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Unit One Friendship

Checking Your Vocabulary


1. correspond

2. build

3. sensible

4. brilliant

5. grasp

6. appoint

7. hardware

8. gaze


your eyes / an eye over


3. making a fortune

4. turned up

5. lost track of

6. pass on

7. checking up on

8. was under arrest

Checking Your Comprehension


1. The story took place in New York.

2. He was on night duty, patrolling the avenues and trying to prevent any possible crimes on his beat.

3. He came from the western part of the United States, which was still wild and under-developed at that time.

4. He was waiting by appointment for Jimmy Wells, the best friend of his youth.

5. Twenty years before, Jimmy and Bob had made an appointment that they would meet again in the same restaurant exactly twenty years from that date and time, no matter what their conditions might be or from what distance they might have to come.

6. He was arrested by a policeman in plain clothes, because he was wanted by the Chicago police.

7. He was Jimmy Wells, Bob's friend of youth.

8. Yes, they did meet that night, but in a very special way. Jimmy approached Bob as a patrolman, talking to Bob as if they did not know each other before. 2)

1. He loved New York so much that he preferred to live nowhere else.

2. It was a luxurious watch, handsome and with small diamonds set on its lids. Judging by the watch, one might think that he had made a fortune in the West.

3. Each of them was eager to know what exactly the other looked like.

4. You are not Jimmy at all, because it is not possible for a man to change the shape of his nose so thoroughly within a matter of twenty years.

5. The Chicago police informed us that you might have come to New York and they wanted us to stop and arrest you … It is wise of you not to resist.

6. He could not control his emotions when he found out the truth. His hand was trembling with fear and shock.

Enhance Your Language Awareness

Words in action

Working with Words and Expressions


1. bound

2. appropriate

3. possessing

4. permanent

5. appointed

6. parted

7. had corresponded

8. gazed

9. notion

10. keen

11. preserve

12. grasped

13. figured

14. grounded

15. sensible

16. attribute

17. united

18. pursue

19. commitments

20. regulating



2. checked up on

3. torn down

4. make a fortune

5. all of a sudden

6. lost track of

7. Casting an eye over

8. broke up

9. take pleasure in


11. turned up

12. in so far as

13. is under arrest

14. pass on

15. as to

Increasing Your Word Power


(2) 1. refusal 2. arrivals 3. removal 4. dismissal 5. survival 6. proposal 7. disposal 8. approval

(3) 1. e 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. d



1. whichever tent you are not using now

2. whoever comes / come first

3. whichever / whatever condition our captain thought was the best

4. Wherever / No matter where I go

5. whatever wishes their child / children expresses / express

6. However disappointed / No matter how disappointed you may feel about the surroundings / environment / situation

7. Whoever breaks it

8. whenever he concentrates on a problem


1. It is not luck but hard work tha led him to today’s success.

2. Prof. Moen argues that it is energy that makes the world go round.

3. It was not until he had proved he was honest that he won the family’s trust.

4. It was clearly the headmaster himself who that opened the door for me.



1) classical

2) notion

3) utility

4) ground

5) occurs

6) goodness

7) as to

8) possesses

9) preserve

10) bound

11) mirror

12) virtuous

13) commitment

14) moral excellence



1. The friendship grounded on common / shared interest does not break up easily. / It is not easy for the friendship grounded on common / shared interest to break


2. Children must learn to distinguish between violence and bravery / courage in computer games.

3. There spring up so many new things every day in the world that it is no longer sensible to expect a person to know / keep track of everything.

4. Laws do not regulate such things as betrayal to friends; that is why there is what we call / is called "the court of morality".

5. Today’s culture is described as “fast-food culture”. Whatever they may be / are doing, people just pursue the greatest / maximum satisfaction within the shortest time.

6. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want something, go and earn / work for it.


As is commonly acknowledged / It is commonly recognised that humans are social animals. Bonded together in a community, we naturally expect to have friends. As to what friendship is, people have different notions / ideas. Some make friends for mutual utility. Once the ground for such friendship disappears, the friendship also breaks up. However, a lot more people long for "soul pals"—those who possess virtues and with whom we can go through trials and tribulations together. Such friendships keep us away from greed and violence and encourage us to have the courage of our convictions. Such is what we call "true and perfect friendship".


1. Bob and I became brother-like friends in our childhood. We played, dined and discussed our ambitions together. Once grown up, he started for the West to make his fortune while I became a policeman in New York. Before his departure, we had dinner together and we agreed that we would meet at the same place exactly twenty years from that date and time, no matter what our conditions might be or from what

distance we might have to come.

Then came the day we were supposed to meet. I was on my beat then. Walking up to the appointed place which had been turned into a hardware store, I saw a man standing there with an unlighted cigar in his mouth. Before I could speak, he told me that he was waiting for a friend by the name of Jimmy Wells. When he struck a match to light his cigar, I saw a pale face with keen eyes and a scar. I recognized him immediately. It was Bob, and it was also the face of the man wanted by the Chicago Police. For a moment I felt like telling him to escape right away. After all, we had been friends for so many years and he had traveled all the way to see me! But then my sense of duty told me the right thing to do. I said good-bye to him and con tinued my patrol, his last words still ringing in my ear: “I’ll wait for half an hour. Jimmy will keep his promise if he’s alive…” I then sent for a plain clothes man and had Bob arrested.

Important Friend in My Life

Li Qiang, one of my classmates, is fun to be with. He is always wearing a broad smile as if life is forever "sunshine and butterflies". One day, I revealed to him my worries and anxieties: I, an ordinary-looking girl, was 177 centimeters tall, even taller than any of the boys in my class. I thought no boy would like to date me. Besides, I was very poor at my academic courses.

He suggested that I should learn to be myself and then he introduced me to a fashion show team of the university. Encouraged, I decided to change myself. After a 3-month training program on weekends, I could perform beautifully as a model, and surprisingly, I could concentrate on the required academic courses as well. The applauses I won at each fashion show and the scholarship I earned proved that being myself was terrific. Since then, my life has changed a lot. Thus, Li Qiang became an important friend of mine.

Last semester, we began to help young people who suffer pressures from physical

defects, academic failures or financial problems. We set up a Confidence Club. Those who come to us for help find our work definitely beneficial. Our friendship has led me into a sparkling, rewarding life.

Unit Two Love

Checking Your Vocabulary


1. engaged

2. grief

3. manipulate

4. agonizing

5. maximum

6. fascinate

7. silverware

8. grace


1. moist.

2. fit into

3. In the course of

4. glory

5. overjoyed

6. clip

7. in vain

8. yield

Checking Your Comprehension


1. He was dying in bed of a serious disease.

2. They were long and large. His fingers were long and square, laced with fine veins all the way to the tips. His nails squared off the ends of his fingers, with clearly defined white edges. He had always taken great care to keep them neat. They were not tough hands; nor soft, either.

3. She could feel pure and honest expressions of his love.

4. He took very good care of them.

5. Her husband held her hands in the most frightening moments of his illnesses and in the deepest, darkest moment of his life.

6. She discovered an opened pack of emery boards.

7. At the sight of the emery boards, she could not control her grief any longer and broke into tears.

8. He was her youngest son, who resembled her husband very much.

9. She felt the clasp was as reassuring as his father's.


1. Holding one of my hands tightly, he expressed his pure love for me as well as his wish to be together with me forever.

2. I tried to bear in mind what his hands were like because I knew he would soon leave us forever.

death was drawing near, he clasped my hands to seek comfort and support

from me and to express his pure and deep love for me.

4. Since my husband had been using them before he died, I like to use them now so that I could find myself mentally closer to him.

5. Even though he had died, my husband's way of expressing love through his handclasp had been passed down to our son, which was a lasting comfort to me. Enhance Your Language Awareness

Words in action

Working with Words and Expressions (1)

1. curled

2. minimum

3. clip

4. yielded

5. Given

6 awaiting

7. fascinated

8. affection

9. interact

10. haste

11. harden

12. rief

13. defies

14. glance

15. presence

16. lasting

17. via

18. acquire

19. manipulate

20. restraints


1. let … loose on

2. fit into

3. hold on

4. state of affairs

5. in the course of

6. in vain

7. build … on

8. In short

9. grow used to

10. blame … on

11. reached for

12. give and take Increasing Your Word Power (1)

1. overcoat

2. overhead

3. overjoyed

4. overslept

5. overweight

6. overdue

7. overtime

8. overworking


1. crush

2. attributes

3. fancy

4. bubbled

5. grasp

6. drizzling

7. labeling

8. yield


1. We are short of hands.

2. I still have some money in hand.

3. Give me a hand with this box, please.

4. I often keep a dictionary at hand.

5. The football fans were out of hand.

6. Hand out the pencils to everyone in the class.

7. This ring was handed down to me by my grandmother.

8. Time’s up. Please hand in your test papers.

9. Please hand on the magazine to your roommates.

10. I’m afraid I can’t help you.I’m a green hand.



1. Sitting on the stairs was / On the stairs was sitting

2. Over the wall came / flew

3. Round the corner was

4. Then finally came

5. Under the table was lying

6. At / On the top of (On top of) the hill stood


1. The beaver chews down trees to get food and material to build its home with.

2. Do your parents think Tom is a nice boy to go out with (Cross out "him")

3. The goals for which he has fought all his life seem unimportant to him now.

4. NONE.

5. The essay starts by asking a question, to which the author then gives a positive



(1) haste

(2) state of affairs

(3) distinguished

(4) meeting of minds

(5) blossom

(6) inner charm

(7) intimacy

(8) emotion

(9) acquiring

(10) ideals

(11) admiration

(12) lasting

(13) affection

(14) forge

(15) honor

(16) overwhelming



1. In either friendship or love / In both friendship and love, you should never expect to take / receive the maximum while you give the minimum.

2. I built all my hopes on his promise(s), only to find that he was not a man of sincerity at all.

3. We took Mother to all the best hospitals we could find, but all our efforts were in vain; she failed to survive the disease.

4. Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14, a perfect day

to express love to the object of your / one’s affection.

5. In the information era, communications with far-away friends via e-mail can be almost / virtually simultaneous.

6. Love takes time, for it is not forged until you have grown used to the other’s company and learned to appreciate the other.


After dinner, we all sat around the hearth. Aunt Susan was still in the grief of losing Uncle Robert. In her soft voice she told us about their past years. Uncle Robert joined the army shortly after they were engaged. Given the critical situation at the time when lots of army men didn’t return alive, you can imagine how much overjoyed Aunt Susan was to see Uncle Robert come back safe and sound from the European battlefield. Then they got married and brought up five children. For all those years, their affection for each other grew stronger in the course of overcoming difficulties and hardships in life. I was fascinated by Aunt Susan’s story, which was totally different from my ideal of love. They practiced giving and sharing in their daily life instead of pursuing passion and romance. Amazingly, such love lasted through their whole life.


1. Male-female relations are indispensable to adults all through their lives. But different generations handle them differently. Our parents’ generation lived in an era of constraints, restraints, respect, admiration, and plenty of romance. They kept a distance from people of the opposite gender in order to preserve the holiness of love and relationships.

My generation, on the other hand, began with countless crushes for the opposite sex just because of their superficial charm. Harmless as it was, the love was as brief as soap bubbles. As we grew up, we came to the stage of developing real relationships, believing that love demanded a lot of give and not so much of take.

By comparison, the younger generation is more open-minded and less restricted in handling the matter of love and relationships. They jump on the bandwagon of love with so much haste that it is difficult for them to distinguish between physical attraction and mental compatibilities.

In short, the younger generation focuses more on physical beauty, closeness and passion, and they tend to seek what they want from the relationships. The other two generations give priority to inner charm, intimacy, emotion and sharing in dealing with relationships.

Do Girl Students Look for in Love and Life

In order to know about girl students’ opinion about love and life, a survey with girl students was conducted in 2005 in two universities —Chongqing University of Technology and Business and East China Normal University. The survey sought answers to two questions: What do you look for first in a boyfriend What’s the most important thing for a happy life

About one third of the students chose personality as the top factor in choosing a boyfriend, followed by 27 percent focusing on abilities. Next came common interests and goals, favoured by 17 percent, with only 14 percent of students claiming appearance to be uppermost in their minds. Fewer still, 11 percent, rated economic status as the first consideration.

As to their views about a happy life, nearly seventy percent of the girls attached the greatest importance to marriage and family. “Career” was given top priority by just under 20 percent, while even fewer, around 9 percent, believed that money was the key to a happy life.

Based on the survey, we may conclude that nowadays, girl students generally hold a rational attitude towards love and life. Admittedly, the improved material conditions of life explain why girls take economic status and money rather lightly. But contrary to the popular view that girls are more concerned about self-development

in the workplace and social status, they still regard upon marriage and family life as central to a happy life.

Unit Three Happiness

Checking Your Vocabulary


1. purchase

2. temporary

3. inform

5. rewarding

6. scale

7. cultivate

8. conscience


1. a fact of life

2. wear out

3. suggests

4. other than

5. has something to do with

6. working out

7. attractive

8. taken … pains

Checking Your Comprehension


1. We feel happy, but only for a short time. Over time, we get bored with the thing we’ve got.

2. Material happiness is derived from our purchasing power while spiritual happiness

means something else altogether, like good friends, a loving spouse, well-raised children, a home built on love, a clear conscience, a worthy goal and a satisfying job. Such things bring us contentment that lasts and has meaning.

3. His philosophy is: No matter how much money you make, you always want more. So, one should break free from this cycle and find time to do what he wants.

4. The author lists seven "scales" by which we can measure wealth: friends, health, strength, family, knowledge, skill and character.

5. They are not taxed.

6. They are good friends, a loving spouse, well-raised children, a home built on love, a clear conscience, a worthy goal and a job you truly enjoy. All these things can bring us lasting and meaningful happiness.

7. Take a look at the world around you and think about what it is that you enjoy and what makes you truly happy.


1. If you excel in the skill you practice daily, you will get a sense of achievement and pride, which will bring you lasting happiness.

2. If money or anything else has brought you some happiness in life, you have to give it up when you die. But it is not true of knowledge, because the contentment and happiness that knowledge brings might be with you forever even when you die.

3. We only appreciate such things when we are older, and not as thoughtless teenagers.

4. Try to find out what really makes your life enjoyable and meaningful. Then you will understand what is most important in life and what is meant by happiness.

5. Material happiness is not the only happiness we need. We should have spiritual happiness as well.

Enhance Your Language Awareness

Words in action

Working with Words and Expressions


1. inform

2. evaluate

3. attractive

4. depression

5. leisure

6. Collective

7. decreased

8. spiritual

9. religious

10. temporary

11. scales

12. cultivate

13. suggests

14. purchase

15. inevitable

16. enable

17. reinforced

18. comparison

19. occupations

20. destructive


1) work out

2) have a clear conscience

3) other than

4) fact of life

5) as a whole

6) relative to

7) point of view

8) in terms of

9) in part

10) took pains

11) in effect

12) serve as

13) Leave … with

14) wore out

15) better off

16) has a great deal to do with

17) from … derives

Increasing Your Word Power (1)

1) 反攻,反击

2) 反要求;反诉

3) 对策;对付措施

4) 对应的人(物),对手

5) 产生相反效果的

6) 抗癌的

7) 防冻剂

8) 防污染的

9) 反对吸烟的

10) 不合群的;反社会的