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新视野大学英语第二册网络quiz答案unit 1

I'd like to take __________ of this opportunity to thank all of you for your efforts. D

Profit benefit occasion advantage

When doing the wash, it is important to _______ white and colored clothing. B

Compare separate establish contrast

In copying this paper, be careful not to leave __________ any words. A

Out alone off behind

We came finally __________ the conclusion that she had been telling lies all the time. C

Of into to at

He didn't live up to __________ had been expected of him. A

What which that all

She did not feel ____________ going out, as she had a slight headache. B

About like after for

The price of gold rose again, partly __________ news about the war. D

Result in go with because due to

She wouldn't even take a short rest there, ____________ stay for the night. D

Much more much few much lesser much less

______ Tom is supposed to make an appointment with the dentist, he says he is too busy. C However whoever whenever whatever

He _______ lives in the house where he was born. C

Already yet still ever

"For tonight's homework, do pages forty and forty-one in the workbook."

"Professor Hones, I think that is _______ work." A

Far too much much the more too hard the hardest

When Laura finally arrived she apologized _______ so late. C

For to come that she was coming for coming to come

He thought he could talk Mr. Robinson _______ buying some expensive equipment. C

To about into on

The officials in the _______ at the London Heathrow Airport were very polite. B

Custom Customs custom customs

Life insurance (保险), _______ available only to young, healthy persons, can now be obtained for old people. D

Before after former previously

The painter lived more than a decade in Europe, __________ he could be in close contact with other cubists (立体派艺术家). A

Where in which that in that

Unless we get more money, we'll be ____________ finishing this project. C

separated from recovered from prevented from charged from

The president has ____________ his political advisors over the slow pace of economic change. D

prevented from charged for accounted for clashed with

If you __________ in your payment for the house again, you may get thrown out. A

Fall behind account for charged for come to

Responsibilities ____________ becoming a father. B

Charge for go with save for go through


Correct answer:(1) entirely (2) convention (3) significance (4) principles (5) customs (6) exist (7) absolute (8) assess (9) those (10) practice (11) increasingly (12) consciousness (13) used to be (14) difference (15) individual's (16) communities (17) weight (18) Some (19) turn (20) obtaining

How does one "save face" or "lose face"? This concept is in fact for different peoples throughout the world and is not 1 Chinese. It could also be considered a Western 2 . However, it carries much weight for Asian people and its 3 in Asian countries is greater.

Some Asian people believe that the 4 of "face" and other rituals and 5 like honoring your parents do not 6 in the West, but it would be too 7 to put it in this way. When we 8 the values held by families in the West, we find that many have similar beliefs to 9 that guide Asian culture, and they 10 them in their daily lives. So, some ideas are becoming 11 similar between the east and west. For example, American students are having a stronger 12 of studying hard for the honor of their families than before. And American people are more concerned about the disadvantages of "happy education" for primary education than they 13

One major 14 is how each weighs an 15 rights against the rights of the community. There are people, 16 , and even leaders in the West who believe that the freedom of an individual carries much more 17 than needs for the order in the community. 18 Americans hold the right to own a gun so dear that they have consequently been willing to 19 a blind eye to the harm that people 20 guns has caused.

A proper balance between Western and Eastern ideas can be a very good idea.

1 eventually entirely evenly endlessly

2 conference conviction convention confrontation

3 conscience significance encouragement intention

4 principles prisons presidents principals

5 curiosity contents customers customs

6 extend explore exist exit

7 abrupt absolute accurate thorough

8 assume attach assist assess

9 them these those this

10 practice participate persuade prevent

11 spontaneously originally increasingly inevitably

12 consciousness conscience sensation embarrassment

13 would be used to be will be shall be

14 difference differently change clash

15 instructor’s identity’s interaction’s individual’s

16 communities community things actions

17 power weight control command

18 one others another some

19 leave turn do see

20 containing opening obtaining conducting


Correct answer: (1) acute (2) inclined (3) competent (4) email (5) curb (6) insist (7) probe (8) contemporary (9) spare (10) capital

Curb capital contain acute insist intense enhance inclined probe competent spare effective spend contemporary email

I have done enough business with Americans to know that they like to get down to business right away. Our overseas partners from America seem to have an 1 sense of what time it is and how much time has been spent. Many of my peers believe they are being rude, but I am 2 to believe that it is a cultural difference. Still I do not readily do business with someone I do not know. I am a very 3 businessman as well as skillful at receiving guests. Before a foreign visitor arrives, I 4 or fax a list of activities to them to get them prepared. This tends to 5 their anxiety and allows them to plan their time. I, of course, discuss the activities with them and make necessary changes. I do, however, 6 that they understand that we will be conducting our business at a more relaxed pace than we would in America. This really helps both sides to 7 professionally and to get to know one another. I do not believe in the 8 notion that "Time is money". Rather, I believe that one should 9 no expense when it comes to building relationships. There is always enough time as well as 10 in our company's budget for a new friend. I have never entertained a guest that did not go home completely satisfied.


Passage 1

Charlie Chaplin has broken all records in making people laugh. No one has so set a whole world laughing as the little man with the walking stick and the oversized shoes.

Much has been written about Chaplin's art and his career, and opinions have ranged widely. But perhaps those who called him "the truest human being of our time" came closest to the truth. Those who have called him a genius stress the timeless and common qualities in his work. It is an art filled with sad elements and deep human feeling, with which an audience cannot help but become involved. It is for these reasons, I believe, that the figure of Charlie has attracted generation after generation.

All the writers who give accounts of Chaplin's life agree that Charlie's unhappy early years in the area in London where houses were dirty and worn had a great influence on his development and on the type of films he made. Chaplin himself emphasizes it in his memoirs (回忆录). The more one reads about his earliest period, the more one tends to agree. Indeed, his suffering youth had a lasting influence on him.

Chaplin was never afraid to deal with subjects causing much disagreement in his films. He gave a humorous performance on war only a few weeks before the American soldiers came home from World War I in 1918. This was regarded as madness, but the performance was well received. So perfectly did it hit the nail on the head that even the returning soldiers found it impossible to hate it and deeply appreciated this short and humorous performance on what for them had been an unpleasant reality. Chaplin gave numerous performances attacking capital governments, satirizing (讽刺) the cruelty of the machine age, and even making fun of Hitler.

Years after his death, the funny films of motion picture actor and director Charlie Chaplin continue to be well loved. He is particularly well known for his success as a creator of humorous presentations that make fun of people, the establishment, or networks.


All of the following about Charlie Chaplin are true except _______________.

A. he was born in the USA

B. he was a great film actor

C. he had an unhappy early life

D. he made fun of Hitler in one of his films

According to the author, Charlie Chaplin has been well loved by generation after generation because ______________.

A. he set the whole world laughing

B. his performances get people involved

C. his works appeal to people in different periods

D. both B and C

According to the writers of Charlie Chaplin's life history, ____________ had a strong influence on the type of films he made

A. the society in which he lived

B. the audience who praised and admired him

C. his unhappy early years in the poor area in London

D. those who called him a genius

According to the passage, which of the following is true?

A. There are timeless qualities in Chaplin's work because he didn't involve himself in political


B. Chaplin became well loved years after his death.

C. Chaplin's performance is funny without any sad elements.

D. Chaplin's films are the combinations of funny and sad elements.

This passage was ____________.

A. written by Charlie Chaplin

B. written about Charlie Chaplin

C. advertising one of Charlie Chaplin's films

D. written for students to learn film-making

I used to go to Starbucks (星巴克) for their coffee, but that's changed since I discovered their comforting, tasty teas, which are better than coffee any time. Tea is cool even when it's hot. People drink more tea than any other drink in the world, except for water.

Whether it's served hot or cold, natural and flavored teas are drinks that have been consumed (消费) for centuries. Everywhere you look, you'll find various kinds of teas―in restaurants, grocery stores, television advertisements, and gift shops.

Why is there all this excitement about tea? What's its attraction? Well, there are many possibilities for why more and more people are drinking tea. One possibility is that people are coming to notice the benefits of drinking tea, particularly green tea. Studies show that drinking four cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of developing various types of cancer, as well as heart disease. The key to tea's effects of cure seems to lie in chemicals found in tea which prevent a process that leads to the growth of cancers. Green tea may also prevent skin cancer. It has also been linked with helping the body to rid itself of harmful materials, and green tea is thought to possibly protect against colds and Parkinson's (帕金森) disease.

Another explanation for why people are drinking more tea may be due to the comforting process of just making a cup of tea. The time it takes to prepare tea leaves in hot water and enjoy its gentle flavor forces drinkers to slow down and relax a while, making it the perfect way to improve a world where people are so crazy about cappuccino(热牛奶咖啡), a hot coffee with milk in it.

So, whether you drink tea, eat it in foods, wear it to smell good, or take it in pills, one thing is certain, the use of tea is more than a trend―it is a habit of our past and if studies prove the benefit of its use, it will undoubtedly be an important element of our future.


Nowadays, among all the drinks in the world, tea is __________.

A. the most widely consumed drink

B. as widespread as coffee

C. even more widely consumed than water

D. the second most widely consumed drink

The passage does not mention __________ as a possible benefit of drinking tea.

A. preventing skin cancer

B. helping the body to rid itself of harmful material

C. curing Parkinson's disease

D. reducing the risk of developing cancer

It is good to drink tea because the time it takes to prepare a cup of tea _________.

A. allows the tea leaves to absorb enough water

B. enables drinkers to relax

C. is suitable for people to get some news

D. can improve the quality of cappuccino

The writer suggests that in the future people will probably ___________.

A. follow the trend and go on drinking tea

B. drink more water than tea

C. form the habit of eating tea leaves in foods

D. take tea as an important part of their life

The passage is mainly about ____________.

A. the benefits of drinking tea

B. the benefits of drinking coffee

C. using tea leaves in fortune telling

D. advising people to drink tea and water

Polygamy is a funny thing―funny ha ha, as well as peculiar. One thinks of the 19th-century Mormon leader, Brigham Young, with his 55 wives (in those days, they said, women married Young). Devout (虔敬的) Mormons hold that a message from God told Young to go ahead and start collecting wives. Skeptics (怀疑者), of course, say that there was something else to this. In any case, it proved to be an efficient means of enabling Mormons to outnumber skeptics.

And in fairness, some of his wives were elderly women whom he married out of kindness and not because he was attracted to them.

I find it very curious that Western countries, despite how much they pride themselves for their liberalism (人文自由主义) about what willing adults do with one another, have been slow to permit willing adults to marry each other at a rate more than one at a time.

What business is it of the states how many people I marry? And by the way, if one can enter into a common law marriage by living with someone for seven years, can one enter into a common law polygamy by living with two? I'd love to see that test case.

But what would it really be like to have multiple spouses? Most men I've asked answer immediately with a knowing smile. And those are the intelligent ones. Their minds immediately create an image something like a sexual (性的) version (看法) of a Hong Kong Sunday lunch, with many dishes to taste.

In truth, the idea scares me. I spend half my waking hours trying to deal with my childish consciousness to the civilized state known as marriage. It's only by total luck I can hold on to any of my natural state-of-nature qualities—watching violent movies, eating bad food, and acting poorly, the way that men can act poorly when free from the control of women. What if I were outnumbered?

Then there's the spectre (幻影,魔鬼) of a double settlement (解决) if the woman leaves. Modern marriage might be a raw deal for women, but it can be hell (地狱) on men when women leave. Little wonder that men, who write the laws, discourage polygamy. But then again, Mark Twain might have been right; maybe it was just the mother-in-law jokes.


What does the word "polygamy" most probably mean in the first sentence?

A. Funny stories.

B. Interesting events.

C. Having more than one wife at the same time.

D. Organizing a social act.

According to the passage, which one of the following statements is true?

A. In the 19th century, polygamy was considered a regular practice.

B. Young's wives were all very beautiful and attractive.

C. Polygamy began in the 1800s.

D. Some people think that polygamy is a good idea.

The author thinks that the government ______________.

A. should stop polygamy and promote monogamy (一夫一妻制)

B. should not stop polygamy while promoting monogamy

C. should establish laws against polygamy

D. should stop both monogamy and polygamy

Which one of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A. Most men welcome the idea of polygamy out of curiosity.

B. Most men like to have more than one wife for sexual purposes.

C. Most women do not like the idea of polygamy.

D. The author thinks that polygamy is needed for the modern world. What does the phrase "a raw deal" mean in the last paragraph?

A. A new experience.

B. An unfair treatment.

C. An activity which is not agreed on.

D. A heavy blow.