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1.The mayor decided to condense his speech in order to leave enough time for his audience to raise questions.


2.It was reported that there was a vehicle missing every 20 seconds in the US. If the trends continue, experts predict annual vehicle thefts could exceed two million.


3.Researchers put patients through a set of psychological tests to determine the negative consequences of sleep deficit.


.4.Too much exposure to dirty air can cause people to suffer from allergies and diseases

that will eventually affect people's health.


5.Moving forward even in the face of great difficulties has become my most important asset

in my life since it has helped me accomplish something remarkable.


6.The lawyer proclaimed they couldn't jump to conclusions because acceptable conclusions must be supported by adequate acts and evidence.


7.To help the employees be more communicative, the company is offering workshops for those who may be professionally competent but socially awkward.


8.Most parents, in fact, aren't very helpful with the problems that their sons and daughters have in adjusting to their college life.


9.You can count how many students passed an exam, but psychological and emotional feelings cannot be precisely measured.


10.In short, participation in sports is extremely beneficial for college students not only physically but also emotionally and socially.


1.Since we have invited all the other neighbors to our 25th wedding anniversary party, we feel obliged to invite the Browns too.

既然我们邀请了所有其他的邻居参加我们的第二十五个结婚纪念日聚会,我觉得也有必要邀请布朗一家。2.Most of the time, no one will care about natural disasters, and they won't be serious about avoiding disasters till one has really struck.


3.When you run into a friend that you haven't seen for a long time and have a good chat with him, you may feel very happy and delighted.


4.It is very important to distinguish between facts and opinions in order to have a better understanding of what a reading passage is talking about.


5.Though he was very excited about being elected as the president of the student association, many extra responsibilities have been thrust upon him ever since then.

尽管他对当选学生会主席感到非常兴奋,但从那时起,他肩负起了许多额外的责任。6.The doctor, having no knowledge that I was allergic to his particular drug, prescribed the medicine.


7.It's understandable that, without any support, a 16-year-old can easily get lost in a committee of people in their forties.


8.It is hoped that some new high-tech companies will be attracted to this small, old town to encourage loans for building houses and factories.


9.It doesn't make sense to buy that expensive coat when these cheaper ones are just as good.


10.A few years later, Franklin got married, started his own printing shop, and was looked upon as a successful young businessman.



1.In our class, most discussions and activities take place in assigned small groups. These groups provide a supportive and safe environment that promotes learning.


2.It is the development strategy of the company to accelerate its overseas expansion in order to take a slice of the world market.


3.Nearly six million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year, attracted by the mystery of her smile. When you're not looking at her, she seems to be smiling; when you look at her, she stops.


4.To live with a family whose native language is English is the ideal way to further improve one's English and to gain insight into its culture.


5.here is a real need to boost academic achievement in schools and help with the development of

a student's overall character.


6.Einstein said his scientific discoveries grew from his imagination rather than from analysis reason and language.


7.Being a single parent, there is no way for her to calculate he time and energy she has devoted to her children for the past 10 years.


8.It is essential that you start by listening because one of the main barriers teenagers and their parents face in forming positive relationships is that neither listens to the other.


9.We all know the dangers of an earthquake: the destruction to buildings, the troubles can be caused by falling trees, and the terror occurs when the earth actually opens up.


10.Not until recently have we realized that the increasing world population may lead to a potential gloomy Prospect for humanity: starvation.


1.Because women often restrict their diet in an effort to control weight, they may not consume enough iron-rich food and are liable to experience an iron deficiency.


2.Some reform advocates ignore the impact of class size on student achievement, and they are

in favor of what they call as a priority: teacher effectiveness.


3.Because of easy access to the Internet, the new breakthrough to create something truly creatives bound to happen anytime now.


4.Indeed, if teachers want to speculate about how far students might get in life, a better measurement than grades might be how hard the students try.


5.Nature has (1)invested these animals (2)with a capacity for not showing fear.


6.During the weeks of discussion, delegations from groups who are interested in the resolution may call on representatives to stand up for their point of view.


7.Plato was a superb writer, and his works are part of the world's great literature. Most of his existing work is in the form of dialogs and letters.


8.Young people should enter into a broad flexible training program, through which they can learn

a lot and be prepared for their future careers.


9.The young man is very happy and proud to be in the company of the old professor because he always feels great when talking with him.


10.One day they passed more than 20 villages in succession,and some of these are said to have stretched for six miles or more.



1.rnest Hemingway's keen insight into his society, ardent love for people and perceptive abilities helped him to form his own (peculiar) characteristic of writing.


2.The project is on the point of collapse, and unless something very (radical) is done to repair the damage there will be no hope for the project.


3.It's not unusual for teenagers to go through a(n) Phase when they feel ashamed of their parents, afraid that they might not live up to their friends' standards.


4.It is sensible for every family to make earthquake emergency plans and know how to leave the area during the chaos following an earthquake.


5.Economists are interested in all the factors that can help to predict the extent to which a price change will affect supply and demand in the market.


6.Starting Monday, all foods labeled"organic" must be up to the strict national standards that the government decided to put into effect now.


7.There is more to a woman than her looks, so I resent the fact that after a woman grows old and loses her looks people stop paying attention to her.


8.Apart from technological development, the 20th century witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural transformation.


9.Unlike the practice in China, if you're at a hotel restaurant in the United States, expect a 15-20 percent service charge or add the equivalent amount yourself.

与中国的做法不同,如果你在美国的一家酒店餐厅就餐,你可以要求15- 20%的服务费,或者自己加等量的服务费。

10.The change in smoking habits parallels a change in the incidence of lung cancer. The more people smoke, the more chances of occurrence for lung cancer.


1.As the result of her divorce, she was obviously saddled with the double burden of playing the role of both mother and father.


2.Do not be intimidated by people who think they are smarter than you, and don't back off when facing competition; inner confidence is important.


3.As our sweet childhood gives way to adolescence's temptation of love, we begin to learn, as adults, that most pleasures do not last forever.


4.In the economic recession, employers resorted to the reduction of costs, most particularly in wages, in order to survive in the competitive world markets.


5.People from abroad can take part in the intensified language program because schools have to make allowances for students whose English is not their first language.


6.alking about negotiations, once an agreement is made, the Chinese sometimes wonder at the slow pace in which Westerners implement the decision.


7.Earthquakes occur without warning; however, it is claimed that some animals can feel earthquakes prior to occurrences because of their highly sensitive organs.


8.An allowance can be based upon your child's age, your own financial resources, the expenses it will cover and the goals you and your child wish to accomplish.



1. When the police caught up with him, Mr. Foster had to confess that he'd broken the speed limit.


2.Whenever my boss makes a decision that I don't agree with, I tell him what I really think, though it's tempting to make him happy by telling him his ideas are always right.



3.As can be probably perceived, a manned trip to Mars may soon commence since scientists have achieved the manned moon mission.


4.A number of countries are coordinating their efforts to send out food to the area worst affected

by the flood.


5.State governments and the colleges themselves have granted financial help to students with special abilities and those with financial needs.


6.The committee agreed that his papers deserved a wider circulation because of their essential and fundamental interest to a larger audience.


7.The anger and frustration displayedn by the local people who do not understand what is happening to them will be a terrible and dangerous force.


8.Americans defend the right to obtain a gun, and they have consequently been willing to turn a blind eye to the harm that people owning guns have caused.


9.As the finance ministry rejected the deal for its "lack of clarity", it lodged a complaint with the European Commission that this deal was against the law.


10.Dogs cannot distinguish the color of traffic lights, so the master must make the decision of when it is safe to proceed across the road.


1.She authorized her partner to carry out the daily responsibilities on her behalf when she was on her business trip.


2.On hearing the latest news about your mother's ill health, I took the liberty of canceling your reservation at the Sheraton.


3.There was an obvious indication that the police who have to enforce the new law were not immune to the general discontent.


4. When she heard of her failure in the experiment, her eyes were filled with tears; whether it was of shame, frustration, or grief was difficult to tell.


5.Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are aimed at making her fall in love with him.


6.Expelled from public school for drinking and smoking and then failing in show business as a singer, she joined her father's business 10 years ago.



7.Since the great scandals in banking, many people in the country have been pessimistic about

the prospects of economic recovery within a few years.


8.The parents were quite happy to go along with our suggestion because it had taken their most important concerns into consideration.



1.The "discipline" message asks people to save, while the "enjoy yourself" message asks people to spend; therefore, they contradict each other.

1 “自律”信息要求人们储蓄,而“享受你自己”的信息要求人们花钱;因此,他们互相矛盾。

2.It is a(n) paradox that in some odd way world peace appears to depend on our spending millions of pounds on weapons that can kill us all.


3.It is far more effective for parents to allow for the child's perspective and let him make his own choice rather than make a decision for him.


4.When you are writing any directions for people, you've got to be direct and explicit to make everything rightly understood.


5.The new teaching program was suspended last semester because the teachers in the department protested its demand for more intense work.


6.He is a very considerate and generous person, and he is also one of those who can often derive pleasure from helping others.


7.Many children are addicted to computers, so they often defy their parents and play the computer games for hours every day.


8.My roommate is always very optimistic, and that's why he still retains his good humor after all the setbacks.


9. There is a widely held suspicion that the politician, though retired, still has great power and is manipulating events behind the scenes.


10.The organization has been working with local authorities as well as regional government and officials to tackle the problem of climate.


1.People who work in offices are referred to as "white-collar workers" for the simple reason that they traditionally wear a white shirt with a collar and a tie to go to work.


2.When the police arrived, he had already destroyed the evidence that was at odds with his earlier statement made a few hours ago.


3.In order to persuade his daughter to put off the marriage, the father quoted statistics showing mixed-race couples had higher divorce rates than same-race couples.


4.The mother made the decision to give cough medicine and Aspirin to her sick child without consulting with the child's doctor.


5.Both professional experts and school teachers say that children tend to do their utmost when they see their parents making similar efforts.


6.As she entered the most dynamic period of her career, Kylie took stock of her success and tried to analyze the strong impact of her college education.


7.The chief executive George Grey is confident that current growth levels can be maintained since all the group's development projects stay on track

首席执行官George Grey相信,由于该集团所有的发展项目都保持在轨道上,当前的增长水平可以维持下去。

8.It is very important for students to understand and take in new information. Besides, they should examine and judge information carefully and then make the right decisions.



1.When employees participated in the problem-solving process, they were much more willing to implement solutions to the problems.


2.A strong police force has been placed between the two rival groups in the village to prevent fighting and killing.


3.Although personally we believe this to be of only secondary importance, its potential role in motivating innovative acts cannot be ignored.


4.Though many things have been changed culturally, there is a commitment and sense of responsibility that have not yet been discarded in today's society.


5.Western nations have older and shrinking populations since they entered the 21st century and their fluctuating birth rates have also posed problems.



6.She didn't want to marry him and was prejudiced against him because he had only a bachelor's degree and didn't meet her expectations for marriage.


7.The president is in trouble and will have to work hard to restore his credibility after people discovered that he was not telling the truth.


8.To study a number of subjects in the humanities has been both enjoyable and

Enlightening providing me with a new and different perspective on the world in which we live.


9.People are concerned about the environment issue because air and water pollution not only affects everyone's health but also makes it difficult for businesses to profit


10.Instead of ignoring or envying successful students, I made it my mission to investigate

the mysterious causes of their success and greatness.


1.Though he was 80 years old, blind and hardly able to walk, his family was attached to

him so much that they could hardly bear the thought of his death.


2.The support our volunteers provide to the community as well as society cannot be measured in

purely practical terms, and their continuing contribution is vital.



3.Please don't forget the Tourist Guide, which should come in handy when you travel to different places in Asia and Europe for the next few weeks.


4.These people living in this area are still clinging to their traditions which give their life meaning and help them in answering many questions.


5.You will pay a big price for not learning English; you never know how much you will miss without being able to speak English.


6.If you are exhausted from travel and trying to adjust to a new time zone, you may not be ready

to face the new challenging environment yet.


7.The general manager of the company intends to introduce new management courses, and tighter controls will be imposed on internal management to raise efficiency.


8.Class discussions next week will revolve around the importance of love, communication and a close relationship between parents and their children.



1. It was essential to harness science and technology, not just for the economy but for environmental protection as well.


http://www.wendangku.net/doc/29debcc9a1116c175f0e7cd184254b35eefd1a19.htmlnguage is the symbolic representation of a people, and it combines their historical and cultural backgrounds, as well as their approach to life.

代表一个民族,它结合了他们的历史和文化背景,以及他们的生活方式3.Because of the 3.effective and helpful method, I was disposedo answer all the questions I could, and I never worried about making mistakes.


4.It can be inferred from the passage that the commercial prosperity in Cambridge is due to hi-tech IT companies whose business has been flourishing


.5.You will need to prove that the noise violated the regulations, that your neighbor was causing the noise, and that you attempted to have him stop.


6.Most universities will guarantee your accommodation at least during your first year, but you are likely to share a kitchen and bathroom with other students.


7.We may infer from the report that hackers from outside of the company present a more serious threat to their security systems.


8.She frowned at the business report, making an effort to compose herself before she talked to the employees at the upcoming meeting.


9.A crucial factor is that one witness' evidence, though plausible , may be rejected because it is contradicted by another witness whose evidence is already proved correct.


10.Windsor Middle School has been famous for zero tolerance to violence and emphasis on respect for its students and rules.


1. I surely know it's a good opportunity for us to invest in this housing project, but it all comes down to money in the end; that is, how much money we can afford to invest.


2.Many people take exception to this report because it may imply that women generally have a weaker character and are less responsible for their behavior.


3.There have been big strikes all over the country due to the recent tax reform, but the Prime Minister has made it clear that he won't make concessions to the strikers.


4.What surprised me was that she stared at me for a moment and then burst into laughter suddenly.


5.He would never feel at ease with the French: He will never wear the right clothes, and he will never feel well on goose and red wine.


6.Having expected that she would become the mistress of the household and have much more freedom after her marriage, she was now disappointed on both counts


7.Carl took over the duties and responsibilities of his father in running a manufacturing factory from an early age.


8.Bob was popular with local soccer fans, but his popularity also stemmed from the fact that he made or scored vital goals when they were needed.



1.The main task for the troop there is not fighting but arresting the progress of the enemy army and waiting for reinforcements (援兵).


2. He always anxiously summarizes the concessions which he has made but he almost always omits

to mention those offered by the other party.


3. She was an excellent teacher, whose optional courses on women's writing were very popular among the students.


4.It will be up to the doctor's judgment whether or not the organ can be successfully Transplanted to the child who has been waiting for it.


5.Teachers can no longer use their past experiences to prepare students for their future career;

hence , our young people need to rely on themselves.


6.Accurate and inaccurate information is mixed so naturally that there are no reliable ways to tell what has been twisted and what has not.


7.That wealthy lady's demand on a premarital agreement greatly stung her future husband's pride, and it ended up with his refusal to get married.


8.When I opened the album, I carefully examined every photograph in minute detail by wearing my reading glasses so as not to miss anything.


9.It seems that James has a talent for acting because he can imitate different teachers' speeches perfectly, which really amazes his classmates.


10.Smoking is compared to self-poisoning and self-destroying, thus making the evil effects of smoking cigarettes truly alarming.


1.Some people have persisted in a traditional view that language learning is essentially the same as the learning of grammar or language rules.


2.Regular review of the teaching material in school ensures that the courses provided have relevance to the workplace and what students will do in the future.


3.Job opportunities are expanding rapidly, and more and more people are becoming aware of

online chances that allow them to work at home.


4.They have put old women in nursing "homes", isolated from human warmth and contact, and then complained that they had lost their mental abilities.


5.Some organizations are exploiting local people in the name of scientific research: They are collecting genetic material for commercial purposes.


6.Day care centers for the elderly make a contribution to overall public service; they did a lot to make the life of the old active, valuable and meaningful.


7.The policeman has been occupied with extra duties, so he would not have the time either for answering questions or being interviewed.


8.What the chairman said did not tip the scales much to his advantage; his statement can be only considered as a slim chance for gaining approval.