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1.We would be glad to receive your __A___ price list and catalogue.

A. illustrated

B. illustration

C. illustrate

D. illustrates

2. We are __B___ exporters of all kinds of French goods.

A. better-establish

B. well-established

C. good-establishing

D. best-establishment

3. Our market survey informs us that you are __A___ audio and electric equipment.

A. in the market for

B. for the market of

C. on the market about

D. inside the market to 4.Although costs have been __C___ steadily since last October, we have not yet _____ our prices.

A. raising…risen

B. rising…raising

C. rising…raised

D. raised…rising

5. The information is given in ___A__ confidence.

A. strict

B. stricter

C. strictly

D. strictness

6. In ___B__ to your letter of 4 June, we wish to inform you that our business transactions with the firm in question are quite satisfactory.

A. answering

B. reply

C. replying

D. answered

7. We can assure you ___C__ the exquisite workmanship, and stable performance of our product.

A. with

B. that

C. of

D. in

8. A trial order will __C___ you that the products will meet your needs to your satisfaction.

A. believe

B. sure

C. convince

D. persuade

9. The purpose of a sales letter is to ___A__ the prospective customers’ interest.

A. arouse

B. capture

C. encourage

D. offer

10. Please __A___ us 500 glass vases CIF Qingdao, China.

A. offer

B. quote

C. supply

D. make

4. Please let us have details of your machine tools, ___A__ your earliest delivery.

A. giving us

B. give us

C. to give us

D. given us

Will you please send us your price lists for the items __D___ below?

A. listing

B. being listed

C. to list

D. listed

5. Enclosed please find our quotation sheet __A___ different sizes and colors of our


A. covering

B. covered

C. covers

D. cover

Please quote us your lowest price and tell us when you could make shipment if an order should __A___ with your firm.

A. be placed

B. be put

C. be sent

D. be made

6. With this letter, we confirm __D___ of the table cloths at _____ stated in your fax of today.

A. supply, price

B. the supply, price

C. supply, the price

D. our supply, the price

7. In view of the fact that you have bought from us such a volume of office equipment, we would like to __A___ you half way.

A. meet

B. give in

C. give up

D. meet with

8. Payment should ___C__ in time.

A. effect

B. be had

C. be effected

D. be effecting

9. Now that everything is made clear, we ___C__ dispatch next week by rail.

A. would

B. should

C. are arranging for

D. will be for

10. The free supply of goods can ___C__ a declining market.

A. result from

B. result

C. result in

D. result of

11. We should like to ___A___ their financial and credit standing before _____ the business on D/P basis.

A. inquire into, place

B. inquire about, placing

C. inquire for, placing

D. enquiry as to, place

12. Please book shipping space as early as possible to avoid __D___ in shipment.

A. postpone

B. put off

C. delay

D. delaying

13. As there is no direct vessel sailing for your port this month, please amend your L/C No. ED356 ___A___ transshipment instead of “Transshipment Not Allowed”as laid down in the L/C.

A. allowing

B. allow

C. to allow

D. allowed

14. It is quite clear that the responsibility ___B__ you.

A. fall on

B. falls on

C. belong to

D. should be 15.Metal handles should be fixed to the boxes to ___A__ safe carrying.

A. make

B. convenience

C. easy

D. facilitate

16.Unless you see your way clear to grant us an additional reduction in price, we may have to __C___ our business with you.

A. continue

B. continuing

C. discontinue

D. continued 17.In reference to your letter, we cannot ___B__ a better offer than the one we suggested to you.

A. take

B. make

C. receive

D. place

18.We place this order __C___ the understanding that the discount is 10%.

A. based on

B. with

C. on

D. through 19.We should like to __A____ their financial and credit standing before _____ the business on D/P basis.

A. inquire into, place

B. inquire about, placing

C. inquire for, placing

D. enquiry as to, place

20.Your L/C No. 5432 calls __B__ shipment to be made in October while S/C stipulates that the shipment is to be made in Nov..

A. on

B. for

C. about

D. to


Part 01

1.We feel _(1) I_ that we are unable to accept any fresh orders at the moment. 2.Please _(2)_D us 500 glass vases CIF Qingdao, China.

3. We wonder if you _(3)A_ expanding your business here.

4. If your prices are competitive, we are confident _(4)E_ the goods in great quantities in this market.

5. We would be pleased to receive your _(5)H_ export prices on the basis of CIF Shenzhen.

6. Your L/C No. 5432 calls _(6)B_ shipment to be made in October while S/C stipulates that the shipment is to be made in Nov.

7. _(7)J_ into consideration our business relations, we accept_(8)C_.

8. The buyer _(9)G_ the sellers to ship the goods within a week.

9. In reference to your letter, we cannot _(10)F_ a better offer than the one we suggested to you.

A. are interested in.

B. for.

C. payment by D/P.

D. offer.

E. in selling.

F. make.

G. requests.

H. possible low.

I. regretful.

J. taking.

Part 02

1.We are enclosing a full set of copy documents __(1)E__ this shipment.

2. This is our best price, __(2)H__ which we have already concluded several transactions with your competitors.

3.We will effect insurance __(3)I__ All Risks as requested.

4. A 3% discount was granted only _(4)B_ your order _(5)F_ USD 100, 000.

5. It is quite clear that the responsibility _(6)C_ you.

6, Each piece is to be _(7)A_ , rolled on cardboard, wrapped in craft paper and then packed in wooden cases.

7, July shipment is acceptable _(8)D_ our customer.

8. Your friendly cooperation is very much _(9)G_.

9. For orders reaching us before the end of the current month, we will ___J__ a trade discount of 2%.

A. double folded

B. on condition that

C. falls on

D. to

E. covering

F. exceeds

G. appreciated

H. at

I. against

J. allow

Part 03

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your ___(1)I___ of 22 November. Under__(2)A__, you will find a __(3)G__ giving detailed information about our “Flying Tiger”Brand motor-boats, __(4)H__ the good results we have achieved in tests.

As regards trade _(5)B_, we will _(6)J_ you 8% off list prices, with _(7)C_ discount of 5% for _(8)E_ over USD 20,000.

Please do not hesitate to _(9)D_ us if we can be of any _(10)F_ help to you.












1.You are introduced to us by Johnson Co., Ltd. as one of the leading importers of electric products.


2. We regret our inability to inform you of anything positive concerning the firm mentioned.


3.If you can supply goods of the following specifications and quality required, we may place regular orders for large quantities.


4. We thank you for your letter of September 10 and would like to discuss the possibility of initiating business on the following items.


5. Please deliver the following goods according to your quotations and samples sent us on June 10.


6. Please quote us your most favorable price CIF London, stating the earliest date of shipment and the discount you will allow.


7. Since all the goods have been cased up according to the S/C, it would be too late to make a change even if we agree to.


8. Your price is quite in line with the market, but the time of shipment is too distant.


9. According to international trade practices, both parties are responsible for the execution of the contract once it is signed.


10. The parts supplied must be absolutely airtight, and we place this order subject to this guarantee.


11. This information is confidential and is given without any responsibility on our part.


12. You will note that we are making you a special reduction in prices owing to your support in the past. These reduced prices remain good within a week.


13. With a view to resuming our business cooperation, we sincerely hope that you will effect a full settlement of our claim at your earliest convenience.


14. We can offer you 500 pieces at GBP 55 per piece CIF London for shipment in May.

15.We wish you will reconsider your price so that there could be a possibility for us to meet you half way.

16.We should be glad if you would accept our ord er for coffee whose number is No 3,003.


17.The order is so urgently required that we must ask you to make the earliest possible shipment.


18.We suggest you pay by bill of exchange at 30 days’documents against


19.As the date of shipment stipulated in the said L/C is 15 July, which leaves only 5 days of validity, which is too short for us to arrange shipment, we, therefore, request you to extend the date to 15 August.

20.Owing to the fact that you have not established the L/C in time covering S/C No. 28, we have to cancel the Confirmation.




We have got your name from business bulletin ,Businessmen ,as manufacturers of microwave ovens.

2. 因其他买主接受我方付款条款,相信你方会同意在此条款上与我们达成交易。

Since our terms of payment are acceptable to other buyers,we trust you will agree to do business with us on these terms.


We are able to fill your order at once, since the information in the statement is entirely satisfactory.

4. 很遗憾,由于你方信用证延误,我们的货不能装三月份船。

We regret that we could not ship the goods by a March vessel because of the delay in your L/C.

5. 目录上所列的各种货物都有现货供应。

All the items listed in the catalogue are now available from stock.

6. 我们高兴通知贵公司,我们可以接受贵方指定的图样和包装的订单。We are pleased to advise that orders made to your designs and packing presentation may also be entertained.

7.如果你方能提供满足下列规格和品质的货物,我们可以定期大量订货。If you can supply goods of the following specifications and quality required, we may place regular orders for large quantities.

8. 我们已注意到你方通知,将把货物收齐,交付下班航船发运。

Your instruction have been noted and we will collect the parcel for dispath by next available vessel.

9. 请注意,我们的报价有效期通常为一周。

For your information, our offers usually remain open for about a week.


All these items are urgently required by our customers. We, therefore, hope you will make delivery at an early d ate.


Please extend the shipment date and the validity of your L/C No.678 to Oct.30 and Nov.15, 2008 respectively.


Our rules don't allow us to accept other payment t erms except L/C, althoug the buyer has had two or three deal with us before.


I'm afraid you have to pay extra expenses for your designated packing, as it needs more labor and cost.


The towels under the captioned contract should be packed in plastic bags, each containing half a dozen in single color, 10 plastic bags to a cardboard box.


If you desire to cover All Risks, we can provide such coverage at a slightly highter premium.


If you desire, we can arrange broader coverage on condition that the extra premium involved is for your account.


As to the repeat order, all the terms are in conformity with those of the last shipment.


Regarding insurance, the coverage is for 11% of invoice value up to the port of destination.


The goods delivered must be in strict conformity with the contracted standard in every respect.


We regret being unable to accept your claim because the cases were in perfect condition when the goods were loaded on board th e ship.


Part 01按照电子邮件格式创建一封写给美国SK.Co.,Ltd的促销信,内容需要包含以下方面:

1. 我方在中国日报上得知SK.Co.,Ltd;

2. 介绍自己的珠江公司是总部位于广州的国内领先的玩具制造企业;

3. 请对方通过珠江公司官网http://www.wendangku.net/doc/3b966dd5240c844769eaeeff.html增进了解;

4. 通过中国银行广州支行了解我公司的财务状况;

5. 邀请对方在方便的时间联络参观;

6. 请求和SK.Co.,Ltd建立商务关系。

Dear Sirs,

Having known your name, SK.Co.,Ltd from Chinese Daily,we take the opportunity to write to you to introduce Zhujiang Company, which is the toy made company headquartered in Guangzhou and achieved the advanced level in country.

You can promote the understanding of our company by the official web site of http://www.wendangku.net/doc/3b966dd5240c844769eaeeff.html.

As to our financial standing, we would like to refer you to the Guangzhou Yuexiu Branch of Bank of China

I assure you it will be a very great pleasure if you can make a date for some other convenient time to visit and observe.

In a hope of establishing business relations with you.

Yours faithfully,

Zhujiang Company Part 02 按照电子邮件格式创建一封邮件回复对方公司的询问,要求信件中包含如下内容:




3,请贵方报CIF 纽约的价格(含8%的佣金)需要注明最早交货日期;

4,如价格具有竞争力且交货期可接受,我方拟大量采购,盼早复。Dear sirs,

We are glad to note from your last letter that,as Chinese TablewarePiece Goods, you're desirous of entering into direct business relations with us. This happens to coincide with our desire.

We shall be pleased to receive from you by airmail catalogues, sample books and all necessary information. Meanwhile,please quote us your lowest price CIF New York, inclusive of our 8%dommission,stating the earliest date of shipment.

Should your price be found competitive and delivery date acceptable, we intend to

place a large order with you.

We trust you will give us an early reply.

Yours faithfully, Part 03


1. You have received a consignment of 2,000 “Grade A” high density optical disks this morning.

2. You have found that some of the disks do not function properly.

3. They appear to be incapable of storing data for some reason, thus being useless.

4. You have to postpone delivery to your users because of the poor quality, thus causing you great trouble.

5. You suggest replacement.

Dear sirs,

We reveived this morning a onsignment of 2,000 “Grade A” high density optical disks. Upon examination, we found that some of the disks do not function properly. They appear to be incapable of storing data for some reason, thus being useless.

We have to postpone delivery to our users because of the poor quality, this causing us great trouble.

We suggest the repacement and bring it to a satisfactory close.

Yours faithfully,