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I.Choose among A,B,C and D that best completes the sentence.(25*1’=25’)

1. The old man put meat into the oven to for dinner.

A. bake

B. scorch

C. roast

D. heat

2. It isn’t much to be a lighthouse keeper.

A. interest

B. fortune

C. fun

D. joy

3.disturbing her, the news had a strangely calming effect.

A. While

B. Nevertheless

C. However

D. Instead of

4. The glove suggests that she at the scene of the crime.

A. had been

B. should be

C. be

D. was

5. He the right to enter the building when he wished.

A. maintained

B. declared

C. stated

D. claimed

6. Beer is the most popular drink among male drinkers, overall consumption is significantly higher than that of women.

A. what

B. that

C. which

D. whose

7. I have no objection your story again.

A. to hear

B. to hearing

C. to having heard

D. to have heard

8. You will see this product wherever you go.

A. to be advertised

B. advertised

C. advertise

D. advertising

9. The suggestion that the mayor the prizes was accepted by everyone.

A. would present

B. present

C. presents

D. ought to present

10. There are signs restaurants are becoming more popular with families.

A. that

B. which

C. in which

D. whose

11. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is _______I disagree.

A. why

B. where

C. what

D. how

12. You can take anything from the shelf and read, but please _______the books when you' ve finished with them.

A. put on

B. put down

C. put back

D. put off

13. Mary kept weighing herself to see how much ___ she was getting.

A. heavier

B. heavy

C. the heavier

D. the heaviest

14. - Susan, will you please go and empty that drawer?

- _______?

A. What for

B. What is it

C. How is it

D. How come

15. I don't mind picking up your things from the store. _______ , the walk will do me good.

A. Sooner or later

B. Still

C. In time

D. Besides

16. Fertile land good crops.

A. plants

B. develops

C. yields

D. works

17. Global warming is likely to a series of unpleasant effects.

A double B. fasten C. trigger D. alleviate

18. I suggested he should himself to his new conditions.

A. adapt

B. adopt

C. regulate

D. suit

19. The basic features of the communication process are identified in one question: Who says through what channel to whom?

A. how

B. when

C. what

D. such

20. On New Year’ Eve, New York City holds an outdoor which attracts a crowd of a million or more people.

A. incident

B. event

C. case

D. affair

21. As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to it.

A. postpone

B. refuse

C. delay

D. cancel

22. Loud noise can be .

A. hateful

B. painful

C. horrifying

D. annoying

23. These are our for doing it.

A. drives

B. motives

C. themes

D. subjects

24. John his overcoat.

A. moved

B. removed

C. washed off

D. picked

25. A number of books on this subject are in the library.


B. litimed

C. tiny

D. low

II.Cloze (10*1’=10’)

To find out what the weather is going to be, most people go straight to the radio, television or newspaper to get an expert weather forecast. But 1 you know what to look for, you can use your own 2 to make weather predictions. There are many signs which can help you. For example, in fair weather the air pressure is generally

3 . The air is still and often full of dust. For away objects may look misty. But when

a storm is gathering, the pressure 4 and you are often able to see things more clearly. Sailers took note of this long ago and came up with a saying “The farther the sight, the nearer the rain.”Your sense of 5 can also help you detect weather changes. Just 6 it rains, odors become stronger. This is 7 odors are suppressed in a fair, high-temperature center. When a bad weather moves in, air pressure lessens and odors are released .

You can also hear an approaching storm. Sounds bounce off heary storm clouds and return to earth with 8 . An old saying describes it this way: “Sound traveling fast and wide, a stormy day will betide.”

And don’t laugh if your grandfather says she can 9 a storm coming. It is commonly known that many people feel pains in their bones when the humidity 10 , the pressure drops, and bad weather is on the way .

1. A. if B. unless C. though D. as

2. A. experiences B. senses C. feelings D. ways

3. A. high B. low C. strong D. weak

4. A. rises B. increase C. drops D. descends

5. A. touch B. taste C. smell D. sight

6. A. when B. as C. after D. before

7. A.why B.because C. how D. when

8. A. power B. force C. strength D. vigor

9. A. see B. hear C. feel D. tell

10. A. falls B. grows C. drops D. rises

III.Reading Comprehension (15*2’=30’)

Passage 1

Taste is such a subjective matter that we don’t usually conduct preference rests for food. The most you can say about anyone’s preference is that it’s one person’s opinion. But because the two big cola companies-----Coca-Cola Classic and Pepsi Cola----are marketed so aggressively, we’ve wondered how big a role taste preference actually plays in brand loyalty. We set up a taste test that challenged people who identified themselves as either Coca-cola or Pepsi fans: Find your brand in a blind tasting.

We invited staff volunteers who had a strong liking for either Coca-Cola Classic or Pesic, Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. These were people who thought they’d have no trouble telling their brand from the other brand.

We eventually located 19 regular cola drinkers and 27 diet cola drinkers. Then we fed then four unidentified samples of cola one at a time, regular colas for the one group, diet versions for the other. We asked them to tell us whether eachsamples was Coke or Pepsi; then we analyzed the records statistically to compare the participants’choices with what mere guesswork could have accomplished.

Getting all four sample right was a tough test, but not too tough, we thought, for people who believed they could recognize their brand. In the end, only 7 out 19 regular cola drinkers correctly indentified their brand of choice in all four samples correctly.

While both groups did better than chance would predict, nearly half the participants in each group made the wrong choice two or more time. Two people got all four samples wrong. Overall, half the participants did about as well on the last round of tasting as on the first, so fatigue, or fatigue, or taste burnout, was not a factor. Our preference test results suggests that only a few Pepsi participants and Coke fans may really be able to tell their favorite brand by taste and prize.

1. According to the passage the preference test was conducted in order to .

A.find out the role taste preference plays in a person’s drinking

B.reveal which cola is more to the liking of drinkers

C.show that a person’s opinion about taste is mere guess work

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/561a536da98271fe910ef913.htmlpare the ability of the participants in choosing their drinks

2. The statistics recorded in the preference tests show .

A.Coca-Cola and Pepsi are people’s two most favorite drinks

B.there is not much differece in taste between Coca-Cola and Pepsi

C.few had trouble telling Coca-Cola from Pepsi

D.people’s tastes differ from one another

3. It’s implified in the first paragraph that .

A.the purpose of taste test is to promote the sale of colas

B.the improvement of quality is the chief concern of the two cola companies

C.the competition between the two colas is very strong

D.blind tasting is necessary for identifying fans

4. The underlined word here referes to the state of .

A.being seriously burnt in the skin

B.being unable to burn for lack of fule

C.being badly damaged by fire

D.being unable to function because of excessive use

5. The author’s purpose in writing this passage is to .

A.show that tast preference is highly subjective

B.argue that taste testing is an important marketing strategy

C.emphasize that taste and prize are closely related to each other

D.recommend that blind tasting be introduced in the quality control of colas

Passage 2

There are many reasons for the tidal action which is a very complicated phenomonon involving many factors all of which must be considered to predicts tide in any one place and at one time. The alternate rise and fall of the surface of the seas and the ocean is mainly caused by the attractive force of the moon alone. When the attraction is great, the tide is high; and conversely when the attraction is minimal, the tide is low. Between the high tide and the low tide is a period of little over six hours, being called during its rise a blood tide, and during its fall an ebb tide.

The sun also exerts its effect on the tide, being a little less than half as much as the moon, although its mass is so much greater. When the moon and the sun are horizontal, the highest high tide occurs and when they are vertical the lowest low tide takes place.

The wind also plays an important part in the modification of the normal rise and fall of the tide. Thus these factors affect each other, either distracting or adding to the attractive forces to add or subtract from the hight of the tide. But the tides still move inexorably(不可阻挡的)on, rising twice a day, getting a little late each other day and posing a problem of correctly predicting their heighs and lows.

6. Which of the following factors will affect the action of the tide?

A. The sun

B. The moon

C. The wind

D. All the above

7. The principal idea of the passage is .

A.the attraction of the sun and the moon

B.the changing tide

C.the sun, the moon and the wind

D.the factors affecting the tide

8. Which of the following factors is not mentioned as affecting the tide?

A. The sun

B. The moon

C. The wind

D. The depth of the ocean

9. It can be concluded from the passage that the attraction of the sun is .

A. less than half that of the moon

B. more than half that of the moon

C. more than that of the moon

D. less than twice that of the moon

10. If the first high tide takes place at 1:00 a.m. , the next high tide will probably take place at .

A. 7:20 a.m.

B. 8:00 a.m.

C. 1:45 p.m.

D. high noon

Passage 3

Because Ireland is an island geographically near the mainland of the United Kingdom, English rulers have fought since the Middle-English Ages to retain political control over it. Attracted by the lush farmland, English and Scottish landowners settled there, and in time of famine or political unrest, the local workers suffered, while their landlords were cushioned(减缓…的冲击)by their wealth. The history of modern Ireland is, in fact, largely a story of antagonism(敌对)and resentment between the Irish and their English and Scottish rulers.

Since the 1920’s, Ireland has been divided into two parts: Northern Ireland (Ulster) and the Republic of Ireland (Eire). The north is still part of the United Kingdom and is predominantly Protestant; the south is an independent republic and is mainly Catholic. The majority in Ulster accept this political compromise, but the active and mainly Catholic minority are fighting for union with the independent republic of Southern Ireland. The IRA, the Irish Republican Army, have mounted(组织发动)bombing campaigns in military and civil targets in Ulster and England, they have sent letter-bombs to public figures, they have slot fellow Irishmen who support the British or belong to opposing, and now equally militant Protestant groups. As a result of this, the British have stationed an army in Belfast, the IRA have been outlawed(宣布为不合法) , and several of them have spent many years in prison or have died in support of their cause. Whether this level of violence and repression is justifiable, and whether the violence that could result from political change would be worthwhile are the controversial issues that divide everybody involved.

11. This passage suggest that the central problem is_______.

A. many centuries old

B. about three centuries

C. about eighty years old

D. a few years old

12. It suggested that the central problem is relationship between _______.

A. Britain and Ireland

B. Ulster and Eire

C. Catholics and Protestants

D. the Irish Republican Army and Ulster.

13. The IRA is ________.

A. part of the British army

B. part of the Ulster police force

C. a group of militant priests

D. a terrorist organization

14. Bomb attacks occur_______.

A. only in England

B. only in military building

C. in England and Northern Ireland

D. when public figures talk about Ireland

15. The writer feels that the controversy is about ________.

A. the use of violence

B. political change

C. injustice

D. freedom IV.Translate the following sentences into English or translate English into Chinese. (10*2’=20’)






6.You don’t want to go to bed so late if you’re tried all the time!

7.There was nothing we could do about it. The situation was out of control.

8. A few small boats were left standed on the beach as the tide went out.

9.When their parents died, David and his brother were brought up by an aunt.

10.The music always brings back happy memories.

V. Writing (15’)

Write a short passage about 150 words which is called “ My favorite book”.

In the passage, You should refer to :

1. The name of the book

2. the content of the book

3. the reason why you like the book

I. 1----5 CCDDD 6---10 DBBBA 11-15 BCAAD 16---20 CCACB 21----25 DCBBB

II. 1---5 ABACC 6----10 DABCD

III 1---5 ABCDA 6---10 DDDAC 11---15 CADCC

IV 1. He often took advantage of her lack of business knowledge.

2.Through the summers that followed, I learned the beauty of the desert sunrise.

3. Richer people are more likely to report themselves as being happier than

poorer people are.

4.Science prizes precision above all else.

5.This is a moving scenario that hides the terrifying truth.

6. 如果你老是觉得很累,就不该睡的那麽晚。





V. 略