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Ⅰ Reading Compression (课外4篇文章,每篇5题,每题2分,共40分)ⅡVocabulary And Structure (练习册第1~5单元20题,每题1分,共20分)

Ⅲ Close (10 题,每题1分,共10分)

Ⅳ Translation (30分)

一、English To Chinese (教材第1~5单元10题,每题2分,共20分)

Unit One

1、The story of our English language is typically of massive stealing from other language.


2、French ,for example ,has only about 75 000 words ,and that includes English expressions like snack bar and hit parade .

举个例子,法语的词汇只有约75000个,而且还包括了英语的表达,如:snack(快餐馆)和hit parade(排行榜)。

3、Walkman is fascinating because it isn’t even English. Strictly speaking , it was invented by the Japanese manufacturers who put two simple English words together to name their product.


4、How did the language of a small island off the coast of Europe become the language of the planet----more widely spoken and written than any other has ever been? The history of English is embedded in the first words a child learns about identity(I, me ,you);possession (mine ,yours);the body (eye, nose, mouth);size(tall ,short);and necessities(food, water).


5、Identifying similar words, linguists have come up with what they call an IndoEuropean parent language ,spoken until 3500 to 2000 B.C. .


6、Another infusion of words came when Germanic tribes slipped across the North sea to settle in Britain.



Unit Two


1、No matter how long your life is , you will , at best , be able to read only a few books of all that have written, and the few you do read should include the best. 不管在世上活多久,你充其量也只能浏览浩瀚书海中的一小部分,而在你读过的少数书中应包括经典名著。

2、Great books are popular, not pedantic. They are not written by specialists about specialties for specialists.


3、There is one kind of prior reading, however, which does help you to read a great book, and that is the other great books the author himself reads.


4、People regard the “classics” as the great has-beens, the great books of other times.


5、They can be read at many different levels of understanding , as well as with a great diversity of interpretations.


6 、It is our privilege , as readers, to belong to the larger brotherhood of man which ecognizes no national boundaries.


Unit Three

1、Commercial guidebooks usually give a general description of what cultural taboos

a traveler will encounter when visiting a foreign country.


2、A popular American phrase is that “all men are created equal”and Americans quite literally practice what they preach here.


3、Most visitors will notice right away that “proper” dress is not a concern with most Americans.


4、American women are liberated in just about every sense of the word, and visitors should tread carefully if discussing feminism in any form..


5、Utilitarian by nature ,Americans think of almost everything in terms of units to be produced in the most time and cost-efficient manner.


6、The United States is large and varied, and depending on your travel plans, you might find variances to these pointers.


Unit Four

1、The other thing to be avoided is clinging to youth in the hope of sucking vigour from its vitality.


2、I think that a successful old age is easiest for those who have strong impersonal interests involving appropriate activities.


3、Young men who have reason to fear that they will be killed in battle may justifiably feel bitter in the thought that they have been cheated of the best things that life has to offer.


4、An individual human existence should be like a river----small at first ,narrowly contained within its banks, and rushing passionately past rocks and over waterfalls. 一个人的生存应似一条河------起初是细小的,狭窄地被限制在河岸之间,而后它猛烈地冲过岩石,越过瀑布。

Unit Five

1、 I shall never forget my first experience with German proxemic patterns, which occurred when I was an undergraduate.


2、Recently, I obtained an independent check on how Germans feel about visual intrusion while investigating what people look at when they are in intimate, personal, social, and public situations.



3、The American view that space should be shared is particularly troublesome to the German..


4、Public and private buildings in Germany often have double doors for soundproofing, as do many hotel rooms.


5、The open-door policy of American business and the closed-door patterns of German business culture cause clashes in the branches and subsidiaries of American firms in Germany.


6、The orderliness and hierarchical quality of German culture are communicated in their handling of space.


7、Many Americans feel that Germans are overly rigid in their behavior, unbending and formal.


二、Chinese To English (教材第1~5单元5题,每题2分,共10分)

Unit One

descend from: 起源于,遗传于

1、Many modern languages descended from a common parent language.

2、All living creatures are thought to descend from an organism that came into being three billion years ago.

come up with: 提出

1、linguists have come up with what they call an IndoEuropean parent language。

2、She come up with a new idea for increasing sales.

spring from:来源于

1、Printing brought into English the wealth of new thinking that sprang from the European Renaissance.

2、Her interfering ways spring from a desire to see her daughters comfortably married.


1、Since the Renaissance spurred a scientific revolution,English had to accommodate it .

2、It was an article in the local newspaper which finally spurred him into action.



give rise to:导致产生

1、Galileo and Newton were redefining the natural world, which gave rise to words like encyclopedia, explain, gravity, paradox, external and chronology.

2、International support has given rise to a new optimism in the company.

Unit Two


1、It may take time for it to accumulate its ultimate audience.

2、As people accumulate more wealth, they tend to spend a greater proportion of their incomes.

3、He quickly accumulated a great/large fortune.

treat of:论述,有关

1、Whether they be philosophy or science, or history or poetry, they treat of human, not academic problems.

2、The second volume of the series treats of social changes between the wars.

3、He wrote an essay treating of philosophical


1、Just as Euclid illuminates Newton and Galileo, so they in turn help to make Einstein intelligible.

2、The results of the recent research will illuminate the mystery of the creation of the Universe.

3、The whole city was illuminated in celebration of National Day.

4、Various colorful new year posters illuminated the wall.

5、He illuminated the statement with many examples.

6、He made an illuminating remark.

preoccupation with:关注

1、How constant is the preoccupation of men with happiness and justice, with virtue and truth and even with stability and change itself.

2、Lately, his preoccupation with football had caused his marks at school to slip.

3、She has many preoccupations about family at first.

4、His preoccupation with the poor health of his son troubles him greatly.


1、Wisdom is fortified, not destroyed, by understanding its limitations.

Unit Three


1、Commercial guidebooks usually give a general description of what cultural taboos

a traveler will encounter when visiting a foreign country.

2、I encountered many difficulties when I first stated the job.

3、We encountered four enemy aircraft.

hold sway:起主导作用

1、Social customs from the motherland still hold say among many second and third generation American families.

2、Few would deny that Shakespeare holds sway among English play writers.

fret over:烦躁,烦恼,不满

1、The hostess will fret over her perfectly timed meal when you don’t arrive at the appointed hour.

2、She hasn’t made any progress no matter how hard she ahs tried. We fret over her study.

3、Don’t fret over the matter, we will solve the problem.

4、Fretting about it won’t help.

take pride in (be proud of ):为…而骄傲

1、Most American women take pride in the fact that they have a choice between the office or the home(or both).

Unit Four

as regards:在…方面,关于

1、As regards health, I have nothing useful to say since I have little experience

of illness.

2、As regards the potential energy crisis—why aren’t we putting money into serious alternative sources of energy?

3、There are special rules as regard what clothes you should wear at the part.

4、As regards correcting our homework, the teacher always makes us do it ourselves.

on the ground that: 以…为理由

1、I never do anything whatever on the ground that it is good for health.

2、We oppose the bill on the ground that it discriminates against women.

3、Her claim was disallowed on the ground that she had not paid her premium.

4、She divorced her husband on the ground that he did not do his duty.

5、On what ground did you …

guard against:警惕,防止

1、Psychologically there are two dangers to be guarded against in old age.

2、You must guard against any tendency to take your privileges for granted.

3、They have been doing very well, but they should guard against over confidence.

Unit Five


1、Thirty year’s residence in this country and an excellent command of English had not attenuated German definitions of what constitutes an in intrusion.

2、The artillery could only attenuate somewhat the force of the attack.

3、This uninterrupted motion must attenuate and wear away the hardest rocks.

4、Radiation from the sun is attenuated by the earth’s atmosphere.

at stake:在争论中的

1、IN order to understand the various issues that were at stake, it is necessary to refer back to two basic American patterns that are t aken for granted in this country and which Americans therefore tend to treat as universal.

2、In the campaign proceeding the election serious issues were at stake.

take for granted:理所当然


2、It is taken for granted that everyone is equal before the law.

endow with:赋予

1、Distance alone serves to isolate any such group and to endow it with a protective wall of privacy.

2、When god endow human being with brains he does not intend to guarantee them.

go to any length(s):不顾一切,不遗余力

1、German will go to almost any lengths to preserve his “private sphere.”

2、An addict will go to any length to obtain his drug.

He went to absurd length to keep the affair secret.

in view of :考虑

1、It puzzled the Americans that the Germans did not pool their efforts and their scarce materials to create a larger, more efficient space, particularly in view of the very cold spring nights.

2、In view of the weather, we will cancel the outing .