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Vocabulary Exercises for Graduate Students

Section A

Directions: There are 100 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and

D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.

1.In addition to some money in a savings bank account, my _____include property inherited from may father.

A. assess

B. assets

C. assessments

D. access

2.When a psychologist does a general experiment about the human mind, he selects people _____and ask them


A. at length

B. at random

C. in essence

D. in bulk

3.Great writers are those who not only have great thoughts but also express these thoughts in words which appeal

powerfully to our minds and_____.

A. sensations

B. passions

C. emotions

D. moods

4.He has failed me so many times that I no longer place my _____on what he promises.

A. reliance

B. belief

C. credit

D. faith

5.The statue would be perfect but for a few small_____ in its base.

A. mistakes

B. weakness

C. flaws

D. errors

6.The machine needs a complete _____since it has been in use for over ten years.

A. amending

B. fitting

C. mending

D. innovating

7.Though he is the preident’s son, that does not _____him to criticize my work.

A. verify

B. justify

C. qualify

D. dignify

8.His career was not noticeably _____by the fact that he had never been to college.

A. prevented

B. restrain

C. hindered

D. refrained

9. I tried very hard to persuade him to join our group but I met with a flat_____.

A. disapproval

B. rejection

C. refusal

D. decline

10.The book proved to be very unreliable and so was quite _____to him in his research.

A. invaluable

B. useless

C. negligible

D. unusable

11.If you want to know the train schedule, please _____at the booking office.

A. acquire

B. inquire

C. request

D. require

12.If no importance is attached to collecting information, we cannot survive in such a/n _____competitive society, because it is the basis on which we make our decisions.

A. powerfully

B. forcefully

C. intensely

D. intensively

13.He used to say he liked traveling by train, but now after eight hours standing in the corridor, he changed his_____.

A. sound

B. voice

C. tone

D. tune

14.The period of adolescence may be long or short, depending on social and on society’s definition as to what constitutes maturity and adulthood.

A. anticipation

B. perspective

C. proposition

D. expectation

15.The_____at the highest point in the United States is 20,000 feet at Mt McKinley in Alaska.

A. evolution

B. elevation

C. evaluation

D. elaboration

16.We are trying to make people more _____to the difficulties faced by the laid-off workers.

A. sensible

B. sensational

C. sensitive

D. sentimental

17.The suspect gave a signed _____to the police.

A. confession

B. confusion

C. concession

D. controversy

18.Although there are occasional outbreaks of gunfire, we can report that the rebellion has in the main been_____.

A. canceled

B. destroyed

C. suppressed

D. restrained

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/41d7ebf8941ea76e58fa042b.htmlrge amounts of food imports placed a great strain on the country’s gold_____.

A. storage

B. deposit

C. reservation

D. reserve

20.Near the scene of the crime, the police arrested two men whose behavior appeared_____.

A. ambitious

B. ambiguous

C. suspicious

D. notorious

21.To a first-year student, the doctoral degree is a distant_____.

A. aspect

B. respect

C. prospect

D. spectacle

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/41d7ebf8941ea76e58fa042b.htmlpetition, they believe, _____the national character rather than corrupt it.

A. enforces

B. confirms

C. intensifies

D. strengthens

23.I could see that my wife was _____having that diamond, whether I approved of it or not.

A.adequate for

B. intent on

C. short of

D. deficient in

24.After a concert tour in Asia, Canada and the U.S., he will _____work on a five language opera.

A. confine

B. indulge

C. resume

D. undergo

25.He failed to carry out some of the provisions of the contract, and now he has to _____the consequences.

A. answer for

B. run into

C. abide by

D. step into

26.Mr. Black is not _____now, but he will be famous someday.

A. significant

B. dominant

C. magnificent

D. prominent

27.She had on the dress that I used to admire more than anything else in her possession, a light blue one _____prettily with lace.

A. ornamented

B. trimmed

C. furnished

D. decorated

28.Getting enough vitamins is essential to life, although the body has no nutritional use for _____vitamins.

A. exceptional

B. exceeding

C. excess

D. external

29.Some people think that a _____translation, or word-for-word translation, is easier than a free translation.

A. literal

B. literary

C. liberal

D. linear

30.Our camp is so far from the highway that we feel _____from the world while we are there.

A. shut out

B. shut up

C. shut off

D. shut down

31.Anyone who can study abroad is fortunate; but of course, it is not easy to make the _____from one culture to another.

A. transaction

B. transition

C. transmission

D. transference

32.We _____that diet is related to most types of cancer but we don’t have definite proof.

A. assure

B. suspend

C. ascertain

D. suspecte

33.He _____in court that he had seen the prisoner run out of the bank after it had been robbed.

A. testified

B. witnessed

C. justified

D. identified

34.Instead of answering the question, the manager _____his shoulders as if it were not important.

A. raised

B. touched

C. shrugged

D. patted

35.I am sorry for the _____tone of your letter, but I feel sure that things are not so bad with you as you say.

A. apologetic

B. threatening

C. pessimistic

D. grateful

36.A patient who is dying of incurable cancer of the throat is in terrible pain, which can no longer be satisfactorily _____.

A. diminished

B. abolished

C. relaxed

D. alleviated

37.He misled management by giving it the idea that the older and more experienced men were not an ____but a liability.

A. asset

B. award

C. assistance

D. advantage