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2015年崇明县初三英语二模 答案

崇明县2015年初三英语二模练习(二)(满分150分,完卷时间100分钟) 2015.5

Part 1 Listening (第一部分听力) (共30 分)

Part 2 Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar(第二部分语音,词汇和语法)

II.Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案) :(共20分)

26. The food my mother cooks is delicious. Which of the following is correct for the underlined word?

27. Which of the following words matches the sound [lair ] ?

A) light B) write C) fight D) writer

28. The English teachers had a special training session ______ Sunday mornings.

A) in B) to C) on D) at

29. Jack and Fred are from America. ______ are studying Chinese at the same school.

A) They B) Them C) Their D) Themselves

30. We all know the haze (雾霾) is very bad ______ people's health.

A) for B) in C) at D) with

31. I promise to say ______ about it to anyone. I will keep a secret.

A) something B) anything C) everything D) nothing

32. - ______ will you take the entrance exams?

- In two months' time, I think.

A) How many B) How much C) How far D) How soon

33. Debbie is wearing a new skirt, ______ lovely she looks!

A) What B) What a C) What an D) How

34. Peter is over fifty, and he can't run as ______ as he used to.

A) fast B) faster C) fastest D) the fastest

35. Elsie is a good dancer, and now she is dancing ______ with her friends in the room.

A) friendly B) hardly C) beautifully D) lovely

36. Excuse me, ______ I'm afraid this is a no-smoking area.

A) for B) but C) so D) or

37. We didn't enjoy the holiday ______ the weather was so awful.

A) though B) if C) unless D) because

38. All passengers ______ wear seat belts during take-off.

A) can B) must C) ought D) may

39. " ______ playing the game and go to bed at once, Tom," Father said to his son.

A) To stop B) Stop C) Stopping D) Stopped

40. Last night at the party, we finally ______ Mary's uncle Charles.

A) meets B) meet C) met D) will meet

41. By the end of last year, Jenny ______ New Concept English for three years.

A) learned B) has learned C) had learned D) will learn

42. The teacher often asks her students ______ pair work in English classes.

A) to do B) do C) doing D) did

43. Anne is a smart girl, and she enjoys ______ English songs very much.

A) sing B) to sing C) sang D) singing

44. - Can I use your bicycle? I'll be back in ten minutes.

- ______

A) Never mind. B) That's right. C) No problem. D) You're welcome.

45. - Thank you so much for the lovely present!

- ______

A) With pleasure. B) My pleasure. C) Of course. D) Me, too.

III. (将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空限填一词,每词只能填一次) (共8分)

2015年崇明县初三英语二模 答案

area in the heart of Christchurch city. Just like all the other agricultural parks, the park is 46 green plants and colorful flowers. But the park has some special features--it has lively and interesting shows and events.

Each year, the park is 47 with local and foreign visitors who take part in special shows. It hosts a 48 of events throughout the year, such as dog shows, horse shows, etc. There are also many interesting food and wine festivals in the park, where you can experience the beauty of New Zealand's farmlands by yourself. The Royal New Zealand Show, 49 , is the show case of everything that is good

2015年崇明县初三英语二模 答案

The show 50 about 100,000 visitors each year. It features more than 700 trade stalls (货摊) selling fun and cute items. Also, there are a lot of fun 51 , such as a sheep-shearing (剪羊毛) competition and a wine competition, which will certainly offer you an unforgettable day in the park.

With such 52 attractions, Canterbury Agricultural Park has become one of the must-see places

in Christchurch. When enjoying a relaxing green 53 , you can also have fun at the lively and exciting events in the park.

IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子) (共8分)

54. John felt very thirsty and he drank two __________ of water. (glass)

55. The boy was asked to read the poem at least __________ times. (fifth)

56. My house is number 25, and __________ is just opposite. (she)

57. Some fish in the ocean can grow to a __________ of four feet. (long)

58. The room was filled with smoke, and it was becoming difficult to __________. (breath)

59. Thousands of people have been made __________ because of the strong earthquake. (home)

60. Doctors did everything they __________ could to save his life. (possible)

61. Paul was __________ about the noise that made him unable to sleep last night. (happy)

V. Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词) (共14分)

62. It took Jane a long time to finish her research paper. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ it __________ Jane a long time to finish her research paper?

63. It cost Paul one thousand yuan to get his car fixed yesterday. (对划线部分提问)

__________ __________ did it cost Paul to get his car fixed yesterday?

64. The students have never seen so much snow before. (改为反意疑问句)

The students have never seen so much snow before, __________ __________?

65. "Can you tell me the way to the train station?" the man asked Sally. (改为宾语从句)

The man asked Sally if __________ __________ tell him the way to the train station.

66. The heavy storm damaged the road and the bridge last night. (改为被动语态)

The road and the bridge __________ __________ by the heavy storm last night.

67. Sam prefers playing football to watching movies on TV. (保持句意基本不变)

Sam __________ __________ play football than watch movies on TV.

68. good, it's, fruit, to eat, for you, plenty of, every day (连词成句)


Part 3 Reading and Writing

IX. Reading Comprehension (阅读理解):(共50分)

A. Choose the best answer (根据文章内容,选择最恰当的答案):(12分)

During all this time, I never stopped thinking about escape. When I traveled across to the other side of the island, I could see the other islands, and I said to myself, "Perhaps I can get there with

a boat. Perhaps I can get back to England one day."

So I decided to make myself a boat. I cut down a big tree, and then began to make a long hole in it. It was hard work, but about six months later, I had a very fine canoe (独木舟). Next, I had to get it down to the sea. How silly I was! Why didn't I think carefully before I began to work? Of course, the canoe was too heavy. I couldn't move it! I pulled and pushed and tried everything; but it didn't move. I was very unhappy for a long time after that.

In my sixth year on the island, I did make myself a smaller canoe, but I did not try to escape in it. The boat Was too small for a long journey, and I did not want to die at sea. The island was my home now, and I was just happy to be alive. A year or two later, I made myself a second canoe on the other side of the island. I also built myself a second house there, and so I had two homes.

I kept food and tools at both of my houses, and also wild goats. There were many goats on the island, and I made fields with high fences to keep them in. They learnt to take food from me, and soon I had goats' milk to drink every day. I also worked hard in my corn fields. And so, many years went by.

69. We can infer (推断) from the first paragraph that the writer ______.

A) was probably from England B) lived happily on the island

C) lost his way on the island D) was born on the island

70. It took the writer ______ to make the first canoe.

A) many years B) about six months

C) a year or two D) about six years

71. The writer was very unhappy because ______.

A) he had cut down a small tree B) he had a very fine canoe

C) he couldn't move the canoe D) he had made a small canoe

72. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

A) The writer made himself a smaller canoe in his sixth year on the island.

B) The writer made fields with high fences to keep many wild goats in.

C) The writer didn't try to escape because he had two homes on the island.

D) The writer knew the canoe was too small for a long journey across the sea.

73. This story is mainly about how the writer ______.

A) kept goats in the fields B) escaped from the island

C) built houses by himself D) survived on the island

74. This story is probably a part of a(n) ______.

A) novel B) advertisement C) travel guide D) telephone message

B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文)(12分)

When I think of growing up, I think of summertime and those long days when good weather and free time allowed the world to open up in front of me. Every day was a new opportunity for experience and adventure.

The first summer I can really 75 , I was six years old and spending time in the countryside. There were fields of corn separated by windbreaks (防护林) of tall trees and a railway fine cut through the middle of the landscape with its shiny steel tracks. My brother and I walked along the tracks throwing stones at the grass and flowers that grew along each side. We were warriors, adventurers. I don't know why, but I suddenly stopped throwing stones and just started 76 and listening. The corn leaves, the trees, the train tracks, every cloud in the sky, every stone on the ground, every sight, every sound; it was...beautiful! I had 77 thought of beauty before. I was too young to be aware of the concept (概念). But there it was all around me and I was part of it.

Today's city children have 78 chance of experiencing that moment. They are the "touchscreen generation" who spend up to seven hours a day on their mobile phones or surfing the Internet or watching TV. Even when they have a chance of spending some time with 79 , they are more fikely to ignore (忽视) it. They prefer to stay focused on their mobile devices.

Summer is the 80 season: for plants and for young people. This summer, try to put aside your

"touchscreen" and let the true beauty of the season open up for you.

75. A) forget B) remember C) enjoy D) spend

76. A) looking B) driving C) cooking D) sleeping

77. A) already B) often C) never D) ever

78. A) one B) more C) every D) less

79. A) family B) class C) team D) nature

80. A) growing B) swimming C) first D) worst


Undoubtedly, it's always a happy moment to get some pocket money. But have you ever thought about how to spend your pocket money wisely? Now let's check out the following tips and learn to spend your money in a b 81 way.

Make a list

When you get your pocket money, don't get too happy and impulsive (冲动的). We all have a lot of things that we want. But do you really need them that much? That's why it is suggested making a fist before spending money. Start with the thing you want m 82 . You can also write down about how much it costs or how important it is in your fife. By doing this, you will see if it is n 83 to buy it.

Help others

How about being more selfless and using our pocket money to help others? We all know that there are many people in the world who are in e 84 need of our help. Helping others brings out the best in us and is one of the greatest joys in our lives. So consider using your pocket money to do something useful and helpful, to feel how you can make a d 85 .

Save as much as you can.

There is an old saying, "Money doesn't grow on trees." If you spend all your pocket money all at once, you'll have no money u 86 your next "pay day". Wallets sometimes might not be the best place to save as they tempt you into spending your money. Get a piggy bank or ask your parents to start a savings account for you. Someday when you look b 87 , you'll get a strong sense of achievement by saving so much by yourself! Just remember, every penny counts.

D.Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题)(12分)

One day a police officer managed to get some fresh mushrooms. He was so pleased with what he had bought that he offered to share the mushrooms with his fellow officers. When their breakfast arrived the next day, each officer found some mushrooms on his plate.

One officer looked at the mushrooms carefully and then suggested, "They look nice, but I heard that some mushrooms might be poisonous (有毒的). Let's get Jimmy to examine a piece for us." Jimmy was the dog they kept. They brought it in, and fed it one piece of mushroom. The dog quickly ate 'it, and seemed to enjoy his mushroom. Fifteen minutes later, Jimmy was still alive and kicking without showing any discomfort. The officers were relieved (放心的) and began to eat their meal, saying that the mushrooms had a very strange but quite pleasant taste.

However, an hour later, the gardener rushed into the room and reported in a sad voice that the dog was dead. The officers were astonished and their faces turned white out of fear. Immediately, they jumped into their cars and rushed to the nearest hospital. The doctors and nurses used pumps (吸物器) to help them get rid of the mushrooms that remained in their stomachs. Everyone had a hard time.

When they returned to the police station, they sat down and started to discuss the mushroom poisoning. Each man explained the pains he had felt and they agreed that it had grown worse on their way to the hospital. "The poor dog must have died a painful death," said one officer. "Let's ask the gardener how it died."

So they called the gardener in and asked him more details about Jimmy's death. The gardener sighed and said, "Jimmy was a good dog. It is said that a car hit him in the middle of the road. But I guess it didn't suffer much. It died the moment it was hit."

88. What did the police officer want to do with the fresh mushrooms?


89. Why did the officers get Jimmy to eat the mushrooms first?


90. When did the officers begin to eat the mushrooms?


91. Why did the officers rush to the nearest hospital?


92. How did the officers feel on their way to the hospital?


93. What have you learned from this story?


VII. Writing (作文): (20分)

94. Write an email of at least 60 words according to the situation given below. (请根据所给情景提


Suppose you are Jenny. Your friend David is upset about a coming exam. He is not sure whether he should find a tutor(家教)or not.What do you think? Write aIl email to give him your opinion.




Part II

26. B 27. A 28. C 29. A 30. A 31. D 32. D 33. D 34. A 35. C

36. B 37. D 38. B 39. B 40. C 41. C 42. A 43. D 44. C 45. B

46. C 47. A 48. B 49. D 50. C 51. A 52. B 53. E

54. glasses 55. five 56. hers 57. length

58. breathe 59. homeless 60. possibly 61. unhappy

62. Did, take 63. How much 64. have they 65. she could

66. were damaged 67. would rather

68. It's good for you to eat plenty of fruit every day.

Part III

(A) 69. A 70. B 71. C 72. C 73. D 74. A

(B) 75. B 76. A 77. C 78. D 79. D 80. A

(C) 81. better 82. most 83. necessary 84. eager

85. difference 86. until 87. back

(D) 88. He wanted to share the mushrooms with his fellow officers.

89. Because they were afraid that the mushrooms might be poisonous.

90. Fifteen minutes after the dog had eaten the mushroom.

/ When they saw the dog was still alive fifteen minutes after it had eaten the mushroom.

91. Because they knew the dog was dead.

/ they thought the mushrooms were poisonous.

/ they wanted to get rid of the mushrooms that remained in their stomachs.

92. They felt the pain had grown worse (on the way to the hospital).

/ They felt terrible on...

93. I have learned from this story that we shouldn't take something for granted before we find out

the truth.

/ We should be very careful in doing everything.

(Any reasonable answers will be accepted)

VII. 94. 略。