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Vocabulary Check C

Unit1 P9

1. They fought to liberate the black people from slavery. (liberation)

2. He watched helplessly as the train left without him. (help)

3. Prof.Ding is a very respectable person. (respect)

4. Thomas is an English historian . (historical)

5. I spoke to him concerning his behavior. (concern)

6. His room is in a state of confusion (confuse)

7. My mother cooked many tasty dishes today. (taste)

8. Sparing him is a merciful act. (mercy)

Unit2 P25-26

1. You need to read the instructions carefully before you use the machine. (instruct)

2. The police found the deaths of the three men accidentally. (accident)

3. The rarity of air on a high mountain is bad for people with weak hearts. (rare)

4. I’ve had no response to my letter. (respond)

5. If you want to go to a movie, you’ll have to make a reservation or there will be no tickets. (reserve)

6. He is very proud of his spotless kitchen. (spot)

7. I have no inclination to be a doctor. (incline)

8. We put up pictures and other decorations in the classroom. (decorate)

Unit3 P42

1. His father is an eye specialist (special)

2. Pushy parents get their children into the best schools. (push)

3. John kicked the door open , which was typical of him . (type)

4. My mother learned to operate a sewing machine at a very early age. (operation)

5. My sister is in charge of the registration of births. (register)

6. His mother is employed in a hospital. (employee)

7. The teacher was confused by what the student said. (confusion)

8. The two small shops combined to make a larger one. (combination)

Unit4 P57

1. For further enquiries , please call us at 8333555 . (enquire)

2. Her mother is a fashion designer. (design)

3. After a lot of persuasion , she agreed to go. (persuade)

4. She walked from room to room , pretending to supervise the operations. (supervisor)

5. Mary is an experienced English teacher. (experience)

6. He could not resist the temptation to drink another glass of beer. (tempt)

7. It is logical that people who earn more money should pay more taxes. (logic)

8. There is a grocery around the corner of the street. (grocer) Comprehensive Exercises B.

Unit1 P14-15

1. The boy acted he didn’t know me.

A. so that

B. such as

C. as soon

D.√as if

3. There is no reason he should refuse to join us.

A√. why B. because C. that D. so that

4. Some of these methods will work , but will not.

A. other

B. the other

C. another


Unit2 P30-31

1. Do you think the film is worth ?

A. see

B. to see

C. seen


2. Finally, my sister got a job assistant manager in a bank.

A. for

B. with

C. √as

D. like

3. It is predicted that the heavy rain last night will badly the crops.


B. effect

C. impress

D. hurt

4. We became friends quite accident.

A√. by B. in C. at D. out of

5. The boss didn’t like Joan. The was her laziness.

A. mater


C. question

D. wrong

6. Johnson said that the evening party would cost him 200 dollars. But the ---------- expense was 300 dollars.

A. really

B. true


D. certain

7. It is very hart to the meaning of “rich” today.

A. √define

B. say

C. show

D. give

8. a sense, he may be right to say that.

A. At B√. In C. For D. Without

9. Don’t talk __while___ you are eating.(一段时间)

10. Hardly had I got to the cinema __when_____ the film began.

Unit3 P47

1. Each key on the board is a different type of function.

A. with

B. as


D. to

2. When he was in danger, nobody came to his .

A. help

B. assistance

C. aid D√. rescue

3. You need to place the carton of fries with the McDonald’s name the customer.

A. to face


C. face

D. faced

4. The staff in the kitchen has the message that a customer wanted a

special dish.

A. √received

B. ordered

C. accepted

D. pointed

5. When it comes to , I’m best at preparing fish.

A. √cooking

B. cook

C. cooker

D. cooked

6. Natural foods also vegetables not nourished by chemical fertilizers.

A. remove

B. have

C. contain


7. Modern experts healthy eating suggest we eat more vegetables.

A. with

B. of C√. on D. above

8. She had to so that she could be heard by her parents.

A. call up

B.√call out

C. point up

D. point out Unit4 P62-63

1. From a very far place I hear the of my father.

A. tone

B. noise

C. sound D√. voice

2. The price of paper according to its quality.


B. falls

C. rises

D. exchanges

3. The young man fooled the old lady saying that the product was imported..

A. around


C. in

D. on

4. Newspapers are expected to provide the news.


B. later

C. last

D. late

5. The new machine is easy to operate. It is not very expensive.

A√Plus B. For example C. Again D. Because

6. The river separates the school his village.

A. to B√. from C. with D. by

7. I can hardly imagine my old classmate on the street.

A. meet

B.√to meet

C. met

D. meeting

8. I have no idea how the computer .

A. √works

B. designs

C. buys

D. affords

Unit2 P31-32

2. 政府要求关闭那家工厂以确保这一旅游胜地不受污染。(make sure that)

The government required that the factory is closed to make sure that the tourist site would not be polluted

4. 小明想到了一个处理废水的好办法。(hit on)

Xiao Ming hit on a good idea to /// deal with the polluted water.

7. 这个城市的卫生环境增添了它的吸引力。(add to)

The city’s clean environment adds to its attraction

8. 我们倾向于在街道的两边种植一些花草。(be inclined to)

We are inclined to plant trees and flowers on both sides of the


Unit3 P48

1、这家小店供应的饮料有茶、可乐、雪碧、矿泉水,等等。(and so on)

The grocery provides such drinks as tea, Coke , Sprite , mineral water, and so on.

2、就西式快餐而言,我最喜欢汉堡。(when it comes to)

I like burgers most when it comes to Western fast food.

3、顾客在点菜时应该明白无误地告诉服务员自己需要什么。(loud and clear)

The customers should tell the waiter/waitress loud and clear what he/ she needs.

4、那家饭店十分重视菜肴的质量。(place emphasis on)

That restaurant places a lots of emphasis on the quality of food provided.


Our restaurant ‘s special is crispy duck.

6、我儿子不习惯吃辣的食物。(be unused to)

My son is unused to spicy food

8、这道菜看上去像一盆花。(look like)

The dish looks like a bonsai flower

Unit4 P63-64


Shopping online is a new experience to me.


Coupons are made available to customers who spend a minimum of 200 yuan


This brand of mobile phone is quite popular among youngsters


At last I managed to persuade my father to buy me a laptop computer


Purchasers of refrigerators enjoy free delivery.


At the checkout counter there is a queue of customers waiting to pay for their purchases.


Please enquire the department manager about the discount details


The amount of I spent in the supermarket came to a total of 150 yuan.