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American literature is mainly about the seeking of American people for A social movement is possible only when there are organizations and According to the essay, there is more violence in American life than in After the Setp.11 terrorist made international peace, economic Although the United State has produced most commercial films in the American popular music began with sentimental parlor songs by

Alice Walker’s works praise strong black women who carry on the fine

By the time of the 1980 election of the Republic president, Ronald

By the early 1760s, the 13 english colonies in North America were ready Before Mark Twain, all major American writers were born on the East Both Sherwood Anderson and Sinclair Lewis depicted life in the small M Betty Friedan’s book THE FEMININE Mystique stirred highly charged Back in the 17 century, the new americans felt morally superior to Old Being Anglopgilic is defined as earier immigrants from England viewing By the 1950s, more and more middle and upper-middle class women Before the construction of the railroads, the barge and transportation in

Corruption in the United State takes the form of fraud, false advertising, Critics of the affirmative action program are of the opinion that this

John F kennedy was the first Catholic elected as the US president.

J.D.Salinger’s novel THE CATCHER in the RYE is about a teenager boy’s Jazz music is characterized by blue notes, syncopation, swing and

Many people objected to the idea of the corporation because it is less Many people believed that the economic freedom of capitalism is crucial Many American leaders have extolled the virtues of farmers.

Mott and Stanton had first met eight years earlier in London, at the

New zealand is made up of a large group of island

New Zealanders are keen to get involved in environmental protection New Zealand was the first country in the world to give the woman the New Zealand has a Free Trade agreement with people’s Republic of New Zealand has no written constitutional documents

During WWII, many amrican Negroes had a taste of life by moving to and Drug abuse in the United State has come to be regarded as one of the During the 1940s, it was necessary for women to take over the jobs in

The leather-Stocking Tales consist of five novels depicting the American The arrest of the CORE organizer at the campus of University of

The presidencies of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were marked by

The long-term results of a flourishing youth is that traditional values do

The Confucian tradition approached the issue of moral behavior in a

The currency of “the melting pot” image dates back to 1905 when a

The quality and endurance of railroad tracks was the fundamental

The first computers were enormous in size and consumed great

The founding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949

The most exciting moment in baseball game is a homerun

The Grand Canyon Nation al Park was established by president “Teddy”

The largest school in new Zealand is the Correspondence School

The US Constitution set up a federal system with a strong central gove

The main duty of the congress is to make laws, including those which The 10 very short paragraphs which guarantee freedom and individual

Today, the United State has two major political parties.

The first factory in the United States was a cotton textile mill

The question “ what is an American?” was first asked by J Hector STJohn

The state of Pennsylvania used to be inhabited by the Quakers

Those citizens whose religion forbids them to fight in wars can perform

The Baptists are the largest Protestant group in the US with over 25

There are more than 100 Protestants

Racial segregation in public schools was officially outlawed in 1954 by

Radio was a place where lots of advertisements were placed for products

Rock was born as a result of changes in the music, broadingcasting

President Richard Nixon’s administration was toppled because of the

Pax American indicates amercan policy to create a woeld

One of the things that decides whether an applicant can be accepted by

Over the last 40 years about 11%or 15%of the population are classified

For over a century, Great Britain has been new Zealand’s s ingle export m

From its beginning, the women’s movement was inextricably entwined

Hollywood films give the wrong impression that all americans are rich.

Labor-saving devices such washing machines and refrigerators, electric

Eli Whitney was noted for inventing the cotton gin and developing the

Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the United

Nirvana is recognized as one of the very first Grunge bands to emerge

In the 1920s Herlem in New York City become the center of black center.

It takes at least four years to get a bachelor’s degree from an institution

In 1966, the Black panther Part for Self-Defense was organized on

In 1863, president Abraham Lincoln signed THE EMANCIPATION

In the early 20th century, those who still dominated American life were In 1948 president Truman put forward the Truman Doctrine, which is

In1928, the first all-talking picture, LIGHTS OF THE NEW YORK, was show Independent filmmakers such as Steven Soderbergh

In new Zealand Christianity is the major religion.

When people buy stocks, they become part owner of the company. When the Supreme Court decision made abortion legal in America, many When the civil rights movement began, non-violent, direct action tactics When Ronald Reagan became president in 1982, he wanted to

Strong domestic demand is one factor contributing to america’s Segregating blacks into separate schools was unconstitutional after the Statistics usually overlook white-collar crimes because they are affected Sputniks are man-made satellites made by the Soviet Union Spectators of amrican professional sports competitions are interested in Sarah Mclachlanorganized”Litith Fair”-an annual concert tour that cele