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1 .page-10

4.key:http://www.wendangku.net/doc/1f639ebe1a37f111f1855b13.htmld 2.has left 3.prefer 4.personal



7.speading of 8.get to know 9.acpuainted with


1.it is my impression that an english gentleman often takes an umbrella with him.

2.to the students,the introduction to the cultural background is the best part of the


3.when we tald with a foreign lady,in most cases we should not ask such personal

questions as her age.

4.many young people prifer pop songs to old songs.they think pop singers are very


5.this beautiful and clean city has left a diip impression upon the roreign tourists.

6.professor lu yang stood on the plane’s enterance and waved goodbye to us . page16


1.we often prepare some chinese food for our roreign friends.

2.can you give me some help?

3.let us reserve for him a quiet room in the hotel .

4.lily teaches Mr.Grean chinese every morning.

5.Please call me Daved.

6.|Do you often send emails to your parents?

7.|There are quite a few words in this text.

8 .key:

Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival .as it is the first day of the spring season according to the chinese lunar calendar.this restival has been regarded as the most important traditional holiday for the chinese people.whether they are home or abroad .many special customs for the festival have been developed.paying a new year call is one of them .on this day,new year greetings are given with a unique gesture .people will always bow to each other with their hands clasped while offering their best wishes for a happier and more prosperous new year. Unit 2


4,key: 1.attitude 2.desire 3.vary 4.appreciate 5.offered 6.universal 7.convey 8.illustrate

5:key: 1.teachers should pay attention to the students *individual differences.

2.professor yang tends to give the students some substantial and valuable advice .

3.you are noot required to give an expensive gift,but at least you should send him a thand-you card.

4.we should learn to respect others* life styles.

5.in contrast,many students appreciate all the more the communication with their teachers out of class.

6.as a matter of fact ,I prefer to live a quiet country life instead of a modern city life. Page33:


1.I have a set of VCD on english liarning.et es very helpful to me

2.Xiao Li has handed in a job application letter to a travel agency

3.she likes fruit juice ,nut the juice in this glass is too sweet

4.she is the only girl who enjoys playing the piano in the department

5.this is a used car.but it is in very good condition


Tomorrow will be thanksgiving Day.Sally is going to thank her dentist,http://www.wendangku.net/doc/1f639ebe1a37f111f1855b13.htmlton is always very kind and helpful to Sally whenever she goes to him for an aching tooth.A few days ago, Sally broke http://www.wendangku.net/doc/1f639ebe1a37f111f1855b13.htmlton’s coffee pot by accident.She felt very sorry for her carelessness,Soshe has bought a new coffee pot for him.The new pot looks very beautiful.Sally believes that http://www.wendangku.net/doc/1f639ebe1a37f111f1855b13.htmlton will like it.Sally has put the coffee pot into a small box.She is now wrapping the box with a lovely ribbon. She will also attach a thank-you note to the gift. She is sure that http://www.wendangku.net/doc/1f639ebe1a37f111f1855b13.htmlton will be very happy to accept her gift.

Unit 3


4.key:1.rushed 2.relax 3.crash 4.slight



7.checked 8.seems 9.panic 10.shakes 11.absolutely


1.I do not think you have realized the importance of education

2.hurry up .the plane is taking off in half an hour

3.he was very nervous ,but he answered all the questions in a calm voice

4.I am going go catch a train .it is leaving at half past seven.

5.do you fasten the safety belt when driving?

6.they have checked in at the best hotel in the city



1.I will have a cup of coffee and two pieces of bread

2.The teacher asked us to take out one sheet /piece of paper for the quiz

3.he bought two bottles of beer and three bars of chocolate.

4.Mathematics is the subjict I feel most interested in.

5.Thand you for the much advice you have given me ./Thanks you very much for the very much for the many suggestions you have given me

6.Failure is the mother of success.

7.all the equipment in the factory is made in china.

8.sports is good fo health


Signs are marks,pictures or words on a board to draw attention,give warnings or direct somebody towards some place.They are widely used in public places to provide pelple with all kinds of useful information.For instance,a Check In sign at an airport will lead you to the check –in counter.A Way Out sign at the subway tells you where you can get out.Wet Paint in a park warns you to keep away from a bench which is still wet with painting.Visiting Hours at the door of an office informs you that it is working time for the officers and clerks in this department.Of course,you will be happy to see the sign”Admission Free”at the gate of an exhibition hall.

Unit 4

Page 61

4.key:1.apologize 2.embarrassed 3. informed 4.emphasized





9. unexpected 10.appointment 11.schedule

5.key;1.I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

2. I’d like to make an appointment to see DR.Smith.

3.It’s impolite to enter a room without knocking at the door first.

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/1f639ebe1a37f111f1855b13.htmlrm us as soon as possible if anything special happens.

5.They were angry because you had not kept your promise.

6. In this case, Let’s try to get there early.

Page 66

4.key:1.haven’t received 2.came 3.is 4.graduated

5. will have taken place

6.had asked

7. had been writing

8. was always complaining

9. had been

10.will be watching

6.key:1.This is the most interesting novel he has ever written.

2.The students were still laughing when the teacher came into the classroom.

3.I haven’t finished the book yet,so I don’t want to return it to the library.

4.Is this the first time you’ve come to China?

5.Even if it rains in the afternoon,I will go downtown with you.

6.i did n’t hear what you said just now.I was watching TV.

7.I know Mr.WANG is living in NanJing at the moment.

8.The little town lies at the foot of a mountain.


I’ve got a very busy schedule.I’m catching the 9:45 flight on October 8 and arriving in Shanghai at 2:00 in the arternoon.Bob is meeting me at eht airport.I will check into Beach Hotel and have a rest there in the evening.On October 9,I’m meeting Mrs.Black at 10:15 a.m. and after having lunch at Beach Hotel We’re visiting the plant at 2:30 p.m. The next day I’m attending a conference at 9 a.m. I’m leaving Shanghai in the afternoon.I’m taking a flight at 3:30 p.m. and arriving back at 7:45 p.m. Phillip will be there to pick me up at the airport.

Unit 5

Page 78

4.key:1.on her way 2.winds up 3.predicted,would continue,drop

4.turned to

5.looks like,go out

6.took a look at

5.key:1.We predict good weather for several days ahead though the temperature may be rather low.

2.She has experienced quite a lot for such a young age.

3.The chairman wound up his speech by giving thanks to everyone present.

4.People across the country are hailing for China’s successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.

5.The current global situation is favorable to us.

6.They enjoy a 30-day paid holiday every year.

7.Viruses can reach your computer in various ways.

Page 84

6.key:1.The weather was terrible yesterday.In fact, it has been awful for several


2.She has worked in this office for 5 years.

3.I paid a visit to the Great Wall last year and had a very good time there.

4.We have never spoken to each other since we quarreled last time.

5.Turn down the TV a bit. The weather forecast hasn’t begun yet.


Janet is planning to go to a picnic with her former high school classmates at the weekend. Since they havn’t met each other for half a year,Janet feels excited about this big event.However,she worries a lot about the weather.In July her relatives visited her family and they went out to have a barbecue.They were going to enjoy themselves,but to their disappointment, the party was spoiled by heavy rain.They all felt bored and irritated.Now she is dialing 121 in order to get the recent weather information.This time she is going to feel happy with the reunion.

Unit 6

Page 96

4.key:1.being abmitted 2.exchanging 3.relax 4.assigned,discouraged



7.confused, determine.

5.key:1.She felt embarrassed when she said the wrong thing at the interview.

2.She felt lucky to have passed TOEFL and GRE at one time.

3.Ruth reminds Burt again and again to relax at the opening ceremony.

4.Having reached his goal and got his diploma,Chris wants to go out for entertainment.

5.Dial 121,and then you can hear the latest weather report on the phone as many times as you wish.

Page 101

5.key:1.Sometimes We are puzzled by too many exceptions to the rules.

2. He was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science by Qinghua University.

3.David was promoted to be the manager because of his excellent work.

4.The U.S. was attacked by the terrorists on Sept.11th,2001

5.He was taken good care of by the nurses and doctors during his stay in the hospital.

6.The workers were made to work more than 12 hours every day.

7.He was seen to enter that room.

8.It is said that he has gone to Australia for the preparatory study.


Tom is at the graduation ceremony.The president of the colleg is awarding the college dipoma to all the grduates.Tom, in his academic cap and gown,is handed his diploma.He feels excited and satisfied,Three years of study means a lot if efforts and hard work,by which he finished all the courses with satisfactory results.He has learned a lot and now he feels ready and confident to start his professional career.He has got a

job with a big compay,and is eager to apply what he has learned in school to practice.He is sure that he is going to have a good future.