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Part2 Grammar and Vocabulary (第二部分词汇和语法)

()31.Joe made such great progress that he could speak Chinese fluently.

A.a B.an C.the D./

()32.Children of his age get familiar cartoon series.

A.for B.to C.at D.with

()33.I'm sure he has got the new book,because he often spends quite money on books.A.little B.few C.a little D.a few

()34.My little brother can ski as well as a bicycle.

A.ride B.riding C.rode D.ridden.

()35.There are three cars here.One is made in Germany,and two are made in China.A.others B.the other C.other D.the others

()36.Mr.White has a beautiful garden with many in it.

A.flowers B.grass C.villages D.cotton

()37.you are busy now,go next time,OK?

A.Because B.Since C.For D.When

()38.I don't think Chemistry is difficult.You be afraid of it.

A.mustn't B.needn't C.can't D.don't

()39.Just as she the house,the phone

A.was leaving...was ringing B.left...was ringing

C.had left...rang D.was leaving...rang

()40.Please on the bed so that the doctor can check your stomach.

A.lie B.lay C.laid D.lain

()41.Russia will sink the ISS into the ocean at the end of its life circle after 2020 leave space junk.A.in order to not B.in order that not

C.so that not D.so as not to

()42.Of course,Jack denied with me in class.

A.talk B.talking C.being talked D.to talk

()43.My little sister always wonders .

A.where does rain come from B.why does rain come from the sky

C.where rain comes from D.that rain comes from the sky

()44.Reading some books good for all of us,isn't it?

A.are B.have C.is D.has

()45.Now more and more people are the dangers of drunk driving.

A.fond of B.tired of C.aware of D.proud of

()46.When visitors arrived at the theatre,there weren't any seats .

A.available B.confident C.effective D.attractive

()47.We need fifteen more people our team to do the job.

A.besides B.except C.as well D.in addition

()48.Mr.Chen hasn't decided .

A.Where he would go on the business trip B.when he would go on the business trip

C.why he goes on a business trip D.whether he'll go on a business trip

()49.A:! Don't touch those wires! You might get a shock.

A.Excuse me B.I'm afraid that it isn't very interesting

C.Laugh out D.Watch out

()50.A:I'm sorry that I can't join in you in the discussion.


A.My pleasure.B.That's all right.C.That's right.D.Do you think so.


A.out B.understand C.better D.Reasons E.In other words

F.after all G.imply H.over I.at all

In every class there are some students who do very well and some who do not.That doesn't mean that the students who do not well are stupid.There can be many 51 why a student does not do well.Perhaps the lesson is very smart but doesn't write exams very well.Perhaps they are smart 52 lazy and do not know how to study and don't study hard.Perhaps,in fact,they are not smart % 53 .The exam results don't really tell you that; they 54 tell you how well you have done compared with other students at the same grade level as you are.55 ,exams do not measure (衡量)accurately how smart you are because they can't measure that.

However,this is the way the system works and there isn't much you can do with it.If you 56 that getting good marks on an exam is about how to prepare for and to write exams/and not just about what facts you know,it can help you to do 57

The good news is that it will be 58 soon.You are very young and,for you, a year seems like a long time,but compared with the rest of your life,you will finish school and go into the working world soon enough.Getting a good job,of course, depends on having done well in school,so you need to decide that you are going to do well,no matter how hard it is.

VII.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子)(共8分)

59.The series is about a group of students at a college in the fictional locale of Greendale.(communication)60.From the ,we have existed for one reason:the free and open sharing of knowledge.(begin)61.The little boy is afraid of at home alone at night.(be)

62.The sick man is getting than yesterday.(ill)

63.A coin worth five times as much as one penny is worth five ,but "five pennies" means five coins,each of which is a penny.(penny)

64.Different materials are used to make enjoyable and cuddly(可爱的)to both young and old(toy)? 65.The farmers used a lot of ,! to kill the insects in the fields.(chemistry)

66.There are three main areas of work related to a job.(library)

community beginning being worse pennies toys chemicals librarian

Ⅷ.Rewrite the following sentences as required.(根据所给要求,改写下列句子,每空格限填一词)(共14分)67.All of the teachers are in good health.(改为否定句)

the teachers are in good health.

68.The manager had a talk with and pointed out your shortcomings.(反意疑问句)

The manager had a talk with and pointed out your shortcomings,

69.People in Africa still depend a lot on weather for food.(改为感叹句)

they still depend on weather for food!

70.They watched TV so attentively that they didn't notice may coming in.(保持原句意思)

They watched TV attentively notice my coming in.

71.News quickly spread false reports of the football coach's personal affairs.(改为被动语态)False reports of the football coach's personal affairs quickly.

72.We must have clean air to keep healthy.(对划线句提问)

we have clean air?

73.Visitors love this city because it has historical sights and delicious food.(改为简单句)

Visitors love this city its historical sights and delicious food

None of; didn’t he; How much; too to; were spread; Why must; because of

Part 3 Reading and Writing (第三部分读写)

IV.Reading comprehension (阅读理解):(12分)

A.Choose the best answer (根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案):(12分)

The Han Dynasty in China ruled from 206 B. C. to A.D.220.A dynasty is a line of rulers from the same family that holds power for a long time.Liu Bang was the first ruler of the Hah Dynasty.He called himself King of Han,which was one of the states he ruled.Liu followed the teaching of the Chinese thinker Confucius(孔子).These teachings stressed love,goodness,and learning.Liu set up a school for children to learn Confucianism(儒教).They also learned writing,poetry,and art.A later Han ruler,Wudi,created a civil service examination.People could go to school to study for this test.Those who passed became government officials.Wudi opened the Silk Road.This trade route linked China with other countries.

To the Han people,family included all of the living generations.It also included ancestors(祖先)who had died and people who had not been born yet.The Han people believed that it was a good luck to have five generations living together.The father was the head of the family.He decided what his children would do and whom they married.A woman could be the family head if her husband died.Boys were educated at school,but girls received their education at home.

Most of the people were fanners.They lived in mud houses.More than one family might live together and work the land.They worked from sunup until sundown.

About 10 percent of the people lived in the cities.Cities were laid out ill a square.A wall surrounded each city.One entered or left through a gate,watched by guards.People shopped in the marketplace.At that time people lived peacefully and happily.

()74.A dynasty is a line of rulers from the same family that

A.holds power for a long time B.lives together

C.creates a service exams D.sets up a school foe children

()75.The Silk Road is

A.the road leading to the ruler's palace B.a trade route that linked China with other countries

C.the longest river in China.D.a marketplace in the west

()76.It was a good luck for the Han people to have living together.

A.people of five B.five generations

C.three generations D.a husband,a wife,and children

()77.From the passage,one can infer(推断)that Liu Bang

A.wanted only to be rich B.liked war very much

C.valued education D.valued trade

()78.Hah cities were laid out in a square.The underlined phrase were laid out means

A.were located B.were arranged C.made of D.made up

()79.The best title for this passage is

A.Learning and Trade B.Han People

C.Life of People during the Han Dynasty D.Silk Road in China

B.Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage.(选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文):(12分)

A ball is really simple,isn't it? It's round,and it rolls on the ground.You can throw it,kick it and hit it with something.Balls come in all 80 ,from a small ping-pong ball to a large beach ball.Balls can be hard or soft 81 and balls can be solid like a baseball or hollow like a basketball.Have you ever thought about how many kinds of balls and ball games there are?

People have played ball games for centuries.Ancient people devised(发明)ball games,but without 82 language we don't know how those games were played,who was able to play them or what the 83 were.We know that Mayan people of Central America 84 a ball game 3,000 years ago because archaeologists(考古学家)have found statues of ball players.Excavations(挖掘)of Mayan ruins have unearthed the remains of stadium seating.From the layout of the stadium we know that two teams played and fans for each team sat together on one side.From other statues we know that the players wore helmets(头盔).

Think about the different kinds of ball games and how they are similar and different.Hitting games include,for example,tennis and baseball.Games with goals include basketball, soccer and polo(马球).Are you aware that there is lots of 85 in ball games? For example, when you kick a soccer ball harder,it travels further.This is one of the laws of the science of physics.If you learn more about physics you could become a better ball player!

()80.A.weights B.sizes C.forms D.lengths

()81.A.items B.jobs C.objects D.events

()82.A.modem B.foreign C.written D.spoken

()83.A.rules B.projects C.reasons D.records

()84.A.Discovered B.invented C.provided D.found

()85.A.science B.process C.service D.interest

C.Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给出):(14分)

You may have seen this happening in schools:some students might be studying almost all the time but they just scrape through(勉强通过)their exams,while some others may spend much l 86 time on their books but do much better in exams.

How could this happen? Some people may blame the education system,but this just shows the d 87 between hard work and smart work.

People used to think that hard work is the o 88 way to success.But now they have understood that it is smart work that does the trick(成功)

Hard workers don't mind working for long hours,while smart workers always think of various answers to these questions,"Why should I suffer this?" "Isn't there a better way to do this?" But for these people,we would still be using the abacus; computers wouldn't have been i 89 .Progress in every field is the direct result of the "Search for a better way" by smart workers.

There was a large soap factory in Japan.Once it received an unusual customer complaint---there was no soap in the soapbox he bought.

How could e 90 soapboxes go out of the factory? The manufacturing was fine,but in about one in ten thousand cases the packing machine let go an empty soapbox.There was no need to spend a lot of money r 91 the machine for such a minor defect(小缺点).The chief engineer soon worked out a solution:he used a huge X-ray machine which was connected to two large computers to find out the empty soapboxes.After teaching the workers how to use it,he sat down in his seat,tired.

"Sir,we could have solved the problem in a much simpler and cheaper way," a worked said.

"Really? How?"

"We can put a huge fan near the packing machine.The air coming form the fan will b 92 away the empty boxes,leaving the other boxes undisturbed(不惊动).There would be no need for an X-ray machine,two computers,and operating by workers."

See,this is smart work.We should work hard like the engineers; but also think smart like this worker.

less difference(s) only invented empty repairing blow

D.Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题):(12分)

Anna really wanted to do something helpful for her school before she went to college.But she couldn't think of anything meaningful that would influence the lives of her schoolmates.

One day,Anna saw a girl sitting near the school library crying.Anna went up to her and said, "Why are you so sad? Is there anything I can do to help you?" Through their talking,Anna learned that the girl was in her first year and was having trouble finishing her schoolwork.She also learned that the girl's parents were busy working to support their family and had no time to care about her study.Anna then decided to help the girl with her subjects after

school.Several days later,however,two other girls asked Anna hopefully if she could allow them to study together with her.They also had difficulty with their studies.

Suddenly,Anna had an idea.She would start a group where seniors could help juniors who were having difficulty with their subjects.

After several days' preparation,Anna's tutoring group was started.Before long,many seniors,besides Anna's classmates,joined her group.The group was very popular in her school.Many juniors turned to her group,and it was highly thought of by teachers mid parents.Anna was pleased that she made a difference in her high school life.She received flowers of thanks from the juniors at her graduation ! And other seniors promised that they would continue her group to help more and more juniors in need.

93.What did Alma want to do before she went to college?

She wanted

do something helpful for her school

94.Where did Anna see a girl crying?

Near the school library

95.How did Anna learn about the girl's problem?

Through their talking

96.Why did the girl's parents have no time to care about her study?


they were busy working to support their family

97.What was Anna's idea?

It was

starting a group where seniors could help juniors who were having difficulty with their subjects

98.Anna made a difference in her high school life,didn't she? Why




99.Write at least 60 words about the topic "The Change of My " (以“我的变化”为题写一篇不少于60个词的短文,标点符号不占格。)

(注意:短文中不得出现考生的姓名、校名及其他相关信息,否则不予以评分。)Use the following points as a reference.(以下问题仅供参考)

What is your / its change?

Why did you / it make such a change?

What has the change brought you?


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