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3300 练习1词汇专练

1. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's _____.

A. priceless

B. invaluable

C. unworthy

D. worthless

2. The final _____ of the play will take place on Monday. A. action B. performance C. view D. sight

3. To get my travelers' checks I had to have the bank _____ a special check for the total amount.

A. make up

B. make out

C. make for

D. make up for

4. I used to be able to play well but I'm _____ now.

A. out of date

B. out of touch

C. out of practice

D. out of place

5. As soon as the children were _____, their mother got them out of bed and into the bathroom.

A. woke

B. waken

C. wake

D. awake

6. The government's strong action showed its _____ to crush the rebellion.

A. energy

B. brief

C. determination

D. encourage

7. When she heard from the hospital that her father had died, she _____ into tears.

A. burst

B. went

C. exploded

D. fell

8. _____ the English examination I would have gone to the concert last Sunday.

A. In spite of

B. But for

C. Because of

D. As for

9. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good ___ of each other.

A. sum

B. quantity

C. deal

D. amount

10. They always kept on good _____ with their next-door neighbors for the children's sake.

A. friendship

B. relations

C. relatives

D. terms

11. The generation _____ makes it difficult for parents to understand their children's opinions.

A. division

B. gap

C. separation

D. valley

12. If the boy had _____ the dog alone it wouldn't have bitten . set B. left

C. had

D. put

13. I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into _____ when judging my examination.

A. regard

B. account

C. thought

D. observation

14. Roses are quite _____ flowers in English gardens. A. ordinary B. common

C. usual

D. general

15. We can't _____ one to change the habits of a lifetime in a short time. A. hope B. wait C. expect D. imagine

16. Jack is good, kind, hard-working and intelligent. _____, I can't speak too highly of him.

A. As a result

B. By the way

C. In any case

D. In a word

17. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above _____. A. average

B. ordinary

C. regular

D. normal

18. He has left his book here on _____, so that you can read it. A. purpose

B. design

C. aim

D. meaning

19. The open university was started in order to help those who _____ having a university education when they were young.

A. stopped

B. failed

C. missed

D. paused

20. His _____of the aeroplane was correct in every detail and could really fly.

A. shape

B. pattern

C. design

D. model

21. It isn't so much whether he works hard; the question is whether he works _____.

A. above all

B. in all

C. at all

D. after all

22. Mary had taken _____ to see that her guests had everything that they could possibly want.

A. efforts

B. pains

C. attempts

D. advantage

23. Comrade Li Dazhao, _____ librarian of Beijing University, was one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party.

A. sometimes

B. sometime

C. some time

D. some times

24. Alice was very sorry to hear that her grandmother had _____ two days before.

A. broken off

B. passed off

C. given away

D. passed away

25. Radar enables the pilot of an airliner to take off, fly and land in _____.

A. danger

B. comfort

C. continuity

D. safety

26. Our Party has always devoted great attention to raising the living _____ of the working people.

A. cost

B. situation

C. level

D. standard

27. It was _____ by the railway board that the cost of rail fares would be increased

by ten percent.

A. noticed

B. stated

C. suggested

D. noted

28. I ____ her not to walk on the thin ice but she would not listen to me. A. warned B. persuaded C. suggested D. notice

29. The microphone enabled them to keep in touch, in other words, it made it _____

for them to contact each other.

A. likely

B. capable

C. possible

D. probable

30. In spite of the thunderstorm, the children slept _____ all night. A. densely

B. soundly

C. loudly

D. noisily

31. He thought this was the first pair of shoes that had fitted him _____. A. perfectly B. justly C. fairly D. rightly

32. The _____ of his clothes indicated too clearly that he had been playing football.

A. state

B. condition

C. occasion

D. situation

33. Stressful environments lead to unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating habits, which _____ increase the risk of heart disease. A. in turn B. in return C.

by chance D. by turns

34. And you find that you're not to be _____ with a position of real responsibility.

A. offered

B. trusted

C. furnished

D. equipped

35. There was a good _____ of the countryside from the front of the bus. A. sight B. view C. scene D. scenery

36. I could tell he was surprised from the _____ on his face. A. appearance B. view C. sight D. expression

37. I'd like to take _____ of this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation.

A. profit

B. benefit

C. advantage

D. interests

38. If you ever have the _____ to go abroad to work, you should take it. A. possibility B. offer C. luck D. chance

39. The room was so quiet that she could hear the ____ of her heart. A. hitting

B. beating

C. tapping

D. knocking

40. I think we should let Maria go camping with her boyfriend. _____, she's a big girl now.

A. Above all

B. After all

C. First of all

D. For all

41. He has recently ____ chess to provide himself with some relaxation. A. taken on B. taken up C. held on D. held up

42. What a terrible experience! _____ , you are safe, that's the main thing.

A. Somehow

B. Anyhow

C. Somewhat

D. Anywhere

43. The driver can adjust the heating in winter and the air conditioning in summer to suit his own _____.

A. reference

B. preference

C. convenience

D. selection

44. Some areas, _____ their severe weather conditions, are hardly populated.

A. due to

B. but for

C. in spite of

D. with relation to

45. If we can _____ our present difficulties, then everything should be all right.

A. get off

B. come across

C. come over

D. get over

46. I shall take you back to Beijing _____ you are well enough to travel.

A. presently

B. promptly

C. immediately

D. shortly

47. Don't go too far into the sea, children, or the waves will _____ you off your feet. A. flow B. cut C. press D. sweep

48. The current political _____ of our country is favorable for foreign investments.

A. climate

B. weather

C. state

D. occasion

49. My house is very _____ for getting to work as it is only a few minutes from

the station.

A. comfortable

B. suitable

C. convenient

D. free

50. She chose cushions of a color which would _____ her carpet. A. equal B. agree C. help D. match

51. I have such a bad cold that I have lost all _____ of smell. A. degree B. sense C. strength D. scent

52. There was a large box behind the door and Peter couldn't _____ falling over it in the darkness.

A. help

B. resist

C. avoid

D. prevent

53. If you put too many potatoes in that paper-bag it will _____. A. fail B. explode C. block D. burst

54. I'm afraid you have no _____ but to come along with us.

A. possibility

B. permission

C. choice

D. selection

55. I shall never beat John at tennis; we are clearly not in the same _____. A. set B. band C. group D. class

56. As soon as Charles had _____ a little from his surprise, his one thought was to get away.

A. returned

B. absorbed

C. dissolved

D. recovered

57. The thieves _____ him _____ in the park, took his wallet and escaped.

A. held .. back

B. held .. up

C. held .. on

D. held .. out

58. The two dogs started to fight, so we tried to _____ them. A. split B. separate C. tear D. divide

59. Carl wanted to play a joke on Bob but gave himself _____ by laughing.

A. away

B. in

C. out

D. up

60. He offered to _____ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.

A. lend

B. help

C. show

D. loan

61. It was the largest experiment we had ever had; it _____ six hours.

A. ended

B. finished

C. prolonged

D. lasted

62. Psychological studies show that some people are quick-tempered _____.

A. at heart

B. on purpose

C. in person

D. by nature

63. I broke my relationship with John because he always found _____ with me. A. error B. mistake C. fault D. failure

64. He is the rudest man I have ever met. Jane, his present secretary, is the only person who can _____ him.

A. respect

B. stand

C. support

D. dislike

65. _____ up children properly is mainly their parents' duty. A. Growing B. feeding C. Bringing D. Raising

66. Margaret liked all her classes, but she liked sewing class _____. A. above

all B. in general C. after all D. in particular

67. This book is said to be a special one, which ___ many events not found in

other history books.

A.writes B.covers C.prints D .reads

68. The train was __to arrive at 11:30, but was an hour late.

A.about B.likely C.certain D. supposed

69. - Mum, it is nice weather. I want to skate this 't you think the ice on the

lake is too thin to __your weight?

A. stand

B. bear

C. catch

D. take

70. The happy look on his face __ that he had passed the final examination


A.explained B.suggested C. expressed D. described

71. -Why did she spend so much time searching shop after shop only for a blouse

-Oh, she was very __ about her clothes.

A. pleased

B. particular

C. worried

D. curious

72. The conference gives a chance for people of different __ to exchange.

A. points

B. thoughts

C. views

D. ways

73. I think it____ to let farmers have their own land. In that way, they can farm

the land by themselves, and food

production will be higher.

A. no good

B. makes sense

C. talks sense

D. usefulness

English teacher ______ our buying a good English-Chinese dictionary.

A. asked

B. ordered

C. suggested

D. required

rescue team made every ______ to find the missing mountain climber.

A. force

B. energy

C. effort

D. possibility

76. ----Are you free after school ----Sorry. I’ve planned to treat a friend of mine to dinner ______ for his help.

A. in order

B. in turn

C. in return

D. in honour

77. The new law will come into ______ on the day it is passed.

A. effect

B. use

C. service

D. existence

78. ----What a pleasant ______ these trees give us! ----Why not stop and enjoy the cool air?

A. shade

B. shadow

C. picture

D. scene

79. However, at times this balance in nature is ____ , resulting in a number of possible unforeseen effects.

A. troubled

B. disturbed

C. puzzled

D. confused

80. ---Brad was Jane’s brother! ---____. He reminded me so much of Jane!

A.No doubt

B. Above all

C. No wonder

D. Of course