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Ⅰ. Multiple Choices

1.Although the ________ of the building hasn’t suffered, the surface is badly damaged.

A. construction

B. structure

C. instrument

D. infrastructure

2. I looked at Tom’s pictures and found some of them so amusing and funny that I couldn’t help


A. chopping

B. clipping

C. chuckling

D. cracking

3. She appeared very nervous one evening. I asked her what was wrong, and she ________ that

she had fallen in love with Phil.

A. blurted

B. alerted

C. blockaded

D. buried

4. Salespeople often try to learn about the needs of the ________ buyer to make themselves

more persuasive.

A. profitable

B. perspective

C. preparatory

D. prospective

5. You have to know what is right for you and then ________ it regardless of what others may


A. go for

B. go toward

C. go at

D. go into

6. She tried to swallow, but couldn’t, her throat had almost ________.

A. shut up

B. stood up

C. hooked up

D. closed up

7. I must go now. ________, if you want that book I’ll bring it next time.

A. eventually

B. accidentally

C. incidentally

D. coincidentally

8. We have the technology and our partner has the capital. Working togeth er, we’ll have the future


A. by our hands

B. in our hands

C. by ourselves

D. in ourselves

9. Prof. Lee’s eyes ________ with enthusiasm as she talked about how her new teaching method

worked in her College English class.

A. broadened

B. twinkled

C. lingered

D. sparkled

10. She received an increase in pay and it has ________ in her attitude towards work.

A. produced an effect

B. exerted no influence

C. made no difference

D. made a difference

11. In my senior year I ________ writing a novel, but without much success.

A. took a crack at

B. took an endeavor at

C. took an ambition at

D. took an effort at

12. It was ________ Cinderella’s wildest dreams that she could one day dance in the King’s


A. off

B. by

C. beyond

D. through

13. As with anything else, it is important to ________ before going on an interview.

A. do preparations

B. make endeavors

C. do your efforts

D. do your homework

14. Another important thing is to ________ your interview with a letter expressing your

enthusiasm to join the company.

A. follow down

B. follow up

C. swallow down

D. swallow up

15. Mary’s parents ________ her about where she had been all night.

A. grilled

B. grieved

C. challenged

D. relieved

16. From his ________, the project manager has done his best to fulfill the promise.

A. prospect

B. standpoint

C. prospective

D. outpoint

17. It’s important to go to the libr ary to find all ________ information about the company before

the interview.

A. relative

B. reviewing

C. reflective

D. relevant

18. With rare exceptions you will not get a job ________ without an interview.

A. applicant

B. inquiry

C. document

D. offer

19. You should make every ________ to show that you know something about the company

during the interview.

A. crack

B. engagement

C. endeavor

D. elegance

20. His widespread ________ to fans has helped keep basketball one of the world’s most popular spectator sports.

A. fame

B. call

C. appeal

D. popularity

21. I often do the interviewing and hiring myself. I like talking to potential salespeople, because they’re our ________ to customers

A. connection

B. link

C. association

D. tie

22. I would like to ________ my interests and training to the fullest through working with a company as well-known as your own.

A. apply to

B. utilize

C. convert

D. make

23.People often try to learn about the needs of the buyer to make themselves more ________.


B. convincing

C. prospective

D. persuasive

24.Spending too much time and effort on ________ details early in the design process

discourages designers from changing course to what might be a superior solution.


B. invulnerable

C. sophisticated

D. invasive

25.The big snake ________ tightly around the deer until it was dead and began to devour it.


B. recycled

C. coiled

D. quivered

26. The company _____ to become a major global communication player.

A. aspires

B. entitles

C. sparkles

D. responds

27. The queue is too long. I should shop _____.

A. nowhere

B. whereas

C. somewhere

D. elsewhere

28. In 1900 there were only a ______of cities with a million people.

A. handful

B. quality

C. swamp

D. sum

29. The patient was so weak that she could not even sit up,_______ walk.

A. regardless of

B. instead of

C. in spite of

D. let alone

30. There seems to be a _______between her words and her action.

A. contract

B. contraction

C. contrast

D. contradiction

31. The United States ______Germany as the biggest producer of wind power in 2008.

A. overflew

B. overdid

C. overtook

D. overlapped

32. Professor Liu’s eyes ________ with enthusiasm as she talked about her new teach method.

A. startled

B. sparked

C. sparkled

D. sucked

33. It is important to keep a positive _________on your task.

A. outlook

B. check

C. control

D. wit

34. The two leaders _______the movement for peace in the world.

A. erased

B. endorsed

C. endeavored

D. endured

35. I locked it up in the safe. It could not have ________into air.

A. faded

B. fainted

C. vanished

D. cancelled

36. This shampoo is supposed to ________ the growth of your hair.

A. fabricated

B. facilitate

C. disregard

D. neglect

37. Official data are hard to believe because they are often at odds _____ reality.

A. with

B. along

C. in

D. to

38. China is committed ______ pursuing a low carbon economy.

A. with

B. to

C. in

D. on

39. His lecture ranged over a ________ of topics.

A. basis

B. variety

C. realm

D. span

40. Companies compete to stay at the _______.

A. rear

B. frost

C. forefront

D. frontier

41. _________ aside all opposition, he put the matter to a vote.

A. Cleaning

B. Streaming

C. Putting

D. Sweeping

42. Which side wins ______ no difference to me.

A. does

B. makes

C. gives

D. calls

43. The cruise __________ in Miami and continues to sail along the coast.

A. sources

B. anchors

C. ornaments

D. originates

44. That company has ________ of the truck manufacturing business.

A. set out

B. phased out

C. worked out

D. made out

45. There could be no slackening of pace, no half heartedness, no __________. Victory was life; defeat, certain death.

A. fatigue

B. feast

C. feat

D. feature

46. His _________ love of justice compelled him to join the struggle against the invaders.

A. ardent

B. arduous

C. inherent

D. partial

47. Those people have to learn the three elements of good manners, ________, the basic moral duties, rules and optional graces such as compliments to women and superiors.

A. inevitably

B. reluctantly

C. namely

D. individually

48. European farmers are planning a massive demonstration against farm _________ cuts.

A. subside

B. subsidy

C. substitute

D. subsequent

49. In most cases, it’s taken years for these megacorporations to __________.

A. gloom

B. bloom

C. accelerate

D. globalize

50. A __________ of heart specialists will meet in Chicago next summer.

A. congress

B. legislature

C. connection

D. conjunction

Ⅱ. Cloze

My mentor, Curt Carlson, is the wealthiest man in Minnesota, owner of a hotel and travel company with sales in the (1) _________ of $9 billion. I had to get to a meeting in New York one day, and Curt (2)________ offered me a (3)________ in his jet. It happened to be a day Minnesota was (4)________ with one of the worst snowstorms in years. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was closed for the first time in (5)________.

Then, though the storm continued to (6)________ us, the airport opened a runway for small (7)________ only. As we were (8)________ down it to take (9)________, Curt turned to me and

said (10)________, “Look, Harvey, no tracks in the snow!”

Curt Carlson, 70 years old at the time, rich beyond anyone’s (11)________ dreams, could still sparkle (12)________ excitement about being first.

From my standpoint, that’s (13)________ it’s all about. Prepare to win. Never stop learning. Believe in yourself, even when no one (14)________ does. Find a way to make a difference. Then go out and make your own (15)________ in the snow.

(1)Neighborhood (2)generously (3)ride (4)hit (5)decades (6)pound (7)craft

(8)taxing (9)off (10)gleefully (11)wildest (12)with (13)what (14)else (15)tracks