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高三基础知识天天练 英语课时作业17人教版

(必修四·Unit 2)


1.If I ruled the world,I would ________ the world ________ wars.

A.get ride of; by B.be rid of; by

C.rid; of D.get rid; of

答案与解析:C本题考查短语rid sb./sth.of sth.“除掉”。get rid of“摆脱,除掉”后直接加宾语。

2.When still young,he sometimes preferred ________ something new rather than ________ the routine.

A.trying; follow B.to try; followed

C.trying; to follow D.to try; follow

答案与解析:D句意是:年轻的时候,他有时宁愿尝试新的东西也不愿意循规蹈矩。prefer to do A rather than do B意为“宁愿做A也不愿意做B”。

3.I would rather you ________ with us yesterday,but you left.

A.had stayed B.stay

C.stayed D.have stayed


4.—What do you think of the coming 2012 London Games?

—Oh,the table tennis match is ________ to be the most exciting of it.

A.preferred B.wished

C.expected D.proved


5.—You're coughing badly,Martin.Why not give up smoking?

—Give up smoking?Easier said than done,Amy.Once you ______ the habit of smoking,it is very hard for you to ______.

A.keep up; break it away

B.take up; drop it out

C.pick up; get rid of it

D.build up; do away with it

答案与解析:C句意是:“马丁,你咳嗽得很厉害,为什么不戒烟呢?”“戒烟?说起来容易做起来难,艾米。你一旦养成了这个习惯,就很难戒掉。”pick up在此句中表示“养成;形成”;keep up表示“保持”;take up表示“从事”;build up表示“发展,增大”;break away表示“脱离”;drop out表示“退出”;get rid of表示“摆脱,除去”;do away with表示“摆脱;废除,取消”。

6.All flights have been put off ________ the fierce typhoon.

A.for the sake of B.as a result

C.thanks to D.because

答案与解析:C句意是:由于凶猛的台风,所有的航班都推迟了。for the sake of表示目的,意为“为了……”;as a result,副词,表示“作为……的结果;由于……”;thanks to表示“多亏了,由于”;because后引导从句。

7.The population of Africa is ________ so rapidly as to cause concern of the whole world.

A.expanding B.stretching

C.extending D.spreading

答案与解析:A expand不仅指尺寸的增加,还可指范围和体积的扩大。stretch一般指由曲变直、由短变长的伸展;extend指空间范围的扩大或长宽的向外延伸,也可指时间的延长;spread一般指向四面八方扩大或传播。

8.People should open the window in the morning to make air ________ in order to keep the indoor air fresh.

A.spread B.remove

C.float D.circulate

答案与解析:D circulate表示空气、液体等的流通。spread“传播”;remove“去掉”;float“漂浮”。

9.—I'm going to attend your lecture at 9∶30 tomorrow morning.

—I regret to tell you that when you arrive it will have ended and I ________ questions with my students.

A.would discuss B.will discuss

C.will be discussing D.am discussing

答案与解析:C由上文的“at 9∶30 tomorrow morning”及“when you arrive”知将来这个时间我正回答学生的提问,故选C。

10.The policeman's ________ traffic directions made all the drivers quite ________.

A.confused; confused B.confusing; confusing

C.confusing; confused D.confused; confusing

答案与解析:C confusing修饰物,意为“令人迷惑不解的”;confused修饰人,意为“感到迷惑不解的”。

11.Victor apologized for ________ able to inform me of the change in the plan beforehand.

A.his being not B.him not to be

C.his not being D.him to be not


12.________ the same mistake again made his parents very angry.

A.His being made B.He had made

C.He had making D.His making

答案与解析:D分析句子结构知,此处为动名词短语作主语;he与make the same mistake之间为逻辑上的主谓关系,当强调其逻辑主语时,其前可加相应的形容词性物主代词或名词所有格形式。

13.We do not have enough money.________,we cannot afford to buy the new car.

A.However B.Anyway

C.Therefore D.Though

答案与解析:C anyway表示让步;however和though表示转折;therefore表示因果,根据句意选C。句意:我们没有足够的钱,因此买不起这辆新车。

14.About 11 million people have moved to this city.The population is ________ as ten years ago.

A.as twice large B.twice as large

C.as many twice D.twice as many

答案与解析:B考查倍数的表达法。句意:大约有一千一百万人搬到这座城市,现在这座城市的人口是十年前的两倍。表示倍数时,其结构为“倍数+as+adj./ad v.+as...”;此处as ten years ago为省略句,补充完整为as it was ten years ago。

15.I'm very glad to see that your vocabulary is gradually ________.

A.building up B.turning up

C.coming up D.waking up

答案与解析:A build up“增加”。句意:看到你的词汇量在逐渐增长,我很高兴。turn up“出现”;come up“出现,发生”;wake up“醒来”。


One day when some people were rebuilding a barn,they found a mouse hole in a corner.So they used smoke __1__ the mice to come out.A while later they indeed saw mice running out.

Then,everyone thought that all the mice had escaped.But as they were just about to start to __2__,they saw two mice __3__ at the exit of the hole.The strange thing was that they did not run away __4__.Instead,one chased after the other near the exit of the hole.

Everyone was __5__,so they stepped closer to take a look.They __6__ that one of the mice was __7__ and could not see anything,and the other one was trying to allow him to bite on his tail so they could escape __8__.

After __9__ what had happened,everyone was speechless and __10__.A smart Israeli said,“I think the relationship between those two mice is husband and wife.”The others thought for a while,and all felt it __11__,so they expressed their agreement.Therefore,the expression on the Israeli's face showed __12__.

A Chinese,who was accustomed to the firm tradition of loyalty to __13__,said:“I think the relationship between those two mice is that of mother and son.”__14__ the others thought for a while,and felt this was more reasonable.

At that moment,one __15__ Samaritan who was squatting(蹲)on the ground resting his chin in his palms,looked at other people,and asked,“Why do those two mice have to have a __16__ relationship?”

Suddenly,the atmosphere __17__.Shocked,the group looked back at the Samaritan and remained __18__.All the people who had spoken earlier all __19__ their heads in shame,and did not dare to respond.

In fact,the true love is not __20__ benefit,friendship and loyalty or blood relationship.Instead,it is based on no relationship.

1.A.to invite B.to force

C.to trap D.to free

2.A.clean up B.come up

C.make up D.break up

3.A.holding out B.escaping

C.coming out D.squeezing

4.A.approximately B.certainly

C.immediately D.eventually

5.A.puzzled B.moved

C.embarrassed D.ashamed

6.A.recognized B.knew

C.heard D.realized

7.A.deaf B.blind

C.dumb D.lame

8.A.separately B.together

C.deliberately D.accidentally

9.A.experiencing B.promoting

C.witnessing D.undergoing

10.A.lost face B.lost in thought

C.lost heart D.lost reason

11.A.made nothing B.made up

C.made progress D.made sense

12.A.self-esteem B.self-confidence

C.self-consciousness D.self-satisfaction

13.A.teachers B.parents

C.leaders D.relatives

14.A.Once again B.Again and again

C.Once D.Over and over

15.A.strong-minded B.pure-minded

C.absent-minded D.simple-minded

16.A.certain B.sure

C.accessible D.characteristic

17.A.accumulated B.boiled

C.froze D.refreshed

18.A.speechless B.harmless

C.hopeless D.stainless

19.A.surrounded B.put away

C.put up D.lowered

20.A.centered on B.concentrated on

C.established on D.faced on



1.B由下文的描述可以看出,他们在使用烟熏的方法迫使老鼠从洞里出来。所以选to force“强迫”。而不是诱骗(trap),邀请(invite),释放(free)它们。

2.A由语境可知这些人熏跑老鼠的目的是翻新谷仓,所以在翻新前进行打扫(clean up),符合语境。其他几个选项均无此意。





7.B由下文的“could not see anything”可以看出,一只老鼠的眼睛是“瞎的”,所以选择blind。



10.B be lost in thought“陷入沉思”。lose face“丢脸”,lose heart“灰心丧气”,均不符合语境。

11.D由下文的“expressed their agreement”可以看出,众人思考了一会儿后,觉得此人“言之有理”,所以选择make sense,意思是“讲得通,有意义”。


13.B由下文他的推断(mother and son)可以看出,这个中国人强调孝义,所以应该选择parents。

14.A众人又思考了一会,觉得这个更合理。这里对应的是第一个人提出观点后众人的反应“thought for a while...”,所以这里选择Once again(再一次)。


16.A certain在这里表示“某种”。由前面众人对这两只老鼠的关系做出的种种猜测,再结合下文的描述可以看出,这里要表达的意思是“为什么那两只老鼠一定要有某种关系呢?”



19.D lower“低下”,这里要表达的意思是:先前说话的人都面露惭色地低下头不敢作声。后面的“in shame”暗示了答案。

20.C由语境可知,这里要表达的意思是:事实上,真正的爱并非一定要建立在利益、友情、孝义或血缘的关系上。下文“it is based on”有暗示。


A hobby can be almost anything a person likes to do in his spare time.Hobbyists raise pets,build model ships,weave baskets,watch birds,hunt animals,climb mountains,raise flowers,fish,ski,skate and swim.Hobbyists also paint pictures,attend concerts and plays,and perform on musical instruments.They collect everything from books to butterflies and from shells to stamps.

People take up hobbies because these activities offer enjoyment,friendship,knowledge,and relaxation.Sometimes they even give financial profits.Hobbies help people relax after periods of hard work,and provide a balance between work and play.Hobbies also offer interesting activities for persons who have retired.Anyone,rich or poor,old or young,sick or well,can follow a satisfying hobby,regardless of his age,position,or income.

Hobbies can help a person's mental and physical health.Doctors have found that hobbies are valuable in helping patients recover physical or mental illness.Hobbies give bedridden or wheel-chair patients something to do,and provide interests that keep them from thinking about themselves.Many hospitals treat patients by having them take up interesting hobbies or pastimes(娱乐).

In early times,most people were too busy making a living to have many hobbies.But some persons who had spare time did enjoy hobbies.The ancient Egyptians played games with balls made of wood,pottery(陶器).

People today have more time than ever before for hobbies.Machines have reduced the amount of time they must spend on their jobs.Hobbies provide variety for workers who do the same unchanging tasks all day long.More people are retiring than ever before,and at an earlier age.Those who have developed hobbies never need to worry about what to do with their newly found spare time hours.

Sir William Osier,a famous Canadian doctor expressed the value of hobbies by saying,“No man is really happy or safe without a hobby”.

1.Which of the following is RIGHT?

A.Hobby is one's regular activity in his office.

B.Hobby is one's regular activity in his spare time.

C.Hobby is a kind of activity only for old people.

D.Hobby is a kind of activity only for young people.


2.It seems that people who ________ may spend more time enjoying their hobbies.

A.have little money

B.have much money

C.have retired from their work

D.have left school


3.The phrase“recover from”in the third paragraph means “________”.

A.get back

B.become healthy again

C.become calm

D.supply with a new cover


4.In early times,most people spent less time on their hobbies,because ________.

A.they were brave and hard-working

B.the living conditions were poor

C.they were engaged in making a living

D.B and C

答案与解析:C细节理解题。由第四段第一句话知早期人们为生计而忙于奔波,故C 项正确。

5.What's the writer's opinion about hobbies?

A.People all over the world have the same hobby.

B.Machines also have their hobbies.

C.Hobbies are popular among people in Egypt.

D.People should have hobbies in their spare time.