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1. According to Jones, why do top students take notes in class?

C. Because teachers will test you on what they believe to be important.

2. What is special about Jack Smith's "homemade" system?

A. He compares his notes from the lecture with those from his reading.

3. What does Anderson do right before the bell rings? B. He writes a short summary of the main ideas of the lesson.

4. What does class participation involve?

D. Both A and B.

5. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

A . Secrets of successful


6. What does the speaker think about the educational system that focuses on academic performance?

C. It neglects students' abilities in other areas.

7. According to the passage, what has happened to some children in the academic classes in high school?

A. They have lost their interest in learning.

8. What does the speaker think about students who haven't scored well on the math section?

B. They are not intelligent.

9. What may happen to weak children in a separate class?

C. They may become even weaker.

10. What is the main idea of the passage?

D. The advantages and disadvantages of our educational system.

1. Why did the number of pandas drop sharply this century?

B. The change of bamboo forests into farmland.

C 2. What is the strange nature of giant pandas mentioned in the passage?

C. Solitary.

D 3. Why is the breeding program not a success?

D. The panda likes to live alone.

C 4. Why did people start debating about the use of cloning in conservation? C. Because the breeding method is unsuccessful.

B 5 .What would be the best title for the passage? B. The danger of extinction of the panda.

6. When is the Earth Hour?

C. Saturday, March 28.

B 7. What does the Earth Hour aim at?

B. Calling attention to the dangers of climate change.

A 8. What does leaving lights on during the Earth Hour vote for?

A. Global warming.

B 9. What does the U.N. Secretary-General believe Earth Hour demonstrates? B. People's determination to improve their livelihood.

C 10. What does

environmentalist Mark

Alexander think is


C. To reduce our daily

energy consumption.

1. Which of the

following would be

the best title for the


C. British Culture

Remains Influential

2. How do Brits view the

United States?

A. They admit its


3. What is true of the article

in The Economist?

B. American English is

more influential than British


4. Why does the passage

mention "Big Mac"?

D. To show the growing

influence of American


5. What does the passage

want to prove by

mentioning the movie Lord

of the Rings?

D. The powerful influence

of contemporary British


6. Which of the

following is NOT

mentioned as a reason

why more and more

Western companies

want to do business in


B. China will export more

goods than ever before.

7. How many tips does the

British Embassy in Beijing

give in the passage?

C. Four.

8. What is true of doing

business in the West,

according to the passage?

A. Doing business

usually comes before

developing a relationship.

9. Why is it useful to find a

reliable Chinese ally?

D. All of the above.

C 10. According to the

passage, why should you

never criticize someone in

front of others?

C. It will make it difficult

to make a deal.

1. What is the

passage mainly


C. Ways of preparing for a

blended family.

2. How will children view

the man their single mother

is dating if she says "we're

just friends"?

A. They will find the man


3. How can single parents

benefit from advice?

B. They can see the issue

from a new angle.

4. According to the passage,

which of the following is

true in the case of a


D. Older children have more

problems than younger


5. Which people are

mentioned in the passage

who must make

adjustments in a blended


A. The stepparent and the

biological parent.

6. According to the

passage, which ball

will bounce back if

you drop it?

B. The ball representing


7. What is the possible

consequence of comparing

yourself with others

mentioned in the passage?

C. Undermine your worth.

8. How can we learn to be


A. By encountering risks.

9. What is the best way to

keep love?

A. To give it wing.

10. According to the

passage, what is a person's

greatest emotional need?

D. To feel appreciated.

1. On what day was the

beginning of the new

year first observed in

16th century France?

D. On April 1st.

2. On whom did people play

tricks after Pope Gregory

introduced a new calendar?

A. Those who celebrated

the New Year's Day on April


3. How did French children

fool their friends?

B. By putting a paper fish on

their friends' back.

4. What is mentioned as a

common trick in the United


C. Saying "Your shoelace is


5. What is considered the

cleverest April fools joke?

D. One that makes

everyone laugh, including

the victim.

6. Which of the

following is true of the

origin of Halloween?

B. It began in Ireland to

celebrate the harvest.

7. According to the passage,

why did people made

bonfires on 31st October?

C. To avoid sickness and

other problems.

8. When did Hallow start to

be celebrated in the United


A. In the 19th century.

9. If you do not give sweets

to children on Halloween,

what might they do?

B. Play a trick on you.

10. According to the

passage, what will

Mexicans do on The Day of

the Dead?

D. Put food and flowers on

the graves.

1. How many percent

of the courses has the

student missed? (1-5)

D. About 75 percent.

2. What trouble is the

student likely to have?

A. He is likely to fail the

courses and repeat the


3. How important is what a

student says in class?

A. It accounts for 50

percent of the total grade.

4. What does the professor

NOT advise the student to


B. Apologize to all


5. What can we infer from

the dialog?

C. Class participation is an

important part of the


D 1. What is the

WWF? (1-5)

D. A non-governmental,

non-profit organization.

C 2. What is WWF

attempting to do?

C. Both A and B.

C 3. What has WWF done

in China?

C. Established new natural

reserves for pandas.

A 4. How much of the

panda's habitat is under

formal protection today?

A. More than half.

B 5. Which of the

following is NOT mentioned

as WWF's function?

B. Recycling of waste paper.

1. Why has the

woman come out of

the lecture room?


D. She is extremely bored

with the lecture.

2. What does the man think

about university classes?

A. They involve hard


3. What does the woman

say is interesting in class?

B. Students' active


4. What does the man think

about students'

presentation in class?

C. They may talk


5. What does the woman


C. A combination of work

and fun.

1. Which place does

the woman say is in a

mess? (1-5)

B. The living room.

2. How does the woman

know the dinner table is not

yet set?

B. She sees dirty clothes on


3. What does the woman

imply when she says "I

don't care if the Pope is

scoring a goal."?

C. She wants the place to be

cleaned up no matter what

is on the TV.

4. What is the romantic

agreement between the

couple about?

D. Doing the household

chores together.

5. What is the probable

reason for the woman to

say MacDonald's

hamburgers are delicious?

D. She does not want to

take over the cooking.

1. Which of the

following would be the

best title for the dialog?


C. Features of Easter.

2. What do Easter eggs and

a rabbit symbolize?

D. Rebirth, spring, fertility.

3. What stages does Easter


A. Palm Sunday, Ash

Wednesday, and Good


4. What do ashes remind

people of?

C. How Christ suffered on

the cross.

5. What did "Good Friday"

once mean?

C. Holy Friday.


T 1. The two speakers are probably two staff members rather than a teacher and a student.

F 2. The orientation meeting, including a speaker from the international center, will last two hours.

F 3. The placement tests will take 60 minutes.

F 4. The shuttle bus will finish the campus tour at 2:45.

T 5. The man did not agree with the starting time for the oral interviews the woman suggested.

F 1. Both the man and woman are in favor of the ban on plastic lunch boxes.

F 2. The woman says paper products use more energy and resources than plastic ones.

T 3. Many workers in the plastic industry have lost their jobs because of the new regulations.

T 4. The new jobs the government offered to the plastic industry workers are often not as good as their old ones.

F 5. The woman thinks it is easy for workers to adjust to the new changes.

T 1. The speaker is a foreigner who was given a job at a multinational company.

F 2. To work in a transnational company one just requires professional skills.

F 3. Seeing the speaker was looking down at his wet trouser legs, the boss asked, "Got your feet wet?"

T 4. "Get your feet wet?" is American slang, meaning something like, "Have you settled into your new job yet?"

F 5. "It's raining cats and dogs." is a commonly used idiom nowadays.

T 1. The woman asks her husband to leave because her friends are coming for bridge.

T 2. The woman is unwilling to cancel the bridge game because her friends will bring food.

F 3. The man thinks the living room is as cold as a tomb.

F 4. Finally six people play poker together.

T 5. Sally has wanted to learn to play poker for a long time. T 1. The man's initial

plan is to take his

girlfriend out on the

town together with his

male friends.

F 2. The woman advises

the man to offer his

girlfriend pizza and beer.

F 3. The man plans to take

his girlfriend to an

expensive restaurant for a

romantic dinner.

T 4. The woman suggests

to the man a cheap but

romantic way to spend

the Valentine's Day with

his girlfriend.

F 5. The woman hopes the

man's girlfriend will know

who came up with the

idea for the date.

>> What do recent

findings suggest?(13


They suggest that (1) is (2).

>> What is the use of


Its (3) above Earth (4) us (5)

from the sun.

>> How fast was the

atmosphere losing the

ozone layer?..........

答案:1,the destruction

of ozone by pollution ;2,


protects;5,from radiation;

6,8 percent;7,ten-year;

8,1970s;9,last five years;

10,by half ;11,fifty

years away;12,remains in

place;13,the use of a

number of chemicals

>> What did thousands

of people recently

gather for in Maine?


They gathered recently for a

folk festival, an event that

celebrates (1).

>> What are the three kinds

of music played at the festival?...........

答案:1,the traditions of

many of the groups that

have come to America;2,

Chinese instruments;3,

Spanish music;4,music of

the American West;5,five

stages;6,on the grass

under the hot sun;7,cooled

them;8,for sale;9,sold

objects carved from ash

trees;10,knitted and

woven clothing;11,foods

from Greece, Ireland, China

and many other cultures;12,

made people hungry

>> What did millions of

people receive on

Valentine's Day?(14空)

They received (1), or some

other (2), or even just (3)

from someone they care


>> What does a tradition

say about February


答案:1,flowers and


telephone call;4,one day;

5,ask a man to marry her;

6,with their parents;7,

got married;8,at work;9,

by chance;10,Still others;


people together;13,two

people;14,have never seen

each other before

>> What takes place on

November 11th? (11


On that day Americans (1)

men and women who (2).

>> What does the term




served in the United States

armed forces;3,have

served in wars;4,has ever

been in the military;5,

Parades;6,give speeches;

7,remember those who

died in the service of their


members of the armed

services who were killed;10,

recorded stories and

written histories;11,

memorable objects