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新目标九年级英语Unit 13 We are trying to save the earth! 知识点

1.at the bottom of the river 在河床底部

2. be full of the rubbish 充满了垃圾

3. throw litter into the river 把垃圾扔入河中

4. play a part in cleaning it up 尽一份力把它清理干净

5. land pollution 土地污染

6. fill the air with black smoke 使空气中充满了黑烟

7. cut down air pollution 减少空气污染 8. make a difference 产生影响 9. shark fin soup 鱼鳍汤10. at the top of the food chain 处于食物链的顶端 11. in the last 20 to 30 years 在最近的20到30年间

12. environmental protection groups around the world 全球环境保护组织 13.develop laws 建全法律14.the sale of shark fins 鱼鳍买卖 15. take part in 参加16. can’t afford to do sth 负担不起做某事 17. take action 采取行动18. turn off 关掉

19. pay for 付费 20. add up 累加X k B 1 . c o m 21. use public transportation 使用公共交通 22. recycle books and paper 回收书和废纸

23. use paper napkins 使用纸巾 24. turn off the shower 关掉喷头 25. ride in cars 开车出行 26. throw away 扔掉

27. put sth to good use 好好利用 28. pull…down 拆下 29. an old boat turned upside down 一艘倒过来的旧船

30. be an inspiration to sb 成为…的榜样31. set up a website 建立一个网站 32. a “metal art” theme park 一个“金属艺术”主题公园

33. be known for 以…而闻名 34. not only…but also…不仅…而且… 二 近义词辨析 1.与“花费”有关,但用法上有区别。 (1 cost sth. costs (sb.) +money (2 spend (1). spend+ time/money on sth. (2). spend +time/money (in) doing sth. (3 take It takes (sb.) time +to do sth. (4 pay pay (sb.)+money for sth. 2. take part in/join/join in/attend

这些动词或词组均含“参加,加入”之意。 take part in 常指参加大型比赛或活动。

join 特指加入党派、团体等;join sb. in (doing) sth. 指“和某人一起做某事”。 join in 多指参加小规模的活动,如:球赛、游戏等。

attend 侧重参加或出席会议、学术活动、音乐会、上课等等,着重强调成为其中的听众或观众。X k B 1 . c o m 3. turn 词组

Turn on 打开 turn off 关上 turn up 把……调高 turn down 把……调低 turn out 原来是,结果是 turn out (to be) +adj./n turn around 转身 turn back 返回 turn to 翻到……求助于……turn into 将……转变为……;译成……turn over 翻转 4. afford to do sth.:买得起……,足够支付……

be harmful to :对……有害 Staying up often is harmful to your health. (1). harm :n. 害处 (2). do harm to :对……有害 5. at the top of :在……顶端 There was not enough oxygen at the top of the mountain. 反义词 at the bottom of :在……的底端

6. take action :采取行动 The police had to take action to deal with the riots.骚乱

7. throw away 扔掉、错过机会等Many people throw away cigarette ends carelessly. 拓展: (1). throw at :扔向…… (2). throw about :到处扔

8. put sth. to good use :好好利用某物

If you focus your mind on the task, your talents can be put to good use. 9, pull…down :拆毁

They are going to pull down the old building and replace it with a new shopping mall. 10. upside down :上下颠倒 The lid, turned upside down, served as a coffee table. 那个盖子被反过来当作咖啡桌。 11.,bring back :归还;使想起

Your article brought back sad memories for me. 你的文章使我想起了伤心的往事。 拓展:bring 词组 (1). bring up :抚养长大 (2). bring in :引进 (3). bring forward :提出 (4). bring about :带来,造成 12 一词多义:work n.工作;(音乐、艺术)作品;工厂 v. 工作 He has much work to do.

拓展: 英语中有些名词,单复数形式意义有差别。

manner 方式,方法 manners 礼貌,礼仪 arm 胳膊 arms 武器 water 水 waters 海水,水域 wood 木头 woods 森林 Unit 13 We are trying to save the earth!单元测试题 二. 单项选择题(15分) 21. Thank you for _______

A. wake me up

B. waking up me

C. waking me up

D. wake up me 22. The little boy asked______ what should I do

A. he

B. himself

C. his

D. her

23. Jack likes playing _____ soccer. But he doesn ’t like playing ___ piano. A.\.\ B. the.\ C. the. the D. \.the 24. - Can sixteen-year-olds drive to school?

- No. They shouldn ’t to drive their, because they are not serious enough. A. offered B. am offered C. was offered D. have allowed 25. It ’s time ______ him_____ up. Or he will be late for school. A. of. to get B. for to get C. of getting D. for getting 26. It is seldom warm in winter.____ ____ A. isn ’t it B. isn ’t it C. is it D. it is

27. They encouraged me _____ hard at my lessons.新- 课- 标- 第-一- 网

A. work

B. to work

C. working

D. worked

28. The delicious food makes me _____ hungry.

A. feel

B. feeling

C. felt

D. to feel

29. We saw _____ in the sky just now.

A. strange something

B. anything strange

C. something strange

D. strange anything X k B 1 . c o m

30. - ______________? - It’s march 1st

A. how’s the weather

B. what’s the temperature

C. what’s the date today

D. what day is it today

31. Paper is made _____ wood. A. of B. with C. from D. to

32. The are so many good restaurants. I can’t decide _____ ?

A. what to eat

B. how to eat

C. where to eat

D. when to eat

33.______ waste any water. It’s precious A. Not B. Don’t C. Won’t D. Is

34. We had fun ___ the 2013 Spring Festival.

A. watching

B. watch

C. watched

D. to watch

35. I didn’t leave my office ____ 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

A. when

B. until

C. at

D. as

三、完形填空(10小题,每小题l分,共l0分) 先通读短文,掌握其大意,然后从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个可以填入相应空白处的最佳答案,并将其标号填入答题卡相应位置。

Around two weeks ago,1 was called to judge a contest at a college.All of the students had been given a piece of paper 36 a topic on it.The first one to speak looked a little 37.“My fellow students and respected judges,”he said loudly,“this is a(n) 38 contest!"I have been given this paper,”he continued,“to speak on a t opic with just a few minutes’ preparation,while those coming after me have more 39 to work on their speeches!”He then 40the stage and went out of the hall.

I met him later by chance.“Wh o said life is fair?”I asked him wit h a smile.and I asked him to walk with me to my 41.“Have you seen the figures(数字)they show 42 a new car is being introduced into the market,saying how economic(经济的)it is?”“Yes,”he nodded.“But they put a line after all these figures.They say all the figures are in ideal(理想的)road conditions!”“Yes,”he said again.“Can you show me some ideal road conditions?”I asked him,and he smiled.“The car that sells well is the one that will 43 power and speed on the worst roads.That car is the winner!”

We had reached my car.“Don’t look for ideal contest conditions.”I said.“44 the unfair and come out a winner!”

I looked___45___ as I drove away and saw him smile and wave,and I knew he would fight the unfair from then on.

36.A.with B.without C.by D.about 37.A.h appy B.excited C.nervous D.unhappy

38.A.f air B.unfair C.good D.happy

39.A.money B.chances C.time D.search

40.A.1eft B.pushed C.passed D.moved

41.A.room B.stage C.car D.bus

42.A.because B.if C.when D.though

43.A.use B.provide C.save D.waste

44.A.Play B.Join C.Hate D.Fight

45.A.out B.forward C.back D.up

四、阅读理解(20小题,每小题2分,共40分)阅读下面四篇语言材料。然后按文后要求傲题。 A

One day I heard that one of my dear friends had lost his mother.This made me sad,for my friend was very close to his mother.He had been by her side as she traveled through her long and hard journey with cancer.At this time,many memories about my loved ones that had passe d away came to me.Finally these memories passed,but it was really sad to think that my friend would have to go through the pain.

Three times I tried to write all e—mail to my friend and three times words failed me.I am a person who is not often lost for words and I decided to have a sleep.Before waking up I could hardly wait for my computer to work,the words I needed were there.I was still left with a heavy heart although I had sent an email.

They say that everything in this universe is balanced and indeed it is.Three days later.I received his reply letter.1 was happy to hear that he’d been admitted to Cambridge University.It served as a genre reminder for me that my friend would be okay and that life would go on.

Everything in life is balanced.Without the lows,we would never appreciate the highs.No matter how dark the clouds seem to be,the sunshine is always there and you just wait for the opportunity to shine through.

根据短文内容选择最佳答案,并将其标号填入答题卡相应位置。46.When the writer learnt her friend had lost his mother,she .

A.gave him some money B.wrote an e—mail to him

C.went to visit him D.went on a journey with him

47.What good news did the writer’s Mend receive?

A.He received the writer's e—mail.B.He Was told that life would go on.

C.He would go to Cambridge University.D.His life would go back to normal again.48.What do you think of the writer?

A.Warm—hearted B.Proud C.Serious D.Funny



49.How did the writer feel after he sent the e —mail?

A .He felt happy .

B .He still felt sad .

C .He felt much better .

D .He felt worse . 50.The writer wants to tell us that_______.

A .1ife is not fair to everybody

B .time waits for no one

Ceveryone has good and bad times in life D .where there is a will ,there is a way B

Respect(尊重)is something often given to strangers ,like politeness ,but many people often forget to use it at home .Showing respect for family members needs more thoughts .

Show politeness .If politeness is good for strangers .I t’s good for home use as well .Remember to say please and thank you ,hello and goodbye ,good morning and good evenin9.These are basic rules of etiquette ,whic h Can show your respect for family members when they are used in communication with them .

Defend your family members .There’s no need to go out and cause trouble to protect your family .But when you’re in public .watch what you say about your family members .When you face criticism(批评from others ,defend your family .After al l ,their bad habits have a bad effect on you too .

Give them space to grow up .Respect sometimes requires you tomind your own business”,even at home .For example ,respect your sister's choice of her boyfriend 。e ven when you don’t agree ,by allowing her to make her own decisions and being there to support her when they don’t have a happy endin g .Skip the“I -told —you —S0”out of respect for your sister and your family connection .

Keep communication .You don't have to agree with your family members to show them respect .Even though you don’t agree with it ,remember to respect a family member by continuing to communicate with that person .Once you have stated your own opinion ,though ,you may want to avoid the disagreeable subject 根据短文内容选择最佳答案,并将其标号填入答题卡相应位置。 51.The underlined word “skip” in the fourth paragraph may mean_____ A .略过 B .跳跃 C .改变 D .移动

52.Which of the following shows your respect to your family members? A .Make decisions for your sister . B .Protect your family in time of trouble C .Always agree with what they say . D .Say hello or thank you to them .

53.What should you do if you disagree with your family members? A .Keep silent to avoid unpleasant talks .B .Stop talking to them . C .Never discuss with them again . D .Change your own opinion . 54.What woul d be the best title for the passage? A .Why Should You Respect Family Members? B .How Should You Defend Family Members C .How Should You Respect Family Members

D .Why Should You Res pect Family Members' Choices 55.This article is probably taken from_________. A .a science magazine B .a movie review C .an advertisement D .a newspaper C

Welcome to White Pines Forest .

This is one of the most beautiful places in the state ,but it call also be dangerous .If you’re planning a hike ,here are some tips .

1.Wear comfortable shoes or boots ,and take along an extra pair of socks .That way you’ll have dry socks to change into if you need them .

2.Wear clothing in layers(层)that you Can put on and take off .As you walk ,you will probably get warmer ,then you Can just take off a layer or two .Don’t forget to carry a waterproof jacket .The weather Can change quickly here .

3.Take some lightweight food along .Dried fruits ,nuts ,and crackers are good energy snacks .Be sure to carry plenty of drinking water .There are no water supplies along the trails . 4.There are some poisonous(有毒的)snakes in the forest ,but you won’t meet them if you stick to the trails .Remember .the snakes won't bother you if you don’t disturb(打扰)them .

5.Allow yourself enough time to get won’t get lost ,make some marks along the back to the campground before dark .So that you way you go. Happy hiking .


56.What is the passage about ? A .Tips for hikers . B .What’s in the forest . C .What to eat in the forest . D .The danger of snakes . 57.What is the best reason for hikers to carry extra socks?

A .They call use the socks as shoes if the weather turns cold .

B .They can always have dry socks to change into .

C .They can use the socks to keep warm .

D .They can stop a snake with them .

58.We need to wear clothing in layers because ________ in the forest . A .it is hot B .it is cold X k B 1 . c o m

C.it is helpful for carrying food D.the weather changes quickly

59.What does the underlined word “waterproof’’ mean in this passage?


60.In order not to get lost,you should_______.

A.carry a jacket B.take some lightweight food

C.not disturb the snakes D.make some marks along the way

. D


Global warming could make humans shorter 61

In fact,‘a team from the universities of Florida and Nebraska says,“ 62 ”The scientists used fossils(化石)to follow the changes of horses from their earliest shape million years ago.

“As temperature went up,their size went down.”said Dr Jonathan Blo ch from the Florida Mu scum of Natural History,who was interviewed by the “Daily Mail”.He also said,“ 63 ”

The scientists say that the recent warming could have the same effect on mammals(哺乳动物).64 “Horses started out small,about the size of a small dog 65 That exactly corresponds to(与…相对应)the global warming event,foll owed by cooling.”

“It had been known that mammals were small during that time and that it was warn'1,but we hadn't understood that temperature specifically was driving the changes of body size,’’Dr Bloch said in the “Science” journal.

A.It could even make humans smaller.

B.It has found a link between the Earth heating up and the size of horses.C.They then became even smaller and then increased in size.

DIt caused the world's first horses to become smaller 50 million years ago.

E.They were as small as house cats.


五、词语运用(10小题,每小题l分,共l0分) 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的词并用其正确形式填空,使短文通顺、意思完整。每空限填一词,每词限用一次。方框中有两个词是多余的。

be feel off bag he try but never happy and different sad

Yesterday l was on my way to pick up my children.I met a man who taught me much·

I stopped at a traffic light.A man fell 66 his bike in the middle of the mad. He was carrying two huge 67 filled with clothes.I thought h e was carrying all his things. He tried to get up and finally picked up his bike.As I was about to get out of my car to help 68 ,the man helped himself with his things and placed them on the sidewalk.He still 69 to get on the bike and carry those two huge bags.

I looked at him 70.I saw him stop and put his head down.At that moment I felt his pain.I knew what he Was 71 .He was straggling to take hold of a situation,72 he couldn't.He felt helpless,discouraged and alone.I felt connected to him.Although our lives were 73 ,we both knew what true suffering was·

I will 74 forget that mall.He helped me remember to be thankful that I had a car to take me home.that my clothes were safely folded in my wardrobe,that I had a safe place to rest.He reminded me to be grateful.How happy I 75 every day !



A:What’s the matter ? You look so tired,Sam.

B:76._______.There was an important soccer match last night.


B:Yes,1 watched till it was over.


B:Great.Both teams played well.


B:Barcelrona won.The final score was 2:1.

A:80._______.After all,you are a student.

B:If I do so,1 won’t be a real soccer fan.

A:But you’11 be a real student!




么呢?请以“What’s the best gift for Father?”为题,写一篇短文,发表你自己的看法。要求:1.内容完整,结构清晰,语言表达准确;




二. 21-25CBDDB 26-30 CBACC 31-35 ACBAB

三、36—40 ADBCA 41—45 CCBDC