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第二部分基础知识运用( 共30小题;计40分)



31. We grow lots of beautiful flowers in the____. You can go outside and pick some.

A. restaurant

B. museum

C. garden

32.--Did you hear the noise just now? What was that?

--Yes. It _____be a cat. But I'm not sure.

A. can't

B. might

C. must

33. Mike, your grandpa is ill. I'm busy. Please help your mother to look after _______.

A. me

B. her

C. him

34. --Could you tell me_______ every day?

--Certainly. For about 40 minutes.

A.how long you exercise

B. how often you do chores

C. how you get to school

35. Mr.Wang decided ______his free tine helping his friend as soon as possible.

A. to spend

B. spending

C. spend

36. My sister is playing with her toys while I_____ the living room. It is peaceful.

A. am cleaning

B. was cleaning

C. clean

37. The new library ______half a year ago. There are great changes in our town.

A. is built

B. was built

C. will be built

38. Laura has been more _______and she likes talking with people in our town.

A. Serious C. outgoing C. careful

39. --last Sunday was Mother's Day. What was your surprise for her ?

--The first thing _____I did was to make a card for her.

A. who

B. whose

C. that

40. Many doctors and nurses went to Wuhan to save the sick people ______it was really dangerous.

A. though

B. so

C. or


A: Hello. Tom.____41___

B: Hello. Lucy. Pretty good ! It's exciting to see you again at school !

A: Aha. ____42____.

B: Me too. It's long time to study online at home. Would you like to share online studies with me?

A:_ 43___. First, we need to make a study plan.

B: 1 agree. Creating a to-do list first is important.

A: ___44___. Ask your family members not to make noise during classes.

B: What else?

A: Don't chat with your classmates online in class, or you'll miss something


B: ___45___. Thanks for sharing!

A: You're welcome !


七、完形填空。阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容,从A、B、c三个选项中选出可以填入空白处的正确答案。(共计15小题,计20分。A篇每小题2分,计10分; B篇每小题1分,计10分)

If you decide to wear medical masks( 口罩) like this one, it is important to wear and throw it away correctly. If you don't do that, _ 46___protecting you, the mask might hurt you since the germs (细菌) may stay on it.

To wear it correctly, you should put the metal strip at the ___47___ of the mask, place it over your nose bridge and tie the elastic around your ears or behind your head. Make sure the mask ___48___your nose, mouth and face.

After taking away the mask and throwing it in a closed bin, clean your ___49___ with soap and water. Hand cleaning should also be done if you accidentally touch the front of your mask while wearing it. If your mask becomes ___50___as you need to breathe, replace it with a new dry one.

46. A. in order for B. instead of C. because of

47. A. bottom B. back C. top

48. A. covers B. beats C. touches

49. A. hands B. face C. hair

50. A. warm B. cold C. wet


Henry is going through a very hard time. His wife is just dead. He feels that life is ___51____without her. For months, Henry sits in his house doing nothing.

Henry’s__52_____,an old woman named Lisa,sees him from her yard one day.She has not seen him___53____for days.She asks him to come closer to the fence next to her house.

“Hello,Henry!Just look at this fence. It is falling apart. You are strong.Can you help me___54___the fence?”Lisa asks.

Henry is angry inside.He is the one who needs help right now.He thinks the lady is kind of___55__.But she is too old to do that herself.So he agreed.

Henry works on the fence for days.when he finished.she thanks him. Henry smiles for the first time____56___.

“What a wonderful job.Could you please paint it for me.”Lisa says to him.

Henry cannot___57___she is asking for more help . But because he respect her.He doesn’t refuse.He works hard in the hot sun.As their neighbors pass by.they all tell Henry it’s a beautiful job. Henry feels very___58___.

Henry no longer feels life is boring .He___59___understands that Lisa was kind.She knows that staying busy can help him forget his sadness.He helped her,but she truly___60___him.

51. A. hopeful B. meaningless C. fearless

52. A. friend B. boss C. neighbor

53. A. at school B. outside C. in his office

54. A. fix up B. look after C. give away

55. A. shy B. exciting C. impolite

56. A. hours B. months C. years

57. A. agree B. believe C. realize

58. A. happy B. busy C. tired

59. A. finally B. painfully C. seriously

60. A. honored B. saved C. thanked


八、阅读下面出行信息,根据其内容判断句子的正误。正确的涂“A",错误的涂“B". (共5小题,每小题2分;计10分)

Dear Anna,

Congratulations! I'm so excited to learn that you have been chosen to study in Chengdu. Thanks to your hard work , you've realized your dream !

I remember clearly that you went to Chengdu for the first time when you were eight. Ever since you came back to America, you've lost yourself in Sichuan culture and been active to learn Chinese. When you first began to learn Chinese, I thought you would drop it on the way. Surprisingly, no matter how many difficulties you met, you finally stuck to it and did well in the Chinese exams. Now you finally got what you had wanted for a long time. You got the chance to experience life in Sichuan University for two years. You should have it, my daughter, because chances only come to those who are prepared.

When you are in China, you will have to face difficulties or challenges in daily life that you have never met before, but after two years in Chengdu, you'll have a new look at life and at yourself.

Both your father and I are proud of you. Keep it up, my daughter!



61.This is a thank-you letter from a loving mom.

62.Anna has been interested in Sichuan culture since she visited Chengdu for the first time at the age of 8.

63.Anna’s mom was sure Anna could succeed in learning Chinese at the beginning.

64.Mom praised Anna because she is the person who is prepared for chances.

65.Anna will never have difficulties or challenges in Sichuan University.

九、阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。( 共10小题;每小题2分,



Lake Butrint mussel tour in Albania

Taking a mussel (始贝) tour

is one of the best things to do in




66. If you want to visit Butrint, you have to go to the ______of Albania.

A. east

B. south

C. west

67. When can you take a mussel tour?

A.March7, 16:00--18:30.

B. May 23, 11 :00一18 : 30.

C. August 5, I1 :00- 13 : 30.

68. Which of the following can you do during the one-day tour?

A. Drink yellow wine.

B. Learn something about mussels.

C. Take a boat in Greece.

69. If you take the mussel tour, you should pack ______.

A. water

B. a life jacket

C. hats and sunglasses

70. Who is the materials written for?

A. Tourists.

B. Cooks.

C. Fishermen.


Senior high is a beginning of your great adventure. It is a time to challenge yourself to improve. Here are three seniors to share their secrets and advice with you.



71. What is the most helpful in a boarding school according lo Wang Zanduo?

A. Being independent.

B. Being understanding.

C. Being perfect.

72. What word do you think Sun Xiuyuan would say in“find more fun and w______in the world"?

A. waste

B. warmth

C. wars .

73. The underlined word“benefited" in Paragraph 4 means _____in Chinese.




74. After reading the passage, you can infer (推断) that ____.

A. if you want to discover what job suits you in the future, just study harder

B. three seniors share their secrets and advice about the same topie

C. Zhao Yuebei is quite good at making mind maps

75. In which part of a magazine can we read the passage?

A. Social life.

B. Future jobs

C. Student life.



1. When we see someone in trouble, we’re s______ to give him a hand

2 In Liangshan this April, many h_____like firefighters and helpers, were brave enough to fight a forest fire.

3.I hope to keep the old post cards because they bring back sweet m______.

4.Students usually c______ the mountains to the school before the road was built.

5.Many apps for take-away food are w_______used and more than 400 million people called for takeouts in 2019.


A: Hi, Li Jun. How do you feel back to school after a long special vacation?

B : Hi, Wang Tao. Just fine. Because of COVID-19 (新官肺炎),we had to study online instead of having classes at school. However, online learning has its weakness ____1__to face-lo-face leaning. They are different.

A: Well. Every coin has two sides. I like online learning because I had more frequent at home. I could make ___2___ use of my time in class and asked teachers questions online. During every __3___. I might play the piano or listen to music.

B: You really had a happy life at home during COVID-19 . I'd like to tell you some changeable habits. As we know, traditionally, people in Iran(伊朗) shake hands to greet with one __4___. But today, stop COVID-19 from __5_____. people there begin to greet by footshake instead of shaking hands.

A: Sounds interesting. In China, the government took strict controls and advised people not to go out __6___it was necessary.

B: Do you want to know what___7___me most?

A: Hmm... You're interested in medicine and want to be a ___8___. So it must be about them.

B: You're right. Without COVID- 19, I couldn't know the doctor, Zhong Nanshan. He is so responsible for the society. Although he is already 84, he makes his ___9____ to fight.

A: I agree with you. What's more , the rapid speed to build more hospitals ___10____many people.

B: We are quite proud.



A few days ago, Bruce was back home from work and found some writing on the low wall of a house he was walking by. It said,“Happiness is not something you experience; its something you remember.” He was terrible that day and reading it brightened his day a bit. Standing in ___1___for a while, he also wrote one of his favorite sayings down.

The next day Bruce passed by the wall again, he noticed a new saying beside his in the handwriting as the first one. He __2____ a new one. And they kept “communicating” this way for a long time.

One day , he was writing on the wall and the old lady ___3__ is an unfriendly neighbor and the owner of the house saw him. She stepped out. Bruce was afraid and ran away at once . She glanced (憋一眼) at him and then read the words on the wall. Without saying anything to him , she said something to ___4___ and then

moved back inside slowly. Bruce was a little worried for a while, afraid to go back to the wall, but when he __5_____, he found two words in his __6____different handwriting. “Thank you “ Two years later, Bruce saw the old lady sitting in her yard. Warmly ,she greeted Bruce and told him how these words had _7___her and how she was thankful to see the young still stick to some _____8___life.

We become friends now and I have often been __9___to her house for a cup of tea. said Bruce. “This experience has changed my life. Maybe I will never know who wrote that very first saying, but if he is out there. I’ll say “thanks” to that __10____friend.”



Chinese people are eating too much salt. ___1___ .That is much higher than the 6 grams suggested by Chinese Dictary Guidelines.

China now has become one of the countries that lake in the most salt in the world.__2___ If the guide is followed properly, the amount of salt for Chinese people will drop by 20% by 2030. The guide calls for food companies lo reduce(减少) the salt in their products.

The salt ye take in mainly comes from processed food. ___3___A 104-gram bag of classic potato chips has about 0.66 grams of salt, which is over 10% of be daily salt amount that we should take into our body.

A small amount of salt makes food taste better and is important for good health. But if we eat too much of it, it increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart problems and strokes (中风),the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Less salt leads to better health. And there's no need to worry that food will be less tasty in the future. ___4___ You may think your food is not salty enough at first.

However, your taste buds (味蕾) will gradually get used to it. ___5___. More than half of the world's countries have already taken action to reduce the amount of salt used by their citzen(市民). including the UK, Finland and Australia, China News Service reported.



Is the earth the only planet suitable for people to live on in the whole space? Is there intelligent life on other planets? For centuries, human beings are trying hard to find the answers to these questions.

Recently, China has introduced a new space program in order to search for the planets where life can be provided with what they need outside our solar system(太阳系). The program named Miyin (which means voice searching) is planned to be started around 2030. Its purpose is to find somewhere that is possibly suitable for live near the solar system and examine how suitable it is for humans to live on with the help of the most developed equipment.

In fact. humans' tries to find another planet like the earth have never stopped. So, what does a planet suitable for people to live on book like? First of all, the plant should be located around its star in a right area, neither too far nor too close. The

planet should be moving at the right distance from its star so that it's not too hot and not too cold for water to stay on the surface. In some way, the star itself may influence how wide the area is. The hotter the star is, the further away its right area begins, but the wider it could be. Besides, the planet should have the right size. A small planet may have less gravity(引力), which makes it difficult to keep atmosphere around . According to scientists, the perfect one should be earth-sized, full of rocks and located inside its star’s right area.

Although we may still have a long way to go, we have achieved many exciting findings and developments in searching for living things from another planet. For example, earlier last year, China's Chang'e 4 lunar probe (月球探测器) achieved the first soft landing on the far side of the moon and recorded the picture of the lunar surface, discovering the mysterious side of the moon.

Looking back on China's unusual achievements, we have every reason to believe that the Miyin Program will again start a new story in the space examination.

Topic: Searching for _____1___






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31-40 CBCAA ABBCA 41-45ACBDE 46-50 BCAAC 51-60 BCBAC BBAAB 61-65 BABAB 66-70 BCBCA 71-75ABBCC

B卷一、1. supposed 2. heroes 3. memories 4. climbed 5. widely 二、http://www.wendangku.net/doc/32717167094c2e3f5727a5e9856a561252d32191.htmlpared 2. better 3. break\rest 4. another 5. spreading 6. unless 7. moved\touched\ impressed 8. doctor 9. effort 10. surprised

三、1. silence 2.added 3. who 4. herself 5. did 6. completely

7. inspired 8. valued 9. invited 10. unknown

四、1-5 ADFEC 1. planet to live on 2. not only.....but also 3. necessary conditions \requirements 4. keep atmosphere around 5. believe