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Unit 1 Language in mission

Text A An impressive English lesson

Ex.1 Understanding the text

1、Because he is tired of listening to his father and he is not interested in grammar rules.

2、The civilization of Greece and the glory of Roman architecture are so marvelous and remarkable that they should be described at least in a brief account; however, what the student could do was only one single utterance :“whoa!” without any any specific comment.

3、Because the schools fail to set high standards of language proficiency. They only teach a little grammar and less advanced vocabulary. And the younger teachers themselves have little knowledge of the vital structures of language.

4、Because teaching grammar is not an easy job and most of the students will easily get bored if it’s not properly dealt with.

5、He familiarized his son with different parts of speech in a sentence and discussed their specific grammatical functions including how to use adverbs to describe verbs.

6、Because the son had never heard about the various names and functions of words in an English sentence before.

7、The author uses “road map”and “car”to describe grammar and vocabulary. Here,“road map”is considered as grammar and “car”as vocabulary.

8、Since the subjunctive mood his son used is a fairly advanced grammar structure, the interjection“whoa!”reflects the tremendous pride the father had toward his son; it also reflects the author’s humor in using the word because it was once used by his student, though in two different situations and with two different feelings.

Ex.3 Words in use









9.precisely 10.beneficial

Ex.4 Word building

-al/-ial: managerial/editorial/substance/survival/tradition/margin -cy : consistency/accuracy/efficient -y : recovery/ministry/assembly

Ex.5 Word building









9.survival 10.tradition 11.consistency 12.efficient

Ex.6 Banked cloze

1-5: L C J A I 6-10: O N E H F

Ex.7 Expressions in use

1.feel obliged to

2.be serious about

3.run into

4.distinguish between

5.thrust upon

6.was allergic to

7.get lost

8.be attracted to

9.make sense 10.looked upon as

Ex.10 C-E Translation

Chinese calligraphy is a unique art and the unique art treasure in the world. The formation and development of the Chinese calligraphy is closely related to the emergence and evolution of

Chinese characters. In this long evolutionary process, Chinese characters have not only played an important role in exchanging ideas and transmitting culture but also developed into a unique art form. Calligraphic works well reflect calligraphers’ personal feelings, knowledge, self-cultivation, personality, and so forth, thus there is an expression that “seeing the calligrapher’s handwriting is like seeing the person”. As one of the treasures of Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy shines splendidly in the world’s treasure house of culture and art.

Unit 2 College-The ladder to success

Text A The humanities:Out of date?

Reading Comprehension

1. because English or history majors are considered less competitive when the job market is shrinking, and they have to study something that can help them more easily locate their future jobs.

2. because as the tuition is climbing higher and higher, many students have run away from studying the humanities and toward “hard” skills that they think will lead to employment.

3. since more students are now taking job-oriented courses, libraries, where students of liberal arts used to study, are getting less popular than before; in contrast, labs are getting more eye-catching because students of science and engineering do experiments and research there.

4. because this inner drive that can be either constructive or destructive is so mysterious and powerful that it has attracted many people to speculate on it. From ancient times, these men and women developed artistic “languages” in the form of story, music, myth, painting, architecture, sculpture, landscape and traditions, which from the very foundation of civilization.

5. Studying the humanities improves your ability to read and write, makes you familiar with the language of emotion and the creative process, and, more importantly, provides you with a wide scope of possibilities that are open to you.

6. Because in modern life, an ideal capacity for establishing one’s career is to have both technical knowledge and inner insight, not just one without the other.

7. “Well-rounded human beings” are those who have insight and understand the passions, hopes and dreams common to all humanity.

8. Since many people who once studied the humanities became famous in their career, the author implies that if students spend more time studying the humanities, they could surely become successful in the future as well.

Language focus 3

1. promotes

2. accelerate

3. mystery

4. insight

5. boost

6. analysis

7. calculate

8. barriers

9. destruction 10. prospect

4 Promising Bearing Housing Objective Offend Exclude Excess Execute Intensify Identity

5 、1. excess 2. bearing 3. objective 4. intensify 5. execute

6. promising

7. exclude

8. identity 9 offend 10. housing

6. 1-5 CHDJB 6-10 LMGFA

7、 1. are liable to 2. in favor of 3. is bound to 4. speculate about 5. invested…with 6. stand up for 7. in the form of 8. prepared for 9. in the company of 10 in succession In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, the construction of digital

education resources of our country has made great achievements. Many universities have set up their own digital learning platforms, and digital teaching is playing an increasingly important role in education. Compared with the traditional way of teaching, the digital way has a lot of advantages. On one hand, digital teaching makes global sharing of teaching resources possible; on the other hand, it expands the learner’s study time and space to learn, allowing people to get access to the digital virtual schools through the Internet anytime and anywhere. These advantages make it possible for people to shift from one-time learning to lifelong learning.

Unit 3 Discovery of a new life stage

Text A The humanities:Out of date?


1. Because people in different life stages are confronted with different problems and setbacks and each group of people in a particular time period have their particular worries and pains.

2.The norm refers to the general consensus that as soon as students graduated from college, they would enter adulthood and be able to find an ideal job leading to their career.

3. They are recognized as a new life stage that comes after high school graduation, continues through college and leads to starting a family and having a career.

4. Because nowadays so many young people are following this new lifestyle that it has become a trend. As long as the economic situation continues its long slide, this new stage is unavoidable.

5. Unlike their parents, a large number of young people are now delaying marriage, child bearing, and even employment during their odyssey years.

6. They often resent the pressure they’re feeling and keep a distance from their parents or even run away from home. Many also resort to computer games, iPods, iPhones, or iPads.

7. Their parents feel more anxious and upset seeing their children’s odyssey years continue to stretch without a clear direction.

8. The author thinks as people are getting to know the odyssey years better, both parents and their children can tackle this phase better. For parents, they can understand their children more; for children, they can explore and discover themselves with a positive attitude.


1. peculiar

2. radical

3. phase

4. sensible

5. predict

6. labeled

7. resent

8. witnessed

9. equivalent 10. parallels Ex.4

-ic Chaotic dramatic academy -ion Depression detection erosion Classification confuse cooperate dictate -ist Rightist journal


1. journal

2. chaotic

3. cooperate

4. erosion

5. dramatic

6. confuse

7. academy

8. rightists

9. depression 10. dictate 11. detection 12. classification

Ex. 6



1. saddled with

2. back off

3. gives way to

4. resorted to

5. make allowances for

6. wonder at

7. prior to

8. based upon/on

Filial piety is the basic code of ethics in the ancient Chinese society. Chinese people consider filial piety as the essence of a person’s integrity, family harmony, and the nation’s well-being. With filial piety being the core of Confucian ethics, it has been the moral standard for the Chinese society to maintain the family relationship for thousands of years. It’s undoubtedly a traditional Chinese virtue. The culture of filial piety is a complex concept, rich in content and wide in range. It concludes not only cultural ideas but also institutional etiquettes. Generally speaking, it refers to the obligation of children to their parents required by the society, including respect, care, support for the elderly and so forth. Filial piety is fundamental to the ancient “Oriental civilization”.

Unit 4 Dance with love

Text A College sweethearts

Ex. 1

1. The author uses this sentence to tell her own love story. She didn’t expect that she would end up marrying Butch. He became her boyfriend just because of her wish to find a cute boyfriend. She didn’t really want to marry him at the beginning.

2. Because when she met up with Butch the first time, he kept staring at her all night long. He flattered her and fell in love with her at first sight. He looked really wild or maybe even dangerous.

3. Because Butch had a “bad boy image” which was very tempting to a lot of girls, and his wild, dynamic personality was a little frightening. She didn’t know whether she could be getting along with him.

4. Though she always had an excellent reputation in respect to her schoolwork, she thought that her college life was dull, with no fun. In her opinion, college was supposed to be a time of great learning and also of some fun.

5. Because she was becoming more interested in him and she wanted to find out if she was the “right” date in the eyes of Butch, thinking of herself as a traditional girl.

6. It means that Butch didn’t want to do anything to change his bad situation. The word fate here refers to the fact that Butch was going to be expelled from the university.

7. Though Butch was wild and would sometimes display directly his love in front of her friends, he was always a perfect gentleman at his core. And they had a pure and responsible relationship for seven years.

8. The author and her husband’s faithful journey of love that started with a causal attraction but bloomed into a mature love proves that romantic love can last long through the ups and downs in life.

Ex. 3

1. confess

2. tempting

3. commence

4. coordinating

5. granted

6. deserved

7. displayed

8. consequently

9. lodged 10. proceed Ex. 4


Contented compress complicate -ion Identification justification qualification Illustration exhibit extension Interpretation plantation perception

1. qualifications

2. perception

3. plantations

4. compressed

5. exhibit

6. contented

7. interpretation

8. complicate

9. illustration 10. extension 11. identification 12. justification

Ex. 6


Ex. 7

1. on her behalf

2. took the liberty of

3. immune to

4. were filled with

5. fall in love with

6. Expelled from

7. been pessimistic about

8. go along with Ex. 10

July 7th on the Chinese calendar is Chinese Qixi Festival, the most romantic of all the traditional Chinese holidays. Every year, some big businesses organize various activities, and young people send gifts to their lovers. As a result, the Qixi Festival is considered to be Chinese “Valentine’s Day”. The Qixi Festival is derived from the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid. The legend holds that on this particular night every year the Weaving Maid in heaven meets with Cowherd. So, people can see Cowherd and Weaving Maid meeting in the Milky Way on the night of Qixi. On this night, girls would also beg Weaving Maid for some wisdom for a happy marriage. But, with the changing of times, these activities are diminishing. All that remains is the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid, a sign of faithful love, continuously circulated among the folk.

Unit5 The money game

Text A Spend or save-The student’s dilemma


1. contradict

2. paradox

3. perspective

4. explicit

5. suspended

6. derive

7. defy

8. retains

9. manipulating 10. tackle


-er browse browser

message messenger consumer consume -ion negotiate negotiation object objection react reaction constitute constitution cultivate cultivation define definition expand expansion concentration concentrate civilization civilize


1. concentrated

2. messenger

3. civilized

4. Constitution

5. browser

6. objection

7. expansion

8. consume

9. definition 10. cultivation 11. reaction 12. negotiation


1 B 2D 3O 4E 5F 6C 7K 8H 9N 10I


1. referred to 2 at odds with 3 put off 4 consulting with 5 do their utmost 6 took stock of 7 on track 8 take in


The Silk Road is a traffic route in the ancient times connecting China and Eurasia. This trade route focuses on the trade of silk, hence the name “the Silk Road”. As an international trade channel

and a bridge of cultural exchanges, the Silk Road effectively improved the economic and cultural exchanges and development between the East and the West, exerting a profound impact on the progress of the world civilization. Nowadays, under the new historical circumstances, our country proposes the strategy of “One Belt, One Road”(namely the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road). The strategy of “One Belt, One Road” focuses on cooperation and mutual benefits, emphasizing mutual benefits, win-win, as well as common development of the related countries. Once proposed, the strategy has received positive responses from the related countries along the road.

Unit6 Less is more

Text A Door closer,are you?

Reading comprehension Understanding the text


1 He was imposing on his troops a necessary sacrifice to achieve victory over their opponents. By doing this, the soldiers would be more determined and concentrated on the battles.

2 The purpose for the experiment is to investigate seemingly irrational human behavior when making a decision, such as the tendency for keeping multiple options open.

3 The experiment enabled people to see why it's always so hard for them to say "NO" to any opportunities that came to them. In everyday life, people just give excuses to keep options open.

4 Students should quickly check all the doors and keep clicking on the one with the highest cash. They should absolutely ignore the vanishing doors.

5 Because we can see that the students didn't really focus on ensuring future cash earnings. What they tried to avoid was the immediate pain of watching options close.

6 Because in life the doors are closing slowly, not like the ones on the computer in the experiment, people don't really see the opportunities actually vanishing away little by little.

7 He suggests that people should prohibit overbooking, reduce options, delegate tasks to others, and even give away ideas to others to pursue.

8 People can obtain pleasure and satisfaction by focusing their energy and attention in a more concentrated fashion. They will have more with fewer, carefully chosen options.


1 implement

2 rival

3 motivating

4 discarded

5 fluctuating

6 prejudiced

7 restore

8 enlightening

9 profit 10 investigate

Word building 4 Words learned New words formed

-ic strategy strategic sympathy sympathetic -ion confirm confirmation locate location reflect reflection provide provision install installation register registration quotation quote -ize sympathy sympathize critic criticize industrial industrialize


1 sympathize

2 confirmation

3 strategic

4 installation

5 quote

6 sympathetic

7 criticize

8 location

9 reflection 10 industrialize 11 provision 12 registration

Banked cloze


1 M

2 D

3 H

4 0

5 F

6 L

7 I

8 C

9 J 10 A

Expressions in use 7

I was attached to 2 be measured in 3 come in handy 4 clinging to 5 pay a big price

6 are exhausted from

7 imposed on

8 revolve around


National Happiness Index (NHI) is an index that measures how happy people are. It is also a tool that measures the levels of economic development and people's livelihood and happiness in a country or region. With the fast growth of Chinese economy, the Chinese government has been paying more and more attention to people's living quality and the increase of happiness index. The government stresses improvement of its people's livelihood, striving to improve their economic conditions and meet their growing material and cultural needs. Currently, the Chinese government advocates the unleashing of more reform dividends, with the aim of offering more real benefits to its people. All these measures will combine to effectively increase the NHI of our people.

Unit7 Women:Making a difference

TextA Women at rhe management level

3.Words in use

1. harness








9.plausible 10.tolerance

Word building 4.

-al/-ial fate fatal horizon horizontal mechanic mechanical occasion occasional proportion proportionan logical logic deny denial commercial mommerce -ity relative relativity prior priority continue continuity actual actuality










9.priority http://www.wendangku.net/doc/4ff4dae02bf90242a8956bec0975f46526d3a799.htmlmerce 11.proportional 12.horizon






5. A




9.I 10.C


http://www.wendangku.net/doc/4ff4dae02bf90242a8956bec0975f46526d3a799.htmles down to

2.take exception to

3.make concessions to

4.burst into

5.feel at ease with

6.on both counts

7.took over

8.stemmed from

China is home to silk, thereby having a variety of arts related to silk, one of which is embroidery. Embroidery, with at least two or three thousand years of history, is one of the Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts. Since most embroiderers are women, it's also called "women's needlework". Embroidery has been much-loved by the Chinese people. It can be used to beautify clothing and things. For example, clothes, quilts, pillowcases etc. can be embroidered with beautiful designs, or a piece of embroidery can be made for a special ornament. There are four most famous types of embroidery in China: Suxiu from Suzhou, Yuexiu from Guangdong, Xiangxiu from Hunan, and Shuxiu from Sichuan, each having its own style and theme. Among the four, Suzhou embroidery has enjoyed the highest reputation.

Unit 8 Human rights vs. Animal rights

Text A Animals or children?-A scientist’s choice understanding the text:

1. He became a children’s doctor because of this love for children and his

strong desire to keep them healthy.

2. He is thought of having no moral compass: He tortures innocent animals for his career advancement and his experiments having nothing to do with medicine.

3. The public barely watches, convinced that the issue has no significance to them, while the senator and politicians continue to give way to the lobbying of animal rights activists

4. The author does not really admit their mistake, but the tone is apparently ironic, criticizing that the physicians were too soft to respond to the animal rights activists.

5. Life is cruel to both animals and human beings . if the physician don’t create an animal model of the problem, they have to do experiments on human beings, or the medical knowledge will remain static.

6. Drugs to cure infection will remain undiscovered, surgical and diagnostic techniques will remain undeveloped, and fundamental biological processes will remain mysteries.

7. Because protection from serious sickness and drugs as well as most complex surgical procedures were initially developed in animals instead of human beings

8. If the more radical members of this movement are successful in threatening further research, their efforts will bring about a tragedy that will cost the lives of many human beings. Language focus word in use


1. arresting

2. omits

3. optional

4. transplanted

5. hence

6. twisted

7. stung

8. minute

9. imitate 10. evil

4. Words learned New words formed

-ence interfere interference -er thrill thriller -ly scarcely scarce specially special -ion consume consumption deceive deception invade invasion proceed procession


1. interference

2. invasion

3. Consumption

4. procession

5. specific

6. deception

7. scare

8. thriller



2. G

3. L

4. K

5. F

6. D

7. H

8. N

9. E 10.I


1. persisted in

2. have relevance to

3. becoming aware of

4. isolated from

5. in the name of

6. make a contribution

7. been occupied with

8. tip the scales


Since the founding of New China, especially since the economic reform and door-opening to the world, the Chinese government has made considerable efforts in eco-environmental protection and achieved effective progress. The government has taken a series of important measures to protect and improve the ecological environment, such as actively promoting key ecological projects, enhancing ecosystem construction and biodiversity conservations, establishing a

number of nature reservation, ecological demonstration zones, scenic spots and forest parks. One of the important goals of building a socialist harmonious society is to strengthen ecological protection and construction and to achieve harmony between man and nature. Environmental protection and ecological civilization construction have provided a solid foundation for the sustainable development of China’s economy and society.