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1 I’ll write down your name and address lest you ___ as a witness.

A. are needed

B. will be needed

C. need

D. be needed

2 I want ___ by the president, but it was impossible.

A. to see

B. to be seen

C. seeing

D. being to see

3 ___ you’ve fo und, you must give it back to the librarian.

A. That

B. Because

C. Whatever

D. However

4 ___ he realized it was time to go back home.

A. No sooner it grew dark when

B. Hardly it grew dark than

C. Scarcely it grew dark than

D. It was not until dark that

5 To ___ wages and salaries means to increase purchasing power.

A. raise

B. rise

C. life

D. improve

6 I’ll be going to the park on foot while my car ___.

A. is repairing

B. is being repaired

C. will be repaired

D. is to repaired

7 She was given ___ pay for her hard work.

A. additional

B. adding

C. active

D. financial

8 We are celebrating for having found the solution ___ the problem.

A. for

B. about

C. as for

D. to

9 You ___ caught by the rain just now for you are all wet.

A. can’t be

B. must being

C. must have been

D. can’t have

10 ___ is easier than to do.

A. To say

B. Saying

C. To be saying

D. Being said


The picnics, speeches and parades of today’s Labor Day were all part of the first celebration held in New York City in 1882. Its promoter was an Irish-American labor leader named Peter J. McGuire. A carpenter by trade. McGuire had worked since the age of 11, and in 1882 was president of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Join (UBCJ).

Approaching the City’s Central Labor Union that summer, he proposed a holiday that would applaud(赞许)“the industrial spirit-the great vital force of every nation“. On September 5 hi suggestion bore fruit as estimated 10.00 workers, many of them ignoring their bosses warnings, left work to march from Union square up Fifth Avenue to 42nd Street .The event gained national attention and by ’93 thirty states had mad e Labor Day an annual holiday.

The quick adoption of the scheme may have indicated less about the state lawmakers’ respect for working people than about a fear of risking their anger. In the 1880s the United States was a land sharply divided between the immensely weans and the very poor. Henry George was accurate in describing the era as one of “progress and poverty”. In a society in which factory owners ride in private Pullmans while ten-year-olds slaved in the mines strong capitalists feeling ran high. Demands for fundamental change were common throughout the labor press. With socialists demanding an end to “wage slavery”and anarchists(无政府主义) singing the praises of the virtues of dynamite (炸药)middle-of-the-roaders like Samuel Gompers and McGuire seemed attractively mild by comparison. One can imagine practical seeing Labor Day as a bargain: A one-day party certainly cost them less than paying their workers decent wages.

11 Judging from the passage, McGuire was___

A. a moderate labor leader

B. an extreme-anarchist in the labor movement

C. a devoted socialist fighting against exploitation of man by man

D. a firm anti-capitalist demanding the elimination(解放) of wage slavery

12 We can see from the first paragraph that the first Labor Day march___.

A. immediately won nationwide support

B. involved workers from 30 states

C. was opposed by many factory owners

D. was organized by the UBCJ

13 Which of the following is the key factor in the immediate approval of Labor Day as a national holiday?

A. The lawmakers respect for the workers.

B. The workers’ determination to have a holiday of their own.

C. The socialists demands for thorough reform.

D. The politicians’ fear of the workers’ anger.

14 We learn from the passage that the establishment of Labor Day___

A. was accepted by most bosses as a compromise

B. marked a turning point in the workers struggle for most rights

C. indicated the improvement of the workers welfare

D. signaled the end of “wage slavery”

15 McGuire proposed Labor Day in order to ___.

A. draw people’s attention to the striking contrast between the rich and the poor

B. make prominent the important role of the working class in society

C. win for the workers the right to shorten working hours

D. expose the exploitation of the workers by their bosses


New technology links the world as never before. Our planet has shrunk. It’s now a “global village” where countries are only seconds away by fax or phone or satellite link. And, of course, our ability to benefit from this high-tech communications equipment is greatly enhanced by foreign language skills.

Deeply involved with this new technology is a breed of modern business people who have a growing respect for the economy value of doing business abroad. In modern markets, success overseas often helps support domestic business efforts.

Overseas assignments are becoming increasingly important to advancement within executive ranks. The executive stationed in another “out of sight and out of mind”. He or she can be sure that the overseas effort is central to the company’s plan for success, and that promotions often follow or accompany an

Employee can succeed in a difficult assignment overseas, superiors will have greater confidence in his or her ability to cope back in the United States where cross-cultural considerations and foreign language issues are becoming more and more prevalent(普遍的).

Thanks to a variety of relatively inexpensive communications devices with business applications, even small businesses in the United States are able to get into international markets.

English is still the international language of business. But there is an ever-growing need for people

who can speak another language. A second language isn’t generally required to get a job in business, but having language skills gives a candidate the edge when other qualifications appear to be equal.

The employee posted abroad who speaks the country’s principal language has an opportunity to fast-forward certain negotiations, and can have the cultural insight to know when it is better to move more slowly. The employee at the home office who can communicate well with foreign clients over the telephone or by fax machine is an obvious asset to the firm.

16 What is the author’s attitude toward high-tech communications equipment?

A. Critical

B. Prejudiced

C. Indifferent

D. Positive

17 With the increased use of high-tech communications equipment business people___.

A. have to get familiar with modem technology

B. are gaining more economic benefits from domestic operations

C. are attaching more importance to their overseas business

D. are eager to work overseas

18 In this passage “out of sight and out of mind”(Line 2. Para.3) probably means ___.

A. being unable to think properly for lack of insight

B. being totally out of touch with business at home

C. missing opportunities for promotion when abroad

D. leaving all care and worry behind

19 According to the passage an important consideration of international corporations in employing people today is ___.

A. connections with businesses overseas

B. ability to speak the client’s language

C. technical know-how

D. business experience

20 The advantage of employees having foreign language skills is that they can ___.

A. better control the whole negotiation process

B. easily find new approaches to meet market needs

C. fast-forward their proposals to headquarters

D. easily make friends with business people abroad


Stress may be defined as the response of the body demand. Whenever people experience something pleasant or unpleasant we say they are under stress. We call the pleasant kind “estruses (愉快的压力)”and the unpleasant kind distress.

People sometimes compare our lives with that of the cavemen(穴居人), who didn’t have to worry about the stock market or the atomic bomb. They forget that the cavemen worried about being eaten by a bear or about dying of hunger –things that few people worry ab out today. It’s not t hat people suffer more stress today, it’s just that they think they do.

It is unbelievable that anyone should have no stress at all. Most people who are ambitious(有雄心的)and want to accomplish something, live on stress. They need it. But excessive stress is by all

means harmful. Worse, chronic(长期的) exposure to stress over long time may cause more serious diseases and may actually shorten one’s life.

The most frequent causes of distress in man are psychological –lack of adaptability(适应的), not having a code of behavior. So the secret of coping with stress is not to avoid it but to do what you like to do and what you were made to do at your own rate. For most people, it is really a matter of learning how to behave in various situations. The most important thing is to have a code of life to know how to live.

21 The modern man is suffering from___.

A. the same stress as the cavemen

B. less stress than the cavemen

C. different stress from the cavemen

D. more stress than the cavemen

22 Which of the following statements is an example of estruses?

A. A man who has just lost his job

B. Learning how to do something

C. Being lack of adaptability and code of life

D. An Olympic winner at the moment of his glory

23 Stress is ___.

A. always harmful

B. a normal state for everyone

C. an example of human experience

D. a disease in one’s life

24 The best way to deal with stress is to ___.

A. do things at one’s own rate

B. try to lengthen our life

C. become ambitious in business

D. get more estruses and meet less distress

25 The main idea at the passage is that one should.

A. overcome the serious diseases

B. have the response to am demand

C. cope with stress with a humorous sense

D. earn how to live to the best way


26 When personal and family goals conflict , many people who express strong support for family values do not live up to those values.

A. 当个人的和家庭的目标矛盾时,那些信誓旦旦表自己家庭观念强烈的人会将家庭观念置于脑后

B. 当个人的奋斗目标与家庭的奋斗目标发生冲突时,自多信誓旦旦表自己家庭观念强烈的人会将家庭观念置于脑后

C. 当个人的奋斗目标与家庭的奋斗目标发生冲突时,许多信誓旦旦表自己家庭观念强烈的人却不愿意为家庭观念而活。

D. 当个人的和家庭的目标矛盾时,那些信誓旦旦表是要支持家庭的人中有些可能将家庭观念置于脑后。

27 Her high school reports listed her future profession as entertainer(演员),though it is likely that she had little idea of how she could on a make it.





28 Married women are more likely to move house and area for their husbands’job promotion rather than their own.





29 Philips products are appreciated by customers because of their excellent price versus performance ratio.






One aspect of American culture is a great belief in independence and self-reliance. Children are ____to be independent. Many children are given _____ Americans. call a weekly allowance, and are inspired to have pare-time jobs at young ages: for boys .newspaper routes .??______for girls baby .Parent often encourage then children to open bank counts and some high school and college student have their own??_____ cards. Although American tanners stress ____. American is the a v20outh-oriented nation. In American a great deal or public?_____ is paid to children .In many American families. Husband and wife will____ up their own plans to go to a vacation spot in order to please their children____ choosing amusement parks like Disney. World and Disney World and Disneyland .the toy industry in America is large and ____ rapidly Americans bus expensive toys ____their children.

30 A. forced B. considered C. encouraged D. born

31 A. what B. which C. where D. when

32 A. as B. or C .though D. and

33 A. employment B. employment C .identity D. library

34 A .independence B .affection C. happiness D. enjoyment

35 A. notice B. consideration C. attention D. care

36 A. keep B. turn C .put D. give

37 A. in B. by C .for D. with

38 A. enlarging B. increasing C. growing D. reinforcing

39 A. on B. to C. with D. for


40 A company would have to lay off its employees if it was in _______(finance) difficulties.

41 Before his death. Johnson appointed his mother to _______ (executive) his will.

42 It’s_______ (evidence) that they have been waiting here for hours

43 The twin brothers are dressed_______(like), but they behave differently.

44 ”The baby______(cry) non-stop for the past hours.” Said Emily when she saw the mother came in.

45 With careful preparation. John Brown finally won the ______ (elect).

46 We should try to improve the moral?_______ (conscious) of young students.

47 This kind of television program not only_______ (entertainment) but also teaches.

48 As summer______ (approach).the weather became hotter and hotter

49 Mr.Smith admitted _______(take) drugs when he was a student at university.


A----Blue Tooth

B----Personal Handy Phone System (PHPS)


D----Global positioning system (GPS)

E----General packet radio service (GPRS)

F----short message service (SMS)

G----subscriber identity module (SIM)

H--Global system for mobile communications (GSM) I----Wireless application protocol (WAP) J----Pre-paid phone card


L----voice prompt

M----Wireless local area networks

N----digital video

O----liquid crystal display

P----high fidelity

50 ( )步话机

51 ( )储值卡

52 ( )全球定位系统

53 ( )短信服务

54 ( )漫游55 ( )客户身份识别卡

56 ( )无线局域网

57 ( )液品显示

58 ( )语音提示

59 ( )全球移动通信系统


Scientists believe that 4.5 billion years ago, Mars and Earth began their existence under similar conditions. During the first billion years liquid water. In contrast to lee , was abundant on the surface of Mars. This is an indication that Mars was much warmer at that time .Mars also had a thicker atmosphere of carbon dioxide (CO). Many scientists think it is possible that life began under these favorable conditions. After all, Earth developed an atmosphere which is rich in oxygen and an ozone layer. Ozone (O3) is a form of oxygen. The ozone layer protects the Earth form harmful ultraviolet light from the Sun. while life not only began on Earth. It also survived and became more complex. In contrast, mars lost its thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide and ultraviolet radiation intensified (加剧).the planet eventually grew colder, and its water frozen.

In 1976 two America spacecrafts landed on Mars and performed four experiments. Three experiments tested for biological activity in the soil. Unfortunately, these tests did not lead to any definite results. The fourth experiment looked for any evidence of life, dead or alive, but found none. Scientists are planning another investigation of Mars. They want to search for fossils, the ancient remains of life. If life ever existed on Mars ,future mission may find records of it under sand or in the ice .Even if further mission discovers no evidence of past or present life on Mars,

the new mission may clarify our understanding of how life begins. Scientists will better understanding of how life begins. Scientists will better understand the conditions that are necessary for the survival of life on Earth or in the universe.

60 How old is Earth according to this passage? About ______________.

61 Was Mars warmer or colder when it was less than one billion years old than now?It was ____________________.

62 Why do many scientists believe that it was possible for life to begin on Mars during the first billion years of its existence?Because many scientists believe that it is possible that life begin under ________________________________.

63 What was the result of the fourth experiment?The fourth experiment looked for any evidence of life. Dead or alive, but found____________________________.

64 What do scientists want to for on Mars?


65 Advertising has been among England’s biggest growth industries since the war. Perhaps reason is that advertising saves the manufacturers from having to think about the customer. At the stage of designing and developing a product, there is quite enough to think about without adding customer appeal to all his other problems of man hours and machine tolerances and stress factors. So they just go ahead and make the thing and leave it to the advertiser to fin clever ways of making it appeal to purchasers after they have finished it. by pretending that if confers(赋予)status .or attracts love. or signifies manliness.


66 说明:写一封信给某国外公司,介绍你们最近推出了一种新产品:电子洗面器.该产品是专为欧洲市场设计的.现你方向对方寄出样品,价目表及详细的促销说明书,以供对方查验.说明你方确保该产品质量极佳,价格合理.另外,提到对方是你们的一位老顾客,你方将仅此以5%的特别折扣提供产品.希望对方从速订购.

Words forreference: 电子洗面器Electronic Face Cleaner 促销说明书:sales promotional literature



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