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1.A car engine cannot run smoothly without motor oil.______ our body cannot function efficiently without vitamins.

A. F ortunately

B. G radually

C. Similarly

D. C onfidently

2.As a poet, he was __his time. His poems, now regarded as classics, were unpopular when he wrote them.

A. close to

B. ahead of

C. because of

D. as for

3.It was foolish of the student to ____his notes during the important test, and as a result, he got punished. A. refer to B. settle down C. account for D. bring out

4.He seems to be doing nothing, but _____ he is just waiting for his chance.

A. certainly

B. gradually

C. frequently

D. actually

5.I couldn’t ____what the American lecturer was saying though I lis tened to his speech carefully.

A. take back

B. take up

C. take in

D. take over

6.—What was wrong with him? —He was suffering from stress _____ by overwork.

A. stood for

B. picked up

C. brought on

D. given out

7.Pleas错误!e ________ the numbers and I’m sure they will ________ more than 1,000.

A. suppose

B. mean

C. assume

D. hope

28.In Disneyland every year, some 800,000 plants are replaced because Disneyland refused to

_____ signs asking his “guests” not to step on them.

A. put down

B. put out

C. put off

D. put up

29.If appearance did not count, why would people ________ for such interviews — even if the job

they are hoping to get is dressed down?

A. stay up

B. hold up

C. pick up

D. dress up

30.Calling an adult Mr. or Ms. s ignals the adult’s authority. When a kid uses a grown-up’s title, it

shows that the adult is ______.

A. in common

B. in turn

C. in charge

D. in height

31.American artist Jeremy Telford made a room with balloons.He got the from Bag End in

the Lord of the R ings, which is a hole in the ground where a Hobbit(霍比特lives in the film.

A. inspiration




32.—The Sandy Hook shooting has pushed the US to think about gun control in the country. —Yes. The gove rn ment needs to people's concerns in a positive manner.

A. clarify



D. address

33.The local people continued to the better management of the limited water resources in the area. A .answer for B.push for C.account for D.cater for

34.To prevent Internet crimes, it is important to make new laws similar to concerning

international airspace. A.that B.those C. one 错误!D.what

35.Mo Yan, this year's Nobel Prize winner for literature, abandons the conventional writing style and advocates his _ way of Magic Realism.

A. permanent

B. confidential

C. unique

D. ambiguous

36.—Could you walk_________ ?We’ll be late.—I’m trying, but my leg hurts.

A. faster

B. sooner

C. earlier

D. further

37.Growing up in a tough environment, the brothers went_________ thick and thin together.

A. over

B. across

C. with

D. through

38.What Mary said sounds reasonable, but________ it’s not true.

A. fortunately

B. actually

C. naturally

D. gradually

39.Mik a el was set free very soon because of a lack of________ that he was guilty.

A. doubt

B. conclusion

C. evidence

D. belief

40.It is required错误!that each restaurant have signs on the walls,saying “ _____ your steps!”.



C.Mind 错误!


41.—I came all the way to inform you of the time and place of the meeting.

—You could have _____ yourself the trouble.





42.—If you like,I can give you a ride home.—That’s a very kind ______ .





43.Don’t blame them any more-this is _____ because they are still young and lack experience.





44.Two friends, Wellman and Corbett, are so close that if one falls, the other is there to ____ him.

A. catch

B. hurt

C. ignore

D. excite

45.—Tickets for Friday? —Sorry, we’ve got _______ left.

A. little

B. none

C. no one

D. neither

46. _______ the school bus safety, measures should be taken before it is too late.

A. As for

B. According to

C. Along with

D. Except for

47.The woman was finally ______ to buy his product, but she soon found it was of poor quality.

A. recommended

B. persuaded

C. required

D. prohibited

48.The clothes a person wears may express his ________ or social position.

A. curiosity

B. status

C. determination

D. significance

49.As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to ________ it.

A. postpone

B. refuse

C. delay

D. cancel

50.We have to give the users something new_______what we’ve already offered, which is the only way to broaden the appeal of the website.

A. regardless of

B. in addition to

C. in exchange for

D. according to


The “Doorman”

On a trip to California, my family stopped for lunch. As we walked toward the entrance to the restaurant, a man, with a 36 beard and dirty hair, jumped up from a bench and opened the door for us.Regardless of his 37 , he greeted us in a friendly way.

Once inside, my daughters whispered, "Mom, he 38 " After we ordered our lunch, I explained, telling the kids to look 39 the dirt.We then watched other customers approach the restaurant but many 40 him.Seeing this rudeness truly upset me.The day I became a mother, I had resolved to set a good 41 for my children.Yet sometimes when things didn't go right, being a good example was 42 When our meal arrived, I realized I had left the car-sick pills in the truck.With the windiest trip ahead, the kids needed them, so I 43 myself from the meal and went to get them.

Just then, the "doorman" was opening the door for a couple.They rushed past him without even acknowledging his 44 Letting them in first, I said a loud "thank you" to him as I 45 .When I returned, we talked a bit.He said he was not allowed inside 46 he purchased food.I went back and told my family his 47 .Then I asked our waitress to add one soup and sandwich.The kids looked 48 as we had already eaten, but when I said the order was for the "doorman" , they smiled.When it was time to 49 our trip, I noticed the "doorman" enjoying his meal.Upon seeing me, he stood up and thanked me heartily.He then 50 his hand for a handshake and I gratefully accepted.I suddenly noticed the tears in his eyes—tears of 51 .What happened next drew great astonishment: I gave the " doorman" a 52 I He pulled away, with tears 53 down his face.

Back in truck, I fell into deep thought.While we can't choose many things in life, we can choose when to show gratitude.I said thanks to a man who had 54 held open a door for me, and also said thanks for that 55 to teach my children by example.

36.A.heavy B.long C.messy D.grey

37.A.service B.appearance C.status D.attitude

38.A.smokes B.smiles C.sniffs D.smells

39.A.beyond B.over C.around D.into

40.A.hated B.ignored C.missed D.refused

41.A.target B.rule C.record D.example 42.A.stressful B.accessible C.awkward D.tough

43.A.excused B.freed C.prevented D.withdrew 44.A.company B.presence C.effort D.attempt

45.A.quitted B.marched C.exited D.approached[ 46.A.before B.unless C.though D.since

47.A.story B.deed C.experience D.demand 48.A.concerned B.shocked C.puzzled D.bored

49.A.make B.start C.take D.continue 50.A.extended B.washed C.raised D.waved

51.A.approval B.affection C.sympathy D.gratitude

52.A.hug B.nod C.lift D.clap

53.A.slipping B.streaming C.rushing D.breaking

54.A.firmly B.constantly C.simply D.politely

55.A.journey B.wisdom C.opportunity D.coincidence


Bertie knew there was something in the wind.His mother had been sad in recent days, not sick, just strangely sad.The lion had just lain down beside him, his head warm on Bertie's feet when Father cleared his throat and began, " You'll soon be eight, Bertie.A boy needs a proper education.We've found the right place for you, a school near Salisbury in England."

His heart filled with a terrible fear, all Bertie could think of was his white lion."But the lion," he cried, "What about the lion?"

"I'm afraid there's something else I have to tell you," his father said.Looking across at Bertie's mother, he took a deep breath.Then he told Bertie he had met a circus owner from France, who was over in Africa looking for lions to buy.He would come to their farm in a few days."No! You can't send him to a circus!" said Bertie."People will come to see him.He'll be shut up behind bars.I promised him he never would be.And they will laugh at him.He'd rather die.Any animal would! " But as he looked across the table at them, he knew their minds were quite made up.

Bertie felt completely betrayed.He waited until he heard his father's deep breathing next door.With his white lion at his heels, he crept downstairs in his pyjamas, took down his father's rifle from the rack and stepped out into the night.He ran and ran till his legs could run no more.As the sun came up over the grassland, he climbed to the top of a hill and sat down, his arms round the lion's neck.The time had come.

"Be wild now," he whispered."You've got to be wild.Don't ever come home.All my life I'll think of you.I promise I will." He buried his head in the lion's neck.Then, Bertie clambered down the hill and walked away.

When he looked back, the lion was still sitting there watching him; but then he stood up, yawned, stretched, and sprang down after him.Bertie shouted at him, but he kept coming.He threw sticks.He threw stones.Nothing worked.

There was only one thing left to do.With tears filling his eyes and his mouth, he lifted the rifle to his shoulder and fired over the lion's head.

56.Bertie's mother was sad probably because she ______.

A.had been seriously ill recently

B.had decided to send Bertie to school

C.knew selling the lion would upset Bertie

D.knew Bertie would hate to go to England

57.The underlined word "they" in Para.4 probably refers to ______.

A.some audience B.other animals

C.Bertie's parents D.circus owners

58.In the last paragraph, the boy lifted the rifle to ______.

A.kill the lion out of fear

B.threaten the lion back to the wild

C.protect himself from the lion

D.show his anger towards his father

59.The passage intends to show that ______.

A.animal-hunting is popular in Africa

B.parents are sometimes cruel to their children

C.animals usually lead a miserable life in circuses

D.people and animals can be faithful to each other



36. C 37. B 38. D 39. A 40. B 41. D 42. D 43. A 44. B 45. C

46. B 47. A 48. C 49. D 50. A 51. D 52. A 53. B 54. C 55. C

56. C 57. A 58. B 59. D