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8A Unit 1 Friends


1. keep a secret 保守秘密

2. care about 关心、关怀

3. tell a lie (to sb.) (对某人)说谎

4. lie –lied –lied 说谎

lie –lay –lain 躺

5. play a joke on sb. 跟某人开玩笑

6. tell sb. funny jokes 给某人讲可笑的笑话

7. be willing to do sth. 愿意做某事、乐意做某事

be ready to do sth. 乐意做某事、准备好做某事

8. have a good sense of humour 有很好的幽默感

= be (very) humorous

9. in height 在高度方面

10. in weight 在体重方面

11.patient --- impatient

12.in a low voice 低声地

13. buy two more books

= buy another two books 再买两本书

14.eat one more apple

= eat another apple 再吃一个苹果

15.share sth. with sb. 跟某人分享某物

16. qualities of a good friend 好朋友的品质

17. tell him everything about yourself 告诉他有关你的一切

18. share my joy(不可数) / sadness分享我的快乐/悲伤

19.have problems with sth. 在某方面有问题

20.have problems doing sth. 做某事有问题

21. believe what he says (said)

=believe his words 相信他的话

22.trust sb. 信任某人

23.agree to do sth. 同意做某事

24.agree with sb. 同意某人的观点

25.one of my best friends 我最好的朋友这一

26.one of the longest rivers 最长的河流之一

27.one of the most famous film stars最著名的影星之一

28.be generous / kind to sb. 对某人慷慨/友善

29.be ready to help people any time在任何时候乐意帮助人

30.help me with my homework在家庭作业方面帮助我

31.give a seat on the bus to someone in need 在公交车上让座给有需要的人

32.have a good/sweet voice 有个好/甜美的嗓音

33.wear small round glasses 戴小小的圆框眼镜

34.make him look smart 使他看起来精干

35. never feel bored with him 和他一起从不感到无聊

36. a boring film 一部无聊的电影

37. make me thirsty 使我口渴

make sb. / sth.+adj.

make me laugh使我大笑

make sb. do sth.

38. walk past our desks=pass our desks 从我们桌子旁边经过

39. knock ...onto the ground 把…撞到地上

knock over 撞翻,碰倒

knock …off…把…从…上撞下来

40.so interesting 如此有趣

41. have big bright eyes 有双明亮的大眼睛

42. have/wear long straight hair留长直头发

43. say a bad word about sb.

=say bad things about sb. 说某人的坏话

44. a true friend 一个真诚的朋友

45.sth. worry sb. 某事困扰某人

46.sb. be worried about sth. 某人担心某事

47.choose sb. as /(to be) your best friend 选择某人作为你最好的朋友

48. look smart in his small round glasses 戴着他的小圆框眼镜看起来帅

49.listen to people carefully 认真听人们倾诉

50.help people with their problems帮人们解决问题

51.make friends with sb. 跟某人交朋友

52. among the six students 在六名学生当中

53. among all the Chinese artists 在所有的中国艺术家当中

54. talk about our future plans谈论我们的未来计划

55.a small girl with a ponytail一个扎马尾辫的女孩

55.a boy with / wearing glasses一个戴着眼镜的男孩

56.both……and….. 既…又….

57.be/ make / become an excellent teacher 成为一名优秀的教师

58. feel bored or unhappy 感觉无聊或不开心

59.like her bright smiling eyes 喜欢她明亮略带微笑的眼睛

60.wear/have a smile on one’s face 面带微笑


1.Can I have something to drink? 我能要点喝的吗?

2.Can I have some more food? 我可以再要一些食物吗?

3.There is nothing in the fridge. 冰箱里什么也没有。

=There is not anything in the fridge.

4.What qualities are important in good friends? 在好朋友身上什么品质重要?

5.What makes your friend so special?什么使你的朋友如此特别?

6.What makes good friends? 什么造就出好朋友?

7.She wants to be a social worker when she grows up. 他长大后想做一名社会工作者。

8.His legs do not fit well under his desk. 课桌下面容纳不下他的腿。

9.When something worries me, I can always go to her.


10.He is the tallest boy in our class. 他是我们班最高的男生。

=He is taller than any other boy in our class.

=He is taller than the other boys in our class.

11.What’s he like? 他(像)什么样?

12.What does he look like? 他看起来什么样?

13.How does he look? 他看起来如何/怎样?

14.What does he like? 他喜欢什么?

8A Unit 2 School life


1.play baseball 打棒球


3. not as/so…as…=less …than 不如……..

4.discuss = talk about 讨论

5.have a discussion 进行一次讨论

6.in class 在课上

7.after class 课后

8.offer sb. sth. 提供某人某物

offer me help 提供我帮助

9. offer sth. to sb. 将某物提供给某人

10.at least 至少

11.at most 最多、顶多

12. spend time on sth. 花时间于某事/物上

13. spend time doing sth. 花时间做某事

14.daily English = everyday English 日常英语

15.look through the questionsquickly快速浏览问题

16.at first 起初

17.at last = in the end = finally 最后

18.finish doing sth. 完成做某事

19.keep doing sth. 一直做某事

20.keep on doing sth. 反复做某事

21.keep sb. doing sth.让/使某人一直做某事

22.must do sth. 必须做某事(表主观)

23.work hard 努力学习/工作

hard为副词work the hardest 学习/工作最刻苦

24.hard-working 刻苦的、勤奋的(形容词)

25.learn about schools around the world了解全世界的学校

26.buy sth. for sb.=buy sb. sth.

27.in Y ear Eight= in the eighth grade 在8年级

28.a mixed school 一所混合学校

29.among all my subjects 在我所有的学科中

30.during the Reading Week 在阅读周期间

31.bring in books and magazines from home从家里带书和杂志进来

32.near the end of the week 在这周将要结束的时候

33.at the end of the week 在这周末

34.listen carefully to my problem(s)仔细倾听我的问题

35.on Friday afternoon 在周五下午

36.end earlier than usual 比平时结束得早些

37.twice a week 一周两次

38.four times a month 一月四次

39.practice hard 练习得很刻苦

40.read an article by a boy from the USA读一个美国男孩写的一篇文章

41.among the three of us=.of us three 在我们三个人中

42.have to do sth. 不得不做某事(表客观)

43.of us all 在我们所有人中

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/20ca557bb207e87101f69e3143323968001cf47b.htmle first in the race 在比赛中第一

44.have a day off 休息一天

45.have 8 weeks off for the summer holiday休息8周过暑假/暑假休息8周

46.spend the least time on homework花最少的时间在家庭作业上

47.do morning exercises 做早操

48.another half an hour for playing chess另外半个小时(用来)下国际象棋

49.have an English test进行一次英语测试

50.have a monthly test on each subject在每个学科上有月考

51.keep writing in English about my daily life坚持用英语写关于我的日常生活

52.watch English videos at weekends在周末看英语视频

53.have a lovely time (doing sth.)

= have fun (doing sth.) 玩得开心(做某事)

54.after-school activities 课外活动

55.go on a school trip 进行一次学校旅行

56.need to do sth. 需要做某事

57.need doing 需要被做

58.have an hour of homework有一小时的家庭作业

59.have an hour for lunch 有一个小时吃午饭

60.listen to music at lunchtime在午饭时间听音乐

61.jump high 跳得高

62.jump far 跳得远

63.I’m really sorry to keep you waiting for a long time. 真的很抱歉让你等了很长时间。


1.What’s school like? 学校什么样?

2.It’s like watching TV. 就像看电视。

3.Do you have any plans for the weekend? 你这个周末有什么打算吗?

4.To me, learning foreign languages is really fun.

=It’s really fun for me to learn foreign languages 对我而言,学外语真的有乐趣。

5. John studies more subjects than Nancy. John 比Nancy学更多的学科。

6.I have the least free time in my class. 我在班上有最少的空闲时间。

7.I spend less time doing homework than Nancy.我比南希花较少的时间做家庭作业。

8.Simon spends the most time on his hobbies. 西蒙花最多的时间在他的爱好上。

9.Daniel spends more time on his hobbies than Amy.

Daniel 比Amy花更多的时8 间在他的爱好上。

10.Woodland School has the fewest teachers. 林地学校有最少的教师。

11.We have a lot of time for after-school activities. 我们有很多时间进行课后活动。

12.Time seems to go faster when we are reading interesting books.


13.Camping is as interesting as cycling. 野营与骑自行车一样有趣。

14. Swimming is not so dangerous as diving. 游泳没有/ 不如潜水危险。

=.Swimming is less dangerous than diving.

8A Unit 3 A day out


http://www.wendangku.net/doc/20ca557bb207e87101f69e3143323968001cf47b.htmle on 来吧;赶快;加油

2.enjoy oneself = have a good time

= have fun = play happily 玩得愉快

3.take care 保重

4.take (good) care of sb.

=look after sb. (well) (好好)照顾某人

5.arrive at +小地点;arrive in +大地点

= get to sp.= reach sp. 到达某地

6.can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待做某事

can’t wait for sth. 为某事迫不及待

7.place of interest= interesting place 名胜,景点

8.not believe one’s eyes不相信自己的眼睛,非常惊讶

9.by oneself = alone = on one’s own独自

10.take place 进行,举行,发生happen(一般指无意中的发生,比如意外)

11.cheer for sb. 为某人喝彩

12.cheer sb. up 使某人振作起来

13.the ticket to……..的票

14.row boats 划船

15.need to exercise and keep fit需要锻炼并保持健康

16.keep fit = keep healthy 保持健康

17.not as/so high as a real one 不如真的高

18.make a plan for a day trip 制定一天旅行计划

19.plan a day out 计划一日出游

20.take a boat trip=go on a trip by boat 乘船旅行

21.be famous for 以…著名

be famous as 作为…著名

22.under the famous Harbour Bridge在著名的港湾大桥下

23.go past the (Sydney) Opera House经过(悉尼)歌剧院

24.sit in a little coffee shop by the River Seine坐在塞纳河旁边的一个小咖啡馆

25.the top of …………的顶部

26.all the best 一切顺利,万事如意,一帆风顺

27..the President of the USA 美国总统

28.search on the Internet 在网上搜索

29.how wide 多宽

30.90 feet wide 90英尺宽

31.be made of 由……制成(能看出原材料)

be made from 由…制成(不能看出原材料)

32.weigh over 100,000 tons 称重超过10万吨

33.invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事

invite sb. to some place 邀请某人去某地

34.join their school trip to the World Park join sb. in (doing) sth. 和某人一起做某事join us 加入我们

join 加入(某人或组织)

= become a member of join the army 参军,入伍

join the Party 入党

join in = take part in 参加(活动)

35.a fine warm day 晴好而温暖的一天

36.shine in a clear blue sky 在晴朗的蓝天下照耀

37.quite far away 相当遥远

38.a lot of /much/heavy traffic交通拥挤

39.a little boring 一点儿无聊

40.get on/ off 上车/下车

41.the whole world 整个世界

42.models of more than a hundred places of interest from all over the world全世界超过100多个名胜古迹的模型

43.become excited 变得兴奋

44.look as great as the one back home看上去和家乡的一样棒

45.look just like the real one 看上去就像真的

46.an amazing day 令人惊讶的一天

47.the main sights of the world 世界上主要的景点

48.the song and dance shows 歌舞表演

49.learn a lot about different cultures了解许多不同的文化

50.put them on his home page把他们放在他的主页上

51.go and see for yourself 去亲自看看

52.finally = at last = in the end 最后

53.in some ways 在某些方面

54.don’t tell anyone about this不要告诉任何人关于此事

55.try to do sth. 努力/尽力做某事

56.pull himself up the rocks 把他自己拉上岩石

57.look at each other 互相看着对方

58.keep the secret to oneself 保守秘密在心里

59.in the final of this year’s basketball competition进入到今年篮球赛决赛

get to the final 进入决赛

60.the Students’Union 学生会

61.cheer for 为…欢呼

62.forget to do sth 忘记要做某事

forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事

63.remember to do sth.记得要做某事

remember doing sth. 记得做过某事

64.with your support 在你的支持下/有了你的支持

65.with your help 在你的帮助下/有了你的帮助

66.the cost of the trip 旅行的费用

67.per student 每个学生

68.go there by underground 乘地铁去那

69.take the underground 乘地铁

70.a 20-minute period 一个20分钟期间

71.during half- time 在中场休息期间

72.go back to our school= return to our school 回我们学校

73.take sb. to the Summer Palace 带某人去颐和园

74.sound good 听起来好

75.the day before yesterday 前天

76.the day after tomorrow 后天

77.feel excited and cheerful 感到兴奋和兴高采烈

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/20ca557bb207e87101f69e3143323968001cf47b.html of receiver 收信人姓名

79.purpose of this letter 这封信的目的

80.closing 结尾辞

81.at Sunshine Underground Station在阳光地铁站

82.walk to Beihai Park 走去北海公园

83.in Wangfujing Street 在王府井大街

84.the biggest city square 最大的城市广场


enjoy oneself hurt oneself dress oneself hide oneself wash oneself

by oneself the thing itself lose oneself in …. help oneself to ….

say to oneself come to oneself buy sth. for oneself

teach oneself (to do) sth. learn (to do) sth. by oneself

look at oneself in the mirror keep the secret to oneself


1.The bridge is made of steel, isn’t it? 注意反意疑问句的构成和回答(根据事实回答)

2. The bridge weighs over 100,000 tons. How much does the bridge weigh?

The weight of the bridge is over 100,000 tons. What is the weight of the bridge?

3.It takes sb. some time to do sth. = sb. spends some time doing sth. 花时间做某事

4.The bus is as comfortable as those in the USA。那个巴士和美国的那些一样舒服。

5.The model Sydney Opera House looks as wonderful as that in Australia.


6.What happened at South Hill? 在南山发生了什么?

7.----Please don’t tell anybody about this, Linda.


----Ok, I won’t. / No, I won’t. / I won’t. (好的,)我不会告诉的。

8.I don’t think that’s a good idea. 我认为那不是一个好主意。(否定前移)

9.It’s free for groups of 30 or more students. 它对三十或更多的学生免费。

10.It was really a great day. 这真的是盛大的一天。

11.My ticket is useless now, but I’ll keep it. 我的票现在没用了,但我将保留它。

12.We hope you can join us. 我们希望你能加入我们。

8A Unit 4 Do it yourself.


1.had better (not) do sth. 最好(不要)做某事

2. a pair of scissors 一把剪刀

3.stand for 代表,象征

4. instead of (doing) sth. 代替(做)某事

5.be crazy about 对…着迷

6.put in a brighter light 装个亮点的灯

7.make a mistake 犯错误

8.have a power cut 供电中断,停电


fill the room with water 弄得房间到处是水

10.put together a piece of furniture组装一件家具

11.not only…but also…. 不仅…而且…;…和…都

12.advice 名词(不可数) 建议advise 动词建议

advise sb. (not) to do…建议某人(不)做…

13.add …to…将…增加到…

14.for example 例如

15.tidy up 收拾妥,整理好

16.put away 放好;把…收起来

17.keep it secret 保密

18.go wrong 弄错;犯错;(机器)出故障

19.cut out 剪出

20.clear instructions 清楚的说明

21.read them first 先读读它们

22.No problem. 没问题。

23.enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

24.enjoy making something new喜欢制作新东西

25.make some paper roses 做些纸玫瑰

26.three brushes 三把刷子

27.decorate his house 装饰他的房子

28.look terrible 看起来糟糕

29.another time 另一次,还有一次

30.put up a picture 张贴一张画

31.hit the pipe 敲裂了水管

32.paint the wall blue 把墙刷成蓝色

33.take a course in DIY 学DIY方面的课程

34.attend lessons 上课

35.try to do sth. 努力/尽力做某事

36.fail to do sth. 失败做某事;未能做成某事

37.fail (in) the exam 考试不及格

38.teach sb. how to make cards教某人如何制作卡片

39.tell/ask/order sb. (not) to do sth. 告诉/请求/命令某人(不)做某事

40.on the other side of the card 在卡片的另一面

41.give up (doing) sth. 放弃(做)某事

= stop doing sth. 停止做某事

42.how to make a fruit salad 如何做水果沙拉

43.mix them together 将它们混在一起

44.tips for making a fruit salad做水果沙拉的提示

45.fruit in season 时令水果

46. make sure 确保

47.be sure 确信,相信

48.leave it in the air for some time将它留在空气中一段时间

sometime 某时;some times 几次;sometimes 有时

49.stop cleaning the house 停止打扫屋子

50.do outdoor sports 做户外运动

51.stay at home all day 整天待在家里

52.right now = right away = at once立刻,马上

53.have fun working together 一起干活儿很开心

54.spell the words wrong 拼错单词

55.colour the roses red 将玫瑰着成红色

56.stick it on the cover 将它粘在封面上

57.make things from old clothes 用旧衣服做东西


1.What does it stand for? 他代表着什么?

2.You’d better get some tools. 你最好弄些工具。

3.What’s DIY exactly? DIY确切的意思是什么?

4.It says, “Do it yourself.”上面写道:“自己动手做。”

5.Now the living room has not only blue walls but also a blue ceiling and floor.


6.The books couldn’t stay on the shelf. 书不能立在架子上。

= No books could stay on it. 没有书能立在上面。

7. One end of the shelf was much higher than the other. 书架的一端比另一端高很多。

8.Now I know much more about DIY than my cousin.对于DIY我现在比表哥知道得多。

9.Don’t touch the wet paint, please. 油漆未干,请勿触碰。

10.You shouldn’t put so many books on the shelf. 你不应该放这么多书在架子上。

11.You had better not be late for school. 你最好不要迟到。

12.Please fix the shelf for me. 请替我固定这个架子。

13.Cut some of the larger fruit into small pieces 将其中一些大些的水果切成小块。

14.Your room is really untidy--- things are all over the floor.你房间真不整洁---地板上到处是东西。

15.I decided to make her a birthday card by myself. 我决定亲自为她制作一张生日贺卡。

16.I kept spelling the words wrong. 我总是把单词拼错。

17.I planned to make a card with some roses on it. 我计划做张带有玫瑰的卡片。

18.This is the first card I made for Mum. 这是我为妈妈做的第一张卡片。

19.I made some mistakes when I wrote the sentence “Happy Birthday, Mum”.


8A Unit 5 Wil d Animals


1.in the daytime 在白天

2.no way不可能

3.have /take pity on sb.同情某人

4.sleep through the winter 冬眠

5.in fact 实际上,事实上

6.in the beginning 一开始, 起初

(at first) in the beginning 一般不与of连用。

◇at the beginning 常与of 连用,表“在...之初”

◇at the beginning 也可单独使用,表示“起初,开始”,这时可与in the beginning替换。

7.live mainly on …主要以...为生

8.danger危险n. dangerous 危险的adj.

be in danger 处于危险中;animals in danger 处境危险的动物;

be out of danger 脱离危险

9. take action= do something 采取措施/ 行动

10.right away = at once = right now 立刻, 马上

11.at birth 出生时,诞生时

12.get lost =lose one ’s way 迷路

13.the same ...as 与... 一样She has the same book as you.

14.make a living 谋生, 维持生计

15.live in the wild 在野外

16.any time 在任何时候;随时

17.weigh just 100 grams 只重100克

18.start to go outside for the first time 开始第一次走到外面

19.at four months old 在四个月大时

20.eight months later 八个月之后

21.not …any more = no more不再

22.face serious problems 面临严重的问题

23. a special kind of…. 一种特殊的...

24.something/anything special 一些特别的事

25.不定式做后置定语:have a place to live, have some food to eat,

have books to read, have some rooms to clean

26.build more panda reserves 建更多熊猫保护区

27.make laws制定法律;lawyer 律师

28.do nothing 不采取措施;什么都不做

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/20ca557bb207e87101f69e3143323968001cf47b.htmle into the world 来到这个世界

30.during their lives 在他们一生中

31.go towards …朝...走去

32.be afraid of sth. 害怕某事/物

be afraid of doing sth. 害怕做某事be afraid to do sth. 不敢做某事

34.stand with one’s eyes closed 闭着眼站着

35.move around 跳来跳去

36.work out easy maths problems 解决/做出简单的数学题

37.with the help of 在...的帮助下

38.save some food 储存一些食物save v. 储存;救;节约

39.for a short while 片刻/ 很短时间

40.be able to能够ability n. 能力

41.catch them for their fur, bones or other parts of the body.


42.work as a team 团队合作/团队协作

43.lose living areas 丧失居住地

44.be dangerous to humans 对人类有危险

45.smell things far away 闻到远处的东西

46.kill for fun 为了寻乐而杀戮

47. lose one’s life 丢掉性命

48.sell animals’fur 卖动物皮毛

49.act to do sth. = take action to do sth行动起来去做某事

50.act to protect wild animals行动起来保护野生动物

51.have their own families 拥有他们自己的家庭

52.a report on an animal in danger 关于一种处境危险的动物的一则报告


1.Lions are the kings of the animal world. 狮子是动物界的王者。

2.Could / Would / Will you please (not ) do ….? 请你(不要)做….,好吗?

3.They may become dishes on the table any time.他们可能随时会成为餐桌上的菜肴。

4.I think so. 我认为是的。

I don’t think so. 我认为不是这样。

5.When Xi Wang was born, she weighed just 100 grams and looked like a white mouse. 希望出生时仅重100克,看起来像只白鼠。

6.When she was 20 months old, she learnt to look after herself.


7.It is very difficult for pandas to have babies.


8.Also, giant pandas live mainly on a special kind of bamboo.


9.However, the bamboo forests are becoming smaller and smaller.


11.If we do nothing, soon there may be none left!


12.However, we do believe that where there is Xi Wang, there is hope.

We do believe 我们确实相信,do用在动词前表示强调。


He does believe …. They did believe ….

Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者,事竟成。

13.The bamboo forests are very important to them. 竹林对他们非常重要。

14.They may be playing with each other. 他们可能正互相玩耍。

15.Bees always remember to come back the same way as they went.


16.Tigers like to live alone. 老虎喜欢独居。

17.Tigers can run for hours without stopping. 老虎能够跑数小时而不停止。

18.It’s a great pity! / What a pity! 太遗憾/可惜了!

What a shame! 真遗憾!真惭愧!

19.They have feelings of happiness and sadness. 他们有高兴和伤心的感觉。

20.We should not kill them for any reason. 我们不应该因任何原因杀害它们。

21.We hope you can accept our invitation and join us.


22.Otherwise, there may be no bears left in the world.


=Otherwise,maybe there will be no bears left in the world.

23.We shouldn’t buy fur coats any more.


8A Unit 6 Birdwatching


1. go to the market to watch the birds/ go birdwatching in the market去市场观鸟

2. the birds at the market在市场的鸟

3. email sb. at +(email address)按照(邮件地址)发邮件给某人email me at...给我发邮件...

4. have long legs and a long thin neck有长腿和细长的脖子

5.become a member of the Birdwatching Society 成为观鸟协会的一员

6. rare birds珍稀鸟类

7. brown and grey feathers棕灰色的羽毛

8. broad wings宽大的翅膀

9. a nature reserve 一个自然保护区in North-east China在中国的东北

10. one of the world’s most important wetlands世界最重要的湿地之一

11. provide food and cover for wildlife

= provide wildlife with food and cover为野生生物提供食物和庇护所

(provide sth. for sb.= provide sb. with sth.为某人提供某物)

12.speak—speaker 演讲者

win—winner 获胜者

paint—painter 画家

act—actor 演员

visit—visitor 游客

invent—inventor 发明家

science—scientist 科学家



art—artist 艺术家

13. all year round一年到头

14. go there only for a short stay只去那儿作短暂停留

15. be active in the daytime在白天很活跃

16.be interested in (doing) 对(做)...感兴趣

enjoy the natural world享受自然界(adj)

17. 40 per cent of them他们中百分之四十

18. make the wetlands smaller缩小湿地

19. in order to have more space/food for farms and buildings


20. lead to less and less space for wildlife导致野生生物的空间越来越小

(make space for为...腾出空间)

lead to doing sth 导致做某事(lead—led)

22. don’t have enough food to eat没有足够的食物吃

23. the Chinese government中国政府

24.prevent sb. (from) doing sth.= stop sb (from) doing

= keep sb from doing 阻止某人做某事

25. the members of our Birdwatching Society 观鸟协会的成员

26. record their types记录它们的种类

27. changes in their numbers它们数量上的变化

28. a lot of tourists go to Zhalong to watch the birds许多游客去扎龙观鸟,

29. invite them to help us邀请他们帮助我们count and describe birds 清点和描述鸟类

30. need more people to count and describe the birds需要更多的人来数鸟和描述鸟

31. understand the importance of the wetlands理解湿地的重要性

the importance of protecting wildlife

32. stop / keep / prevent sth. from happening阻止某事发生

33.in other parts of the world 在世界的其他部分

34.take part in activities 参加活动

35. take a notebook with you to (= in order to )write down what you see


36. take a camera to take photos of ...带相机去拍...的照片

37. ask people not to catch birds for any reason要求人们不要为任何理由去捉鸟

38. agree to let me join同意让我加入

39. see a baby panda drink her mother’s milk


see sb. do sth.、看见某人在做某事

see sb. doing sth.)

40. hear someone sing 听见某人唱歌(hear用法与see/ watch/notice相同)

41. encourage us (not)to do sth. 鼓励某人(不要)做某事

42. advise us not to shout in the wetlands建议我们不要在湿地大叫

43. different kinds of plants各种各样的植物

44. cover an area of...(=be ... in area.)覆盖...的面积

45. square kilometres平方公里

46. the second largest home to red-crowned cranes丹顶鹤的第二大家园

be important to the health of people all over the world 对全世界人们的健康重要

47. not only...but also...不仅...而且...(邻近原则)

48.take a pair of binoculars 带一副望远镜

49.see the birds more clearly 更清晰地看见鸟

50. make beautiful sounds 发出优美的声音

make different bird sounds 发出不同的鸟声

51.at bird shows 在鸟展上

52.birds in the pictures 画里的鸟

53.include birds in their poems 把鸟写进他们的诗里

(v)--including 介词“包括”

54.part of our lives 我们生活的一部分

55.application form 申请表

Let me introduce myself. 让我来自我介绍。

56. call sb. on + (phone number)拨打(电话号码)找某人

57.as a result 因此,结果

58. have made laws to prevent all these things in Zhalong



1. What do cranes look like?

= What are cranes like? = How do cranes look ? 鹤长什么样?

2. How many types of cranes are there in the world? 世界上有多少种鹤?

3. It is a perfect place for some rare birds. 它是适合一些珍稀鸟类生活的完美地方。

4. There are not many cranes left. 没有很多鹤剩下

5. Moreover, fishermen keep fishing there. 此外,渔民们一直在那里捕鱼。

6.Studying Zhalong helps us learn about protecting wildlife.


7.The cold weather made some birds fly south for the winter.


fly to sp. to spend the winter 飞到某地过冬

8. You may get thirsty. 你可能会口渴。

9. What /Anything else? 还有什么?

10. I think it is important for me to do something to protect them.

It is + adj. + for sb. to do sth. 表示对某人来说做某事怎么样

e.g. 对我来说, 解决这道数学题很容易。

It’s easy for me to work out the math problem.


It is dangerous for children to swim in that river.

8A Unit 7 Seasons


1. look cool看起来酷(凉快)

2.the best time to play football outside在外面踢足球的最好时间3.be full of snow充满了雪

4.forget to grow忘记生长

5.fly far away飞得远远地

6.a perfect time to fly a kite放飞风筝的好时节

7.play among flowers在花丛中嬉戏

8.hide from躲避

9.by a pool在池塘边

10. turn brown变成棕色

11. fall into piles upon the ground落成堆在地上

12. harvest crops收割庄稼

13. thyme with与...押韵

14. on a hot summer afternoon在一个炎热的夏天的下午

15. all over the earth整个地面

16. be busy doing sth.忙于做某事

17. once again再次,又

18. fall down掉下来,摔倒在地

19. built Eddie a tent=built a tent for Eddie力埃迪搭建一个帐篷

20. watch sb. do sth.看某人做某事

21. from morning till night从早到晚

22. hate rainy days讨厌下雨天

23. kick the ball踢球

24. catch a bad cold患重感冒

25. have a high fever发高烧

26. cough a lot咳嗽得厉害

27. take me to the hospital带我去医院

28. an awful day糟糕的一天

29. in the late afternoon傍晚,下午的晚些时候

30. drop below zero, to -10℃降到零度以下,到零下10度

31.in the thirties(温度)三十几度

32. the rest of the week -周剩下的时间

33. the lowest temperature最低温度

34.a bit有一点

35. blow hard刮得猛

36. speak louder大声点说

37. cover their faces with scarves用围巾遮住他们的脸

38. causes a lot of problems引起许多问题

39. the best season of the year 一年中最好的季节

40. heavy fog大雾

41. throw snowballs at each other相互扔雪球

42. have big snowball fights打雪仗

43. make snowmen堆雪人

44. look funny看起来滑稽


1.Bring me my clothes, Hobo.霍波,把我的衣服拿来。

2. I bet you'll look cool and feel cool with nothing on!


3.Which is your favourite season?你最喜欢的季节是哪一个?

4.Winter days are full of snow.冬天里充满了雪。

be full of=be filled with意为“充满了,装满了”。

如:The hall is full of students.大厅里挤满了学生。

5.Then hide from the April showers.有时要躲避四月阵雨的突袭。

6.Farmers are busy harvesting crops.农民们在忙于收割庄稼。

7. Mum was making breakfast when l woke up

I was reading a book when it rained heavily this morning.今早我在看书时,天下大雨了。8.I caught a bad cold.我患了重感冒。

9.I had a high fever and coughed a lot.我发了高烧,咳嗽得厉害。

10. The wind will be stronger and the temperature will drop below zero,to -10℃,


11. It will be a beautiful, hot day again today,

12. Sunshine and blue skies will stay with us for

13.The lowest temperature is -9℃.最低温度是零下九度。

14.This is Aunt Jane speaking.我是简阿姨。

如:Who is that speaking? 你是谁?

15. How are you doing? 你身体好吗?

16. I'll ring you again.我将再次打电话给你。

17. Everything is covered in deep white snow.

18. It is exciting to have big snowball fights.打雪仗是令人激动的事情。

19. We throw snowballs at each other, screaming and laughing.


20.What is the weather like then?那时天气怎么样?

8A Unit8 Natural disasters


1. wash away 冲走

2. be all wet 全湿了

3. start to rain 开始下雨

4. wake up 醒来

5. mop up the water 把水拖干净

6. crash into a tree 撞在树上

7. start big fire 引起大火

8. fall from the tree 从树上掉下来

9. a heavy storm with thunder and lightening 伴有雷电的大暴雨

10. catch fire 着火

11.in the early morning 在清晨

12.feel a slight shake 感觉到轻微的晃动

13.hear a loud noise like thunder 听到像雷声的噪音

14. start to shake 开始摇晃

15.scream in fear 恐惧地尖叫

16. run out of the building 跑出楼房

17.try my best to run out 尽我所能的跑出

18.begin to calm down 开始平静下来

19.say to oneself 自言自语

20. calm down 平静下来

21. silent silence silently 安静寂静的

22. not at all 一点也不

23 find one’s way out 找到出路

24. hear about the fire 听说火灾

25. Was anyone hurt? 有没有受伤?

26. fear v fearful fearless 害怕

27. direction n in all directions 方向方位四面八方

28.shout for help 大声呼救

29.pull oneself slowly through the dark 把自己从黑暗中拉出

30.try to find my way out 试着找到我的出路

31.hear some noise above me 听到我头顶上有噪音

32.hear shouts from excited people 听到兴奋人们的叫喊声

33.move away the bricks 移走砖头

34.see the bright daylight 看见明亮的日光

35.as …as possible 尽可能

36.cover your mouth and nose with the wet towel.用湿毛巾盖住你的嘴和鼻子

37.the building on fire 着火的房子

38.go to high ground 去高出

39.hide under strong desk 藏在坚硬的桌下

40.follow traffic rules 遵守交通规则

41.protect yourself from the thick smoke 保护自己免受浓烟

42. tell us to go home early 告诉我们早点回家

43. because of the heavy snow 因为大雪

44. ask me to go home 叫我回家

45. keep following around us 保持跟随在我们周围

46. hear the wind blowing 听到风吹

47. lose my umbrella in the wind 在风中弄丢了我的伞

48. walk slowly in the deep snow 在深雪中慢慢行走

49. arrive at the bus stop 到达汽车站

50. hear the noise of the traffic 听到交通的噪音

51. hit Beijing 袭击北京


1. I was sleeping when it started to rain. 我正在睡觉,突然下起雨来。

2. Didn’t you hear the rain? 你没听到下雨吗?

3. Who will mop up the water if I go without you?


4.I was sleeping when the earthquake started.地震开始的时候我在睡觉。

5.Outside, the people were running in all directions while pieces of glasses and bricks were falling down.


6.I could not see anything at all, and I didn’t know if anyone else was near me.


7.A moment of fear went through my mind, but I told myself to calm down since I was still alive.


8.Luckily, there was just enough space for me to move. 幸运的是,有足够的空间让我移动。

9.I was walking to the bus stop. 我走向公交车站。

10.Were you waiting for a taxi? 你在等出租车吗?

11.He was ringing someone to come and help when you saw us.


12.When/while/As Millie was watching TV, Andy came into the room.

当Millie在看电视时,Andy 走进的房间。

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/20ca557bb207e87101f69e3143323968001cf47b.htmlle was watching TV when Andy came into the room. .

当Millie在看电视时,Andy 走进的房间。

14.When Simon arrived, Amy was getting some snow from the ground. Simon


15. People were trying to clear the snow from the streets.人们试图将街上的雪扫除。

16.What should we do when the earthquake happens? 地震发生时我们应该做什么?

17.What should we do when there is a flood? 发洪水时我们应该做什么?

18.what should we do if our building is on fire? 我们得房子着火了我们应该做什么?

19. I share an umbrella while we were walking to the bus stop. 走向汽车站时我分享我的伞。

20. When we arrived at the bus stop, we saw many people waiting there.