ to Chibi all those long years. He was a boy beyond our usual imagination!

1. A. complain B. count

C. find

D. refuse

2. A. admired B. printed

C. punished

D. avoided

3. A. check B. hurt

C. open

D. believe

4. A. Later B. Next

C. Last

D. First

5. A. jump B. call

C. fly

D. dance

6. A. far B. crowded

C. near

D. modern

7. A. scripts B. reports

C. speeches

D. sounds

8. A. hardly B. happily

C. exactly

D. peacefully

9. A. what B. how

C. whether

D. who

10. A. wrong B. kind

C. honest

D. generous


One afternoon a few months after Tom and I were married ,Max walked into the dining room ,where I was looking through my old photos.

These months I was learning to let Max come __1__ on his own. If I moved too quickly ,he ran away. If I was __2__,we often ended up playing ,laughing ,and recently ,even sitting together on the sofa with a book.

“Who's that ?”he pointed to one photo.

“My m om. I suppose she is your __3__ Sylvia.

“Cool. Who is that to me ?”

“That was my grandfather. He died a few months ago.

“Hmm. Too bad he had to die.”Death is always

a painful


especially for a seven-year-old child who'd lost his mother only two years before. I secretly put away the pictures of __5__ relatives.

He began to finger through the photos. “Who is that to me ?”

Under his finger I could see my own face. I should have known the answer to his __6__question. But I said ,“I'm y our __7__ mom. I'm sorry that your first mom died.

”“What should I call you ?” he asked. Mom ,I wanted to cry. I held back. “You can call me Mom or Betsy. __8__ feels OK for you.

I waited ,expecting a pronouncement of my new __9__.

“Sweet ,” he said ,walking out of the room.

For a couple of days afterward ,Max

__10__ a new title for me. “Can we go bowling ?”“Can I watch TV ?” he'd ask ,and then __11__ the questions by mouthing the word Mom. Mom was always __12__.

One weekend ,he suddenly said ,“I notice I don't call you Mom.

“I noticed that too.

“__13__ I say Betsy ,I mean Mom. Moms die ,you know. I think it's maybe __14__ if you're just Betsy.”

Tears(眼泪) were filling my eyes. “Hey ,Betsy ?”

“Yeah ,” I said ,taking pleasure in the new __15__ of my old name.

1. A. down

B. near

C. close

D. back 2. A. kind B. patient C. helpful

D. confident

3. A. grandmother B. mother

C. aunt

D. cousin

4. A. subject B. speech C. message D. sign

5. A. dead B. boring C. unknown D. strict

6. A. simple

B. proper

C. stupid

D. funny 7. A. natural B. past C. only

D. second

8. A. Whoever

B. Whatever

C. That

D. Anybody 9. A. position B. name

C. title

D. call

10. A. worked out

B. turned out

C. carried out

D. tried out 11. A. answer B. follow C. confirm D. raise 12. A. alive

B. wise

C. silent

D. lost

13. A. Until B. Before

C. When

D. Unless

14. A. politer B. safer

C. sadder

D. riskier

15. A. pronunciation B. announcement

C. voice

D. sound


Stitch after stitch,Amy is embroidering(刺绣) her hand-made napkin.

“Well,Amy,how are you getting on?”cried Lizzy,whose __1__ seemed to fly over her work.

“Not very fast,”replied quiet little Amy. Meanwhile,she didn't __2__ her eyes,“I have almost finished one side.”

“One side!”said Lizzy,with an unpleasant laugh,“Why,we both began sewing(缝制) at the same time,and I'm now at the fourth side of mine!”

“I know that I am __3__,but I'll try to be steady(稳的),and to do my best.” said the little girl,as she went on with her work.

“As I sew so fast,” cried Lizzy,“I'm sure to have finished my napkin __4__ before the bell rings for dinner. I'll just run for a minute to the garden,to see if the roses are out;”—so,leaving her work on a chair,Lizzy __5__ out of the room.

Amy longed for the fresh air and the flowers,but her work must first be done. Steadily she laid down her broad hem,and had finished the __6__ side of her napkin before her sister came back.

“Ah,you slow little thing!”cried Lizzy,“You will __7__ get up to me. I'll have time to go to my room and put up my new picture on the wall.”

Off went joyful little Lizzy,Amy went on with her work. Before her sister __8__ the room again,the third side of her napkin was done.

“Had you not better finish your sewing?”said Amy. “It m ust be near the time for __9__.”

“Oh! I can finish it in two minutes,only I want to read that story book,which Tom told us it was so funny.”

“What if you __10__?”

“No fear of that!” cried Lizzy,“No one is so likely to be as a slow little thing like you!”

Poor Amy made no __11__,quietly she worked on. Lizzy was soon deep in her story and she forgot all about her __12__,till suddenly the sound of the bell woke her up.

“Can it be dinner time!”she cried. “Oh dear,and my napkin is not hemmed! And yours—”

“It is __13__ finished,” said Amy,as she quietly put it away.

“This is much like ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’,the faster,but not the winner,”thought Lizzy,who,though proud,had enough __14__ to take a lesson: The quick,proud may have the __15__,but the quiet,steady may do more in the end.

1. A. fingers B. eyes

C. feet

D. body

2. A. touch B. open

C. raise

D. cover

3. A. careful B. nervous

C. unusual

D. slow 4. A. long B. soon

C. only

D. suddenly

5. A. stepped B. jogged C. flew D. looked

6. A. first B. second C. third

D. fourth

7. A. never B. surely C. always D. finally 8. A. tidied

B. left

C. cleaned

D. entered 9. A. breakfast B. lunch

C. dinner

D. bed

10. A. can B. can't C. should

D. shouldn't

11. A. choice

B. decision

C. mistake

D. reply 12. A. story B. rose

C. work

D. sister

13. A. even B. just C. almost

D. hardly

14. A. sense B. feeling C. attention

D. pride

15. A. change B. progress C. start D. luck 四、(2018·江苏常州)

Mrs. Walker sat down at her desk and sighed(叹息). “OK. Tell me what happened.

”“Yesterday ,” Winston began ,“when I got home ,I went straight to my room to do my homework. After I finished

,I needed a(n)

__1__. So I took out my bubble gum(泡泡糖)to __2__. Michael and I are having a competition to see who can blow the biggest bubble.”

“That's right ,”Michael said.

“We are.”

“I k ept adding gum and my bubble kept

growing. Soon it __3__ my whole face.”

“What's then ?” asked Mrs. Walker. “Then it happened. The bubble became as big as a beach ball.” 

He __4__ his arms to show how big it was.

A few kids made faces —they didn't __5__ him ,but Winston ignored(不理睬) them and went on.

“Suddenly a strong wind took the bubble right out of my mouth! The bubble __6__ over my desk and out of the windows. As it sailed away. I noticed something yellow stuck to it

like paper. Then I noticed my __7__ was missing.”

“So ?” Mrs. Walker asked.

“I ran after the bubble into Mrs. Roosevelt's garden. I saw her cat attack it. The bubble broke. All I saw then was the cat running away. Mrs. Roosevelt helped me search the __8__. But my homework was nowhere to be seen.

Mrs. Walker shook her head. “__9__,Winston ,why didn't you just tell me that the homework was too __10__ instead of making up that wild story ?”

Just then ,the office worker walked in with a letter.

Winston opened the letter and took out the wrinkled homework paper and a note that said ,“For Winston's teacher.

I am sure Winston __11__ to hand this in. He's a good boy. I have no idea how his homework got stuck to my cat ,but I'm sure Winston can give you a(n) __12__.

Mrs. Roosevelt

Mrs. Walker looked up ,“It was all

true !”

“Yes,madam.” Winston said quietly.

1. A. award B. rest

C. surprise

D. choice

2. A. practice B. create

C. exercise

D. enjoy

3. A. cleaned B. hurt

C. covered

D. hit

4. A. rounded B. held

C. crossed

D. waved

5. A. hear B. notice

C. remember

D. believe

6. A. floated B. rode

C. climbed

D. stayed

7. A. bubble B. book

C. homework

D. gum

8. A. room B. cat

C. desk

D. garden

9. A. Generally B. Honestly

C. Finally

D. Exactly

10. A. hard B. different

C. common

D. interesting

11. A. refused B. promised

C. managed

D. wanted

12. A. introduction B. explanation

C. suggestion

D. instruction


One cold winter morning,Jim fell from his father's bike and his legs couldn't move. A doctor __1__ him and said he had to stay in bed for some time. Jim was sad __2__ the doctor's words because Christmas was coming. He wanted to look at the shop windows __3__ Christmas gifts and see them lit up(被照亮) at night.

Jim's younger sister,Mary,wanted to __4__ her brother. Every day,she went to the shop nearby after school to look at the windows __5__. When she got home,she would tell Jim what there were in the windows.

There were Christmas trees in all windows. A big kind Father Christmas was standing in one of the windows,__6__ a long white beard(胡须). In his pockets were all kinds of toys. How __7__ he seemed to be in his big red coat and fur cap!

Every time Mary described the windows,Jim would __8__ his eyes,imagining himself to be looking at the toys inside the shop. __9__ there was one thing Mary didn't mention to Jim. It was a lovely wooden horse. She wanted to give it to Jim as a Christmas__10__.

The day before Christmas Eve,Mary __11__her pocket money and found that was not enough. So she asked Dad __12__ he could offer her a job to make some money.

By helping her parents clean and decorate the house,Mary now got enough money and bought the wooden horse.

On Christmas morning,Jim woke up and saw a wooden horse by his bed.

What a big __13__!How happy he was! Mary was as happy as Jim because she made Jim happy.

Actually,the __14__ people this Christmas were their parents because their daughter had learnt to __15__.

1. A. saw B. asked

C. heard

D. checked

2. A. in B. on

C. at

D. to

3. A. fit for B. full of

C. tied to

D. connected with

4. A. help B. save

C. treat

D. cure

5. A. sadly B. proudly

C. carefully

D. carelessly

6. A. using B. showing

C. selling

D. wearing

7. A. warm B. cold

C. patient

D. serious

8. A. open B. close

C. wash

D. touch

9. A. And B. But

C. Or

D. So

10. A. tree B. card

C. song

D. gift

11. A. lent B. hid

C. counted

D. borrowed

12. A. if B. that

C. what

D. why

13. A. hope B. reward

C. surprise

D. challenge

14. A. busiest B. richest

C. kindest

D. happiest

15. A. get B. give

C. obey

D. receive


Grandma called me in from the yard. “Would you please go to the store for me? I'm ready to make cakes,and there isn't enough yeast(酵母). Take a quarter from my little change __1__.” I found Grandma's wallet and put the quarter in my pocket.

I was soon in the little general store that __2__ our farming community. “Mr. Jenkins,”I said,“Grandma n eeds some yeast.” Mr. Jenkins set three cakes of yeast on the counter. His eyes shone,and he __3__ at me. “And what else do you need?” I knew what he meant. I was always allowed to pick a penny candy when I came to the store with Grandma. “How much __4__ do I have from a quarter?” I asked. “Seven cents,” Mr. Jenkins replied. I thought __5__ that quickly. I would have a nickel and two pennies back. I was sure Grandma wouldn't __6__ if I spent one penny,and if she were here,she might even say I could have them both. The __7__ I looked at the candy display,the more certain I became that I needed two pennies' worth as a reward for coming to the store alone. And I did so.

“Thank you,”Grandma said when I __8__ the yeast on the table. “Did you put the change back in my wallet?”“Yes,Grandma,” I replied,hurrying out to the yard. “I hadn't really lied to Grandma,” I argued with myself. “I d id __9__ all the change I had.”

But I had __10__ two pennies without Grandma's permission(允许). The second piece of candy in my pocket didn't sound like a good idea any more. I knew I had lied to Grandma,and I was __11__ about it. Grandma loved me so much that I couldn't bear to keep anything from her.

__12__ Grandma took the hot cakes from the oven,I told her about the candy. She __13__ when I finished my story. “I know just __14__ you feel,” she said. “We all feel like that when we've done __15__ deceitful(欺骗的). I'm glad you told me about the pennies,and of course I'll forgive you.”Grandma hugged me tight,and suddenly I felt as though

a big stone was gone from my stomach.

1. A. handbag B. coat

C. wallet

D. pocket

2. A. gave B. served

C. offered

D. bought

3. A. laughed B. shouted

C. smiled

D. pointed

4. A. dollars B. pound

C. cents

D. change

5. A. as B. to

C. out

D. about

6. A. care B. use

C. think

D. like

7. A. bigger B. longer

C. less

D. shorter

8. A. lied B. laid

C. lay

D. lain

9. A. put back B. put in

C. put out

D. put up

10. A. found B. cost

C. spent

D. took

11. A. glad B. unhappy

C. relaxed

D. surprised

12. A. Since B. When

C. If

D. Though

13. A. shook B. refused

C. agreed

D. nodded

14. A. where B. why

C. how

D. when

15. A. something B. nothing

C. anybody

D. everybody


Kevin and his friend Mike loved to play soccer and they often met at the old bench after school. They couldn't__1__ a real soccer ball,but Mike had made a ball out of old socks and plastic tape. It was not beautiful,but it worked well. Mike was not a good player,yet the two friends kicked and ran until the sun turned the sky pale __2__.

One afternoon,the home-made ball was spinning across the grass when it was__3__stopped by someone. It was Steven,a strong soccer player.

“Look at you two with your__4__ ball and old trainers,” Steven laughed and said.

The next day was Kevin's birthday,and his uncle bought him a pair of new trainers and a new soccer ball.

That afternoon,Steven__5__ Kevin to play soccer. Kevin did not want Mike to go with them. Mike's trainers were old and he had little __6__ for soccer. When the game was over,Kevin walked past the old bench where Mike was sitting. He walked on and did not look __7__.

One afternoon as Kevin walked past the old bench,he saw something__8__ under it. He looked closer and found that it was the home-made ball. Kevin felt sad. As his sadness turned to __9__,he kicked his new soccer ball into the air. Up it flew,higher and higher,until it was a small dot(点) in the sky. Kevin walked to the bench and picked up the home-made ball.

Holding it in his hands,he sat down on the old bench and__10__.

1. A. offer B. collect

C. afford

D. borrow

2. A. blue B. orange

C. white

D. green

3. A. suddenly B. slowly

C. finally

D. easily

4. A. cute B. stupid

C. ideal

D. tiny

5. A. refused B. allowed

C. invited

D. ordered

6. A. money B. time

C. interest

D. talent

7. A. up B. back

C. out

D. down

8. A. lying B. bumping

C. tying

D. spinning

9. A. happiness B. strength

C. pride

D. anger

10. A. laughed B. complained

C. waited

D. watched


When we think of friends,we usually think of those who have been in our life for a long time.__1__,there is another type of friend—one that has not been with us for a long period of time,but__2__ our mind at some moment.

The first such friend I remember is the little girl with red curly hair. She was in the bed next to __3__when I received an operation on my nose. She was about two years older,more__4__ and braver. She would jump out of bed whenever the nurse was gone. Her two little feet on the cold floor__5__ me. Without her,I would have been alone and afraid.

Two years later,I was sent to a nursery school__6__ my parents were far too busy. There,I met a foreign girl. We both were the oldest in that school;the others were babies who were not able to talk with us. Our__7__ started with so-called(所谓的) competitions. Although we couldn't speak to each other in the same language,our__8__ was made by trying to beat(击败) each other—at drawing,at games,even at eating. Our competitions,I think,gave me__9__ I could control. And maybe I gave her the same. We got through a difficult time together.

Such friends often support us when our life is off balance. A word,a smile,even a similar scene can bring back memories about them.__10__,the warmth rises in our heart when we think of them. And silently,we thank them and wish them well.

1. A. In the end B. In general

C. In fact

D. In all

2. A. closes B. clears

C. trains

D. fills

3. A. his B. hers

C. mine

D. yours

4. A. active B. modest

C. creative

D. careful

5. A. reminded B. satisfied

C. protected

D. impressed

6. A. unless B. till

C. although

D. because

7. A. wisdom B. friendship

C. dream

D. energy

8. A. invitation B. communication

C. suggestion

D. decision

9. A. something B. anything

C. everything

D. nothing

10. A. Luckily B. Naturally

C. Surprisingly

D. Hopefully


Mr. Jackson was our science teacher. On the first day of class,he gave us a talk about an animal called wampus. He told us that the wampus lived on earth millions of years ago during the Ice Age and died out because of the change of climate(气候).We all listened carefully and took __1__ of everything he said. Later we had a __2__.

When the exam paper was __3__ to me,I was surprised and sad,there was a big red “” through each of my answers,I failed.

But how come? __4__,on the test paper, I had written down __5__ Mr. Jackson said in class.

Then I realized that no one __6__ the exam at all. What had happened?

“Very simple,”Mr.Jackson explained. “I had made up all that story about the wampus. There had never been any such animal,so the information in your notes was not correct. Do you expect to get __7__ marks for incorrect answers?”

There was no need to say we were __8__. What kind of test was this? What kind of teacher was he?

How could we believe he gave us so much information about an animal that had not been there at all? How was it possible __9__ us students to doubt what the teacher taught us?

“The zeros on your papers will be __10__ in your grade books,” he said. And he did it.

Through this __11__,Mr. Jackson hoped that we would learn something. Teachers and books are not always __12__. In fact,no one is. He told us not to let our mind go to sleep. Instead,we should keep thinking all the time and speak up if we think there are __13__ in our teachers' words or in books.

We should __14__ the habit of doubting,and the ability to decide by ourselves. What a special __15__ he gave us.

1. A. books B. notes

C. supports

D. messages

2. A. discussion B. question

C. test

D. plan

3. A. returned B. directed

C. added

D. compared

4. A. Anyway B. Luckily

C. Anywhere

D. Bravely

5. A. when B. whether

C. why

D. what

6. A. refused B. pushed

C. passed

D. praised

7. A. useful B. high

C. exact

D. low

8. A. polite B. glad

C. modern

D. angry

9. A. with B. over

C. for

D. of

10. A. recorded B. described

C. collected

D. circled

11. A. experience B. notice

C. introduction

D. progress

12. A. interesting B. right

C. active

D. silent

13. A. decision B. reasons

C. points

D. mistakes

14. A. repeat B. risk

C. develop

D. move

15. A. report B. promise

C. model

D. lesson


My son lived in New York. Last winter my husband and I __1__ him there. One day,while we were walking down the street,my son went to a store to see __2__ there was a coat he wanted.

It was very cold. I went over to a supermarket to buy some chocolates,but my husband waited outside alone. When I came out,my husband was talking to a __3__ man. I saw my husband __4__ his gloves and hat and pass them to Frank,the homeless man.

Frank said he had been living in New York before a heavy rainstorm hit the city in

the autumn of the year. He lost his __5__ in the rainstorm,so he had no place to sleep. He was begging and trying to get $25 to find a cheap

__6__ where he could sleep for some hours. All he owned to keep __7__ was a jacket. My husband's gloves and hat were surprising gifts for him.

After a while,my son came out of the store,and a new coat was in his hand. I asked him what he was going to do with the old one. He said he would __8__ keep it. I told him the story and suggested leaving it to Frank. __9__ our great surprise,my son walked up to Frank and __10__ the new coat to him. Frank asked,“Did you buy this for me?”My son said no,but he wanted Frank to have __11__. Frank stood there __12__ the coat,with something wet in his eyes. He __13__ us with his whole heart. He said he would try to find a job as __14__ as possible to support himself.

My son couldn't get the picture of Frank out of his mind. He went home,took out all his clothes that didn't __15__ him,and posted them to a shelter(避难所). He has done this a few times since then.

1. A. visited B. protected

C. noticed

D. memorized

2. A. which B. if

C. why

D. how

3. A. careless B. hopeless

C. helpless

D. homeless

4. A. get off B. turn off

C. take off

D. go off

5. A. coat B. key

C. home

D. food

6. A. hospital B. shop

C. office

D. hotel

7. A. clean B. brave

C. warm

D. fair

8. A. certainly B. suddenly

C. patiently

D. politely

9. A. On B. To

C. With

D. For

10. A. returned B. connected

C. gave

D. sent

11. A. it B. him

C. her

D. them

12. A. making B. washing

C. selling

D. holding

13. A. thanked B. introduced

C. taught

D. pushed

14. A. often B. soon

C. long

D. far

15. A. hurt B. fit

C. change

D. improve


One day,I was in front of the mall cleaning my car. A man was coming my way from across the parking lot.

From the __1__ of him,he had no car,no home,no clean clothes,and no money. He sat down in front of the bus stop,but looked like that he had no money to __2__ the bus. “That's a very __3__ car.” 

He said. He was ragged(衣衫褴褛的) but looked satisfied. I answered,“Thanks,”and then __4__ cleaning my car. He sat there __5__ when I worked. The expected beg(乞讨) __6__ money never came. After a while,I said to __7__. “Ask him if he needs help.” I was __

8__ that he would say “yes”.

“Do you need any help?”I asked. He answered in two __9__ but meaningful words “And you?”I had been feeling high,successful and important

__10__ those two words __11__ me. I did need help,and maybe it was not for a bus ticket or a place to sleep. I __12__ my wallet and gave him not enough money for a bus ticket,but enough to get a warm meal and a place to sleep for the day.

Later,I realized the man was not just a homeless stranger but a teacher who taught me that being comfortable with oneself is the best way to live better. How great and wise he is!

And those two simple words still sound __13__. No matter how much you __14__. No matter how much you have achieved,you need help too. No matter how much little you have,no matter how you are filled with __15__,even without money or a place to sleep,you can give help.

1. A. words B. manners

C. actions

D. looks

2. A. buy B. take

C. drive

D. stop

3. A. old B. common

C. expensive

D. nice

4. A. finished B. stopped

C. continued

D. began

5. A. quietly B. slowly

C. quickly

D. loudly

6. A. in B. on

C. for

D. from

7. A. myself B. himself

C. itself

D. herself

8. A. afraid B. happy

C. sure

D. nervous

9. A. harmful B. strange

C. new

D. simple

10. A. until B. when

C. after

D. unless

11. A. examined B. shocked

C. created

D. believed

12. A. went out B. found out

C. worked out

D. took out

13. A. true B. honest

C. difficult

D. easy

14. A. eat B. have

C. use

D. think

15. A. shyness B. happiness

C. sadness

D. problems


Ewan Drum has always liked superheroes.

He admires how they help people. At the age

of seven,he told his parents,“I want to __1__

like a superhero and help the homeless.” A few months later,Ewan's family planned a day of

__2__. Wearing his red superhero costume,

Ewan __3__ helped pass out 70 bag lunches to

hungry people in a park in Detroit,Michigan.

That's __4__ Super Ewan was born.

Word spread about Ewan's good deeds(事

迹). People donated(捐赠) money and

something else,and Ewan handed them out to

those in need. When __5__ donated bottles of

water,Ewan and his family held a drive to get

even more. They __6__ the water to Flint,

Michigan,a city that had unsafe drinking water.

Another time,a business donated six turkeys

for Thanksgiving. __7__ his parents' help,

Ewan used social media(媒体) to ask for more

turkeys,plus side dishes. “In the end,” he

says,“we h anded out 64 turkey dinners to

__8__ all around Detroit.”

Ewan has a motto: Everyone can be a superhero to someone. At an event called the Hero Round Table,Ewan told the listeners,“It's not __9__ to help people. You can keep some socks and snacks in your car to help people in need. Every __10__ thing helps and can make someone feel happy.”

1. A. get up B. dress up

C. look up

2. A. giving B. playing

C. showing

3. A. safely B. seriously

C. happily

4. A. what B. why

C. how

5. A. someone B. everyone

C. no one

6. A. sold B. took

C. lent

7. A. From B. With

C. In

8. A. heroes B. listeners

C. families

9. A. difficult B. possible

C. necessary

10. A. private B. little

C. interesting


I know a Catherine who is smart,educated and interesting. But I avoid her because she never __1__ complaining(抱怨)!For years,I fought against my feelings,because I really like and admire her,but I've found I just can't be her friend. Her world is __2__ “buts...”.

The trip would have been nice,but the drive was too long. The food was good,but the light of the restaurant was too __3__. The hotel was too hot,the bed hurt her back and the room service was too slow. Her complaints were __4__ changing me. Months ago,my best friend Daisy was listening to me complaining about Catherine __5__ she just became really angry. “Either break up with her,or leave me alone.” She shouted at me,

“I'm t ired of listening to your complaining.” Her honesty surprised me,and I began to keep myself away from Catherine. Later,I did

__6__ her.

Now I try to remain happy and positive(积极的) about life,and find friends of

the same. There's been scientific research lately.

It shows that people who find __7__ to be thankful for their lives are actually happier,

and I believe that is true. Endless complaining seems to control your life if you let it come

into your brain. And too much complaining

will actually make your life __8__.

Some people take “gratitude(感激之情) walks”every day,where they __9__ their

lives in a positive way. By developing a grateful attitude,you can be turned away from

what's troubling you,and __10__ what makes

you happy. Then you will have a beautiful life.

1. A. keeps B. stops

C. enjoys

2. A. full of B. far from

C. famous for

3. A. noisy B. strong

C. dirty

4. A. hardly B. suddenly

C. silently

5. A. until B. because

C. unless

6. A. choose B. help

C. forget

7. A. reasons B. excuses

C. questions

8. A. busier B. longer

C. worse

9. A. give away B. depend on

C. think about

10. A. against B. toward

C. through


A wealthy man loved his son very much. As he wanted his son to lead a happy life,he decided to send him to see a wise old man for his advice on happiness.

When the old man learnt about his __1__,he handed the boy an empty bowl and said,“Go to the river miles away and __2__ it with water. I will tell you about it __3__ no water is split(洒) when you reach here.”Although the boy was very surprised at this,he had no choice but to __4__ this task.

The boy __5__ on foot for the river and some time later came back with a bowl of water. The old man asked him, “Did you notice the beautiful flowers along the road and the birds singing in the trees?”The boy could say nothing about them because he gave his __6__ attention to the bowl in his hands.

The old man smiled and said,“Bring me __7__ bowl of water,but this time enjoy the flowers and the singing of birds as well.”

When he returned,the boy was able to __8__ everything he had seen to the old man. But when he looked down at his bowl,he found __9__ that most water was gone. He forgot all about his bowl while enjoying the beautiful things along the road.

“Well,young man,” the old man said. “Enjoy the beauty of the world,but never

forget the water in your bowl. This is the

__10__ of happiness.”

1. A. research B. promise

C. purpose

D. experience

2. A. wash B. fill

C. compare

D. connect

3. A. if B. until

C. unless

D. while

4. A. put out B. pick out

C. point out

D. carry out

5. A. set off B. paid off

C. got off

D. kept off

6. A. public B. weak

C. quick

D. full

7. A. any B. ever

C. another

D. the other

8. A. change B. imagine

C. examine

D. describe

9. A. lazily B. sadly

C. luckily

D. excitedly

10. A. result B. cause

C. secret

D. decision


Our teacher asked us what our favorite

animal was,and I said,“Fried chicken.” She said I wasn't funny,but she wasn't __1__,because everyone else laughed.

My parents told me to always be truthful

and I am. Fried chicken is my favorite __2__. I

told my dad what happened,and he said my teacher was probably a(n) __3__ of PETA. He

said they love animals very much. I do,too. Especially chicken,pork and beef. __4__ my teacher sent me to the principal's office (校长

室). I told him what happened,and he __5__,

too. Then he told me not to do it again.

The next day in class my teacher asked me what my favorite live animal was. I told her it was chicken. She asked me __6__,just like she'd asked the other children. I told her it was because people could __7__ them into fried chicken. She sent me back to the principal's office. He laughed,and told me not to do it again. I don't __8__. My parents taught me to be honest,__9__ my teacher doesn't like it when I am.

Today,my teacher asked us to tell her what famous person __10__ like(s) most.

I told her,“Colonel Sanders(肯德基创始人).”

Guess where I am now?

1. A. anger B. right

C. patient

D. serious

2. A. food B. animal

C. answer

D. taste

3. A. example B. discover

C. enemy

D. member

4. A. Instead B. Again

C. Anyway

D. Also

5. A. laughed B. believed

C. shouted

D. agreed

6. A. when B. where

C. how

D. why

7. A. cut B. divide

C. make

D. add

8. A. care B. regret

C. understand

D. remember

9. A. but B. and

C. or

D. for

10. A. I B. we

C. she

D. they


As a foreigner,it's hard for me to tell what Chinese people are like. But my __1__ in Beijing said something.

A couple of weeks ago,I went to buy four big suitcases(行李箱) for travel. __2__ I was going down the street,it suddenly rained heavily. A stranger called me into his little shop. He __3__ me a cup of tea and a chair. When the rain got __4__,I thanked him and rushed to a __5__ nearby to buy my suitcases.

If you've ever tried to push four big suitcases by yourself,you may understand my __6__. I looked silly,for the suitcases were dancing wildly across the floor. Then I got a __7__ on the shoulder. It was the seller. He signed that I should wait. A few minutes later,he __8__ in a car,and put the suitcases inside. Then we went driving __9__ along the road to

my home. I offered him some money,but he __10__. In broken English he said,“Feel good... help you.”

Now,you can see Chinese people are always ready to help you.

1. A. friend B. teacher

C. invention

D. experience

2. A. If B. As

C. Although

D. Because

3. A. found B. bought

C. made

D. offered

4. A. harder B. lighter

C. thicker

D. faster

5. A. store B. hall

C. lab

D. school

6. A. language B. sentence

C. situation

D. advantage

7. A. wing B. coin

C. scarf

D. touch

8. A. lay down B. drove up

C. fell behind

D. went away

9. A. happily B. lazily

C. bravely

D. poorly

10. A. missed B. nodded

C. refused

D. failed


Mr. Hawkins,the headmaster,stopped

Anna one day at the school gate.

“Now,” he said,“I want you to tell

me the __1__,my dear.” Feeling something

terrible had happened,Anna said slowly,


“I have had a most __3__ accusation(投

诉) made against you by Mrs. Bond.”

“Mrs. Bond?”said Anna,not understanding. Janet Bond was a quiet little

__4__ of a child. As far as Anna could remember she had never had __5__ to speak

an angry word to the girl.

“Mrs. Bond,” went to Mr. Hawkins,

“told me that you scolded(责备) her daughter yesterday afternoon.”

“Scolded?”cried Anna. “I certainly

didn't do that. __6__ not in school.” she added honestly.

Mrs. Bond's__7__ is that Janet was a little

late back to school in the afternoon. She said

she set out from home a little late.

“Just a minute.” said Anna

,beginning to

__8__. “She did come late,very late. I had marked her __9__,of course. Then she __10__

slowly in,when we'd started our

paper-cutting,and I believe I said she was a nuisance(讨厌). She didn't appear to hear,and

was certainly quite __11__.”“A nuisance!”Mr. Hawkins couldn't

__12__ it and asked. “You're sure you said nuisance?”

“I may not even have said that,” Anna replied. “I was not angry at all at that moment—__13__ I certainly didn't scold.”

“Mrs. Bond said that you called her child a ‘nuisance’. Is that true?”

“Indeed it isn't.” 

said Anna. “The child—or the other—had __14__ it up!”

After Anna's explanation,Mr. Hawkins felt __15__. “Just as I thought,my dear,but of course I had to make sure.”

1. A. result B. truth

C. news

D. secret

2. A. Naturally B. No way

C. Exactly

D. Certainly not

3. A. mistaken B. correct

C. serious

D. careless

4. A. mouse B. pig

C. rabbit

D. bird

5. A. courage B. chance

C. time

D. cause

6. A. At first B. At least

C. In fact

D. After all

7. A. explanation B. excuse

C. story

D. question

8. A. think B. imagine

C. complain

D. understand

9. A. absent B. present

C. sick

D. early

10. A. rushed B. jumped

C. walked

D. pushed

11. A. sad B. tired

C. cheerful

D. proud

12. A. guess B. repeat

C. follow

D. believe

13. A. as B. and

C. but

D. or

14. A. put B. picked

C. looked

D. made

15. A. interested B. satisfied

C. disappointed

D. surprised


We may have many difficulties in life,and sometimes it's even unfair for someone,but it depends on how you face them. Sally is a student from a university,she made a __1__ last August. She decided to take her grandmother __2__ their hometown and live with her in a rented room (出租房) near her school.

Sally's family have met a lot in the past few years. Her grandmother __3__ her legs and she could walk only with a stick. Her father died because of illness. Sally's mother plagued(受折磨) by these events,she lost the __4__ to take care of others. “This was the only choice. No one else could __5__ my grandma,” Sally explained. Her grandmother has also had a __6__ life. The old woman's three sons have all died,and Sally couldn't leave her alone where __7__ could look after her. A room with two beds,a desk and a table is their new home. The room __8__ her several hundred yuan every month. In order to make money,Sally works in a supermarket after class and spends the money __9__ the family. “I was brought up by my grandma,and now it's my __10__ to take care of her,” said Sally. When she was young,her grandmother “magically” 

prepared every meal __11__ for her every day,even though she could not __12__ a clock.

In the eyes of Sally's teacher,the girl is a(n) __13__ student. “Though taking care of her grandmother takes her lots of __14__,Sally has tried to stay on top of all her courses. She is even preparing for an English singing contest,” her teacher said. Sally even __15__ help from others. “It's kind of like only getting without giving,”she explained. At present,the girl is able to support the home with her weak shoulder.

1. A. promise B. decision

C. living

D. progress

2. A. from B. in

C. to

D. for

3. A. kicked B. tied

C. broke

D. lost

4. A. hope B. ability

C. dream

D. power

5. A. look for B. wait for

C. search for

D. care for

6. A. homeless B. boring


D. meaningless

7. A. nobody B. somebody

C. anybody

D. everybody

8. A. pays B. takes

C. costs

D. spends

9. A. supporting B. building

C. finding

D. making

10. A. hobby B. interest

C. dream

D. turn

11. A. in time B. on time

C. at times

D. out of time

12. A. read B. notice

C. see

D. watch

13. A. unlucky B. fascinating

C. careful

D. excellent

14. A. money B. spirit

C. energy

D. courage

15. A. accepted B. asked

C. refused

D. got


Steven lost an arm after a traffic accident years ago. On that day,he was __1__ down by a car badly. His left arm bone was smashed(撞碎). “I can't feel my hand!”Steven kept shouting __2__ he woke up in the hospital. It was the only way he could think of to stop the things from getting __3__,though it was no use at all. That was really the hardest time for him.

Life still went on. Steven __4__ the next two years in the hospital. At first,he couldn't even tie his shoes,open a bottle of water or cut his fingernails(指甲) by himself. Later he knew he had to face all the __5__. With the support of his wife,he began to __6__ all kinds of activities. __7__ he began dreaming of a better life and decided to learn to play the violin. Steven knew __8__ about playing the violin and there was no one to ask for help. Therefore(因此),he made __9__ progress,Then he met Lam,an amateur(业余的) __10__. Steven became Lam's first student. Then Steven kept practicing playing the violin __11__ the help of Lam. Sometimes he also played __12__. When he played on the street,what people offered was not sympathy(同情心) __13__ admiration.

Steven says playing the violin does not make life __14__ for him,and he has to face new challenges every day. However,he won't __15__. And he will never stop trying different new things in his life.

1. A. beaten B. knocked

C. cut

D. pulled

2. A. when B. if

C. while

D. before

3. A. worse B. bigger

C. cooler

D. funnier

4. A. finished B. took

C. spent

D. enjoyed

5. A. dangers B. difficulties

C. directions

D. arguments

6. A. join B. attend

C. compete

D. take part in

7. A. Normally B. Hardly

C. Completely

D. Gradually

8. A. anything B. something

C. nothing

D. everything

9. A. rapid B. slow

C. great

D. real

10. A. violinist B. pianist

C. coach

D. singer

11. A. under B. for

C. with

D. without

12. A. at home B. in public

C. at school

D. in hospital

13. A. and B. or

C. nor

D. but

14. A. easier B. harder

C. sadder

D. safer

15. A. cheer up B. keep up

C. give up

D. pick up


My friends and I joined a two-day survival(生存) training course in the mountains. The first day was really __1__—there was so much to do! Arriving at the campsite,we were divided into groups and given a tent,some food,a __2__ and a

compass(指南针). Standing next to a small river ,Fanny __3__ camping in the grassy area nearby. However ,our instructor ,Mr. Lee ,pointed out that it might flood(淹没) if it rained. In the end ,we found a __4__ area. Putting up the tent was very hard. __5__ Mr. Lee helped us a lot.

By the time we had put up the tent ,__6__ was really hungry.

“We wouldn't have got this

hungry if we had brought some snacks.” Peter said. We all told him to __7__ complaining(

怨) and help us start a fire to cook our food __8__. Realizing we were having trouble making the fire ,he finally __9__.

The next day started early. Woken by a strange noise. Peter went to see what was __10__. “Some cows have eaten our breakfast !”he shouted. “That's all because you didn't __11__ the food properly last night.

” said Mr. Lee.

Worried that Mr. Lee was angry with us ,we tried very hard on our next __12__—using the map and compass to find a secret location. We made it to the location __13__ the other groups did. We all felt very proud of __14__.

The survival training course was a great __15__. Now I feel I could survive anywhere!

1. A.disappointing B. difficult

C. different

D. boring

2. A. map B. book C. light

D. knife

3. A. suggested B. finished C. imagined

D. enjoyed

4. A. nearer B. lower C. bigger

D. higher

5. A. Surprisingly B. Suddenly

C. Luckily

D. Usually

6. A. everyone B. anyone C. someone D. no one

7. A. start B. mind C. stop D. continue

8. A. yet B. too C. again D. instead

9. A. helped out B. gave out C. worked out

D. started out

10. A. developing

B. happening

C. beginning

D. following

11. A. throw off B. put away

C. eat up

D. sell out 12. A. plan

B. lesson

C. task

D. problem 13. A. till

B. after

C. when

D. before 14. A. him

B. them

C. you

D. ourselves 15. A. example B. experience

C. activity

D. competition


A boy was one day sitting on the steps of a door. He had a stick in one hand. __1__ in the other hand a large piece of bread and butter ,which somebody had kindly give him. While he was eating it and singing a song happily ,he saw a poor little dog quietly __2__ not far from him. He called out to it ,“Come

here ,poor dog !”

Hearing this ,the dog woke up ,rose with its ears __3__ and wagged(摇摆) its tail. Seeing the boy eating ,it came near him. The boy held out to it piece of his bread and butter. As the dog stretched(伸出) out its head to take the __4__,the boy quickly drew back his hand and hit it __5__ on the nose. The poor dog ran away ,__6__ loudly ,while the cruel boy sat ,

laughing at the trick he had done.

A gentleman,who was looking from a window on the other side of street,saw what the __7__ boy had done. Opening the street door,he called him to __8__ over,at the same time __9__ up one dollar between the finger and thumb(大拇指).

“Would you like this?”said the gentleman.

“Yes,if you __10__,sir,”said the boy,smiling,and he quickly ran over to seize(抓) the __11__.

Just as the boy stretched out his hand,the gentleman hit __12__ on the knee with an umbrella. “Why did you do that?” shouted the boy angrily. He made a very __13__ face and cried,“I didn't hurt you,nor ask you for money.”

“__14__ did you hurt that poor dog just now?” said the gentleman. “He didn't hurt you,nor ask you for bread and butter. As you served it I have served you. Now,remember it can feel as well as you,and learn to behave __15__ towards animals in future.”

1. A. Or B. Of

C. And

D. Off 2. A. sleeping B. running

C. jumping

D. dancing

3. A. down B. up

C. off

D. through

4. A. food B. hand

C. boy

D. door

5. A. gently B. slowly

C. hardly

D. hard

6. A. speaking B. laughing

C. crying

D. singing

7. A. cruel B. kind

C. polite

D. honest

8. A. go B. turn

C. climb

D. cross

9. A. picking B. holding

C. putting

D. getting

10. A. lend B. know

C. please

D. ask

11. A. finger B. bread

C. butter

D. money

12. A. himself B. him

C. it

D. itself

13. A. warm B. shy

C. long

D. sweet

14. A. Why B. When

C. What

D. Where

15. A. terribly B. luckily

C. badly

D. kindly



Space travel is nothing new. The first spaceship with a human was sent up __1__ space in 1961. Since then,people have not only travelled to space,__2__ many of them have also lived there in space stations for some time.

The Soviet Union(苏联)sent the __3__ space station into space in 1971. This space station was called Salyut I. It __4__ as a place where people could live while they observed space and did experiments. The first group of astronauts lived there for 23 days. The Soviet Union went on to make seven more Salyut