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unit3 单词学案

Part One :words and exoressions

Goals;1)The students can read the words fluently.

2) Learn the bold words by heart and learn to use them freely.

unit3 单词学案

1. solve [s?lv] vt. 解决;解答solution n.解决办法;答案

Eg.1)Who can solve this problem?

2)How to solve this problem?

2. from...on 从……时起

(短语)from now on从现在起; from then on从那时起;from here on此后;从这里开始

Eg.1)From now on,you can work on your own.从现在开始你可以独立了。

2)She never spoke to him again from that day on.





3.as a result 结果


Eg.It was froggy;as a result, the flight was delayed.

(短语归纳)as a result of 作为…….的结果;result from起因;由来(句子的主语为果);result in 导致(句子的主语为因)

Eg. 1)The flight was delayed fog.

2)Hard work success.

3)Success hard work.



so+形容词(副词)+that…/ such+名词+that…

Eg.She is so clever that we like her very much.

She is such a clever girl that we like her very much.

so+many(few,much,little)+名词+that …



2).Tom is ____________boy that he never tells a lie.

Tom is____________boy that he never tells a lie.(Tom很诚实从来不说谎。)

5.explore [ik'spl?:]vt. vi 探测;探索;探究exploration .n

Eg.They explored the bottom of the sea.

We explored several solutions to the problem.


unit3 单词学案

6.anyhow ['enihau] adv. (也作anyway)无论如何;不管怎样;即使如此

1)Anyhow, we should finish the work today.无论如何,我今天必须完成这项工


unit3 单词学案

2) _________, I wish all of you happiness this Christmas.


unit3 单词学案

7.goal [ɡ?ul] n. 目标;目的;球门;得分数;终点

learning goals for vocabulary

Who is keeping goal for Arsena?(谁给阿森纳队守球门?)

kick a goal【足球】踢进一球;踢得一分

8.human race 人类

注意:human being和hunman和human race的区别

human=human being指男人,女人或孩子;人

e.g. Even she makes mistakes occasionally- she is only human.即便是她偶


the human race= humans/human beings,表示人类

9. signal ['siɡn?l] vi.vt.发信号; n.信号

She made a signal with her arm for a left turn.


The thief _____(发信号)(to)his friend that the police were coming.

比较:sign表示标志,招牌,手势等。symbol指象征,代表物. Mark表示记号

unit3 单词学案

10.type[taip] n. 类型 . vt.vi.打字

all types(kinds)of jobs 各种各样的工作

I _____three letters this morning.




11.in a way 在某种程度上

与之同义的词组还有:in one way和in some ways

The work is well done in a way. 从某种程度上说,这工作做得不错。

The changes are an improvement________.


(短语)in the way挡路;造成障碍;no way一点也不,决不;in any way在任何方面;by the way顺便说一下;on the/one’s way (to)在去…….的路上;by way of经由,通过…….

填空:1)..They are travelling to France_________London.

2).Oh,___________,there is a telephone message for you.

3).I am afraid your car is___________.

4)._________will I go on working for that man.(我不再给那个人工作了。)

5).I’ll buy some bread _________ home.

unit3 单词学案

12. arise [?'raiz] vi.(arose,arisen)出现;发生

arise out of/from sth 因某事物而产生,造成,引起

eg:1) .A new difficulty has arisen.

2).A storm arose during the night.

3) Accidents always arise from the carelessness.许多事故都源于粗心。


1) arise vi.不跟宾语,多指产生,发生和出现,通常以抽象名词作主语。

2) rise vi.(rose,risen) 后面不能跟宾语,上升;上涨;起身;通常用于日,


3)raise vt. 后面跟宾语,举起;升起;提高;引起,激起(某事物);饲养”,(1)raise one’s hand(2)raise a question(3)raise children相当于bring up(4)“筹集”raise funds


1)He his arms above his head.

2)The sun at seven o'clock.

3)Are there any matters ____________the minutes of the last meeting..(关于上次会议的记录有没有问题?)

unit3 单词学案

unit3 单词学案

14.electronic[,ilek'tr?nik] adj. 电子的。electronics n.电子学

unit3 单词学案

electricity [,ilek'tris?ti] n. 电力;电流

an electronic calculator电子计算机electronic music电子音乐electronic mail(e-mail) 电子邮件electronic mailbox电子信箱

15.deal with处理;安排;对付


We must deal with this problem as soon as possible.


Deal with a man as he deals with you . 以其人之道,还治其人之身。


The book deals with the questions of maths.

比较:do with 与deal with

两者都可以表示“处理”,但在特殊疑问句中,do with与what连用,deal with 与how连用。Eg:What do you do with the wounded?= How do you do with the wounded?

练习:1)..He made a speech at the conference,________folk music.

2).Last summer I took a course on______poisonous gases.

A.how to deal with

B.what to deal with

c.how to be dealt with D.what to be dealt with

16..watch over 看守;监视;照料

1)It was my duty to watch over the children.

2)Will you (看守)my clothes while I have a swim? Answers:2. 1).From then on he knew she would win. 2)From now on,we should work hard. 3.1)as a result of 2)results in 3)results from 4.1) I had so little money that I was unable to buy anything. 2).so honest a;such an honest 6.2)anyhow 9.signaled 10.typed;1)Which type of tea do you prefer? 2)My secretary types well. 11.1)by way of 2)by the way 3)in the way 4)No way 5)on my way 12.1)raised 2)rose 3)arising from 15.1)dealing with 2)A 16.wacth over

Spelling exercises:

1. As soon as the students of geology arrived on the island, they were eager to ______(探索).

2. You should ________(简化) the procedure—it’s too complex (复杂的).

3. Music is the ________ (通用的) language of human beings.

4. He set a ________ (目标)for himself of exercising at least three times a week.

5. Unexpected difficulties a________ in the course of their experiment.

6. With the help of his friends, he finally s_________ the problem.

7. It may rain, but a_________ I will go out playing basketball.

8. There are different t________ of blood, as you know.

9. He said he w ouldn’t come, so his sudden a____________ surprised all of us. Answer: 1. explore 2. simplify 3. universal 4. goal 5. arose 6. solved 7. anyhow

8.types 9.appearance