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1.He was (crippled) with polio when he was only 5 years old.

2.With his head (bare), he ran out of the into the freezing wing.

3.With three year’s schooling, he could only find a part-time as a (porter ) at a railway station.

4.These problem are too serious to be (ignored) any more.

5.I felt much better after the nurse (rubbed) my stiff aching back.

6.She has got talent ,but if she wants to become a famous musician she still needs (coaching).

7.He has got cancer and is now receiving medical (treatment) in the hospital.

8.He wants to (retire) early because of his poor health.

9.The children seem to be happy at the school, but I think they lack (discipline).

10.During her (senior) year in university, she found a part-time job as a translator to get some

real experience.

11.It was my mother who(encouraged) me to find a job with publice relation company.

12.Isn’t it marvelous that such a huge roof (supported) by one single pillar?

13.The people in this region have long (suffered) from repeated wars.

1.He planned to (retire from) his directorship next year because of his age.

2. A lot of people (died of) hunger after the flood destroyed all their crops that year.

3.Mozart is dead but his music (lives on).

4.After fierce competition our team finally (qualified for) the semifinal.

5.She (learned about) her son’s success in the newspapers.

6.This artist is much (look up to) for his oil paintings.



He hopes he can set a world record in the 100-metre race in the next Olympic Games and the retire with honor。

2. 他不幸患上了癌症,更糟的是他没有足够的前去治疗。

His unfortunate suffering from cancer (cancer), the worse (make matters worse) is that he did not have enough money for the treatment.


I believe that these scientists on the Government's decision-making are a lot of great


4. 他因为闯红灯而出了车祸,不幸致残。

Him out because of a red light accidents, unfortunately maimed



The porter to carry the goods accidentally sprained his legs, the doctor suggested that he do a daily massage on the legs to adjuvant therapy.

6. 她们的教练虽然严厉却受到了她们的尊敬

Their coach has been severely Although their respect.

1. A lot of people are very interested in (private) life of famous people.

2.She (resigned) from her job and left the company.

3.Right now the company (is researching) for a new CEO who can lead it into the international


4.His (injured) leg always aches on raining days.

5.This company was (established) in 1901, giving it a history of more than one hundred years.

6.Thousands of people had died in the (disaster) before the government started to help.

7.Her toy broken, the little girl ran to her mother for (comfore).

8.The team’s success was largely (due to) her tireless efforts.

9.It rained cats and dogs on the day we arrived,but the (following) day wan quite sunny.

10.Miss James (served) three bosses in her thirty year’s career as a secretary.

11.The policy of (equal) pay for(equal) work has been in place in China for over 50 years.

12.Parents should (insiis) that their children watch TV only after finishing their homework.

13.Since the company (has provided) him with a car, Mike no longer takes a bus to go to work.

1.She treated injured pets and cared for her brother when he suffered from a fall from a barn.


2.They wanted to pay her less money because she was a women, but she insisted that they pay

her a wage equal to what they were paying the men clerks.

他们想少付她工资,因为她是女性,但她坚持要他们付给她与男性职员相同的工资。3.She asked people to donate money to help, and she began making bandages out of sheets and

towels to be used for the wounded soldiers.


4.The dedication and generosity of one woman, Clara Barton, has had far-reaching effects.


1.I did not see the other car at the time because it wan outside my field of (vision).

2.DO you think a beautiful is an (advantage) or not for a woman?

3.Fever is a (symptom) of many illnesses.

4.The basketball player had (darely) sat down before the reporters started firing quertions at


5.Their old house had been large and spacious , by (contrast) the new flat seemed small and


6.Every type of plant, with no (exception) ,contains some kond of salt.

7.Parents should pay more attention to their chidren during their (formative) years.

8.Joey came close to (despair) after six months of unemployment.

9.I’m tired of being treated like a slave. I’ll (quit) immediately.

10.Many of these problem had their (origin) in the upper levels of administration.

11.Jonathan’s great grandfather left Ireland for the United States, which was believed to be a

land of (promise).

12.It’s interesting that some famous modern Chinese writers used to be students of (medicine).

13.Maggie is no (ordinary) woman.She has supported over a hundred children through school bu

working two jobs at the same time.

14.They (were hired) to herd Mr. Simpson’s sheep in the mountains the whole summer.

1.Jimmy has (turned down) job offers from several different law firms.

2.After the long vacation, he didn’t (feel like) going back to work.

3.I know my son is (far from) the best singer,but certainly he’s not the worst.

4.After reading Hemingway, John was (fired with) ambition to become writer.

5.My wife doesn’t really (care for) tea,she like coffer better.

6.Don’t (mix up) those paper,or we’ll never find the ones we need.

1在孩子个性形成时期,家长要特别关心并注意他们是否有心理问题迹象Parents should pay special attention to their children during their formative years and watch for symptoms of psychological problems.

2天才往往对自己喜爱的事物充满激情Geniuses usually have a great passion for things they’re interested in.

3他不知道简就是他的亲姐姐,只是觉得他的名字听上去有点熟悉He has no idea that Jane is his biological sister; only her name sounds faintly familiar to him.

4看着稻谷在干燥的阳光下枯死,农民毫无办法,只能叹息Seeing the rice crops dying in the dry sun, the peasants could do nothing but sigh.

5自从杰克的老板拒绝了他的长假要求,他一直考虑辞职Ever since his boss turned down his request for a long vocation, Jack has been thinking about quitting his job.

6我不喜欢足球,今天也不例外,我不想和你看球赛I don’t care for soccer, and today’s no exception. So I don’t feel like going to watch the game with you.

1.I have no respect for a man who would put his children at (risk) like that.

2.It took all his (willpower) to remain calm.

3.My present job is not bad in terms of pay ,but I’d like to do something more (creative).

4.He broke the law, and now he must face the (consequences) of his actions.

5.The bank has offered a reward for any information (leading to) the arrest of the robbers.

6.I shouldn’t (have accepted) this tasd. It has turned out to be far more difficult than expected.

7.They (assessed) the value of the house at over $250,000.

8. A pianist takes years to learn his ( craft).

9.Have you (explored) all the ancient villages nearby?

10.My son’s (ambition) is to become a pilot.

11.Joyce, may I (introduce) my boyfriend Henry to you?

12.Now that Lenovo has bought IBM’s PC business and (has combined) the resources of both

successfully, it is the third largest PC producer in the world.

1.Passion is what fires any creative person.


2.I do not know any successful person who has not been able to assess and then take a risk and

then live with the consequences-success or failure.


3.Persistence takes discipline. Discipline is simply doing what you know you need to do,even

though you don’t feel like doing it.


4.This tool can also be used to explore life as you search your soul for the reasons of your



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