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31. She my sister, Meimei.

A. are

B. is

C. am

32. Sally knocked on the door but answered.

A. somebody


C. Everybody

33. - you swim? -Yes, I can.


B. May


34. Li Ying cleans her room the weekend.

A .at B. for C. in

35. Help yourself to some Jim.




36.-What is this? -It’s pencil.

A. the

B. an

C. a

37. It was not long John returned with bags of food in his hands.

A. until

B. before

C. when

38. Delicious the soup tastes!




39. I often books in the evening.

A. reads

B. read

C. reading

40. Mr. Smith was the only one of the writers invited to the meeting.

A.who was

B.who were

C.which was

41. Paul is a friend of .

A.my brother

B.my brothers

C.my brothers

42. You don’t like this color, you?

A. will

B. are

C. do

43. Lucy and Lily decided their aunt in the countryside.


B.to see

C. seeing

44.-The cat is missing, will you please it?

-No problem.

A. look for

B. look up B. look at

45. among the three top managers to work in Germany?

A. Who do you suppose will the boss send

B. Who do you suppose the boss will send

C. Who you suppose the boss will send



Last night I had a very strange dream. I dreamt I 46 an alien(外星

人) in my school! I asked him where he was from 47 why he was here. He told me that he was from Mars and won a competition to 48 the earth. I asked him 49 old he was and he told me he was 500 years old. Then I asked him how long he was going to stay on the 50 and when he was going back 51 Mars. He said t hat the earth was to 52 that he didn’t want to leave. He also invited 53 to visit Mars one day. 54,

I heard my mum calling me, “Wake up, Peter. Time for 55 !” What a strange drea m!

46. A.met B.became C.left

47. A.but B.or C. And

48. A.lose B.visit C.open

49. A. How B.when C.what

50. A.sun B.earth C.moon

51. A. to B.at C.off 52. A.ugly B.old C. beautiful

53. A. him B.me C.her

54. A. Suddenly http://www.wendangku.net/doc/35fbb50f6294dd88d1d26b09.htmlually C.Really

55. A. Business B.rest C.school



Tom is an eight-year-

old student in Grade three. He is not interested in his lessons. He spends most of his time playing basketball. At night, he doesn’t sleep until very late in order to play. In t he morning, he usually gets up late and hurries to school. Sometimes he sleeps in cla ss.

Tom’s father is worried about his poor schoolwork. He tried to make him work harder . One day, his father said to him, “My boy, if you get one hundred marks in the exam , I’ll buy a new basketball for you.” The boy was very happy to hear that.

The next day Tom came running home. “Oh, Dad, I got one hundred.” He shouted, “I got forty in English this morning and sixty in Chinese this afternoon!”


56. Tom spends most of his time playing basketball.

57. Tom sometimes sleeps in class.

58. Tom’s father tries to make him work harder.

59. Tom got one hundred marks in the English exam.

60. Tom got a new basketball from his father.



Now, more and more foreigners are studying Chinese in China. Mary is one of the m. She is from Australia. At the age of ten, Mary came to China and began her study at an international school. The students in this school are from twenty different cou ntries.

All the teachers and classmates are friendly to Mary. She goes to school by bike eve ry day. With help of her teachers and classmates, she makes great progress in learni ng Chinese. She says that Chinese history is her favourite subject. In her spare time, she often cooks Chinese food, goes sightseeing and sees interesting cartoon films wi th her friends.

Mary gets on well with her teachers and classmates in China. She says that she loves China and looks forward to working in China in the future.

61. Mary is from.


B. France


62. How does Mary go to school every day?

A. By bike

B.By bus

C.By train 63. What is Mary’s favourite subject?

A. Chinese painting

B.Chinese history

C.Chinese geography

64. In her spare time, Mary often with her classmates.

A.cooks Chinese food and goes sightseeing

B. B. goes sightseeing and listens to music

C.sees interesting cartoon films and plays basketball.

65. What can we know about Mary?

A. Mary likes helping her classmate learn English.

B. Mary enjoys her study and life in China.

C. Mary finds it hard to learn Chinese.

66. Where is Green Market?

A. On 77 Baiyun Road

B. On 14 Xinhua Road

C. On 29Huiming Road

67. If you are interested in playing musical instruments, you can go to.

A. Hope Art Club

B.Green Market

C.Teddy Bear Museum

68. For more information about Teddy Bear Museum, you’d better call.




69. You can’t go to Teddy Bear Museum on.

A. Saturday



70. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Everyone can get free ice cream in Green Market.

B.A six-yearold boy and his parents will pay$30.50 if they visit Teddy Bear Museum.

C. If you want to have a violin lesson, you can go to Hope Art Club in the whole July.


Are you nervous? Maybe you should sit in a blue room. Are you always cold? Maybe you should sit in a room painted in a “warm colour” such as soft orange. Are you oft en sad? Maybe you should sit in a yellow room. Some researchers believe that colour

has the power to influence our feelings. They believe that colours affect(影

响)everyone in the same way.

One study was in a workplace. The researchers painted heavy boxes white and light boxes black. They want to see how colour affected the workers’ feelings. Which boxe s do you think were more difficult to lift? The heavy white ones? No. The white boxe s were heavier but they looked light. The researchers think that this is because light colours seem light.

Another study was at school. Researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, C anada, studied children with behaviour problems in their classroom. When the walls were brown and yellow, the children’s heart rate went up and they were over-active. However, when the walls were dark blue, the children’s heart rate was slower and the children were much calmer. If this is true, we can think carefully about the colours around them--

not just in our homes, but also in offices, in schools, in hospitals, in gyms, in museu ms, in restaurants and even in prisons. 根据短文内容,选择最佳的答案。

71. According to Paragraph 1, it’s better for a person who fails in the exam to sit in a room.




72. The boxes painted white look.




73. Which of the following is true?

A. It’s certain of that colours affect everyone in the same way.

B. The result of the second study can be widely used.

C. Colours can change the weight of a box.

74. The best title for the passage can be.

A. How Colours Affect Feelings

B. How Colours Affect Children with Bebaviour Problems

C. How Colours Are Used in Science Research

75. The passage probably comes from.

A. a computer textbook

B.a government report

C.a science magazine



Mike:Good afternoon, Susan.

Susan: 76 ,Mike.

Mike: Are you free this afternoon?


Susan: 77 , why?

Mike: Would you like to go shopping with me?

Susan:, 78 when?

Mike: 79 I’ll meet you at the school gate.

Susan:OK, 80 .

Mike:See you.




81. It’s easy to get information with the invention of electronic(科技).

82. Eleven boys(括) Xiaoming went to plant trees last week.

83. Mozart was a famous (欧洲的)musician.

84. Are you going(到国外)next year?

85. Please try to (描述) exactly what the man looks like.


too different friends I have

The end of the term is coming. We become more and more excited because we will 86 several weeks off school and can do our favourite things. For example, we can get together with our 87 . When the weather is good, we can have a picnic in th e

park and play games 88 . Sometimes we can spend our holiday in a 89 pa rt of a country. For me, 90 always like relaxing myself on the beach in the so uth.



a computer and two books on the desk.


The guests should.


The boyin Shanghai Disneyland.


He needed money very much, so he for selling his car.


I remember。








爬山(climb the hill)欣赏大自然的美景(enjoy the beauty of nature)去划船(go boating)照相(take photos)

逛街(walk along the street)品尝美食(taste delicious food)购物

(do some shopping) Dear Amy,

I’d like to see you in Liuzhou soon. I’ve made a plan for our trip next week.

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

What do you think of my plan? I’m looking forward to you reply.

Yours, Li Hua