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介词填空 练习题

1. He always tries to be polite ________ his elders.

2. She is responsible ____all the supplies that are distributed.

3. The jury decided he was guilty ____the murder.

4. He is very fond ____young children.

5. He is not enthusiastic ______his job.

6. He is very attractive _____all the details of his work.

7. Although he is a stern man, he is very gentle ______children.

8. Is the paper bag strong _______this carton of milk?

9. How thoughtful ______you to send flowers to the lady in the hospital!

10. He’s ver y critical _____everyone but himself.

1. to




5.about/ over




9.of 10.of

1. He has never been successful _____anything he has undertaken.

2. He was quite aware _____the situation he was facing.

3. He no longer wanted to be dependent ______his parents.

4. We’ll have to be content _____the few supplies we have.

5. All that equipment is not necessary _____our experiment.

6. He is frequently absent _____school because of illness.

7. We are very grateful _____you to your help.

8. He is not clever _____making friends.

9. This tent material is proof _____water.

10. He is rather anxious _____his examination results.

1. in








9.against 10.about

1. She is a bit nervous ____driving on the left.

2. My aunt was very glad______ my arrival.

3. We are hungry ____news from our brother, who lives away from home.

4. That ship is bound ______ South Africa.

5. They were dead ______exhaustion.

6. I’m far _______happy about this situa tion.

7. She is blind _____his defects.

8. Our products are second ______none.

9. To be honest _____you, I don’t think much of it.

10. The two office buildings are alike _____size and shape.









9.with 10.in

1. She is not keen ______such things.

2. My view is quite similar ______yours.

3. We are all sorry _______what has happened.

4. We must be very strict ____-___the students.

5. He was sitting there lost _______thought.

6. He is very popular ________the students.

7. We are all very grateful ________you _______what you have done.

8. He thought himself superior ______others.

9. Let’ give up the seat to the woman ___a baby ____her arms.

10. They have decided to make an inquiry ___this matter.

11. Love___fame was one ____his chief weakness.

12. Let’s go on ______our discussion.

13. Have you decided ________ the date _______the conference?

14. Do you think he will agree _______our proposal?

15. We must keep (prevent) the children ______playing near the river.

16. Some scientists have died _____overwork in the past few years.

17.____conclusion our approach ____the problem is ______the whole correct.

18. When ____trouble, they always look ____him ____help.

19. Get ____the tram here and get off _____the ext stop.

20. They succeeded ____escaping _____the burning house.


2. to

3. for

4. with

5. in

6. with

7. to/ for

8. to

9.with/in 10.into 11.of/of

12. with 13. on/for 14. to 15. from 16. from 17. In/ to/on 18. in/to/for 19.on/at/to 20. in/from


1. These flowers will bloom _______a few days.

2. The meeting will begin ____ six o’clock sharp.

3. He learnt English ____ 3 months ad now he can speak it fluently.

4. He learnt English _____ 3 months but he still can’t speak it.

5. They talked on ____ one o’clock _______ the morning.

6. It has been raining ____last Saturday.

7. Our time--table will be altered ____the first of May.

8. Your composition should have been handed in _____ December 30th.

9. The baby was born ____ the morning of June 10th.

10. The shop will be closed ____ the whole of next week.


11. They came ____ the 9 o’clock train.

12. Written exercises are often corrected ____ the teachers ____red pens.

13. Light usually travels ____ a straight line.

14. People usually prefer to travel ____ plane rather than ____a coach.

15. I heard the news ____Radio Beijing.

16. Strings can be cut either ____a knife or scissors.

17. They had a long talk ____the telephone.

18. Products made ____machines are generally cheaper than those made __hand.

19. The President will speak ____the nation ___the radio tonight.

20. This kind of work should be done _____ great care.




4. for





9.on 10.during

11.on 12.by/with 13.in 14.by/in 15.on 16.with 17.on 18.with/by 19.to/on 20.with


1. We are going to spend the summer ___the seaside.

2. He sat quietly ___the corner of the room.

3. That mountain is about two thousand feet ____sea level.

4. When the temperature falls ____zero, water turns to ice.

5. There are clouds ______our heads.

6. Let’s sit _____the table and talk about this matter.

7. No car should be parked ____ ______ ______the building.

8. She was a little nervous ____ such a large audience.

9. Smoke goes _____ the chimney.

10. The two lines run _____ each other.

11. The villagers cut a tunnel ____the mountain.

12. The plane took us ___ London ____Paris.

13. He showed the guard his passport as he went _____the building.

14. The compass always points ___ the north and south.

15. The Soviet Union lies _____ the north of China.

16. Sound waves spread ____ all directions.

17. Divide this cake _____ Mary and John.

18. A reservoir will be built ______the Mountains.

19. The delegation left ____Japan yesterday.

20. He stood there with his back _____the wall.







7. in front of


9.through 10.across 11.through 12.from / to 13.into 14.to 15. on 16.in 17.between 18.among 19.for 20.against

1. He is leaving Washington ____Paris tomorrow.

2. A person is known ____the company he keeps.

3. Early ____the morning and late ____night, you can see him working _____his desk.

4. There is nothing, more important _____life than the sun. ____the sun, nothing would grow ____the world.

5. _____ a few months the waste land was turned ____ a beautiful garden.

6. He is a man ____a strong mind and never bows ____difficulties.

7. “What’s wrong ____ you?”“I feel a bad pain ____the stomach.”8. The house is ____ fire. Call ____help.

9. My father, ______ a man of principle, will always stand _____ his word.

10. “What is Jack going to do ____ all his money?”“He says he has always dreamed ___ taking trip _____the


11. _____ all the representative still not there, the meeting was postponed ____ a week.

12. I was caught ____a traffic jam and _____the time I reached the airport my friend’s plane had already taken


13. Do you know ____ any place where they have a house ____ sale?

14. “Don’t go out ___the rain ____an umbrella, ” Mother shouted ____me ____(通过) the door.

15. Let’s try to keep ____contact _____each other.

16. ____all his experience, he had great difficulty ____coping ___the situation.

17. The flood didn’t do much damage _____ the crops as a result ____the measures taken _____the government.

18.___arriving there, we immediately joined them ______their work.

19. “I’m not going ____a walk, I’m going ____ the bank.”“Then you had better wait ____ 9 o’clock, when the bank opens.”

20. Some of the young men _____our village have their homes and gone ____search ___work _____large towns.




4.to/Without /in





9.as/by 10.with/of/round 11.With/for 12.in/by/off 13. of /for 14.in/ without/ to/through 15. in/with 16. With/ in /with 17.to/of/by 18.On/in 19.for/to/till 20. of/in/of/in