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Choose the best answer from the choices given and put the letter A,B,C or D in the brackets·

1.My entire ______ amounted to only 100 yuan after I bought a car.()

A.savings B.saving

C.save D.saves

2.One and two ______ three.()

A.made B.make

C.will make D.is making

3.My boss ______ a rise in my salary for years,but nothing has happened yet.()

A.is promised B.is promising

C.has been promising D.promised

4.Much to my satisfaction,I noticed that my son’s performance at school ______.()

A.was being improved B.Was been improved

C.has improved D.had improved

5.The workers insisted on ______ the task and promised to fulfil it in time.()

A.being given B.giving

C.having been given D.given

6.If Tom had prepared well for the final exam,he ______ it.()

A.wouldn’t fail B.couldn’t fail

C.wouldn’t have failed D.didn’t fail

7.A study concerning marriage shows that a couple ______ stay in harmony for about one or two years before they begin to find fault with each other.()

A.should B.must

C.need D.may

8.There’s not much point ______ about it any further.()

A.argue B.to argue

C.arguing D.being argued

9.We must get the work ______ as soon as possible.()

A.do B.doing

C.done D.to do

10.In no country ______ Britain can one experience four seasons in the course of one single day.


A.better than B.more than

C.rather than D.other than

11.I would have paid ______ for this dress because I really like it.()

A.as much twice B.as much two times

C.twice D.twice as much

12.When I called him last night,he was reading ______ story.()

A.an exciting old detective B.an old exciting detective

C.an exciting detective old D.a detective old exciting

13.I saw her talking ______.()

A.in the library yesterday with a young man

B.in the library with a young man yesterday

C.with a young man yesterday in the library

D.with a young man in the library yesterday

14.I want to tell you that I sympathize ______ you in your afflictions.()

A.for B.to

C.of D.with

15.I hope that the little ______ I’ve done is of some help to you.()

A.that B.which

C.what D.when

16.After his wife died,the goals ______ he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him.()

A.after which B.for which

C.with which D.at which

17.We met a boy and a girl.The boy, ______ we asked,told us the way.()

A.that B.which

C.whom D./

18.What my wife said and thought ______ none of your concern.()

A.is B.are

C.was D.were

19.Nobody but Smith and John ______ in the lab yesterday.()

A.are B.had been

C.were D.was

20.When my grandfather told us a story, he would begin like ______:a long,long time ago....


A.these B.those

C.this D.that


Section A:Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the group.


21.isn’t, doesn’t, don’t, it, they, they’re

Five pounds __________ buy as much as __________ used to.

22.a,the, some,any, an,such

Kalamata produces ______ of the best olive oil in the world;it’s ______ oil of very high quality.23.repairing, repaired, being repaired, calls, calling,called

His car was still ______ when he ______ the garage.

24.would be,is,be, are,will be,have been

It ______ absolutely essential that all the facts ______ examined first.

25.whether, when,where, is a girl, a girl, being a girl

_______ still ______ of ten,she was able to speak three foreign languages.

26.which, which,who,who,whom, whom

I share a room with a boy ______ is a philosophy student and ______ 1ikes to sit up half the night discussing philosophy.

27.is,was, were,itself, oneself, themselves

Chicago Bulls _____________ enjoying ____________ at the celebration party for the fifth NBA championship.

28.it, him,this,that, which, and

They tried to put ______ into my head ______ he was the right person for the job,

Section B:Fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets. Make changes or add something where necessary.(共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

29.Nobody agreed with you,______ (they)?

30.They wouldn’t let their cat outside ______ (fear) it would get run over.

31.Homework should not be used as a ______ (means) of controlling children.

32.When you run,______ (foot) leaves the ground before the other comes down.

33.We decided to have a ______ (week or so) break in Paris after a month’s hard work.

34.Just now I ______ (see) a man with a scar across his race come out of the shop.

35.I ______ (want) to call you but my phone broke down.

3 6.It ______ (rain) hard,but no one stopped working.

37.If it ______ (not be) for the rain,we would have had a good harvest.

38.If I ______ (stop),there wouldn’t have been an accident,but the road was too slippery.

39.He hates ______ (can)Donald Duck.

40.______ (catch) in a traffic jam,it is easy to lose patience.

41.Mary’s ______ (nice) of the four girls in the family.

42.The quicker you get ready, ______ (soon)we’11 be able to leave.

43.His ______ (fondness) collecting stamps was such that nearly half his income went into this hobby.44.After ______ (go)mor e of life’s ups and downs,I decided that it was time for me to pursue what was important:it was time to fulfill my life’s dream.

45.______ (see) that he’s been off sick all week he’s unlikely to come.

46.They have four children,all ______ (of) are now at school.

47.Bread and milk,______ (have) been my breakfast for years.

48.______ (seem) to be little enthusiasm for your idea.


Correct one error in each of the following sentences.

49.I felt relaxed after an hour and a half test.

50.According to his visiting arrangement,the Prime Minister will speak on television tonight.

51.The judge ordered that the witness told the truth.

52.If I were you,I will not do that.

53.The Straits of Gibraltar have not lost its strategic importance.

54.They want at least their double salaries.

55.He would rather listen to others than to talk himself.

56.Barking furiously, I led the dog out of the room.

57.Weakened by his last illness,I fear that another winter in this country wou1d kill him.

58.The boy does not smoke,not drink alcohol,and not idle away his time.

5 9.The ocean,as well as the gulf and the bay, provide good fishing.

60.Not a single word he can read and write.


Rewrite the following sentences as required.

61.Adding a suitable tag to the following statement:

Nothing could make me give it up.

62.Strengthening the force of the following command:

Stop lying to me.

63.Using a non-finite verb form:

The witness reported that he had seen a dark saloon car parked outside the bank at the time of the robbery.

64.Combining the two sentences by using a relative clause:

The millionaire has made a public appeal.His son ran away from home a week ago.

65.Combining the two sentences by using a conjunct:

Sidney was lively and talkative.His brother was quiet and reserved.

66.Using a disjunct:

It is hoped that the two sides may come to an agreement on this issue.

67.Using discontinuity:

Many ways to use small and simple machines to process large and complicated machine parts have been found.

68.Using inversion:

There was a sudden gust of wind and his hat went away.

69.Using a modal auxiliary:

I can’t believe that they have been waiting so long.

70.Using whatever cohesive device is appropriate:

Those who most deserve defeat rarely seem to suffer defeat.

71.Using whatever cohesive device is appropriate:

To guard against lost luggage,buy brightly coloured luggage or wrap bags with a belt so other passengers will not mistake your luggage with their own luggage.

72.Using subjunctive mood:

He isn’t the boss here,but he speaks in a way that makes people believe he is.


Answer the following questions.

73.What do you think of the change of tense from the traditional sixteen tenses to two tenses?

74.What is information structure?