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精编优选练(十八)阅读理解-主旨大意题2 (限时:25分钟)


While still a young child, Morales Casanova saw neighborhood children harm local trees and even their own pets. So she formed a group called Humanity United to Nature in Harmony for Beauty, Welfare, and Goodness to address the problem. Through small group meetings, she taught friends to grow plants and care for pets, inspiring a new respect for nature.

A few years later, at age 13, she sent the president a proposal (提议) for creating a protected area to train children about environmental issues. He awarded her the National Youth Award for Environmental Protection.

That backing helped her group to expand its grassroots youth conservation projects through her home state. In 2007 the state capital donated land that let her realize a long-held dream of opening an environmental education park.

Opened in 2013, Ceiba Pentandra Park provides a free, interactive (互动的) learning experience for children and teachers on topics ranging from climate change to wildlife protection and the effects of pollution. The park's unusual aspect is its teachers:other children. “I think children have great potential to be leaders,”Morales Casanova says.

Park students who show leadership ability are trained to be educators. They learn to speak in front of groups, plan activities, and do fundraising for projects that they design and manage themselves.

“When kids see other kids making a real difference, it gives

them confidence that they can do it,too,”Morales Casanova says.The children we work with are growing up with new values... They are already taking action to change not only their own lifestyles, but also the minds of families and teachers.”

[语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。文章主要介绍了Morales Casanova在推动环保事业方面所做出的贡献。她认为对孩子们进行环保教育是解决环境问题的一个非常有效的方法,她曾就此给总统提议,并得到了认可。

1.Which can best replace the underlined word “backing”in Paragraph 3?

A.Approval. B.Protection.

C.Request. D.Opportunity.

解析:词义猜测题。第二段中提到Morales Casanova向总统提议建一个保护区对孩子们进行环保教育,总统授予了她一个奖项。画线词后面的内容是说她之前创立的组织得到了扩展,并在她所在州的帮助下实现了自己成立环保教育公园的梦想,由此可以推测,此处的backing指的是总统对她所从事的事业的认可。


2.What is special about Ceiba Pentandra Park?

A.It has children educators.

B.It trains teachers for schools.

C.It focuses on reducing pollution.

D.It involves local government leaders.

解析:细节理解题。根据题干中的Ceiba Pentandra Park,我们可以找到文章中对应的信息是第四、五段内容,通过快速阅读这两段内容,我们可以找到与special对应的信息“The park's unusual aspect is its teachers:other children.”,再结合“Park students who show leadership ability are trained to be educators.”可知,Morales Casanova认为孩子们有当领导者的潜力,



3.What does Morales Casanova stress in solving environment problems?

A.Education. B.Donation.

C.Experience. D.Confidence.

解析:推理判断题。通读文章,根据第一段中的“taught friends to...”,第二段中的“train children...”,第三段中的“an environmental education park”和第四段中的“its teachers”等不难看出,Morales Casanova认为对孩子们进行环保教育是解决环境问题的一个非常有效的方法。


4.What is the best title for the text?

A.Respect for Nature

B.New Values in Life

C.Building Leadership Skills in Students

D.Saving Environment through Children

解析:标题归纳题。通读全文可知,文章主要介绍了Morales Casanova 在推动环保事业方面所做出的贡献,她主要是通过对孩子们进行环保教育来提高他们的环保意识,然后通过他们的改变来影响周围的人,从而使人们从身边的点点滴滴做起,为环保事业尽自己的一份力。故D项作标题最恰当。



Boom said at the Paris Air Show Tuesday that passengers could fly between London and New York aboard a supersonic (超音速的)

commercial airplane in about 2.5 hours within the next six years. The company also aims to shuttle passengers from San Francisco to Tokyo in 5.5 hours, vs the current 11-hour travel time. Flights from Los Angeles to Sydney would take just under 7 hours, compared with the current 15 hours.

“Airlines are eager to find something new and different to offer their passengers—and we're thrilled that major world airlines share our idea of a future of faster, more accessible supersonic travel,”Blake Scholl, Boom's founder, said at the show. Five airlines have already placed more than 70 orders for Boom's faster-than-sound passenger airliners, the company announced.

Some experts, however, are skeptical that Boom can make its idea a reality and offer a product that makes financial sense. The European aircraft Concorde, which ended its transatlantic supersonic flight in 2003, was never commercially workable, and with an airfare of $20,000, appealed to only a very narrow slice of travelers, said Robert Mann, an airline industry expert. Fuel economy, unproven technology,and regulations against supersonic commercial flight are key difficulties Boom faces,Mann said.

There are also some travel limitations. The United States and many other countries do not allow supersonic commercial flights over land,because of the loud shock wave that can be annoying to communities below. But a Boom spokesman said that its passenger airliner is being designed to minimize the noise it makes and that Boom will work to change those regulations.

The company said that it will succeed where Concorde failed because Boom is using better engines and improved materials to help

reduce the costs of operating its aircraft. And a business-class ticket from New York to London could cost $5,000, Boom estimates (估计), far less than the $20,000 charged by Concorde.

[语篇解读] 本文是一篇新闻报道。从纽约到伦敦仅需2.5小时,还不到一部《指环王》电影的时间。这可能吗?美国一家航空航天公司Boom在巴黎航空展上宣布他们的超音速飞机有望在六年内将此变为现实。

5.In which aspect will Boom's new airplane stand out?

A.Its safety. B.Its speed.

C.Its flight paths. D.Its degree of comfort.



6.What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?

A.The aim of Boom.

B.The partners of Boom.

C.The public reaction to supersonic flight.

D.The potential market for supersonic flight.



7.What was the main reason for Concorde's failure?

A.It was poorly designed.

B.It created terrible noise.

C.It was very expensive.

D.It burnt too much fuel.

解析:细节理解题。根据题干中的Concorde可定位到第三段,首句是本段的主题句,即有些专家对超音速飞机商业飞行并不是那么乐观。接下来以之前的Concorde公司为例,说明了他们的担心。根据“with an airfare of $20,000, appealed to only a very narrow slice of travelers”和最后一段中的“where Concorde failed...to help reduce the costs of operating its aircraft.”以及最后一句中价格的对比可知,Concorde失败的主要原因是其价格太高,只能吸引极少的乘客,故选C项。


8.What is Mann's attitude toward supersonic commercial flight?

A.Favorable. B.Disappointed.

C.Doubtful. D.Ambiguous.




The loud continuous noise of the cars or the sound of a plane can force its way into the deepest forest, yet it's not only humans that are bothered by the noise.

Bioacoustician Bernie Krause has been studying the effect of noise pollution on wildlife, and has come across some interesting behavior, especially among animals that communicate by vocalization (发声), like humans. Birds use sound to communicate, but in noisy places, these animals have to shout over the natural noise to be heard.

Krause mentions a study of nightingales to clarify what he means. The birds responded to traffic noise by singing louder and louder until they actually went beyond noise pollution standards in the city. To belt

out their songs, they increased their lung pressure fivefold, but scientists state that this is not dangerous for the birds themselves.

Studies show that sudden noise can cause certain birds to leave their nests, exposing the young to their enemies. One study also showed that songbirds that nested closer to busy motorways were much less productive than those that nested farther away. Mammals (哺乳动物) too are affected. A recent study showed that nursing caribou respond to plane noise by not producing enough milk to feed their young.

In some cases noise pollution can actually help some animals while harming others. Toads (蟾蜍) and frogs are known to vocalize in synchrony (同步;同步方式) so that no predator can zero in on them. Krause found that when planes flew overhead and masked the toads' songs, they lost their synchronicity, and it took them 45 minutes to get it back again. That gave Great Horned Owls and coyotes plenty of time to find individual toads by sound.

According to Krause, “Not only will noise pollution bother wildlife, but it won't help our lives either.”

[语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文。噪音污染不仅困扰着人类,也对野生动物产生了巨大的影响。

9.How did nightingales react to traffic noise?

A.By synchronizing their singing.

B.By producing louder sounds.

C.By harming themselves.

D.By leaving their nests.

解析:细节理解题。由题干中的the nightingales可以定位到文章第三段,根据该段中的“The birds responded to traffic noise by singing louder and louder until they actually went beyond noise pollution standards in

the city.”可知,夜莺面对交通噪音会用更高的声调来唱歌。


10.How do young caribou suffer from aircraft noise?

A.They receive less food.

B.They can't sleep at night.

C.They are often displaced.

D.They can't hear their mothers.

解析:细节理解题。文章在第四段的末尾提到caribou,由文中的描述“nursing caribou respond to plane noise by not producing enough milk to feed their young”可知,在有飞机噪音的情况下,哺乳期的母驯鹿不会生产足够的奶水来喂养它们的幼崽。


11.What would happen if toads and frogs failed to sing in union?

A.They might become defenceless.

B.They would stop communicating.

C.They would soon regain their rhythm.

D.They might be unable to hunt in groups.

解析:推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的“Toads and frogs are known to vocalize...it took them 45 minutes to get it back again.That gave Great Horned Owls and coyotes plenty of time to find individual toads by sound.”可知,蟾蜍和青蛙齐声和鸣,这样掠食者便难以找到目标;当飞机从上空飞过,蟾蜍的声音被噪音所影响,它们的声音便会失去同步性,而它们需要45分钟时间才能再次找到声音的协调性,这就给了大角猫头鹰和郊狼足够的时间来捕食蟾蜍。


12.What is the text mainly about?

A.Only humans are bothered by the plane noise.

B.The causes of noise pollution.

C.The effects of noise pollution on wildlife.

D.The ways animals communicate with each other.