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Part I: V ocabulary and Structure

Section A: Complete each sentence using the correct word or expression from the box.

ignorant cultural sign up for gap

barely intelligent check in memoir

muscle ballroom

1. Music and literature are important features of every society. Correct answer cultural

2. Sally decided to the drama club. Correct answer sign up for

3. I felt embarrassingly when I couldn't answer the professor's question. Correct answer ignorant

4. Mario had finished talking before Luisa changed the subject. Correct answer barely

5. I've been thinking about volunteering in South-east Asia during my year. Correct answer gap

6. The beautiful has been home to many lovely concerts and dances. Correct answer ballroom

7. After you to the hotel, call me and we can meet for dinner. Correct answer check in

8. My roommate and I visit the gym every other day so we can build . Correct answer muscle

9. Not everyone has had an interesting life worthy of a . Correct answer memoir

10.Her psychology thesis examines whether cats are more than dogs. Correct answer intelligent

Section B: Choose the best way to complete the sentences.

11. Please send all correspondence to my new place of __C__.

A. resident

B. residents

C. residence

D. residue

12. The professor tried to __A__ us that there would be no surprise test next week.

A. assure

B. sure

C. ensure

D. pressure

13. My paper is about nature's ability to _D___ potential threats.

A. inspect

B. infect

C. deflect

D. detect

14. The student did an __C__ thing when she returned the money she found.

A. admire

B. admiring

C. admirable

D. admiringly

15. We learned about the __D__ people in that country experienced throughout history.

A. persecute

B. persecuted

C. persecuting

D. persecution

16. Would you like a small __A__ of my coffee?

A. sip

B. nibble

C. swallow

D. bite

17. Be careful you don't __B__ the paint!

A. spell

B. spill

C. spoil

D. sip

18. Tom felt foolish and __D__ when he showed up for the final exam without a pencil.

A. adequate

B. adequately

C. inadequately

D. inadequate

19. Before class, I met my friends at the school __C__ for lunch.

A. library

B. gymnasium

C. cafeteria

D. ballroom

20. After graduation, Cindy framed her __B__ and hung it on her bedroom wall.

A. certificate

B. diploma

C. qualification

D. record

Section C: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. At the end of the day, Diane climbed bed for a good night's rest. Correct answer up into

22. How could you sleep last night? Y ou must have heard the thunderstorm! Correct answer surely

23. She is American, so many people are surprised that she can speak Chinese an accent. Correct answer without

24. The whole situation was so ridiculous that I simply burst laughter. Correct answer into

25. Pablo looked at the new camera ; he wanted it but could not afford it. Correct answer admiringly

26. She explained that the class was about the so-called children the Renaissance. Correct answer of

27. If you learn the history of your country, it will provide you a priceless insight into your culture. Correct answer with

28. Did you sign up the biology class? Correct answer for

29. Simon passed the course with a 70 per cent average. Correct answer barely

30. the long run, university is well worth the expense. Correct answer In

Part II: Banked Cloze

Questions 31 to 40 are based on the following passage.

Tanya wants to study abroad in Europe. To prepare herself, she reads online about places she might like to go. She needs to do enough research to make an informed and (31) .One of the main reasons she wants to study abroad is because she doesn't want to graduate and be (32) of other countries and cultures.

She is looking for a unique (33) experience that she can't have at home.

What about Paris? The school and the city are both wonderful. However, prices for a decent (34) in Paris are too high — she can't afford it. Madrid? She looks (35) at the beautiful campus in the picture on the school's website. How she would love to be there! However, without speaking Spanish, Tanya decides she would feel sadly (36) studying in Madrid.

Then Tanya thinks about London. They speak English there and the school prices are reasonable. Also, the (37) would be very convenient to travel around the city without a car. Tanya decides to (38) up for a semester in London.

She is surprised that she was able to surf the Internet and make a decision without moving a (39) ! Tanya is very excited for the time she will spend in London. Maybe she will even write a(n) (40) of her experiences! Correct answer

(31) intelligent (32) ignorant (33) cultural (34) residence (35) admiringly

(36) inadequate (37) subway (38) sign (39) muscle (40) memoir


Part I: V ocabulary and Structure

Section A: Complete each sentence using the correct word or expression from the box.

manufacturer popularity enormous highly

emotion confess trait slippery

melt perception flavour luxury

paste region juicy nonsense

properties despair release vitamins

1. The of the juice was a mix of mango and strawberry. Correct answer flavour

2. I think the texture of tofu adds to the experience of eating it. Correct answer slippery

3. Do you know which of China is famous for spicy food? Correct answer region

4. The young generation need to get a clear of their responsibilities. Correct answer perception

5. Sarah shook her head in as she realized she would never learn how to make sushi. Correct answer despair

6. I was surprised at the of coffee among young people in China. Correct answer popularity

7. His favourite snack is a steamed bun with a filling of sesame . Correct answer paste

8. I must that I am in the minority of people who don't like pizza. Correct answer confess

9. The new French restaurant was recommended by a review in the local newspaper. Correct answer highly

10. John eats a lot of fruit because his doctor told him he needs the and minerals. Correct answer vitamins

11. The furniture had to work overtime to fill all the orders from new restaurants downtown. Correct answer manufacturer

12. The ability to eat extremely spicy food is a(n) I must have inherited from my father. Correct answer trait

13. The herb appears to have healing that cure people with skin disorders. Correct answer properties

14. A(n) amount of beef is eaten by Americans every year. Correct answer enormous

15. She only likes to travel in complete : first-class tickets, fine wines, and expensive food. Correct answer luxury

16. Don't let the chocolate bar sit in the sun too long or it will everywhere. Correct answer melt

17. I went fishing with my brother last weekend but had to all my fish because they were too small. Correct answer release

18. Stefan returned the steak because it was too ; he wanted it cooked for a longer time. Correct answer juicy

19. The I feel when I eat lasagna is strong; it reminds me of my grandmother's cooking. Correct answer emotion

20. The idea that donuts and cookies are healthy foods is total ! Correct answer nonsense Section B: Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable word.

21. Mexico, is famous for tacos and burritos, actually has a wide range of dishes. Correct answer which

22. Once I came age, my father thought I needed to try pig's feet — the specialty of his hometown. Correct answer of

23. Chocolate has absolutely no effect me; I can take it or leave it. Correct answer on

24. Non-smokers also hate the smell of cigarette, which usually clings a smoker's body even after they have washed their hands. Correct answer to

25. The Chinese, are famous tea drinkers, grow much of the world's green tea. Correct answer who

26. The couple spend an enormous portion money dining out and travelling. Correct answer


27. Nearly every country's food is available in New Y ork City, German sausages and French bread to Japanese sushi and Chinese dumplings. Correct answer from

28. Small, light dishes of different foods are popular in many places, including Hong Kong and Spain, it's called tapas. Correct answer where

29. I really don't like snails, but Julia loves them! I guess there's just no accounting taste. Correct answer for

30. The battery tools needed to eat some seafood just seems silly to me! Correct answer of

Part II: Banked Cloze

Questions 31 to 40 are based on the following passage.

Sheila (31) took a class trip to a bubble gum factory. While she was there, her class took a tour and saw how the (32) makes thousands of sticks of gum each and every day! While many fads come and go, the (33) of bubble gum has remained constant for many years.

On the tour, Sheila's class learned that gum is made from many different ingredients that are initially (34) together into a warm, sticky mixture. Sugar, syrup, and flavouring are then added to the mix. The factory was making grape gum, which is Sheila's favorite (35) , while her class was visiting.

Once the mixture is complete, (36) machines blend and smooth the gum so that it can be flattened and cut into sticks. Some of the gum mixture is also squeezed into a(n) (37) and made into gumballs or other fun shapes. After the gum cools, more machines wrap each individual piece. The gum is then packaged and sent to stores.

Learning how bubble gum is (38) really gave Sheila a sense of appreciation for how difficult it is to make her favourite snack. After the tour, each student was allowed to take one (39) of gum to chew on the way home. Sheila chose grape; it was so (40) and delicious! Correct answer

(31)recently (32) manufacturer (33) popularity (34) melted (35) flavour (36) enormous

(37) mould (38) manufactured (39) mouthful (40) juicy

Part III: Reading Comprehension

Questions 41 to 45 are based on the following passage.

Many countries are famous for unique and delicious foods. China, Italy, France, India, and Japan are just some of the countries with famous national cuisines. In the past, people had to travel great distances in order to sample foods from other countries. Today, it has never been easier to try food from a different country every day.

One of the most popular foods around the world is pizza. Though pizza has historical and cultural ties to Italy, many different types of pizza have developed outside of Italy and several have been adopted as signature dishes of the respective region.

Pizza first appeared in Italy as a type of flat bread that was inexpensive and easy to make. By the 18th century, residents around Naples in southern Italy were famous for their baked flat breads covered in tomato sauce. To this day, people still travel to Naples to sample pizza in its birthplace

and Neapolitans (residents of Naples) are proud of this heritage. Indeed, the city continues to be famous for its delicious pizza.

One of the first (and still most popular) varieties of pizza is called the Margherita, named after Queen Margherita of Savoy. This variety was her favourite because the colours of the ingredients matched the Italian flag — red (tomatoes), white (mozzarella cheese), and green (basil leaves). With increased trade, travel, and immigration throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, cultural traditions and cuisines spread around the world. Today, pizza is very popular in many countries, including the United States. New Y ork City and Chicago are particularly famous for their unique styles of pizza. Pizzas today are also available with nearly every topping imaginable: mushrooms, peppers, sausage, pineapple, and anchovies, to name only a few. If you can think of it, chances are that someone's already tried putting it on a pizza!

41. Which of the following best describes "signature dishes" (Para. 2, Line 3)? A

A. Most famous food.

B. Most expensive plate.

C. Autographed plate.

D. Most expensive food.

42. Why was the Margherita pizza named after Queen Margherita of Savoy? D

A. It was the first pizza ever made.

B. It was the first pizza she ever ate.

C. It was the most popular pizza in Italy.

D. It was her favourite type of pizza.

43. Which of the following is NOT a cause for the spread of cultural traditions? C

A. Immigration.

B. Trade.

C. Cuisine.

D. Travel.

44. What can you infer was probably the first topping ever put on a pizza? B

A. Mushrooms.

B. Tomato sauce.

C. Mozzarella cheese.

D. Sausage.

45. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT one of the most famous varieties of pizza? C

A. Neapolitan pizza.

B. Chicago deep-dish pizza.

C. France-style pan pizza.

D. New Y ork-style pizza.


1. The researcher had a __B__ that academic achievement was linked to culture.

A. suspense

B. suspicion

C. suspect

D. suspicious

2. I would love to go to graduate school but the __D__ cost is too great.

A. finance

B. financing

C. financier

D. financial

3. It is absolutely __C__ for children to learn foreign languages as early as possible.

A. criticism

B. critic

C. critical

D. criticize

4. There is no one I __A__ more than Albert Einstein. He's the reason I began studying physics.

A. revere

B. reverent

C. reverential

D. revel

5. The human brain is capable of __B__ thought, making us entirely different from any other animal on Earth.

A. irrational

B. rational

C. ration

D. rationing

6. Studies have shown that computers are __D__ learning tools.

A. effect

B. affect

C. affective

D. effective

7. Shawn's paintings are some of the most __B__ I have ever seen!

A. create

B. creative

C. creativity

D. creatively

8. Thomas did very well his exam and is taking the __C__ level chemistry class next semester.

A. advised

B. advantaged

C. advanced

D. advertised

9. Y oung children have a remarkable ability to __A__ information they have learned.

A. recall

B. reveal

C. release

D. remain

10. She couldn't concentrate on her test; her mother's __A__ in the room was too distracting.

A. presence

B. presents

C. present

D. prescience

11. The __C__ of Newton's influence on nearly every field of science is incredible.

A. extend

B. extant

C. extent

D. extinct

12. He suggested that I __B__ my lecture notes to the computer.

A. translate

B. transfer

C. transform

D. transit

13. Galileo was heavily criticized because many people thought his __D__ ideas challenged the authority of religion.

A. mundane

B. regular

C. routine

D. radical

14. Please __A__ a list of questions to ask the scientist for an interview.

A. generate

B. general

C. generation

D. generic

15. Early man discovered that you could __B__ sticks together and make fire from the friction.

A. touch

B. rub

C. push

D. pull

16. How many famous biologists can you __C__?

A. exemplify

B. horrify

C. identify

D. intensify

17. Professor Clark's comment only makes sense if you understand the __A__ of the entire lecture.

A. context

B. subtext

C. pretext

D. textbook

18. The __D__ came up with many great ideas, but she couldn't prove any of them.

A. theory

B. theorem

C. theories

D. theorist

19. Don't __B__ the new students with too much homework right away.

A. underwhelm

B. overwhelm

C. underrate

D. overrate

20. What do you think is the __D__ fist step towards proving our hypothesis?

A. logic

B. logician

C. logistic

D. logical

Section B: Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable word.

21. Obviously, I didn't fail the exam purpose; in fact, I studied all week for it! Correct answer


22. Professor White likes to go his theories point by point, but I still don't believe they're correct. Correct answer through

23. Many fans had waited ten hours outside the hotel to catch a glimpse their heroine. Correct answer of

24. contrast to Chinese students, American students have much more time for activities like sports. Correct answer In

25. He was to call Phil when the phone rang. Correct answer about

26. It wasn't much a speech, but it's still one of the most famous in history. Correct answer of

27. He wrapped his arms around her wife's waist and gently pulled her back to lean him. Correct answer through

28. My new boss wants results by next week. So much a period of adjustment. Correct answer for

29. "Don't get yourself bogged down minor details," the teacher told her students. Correct answer in

30. Jessica peered the darkness, but for a while could see nothing.. Correct answer into


Part I: V ocabulary and Structure

Section A: Complete each sentence using the correct word or expression from the box.

tedious essential interfere undoubtedly

curiosity weird inquire uneasy

thoughtful distract

1. She went into the store to about the newest touch screen mobile phone. Correct answer inquire

2. People often criticize mobile phones and handheld devices because they with personal, face-to-face interactions. Correct answer interfere

3. Snails always seemed like little animals to me. I don't understand why French people like to eat them. Correct answer weird

4. Many places have laws against talking on mobile phones while driving because they easily drivers from the road. Correct answer distract

5. Stephanie felt about spending three weeks in Peru since she couldn't speak any Spanish. Correct answer uneasy

6. It is to understand cultural differences when you visit another country so that you don't offend anyone. Correct answer essential

7. , mobile phones have the ability to connect people faster than any other form of communication. Correct answer undoubtedly

8. Thomas spent a(n) 20 minutes talking with his insurance company by telephone.

Correct answer tedious

9. I've always had an intense about Japanese culture. Correct answer curiosity

10. Chinese people have a reputation for being very because they are often so hospitable to their guests. Correct answer thoughtful

Section B: Choose the best way to complete the sentences.

11. He didn't understand the ____A___ his attitude had on everyone's opinion of him.

A. impact

B. extent

C. impulse

D. excuse

12. Let's strive to eliminate any further ____C___ by having open communication.

A. confuse

B. confused

C. confusion

D. confusing

13. To me, life without telephones and email would be a ___D____ existence indeed!

A. solitude

B. solo

C. solitaire

D. solitary

14. In South Africa, it's very common for guests to drop by a friend's house unannounced,

___A____ in England, this might be considered rude.

A. whereas

B. where

C. that

D. which

15. I couldn't even begin to ____B___ why she behaved so badly.

A. know

B. speculate

C. recognize

D. assume

16. I offered to shake his hand on ___A____; I forgot that this is not normal in Japan.

A. impulse

B. repulsive

C. repulse

D. impulsive

17. Sonia read ___C____ every book on Germany before visiting last summer.

A. necessarily

B. completely

C. practically

D. undoubtedly

18. It's interesting to see how different cultures ___C____ certain hand gestures.

A. understand

B. distinguish

C. perceive

D. appreciate

19. We weren't allowed to ___B____ a word while working at the library.

A. utterance

B. utter

C. uttering

D. utters

20. My supervisor has absolutely no ___A____ for rude or disrespectful behavior.

A. tolerance

B. appreciation

C. confusion

D. recognition

Section C: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. The country's economic crisis is the reach of traditional solutions. Correct answer


22. It took a long time for Lou to get his jet lag after coming home from Australia.

Correct answer over

23. After the meeting, Abby came to the conclusion that she needed a new job. Correct answer to

24. the plus side, the citizens in this country recognized the need for actions on climate change. Correct answer on

25. My mother calls every morning to check up me and see how I'm doing. Correct answer on

26. Don't forget to switch your mobile phone before class starts. Correct answer off

27. Let's start and introduce ourselves again. Correct answer over

28. I need to get hold a car as the destination is too far away. Correct answer of

29. Tom got tired making dinner every day so he decided to start eating out. Correct answer of

30. At last, the quarrel came an end thanks to the manager's mediation. Correct answer to


Section A: Complete each sentence using the correct word or expression from the box.

kneeled consent exclaimed alter

sobbing grief cute pursue

dim reflection

1. She decided that she'd rather her interest in Psychology as a Ph.D. than as a lawyer. Correct answer pursue

2. Stephanie , "How could you forget our anniversary?" Correct answer exclaimed

3. I saw her in the mirror and fell in love with her right away. Correct answer reflection

4. Before Kevin asked Lisa to marry him, he asked her father for his . Correct answer consent

5. For V alentine's Day, my boyfriend gave me a(n) little puppy. Correct answer cute

6. Many people try to their appearance in order to be more attractive. Correct answer alter

7. "That's it! No more dating!" Brian declared, "Women are nothing but !" Correct answer grief

8. Patrick on the ground before Diane and she knew he was about to propose. Correct answer kneeled

9. The dinner was romantic but it was difficult to see each other with such lights. Correct answer dim

10. "I think you need to talk to Kate. She broke up with her boyfriend and has been all day." Correct answer sobbing

Section B: Choose the best way to complete the sentences.

11. My old boyfriend had a terrible ____C___. We would always argue.

A. tender

B. tester

C. temper

D. tether

12. In the winter, I ____B___ quickly before putting on pajamas and going to bed.

A. dress

B. undress

C. redress

D. sundress

13. Jonathan ignored the interruption and quickly ____A___ his speech.

A. resumed

B. resume

C. resuming

D. resumes

14. This constituted such a ___B____ in the study of the phenomena of nature, although it did not complete lift the veil which conceals the truth.

A. notion

B. novelty

C. notice

D. novel

15. She moved with the ___D____ of a ballet dancer.

A. graceful

B. gracefully

C. graceless

D. grace

16. Her refusal to accept my apology was like a ____B___ of our love.

A. consent

B. denial

C. reflection

D. novelty

17. Please be ____C___; did you really write that poem?

A. truth

B. honestly

C. truthful

D. honesty

18. The ___D____ of fresh flowers always reminds me of my mother's garden.

A. smell

B. odour

C. stink

D. scent

19. V alentine's Day is a good excuse to ___D____ your sweet tooth and eat chocolate.

A. induce

B. incline

C. incorporate

D. indulge

20. Mark felt incredibly ___A____ for the foolish way he acted in class.

A. shameful

B. shamelessly

C. shameless

D. shamefully

Section C: Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable word.

21. "I'll come straight the point; buy a new dress!" Correct answer to

22. she watches that movie, she sobs at the end. Correct answer Whenever

23. Elizabeth wants to keep her relationship wraps for now. Correct answer under

24. Todd is complete denial about his age. Correct answer in

25. "I have no more experience with love you do, my friend". Correct answer than

26. there are a lot of Internet dating sites, I still don't trust them. Correct answer Although

27. My advice is, you do, don't sing her a romantic song. Correct answer whatever

28. People start dating at a very young age in America, young people in China tend to focus more on schoolwork. Correct answer while

29. After we wrap the meeting, do you want to go out for some coffee? Correct answer up

30. Her boyfriend flew a temper when she didn't listen to him. Correct answer into


Section A: Complete each sentence using the correct word or expression from the box.

comparable illusion combination addicted

acceptable objective endurance cooperate

favourable demonstrate princess crucial

intention payment item retail

global claim fashion estimate

1. Sandra spent the weekend shopping at the outlets. Correct answer retail

2. My parents thought it wasn't for me to have a credit card until I was 19. Correct answer acceptable

3. I don't have a(n) impression of that shop because the salesgirl was very rude to me when I was in there last. Correct answer favourable

4. "What form of would you like to use?" Correct answer payment

5. When I go shopping with my wife, I have no about who is in control. Correct answer illusion

6. I that about 30 per cent of my salary is spent on new shoes. Correct answer estimate

7. Y ou need a lot of to go shopping with Sue; she likes to shop from dawn to dusk!

Correct answer endurance

8. The two shirts were in quality but not in price; one was much cheaper. Correct answer comparable

9. Greg always makes me feel like a(n) when we go out together; he buys me whatever I want. Correct answer princess

10. Jackie doesn't to be an expert, but she certainly does know a lot about manufacturing. Correct answer claim

11. "I'd like to buy this mobile phone, but can you how it works for me?" Correct answer demonstrate

12. "These are all gifts so please put each in a separate bag." Correct answer item

13. Sometimes I think Marie is to shopping since she's at the mall every weekend!

Correct answer addicted

14. Patricia buys a different magazine on the way to work every morning. Correct answer fashion

15. Tanya learned a long time ago that it's to shop within a budget. Correct answer


16. The of good looks and value was what sold me on that dress. Correct answer combination

17. I think that shopping is becoming a(n) obsession for women. Correct answer


18. "Why did you buy that? Y ou know you have no of wearing it." Correct answer intention

19. My boyfriend doesn't understand that the of shopping is not to buy things but to have a good time. Correct answer objective

20. If the salespeople are willing to , it's usually best to try all clothes on before buying anything. Correct answer cooperate

Section B: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. That store sells everything for the kitchen sink. Correct answer except

22. Happily, it took him about 30 minutes to reply in the affirmative. Correct answer in

23. Thomas went bankrupt last year, but he's learned his lesson and is now the road to recovery. Correct answer on

24. My teacher guessed that, all, 80 percent of us passed the exam. Correct answer in

25. Every time I buy something, it's painful to hand the payment. Correct answer over

26. Jennifer is trying a pair of orange Crocs. Correct answer on

27. Don't give to temptation and spend more than your budget! Correct answer in

28. I wouldn't sell my car the entire world — I love it! Correct answer for

29. Louise wasn't smart with her credit cards and quickly went debt. Correct answer into

30. Let's go shopping! I'm desperately in need new pants. Correct answer of



1. 他们对业余剧社的介绍给索菲留下了深刻的印象,于是她就报了名。(Amateur Dramatics; sign up for)Suggested answer:

Their introduction of Amateur Dramatics impressed Sophie so much that she signed up for it.

2. 网络教育为全职人员提供了利用业余时间接受继续教育的机会。(work full time) Suggested answer:

Online education provides those who work full time with opportunities to receive further education in their spare time.

3. 刚上大学时,他不知道是否需要把老师讲的内容一字不落地都记下来。(be supposed to; scribble down)Suggested answer:

When he first arrived at university, he was not sure whether he was supposed to scribble down every word out of the professor's mouth.

4. 没有人觉察出他隐藏在笑容背后的绝望。(detect)

Suggested answer:

Nobody detects his despair well hidden behind his smile.

5. 有些学生能轻松自如地与陌生人交谈,可有些学生却很难做到这一点。(be easy about) Suggested answer:

Some students are easy about talking with strangers, while some others find it hard to do so.


1. 他们这儿不卖薯条,如果你想吃,得去肯德基或麦当劳。(serve)

Suggested answer:

They don't serve chips / French fries here. If you want it, you have to go to a KFC or McDonald's.

2. 他拣起一个核桃,想用锤子把它砸开,可没想到却把它砸碎了。(crack; crush) Suggested answer:

He picked up a walnut and tried to crack it with a hammer, but instead he crushed it.

3. 当金子加热融化后,他们把金水倒进模子,铸成金条。(melt; mould)

Suggested answer:

When the gold was heated and melted, they poured it into a mould to form a gold bar.

4. 他承认是他打破了教室的窗玻璃。(admit to)

Suggested answer:

He admitted to breaking the window of the classroom.

5. 令我们欣喜的是,新的经济计划开始对经济发展产生积极影响。(have ... effect on)

Suggested answer:

To our delight, the new economic policy is beginning to have a positive effect on the economy.


1. 老师很有可能不欣赏不会独立思考的学生。(not think much of ...; think for oneself) Suggested answer:

It is most likely that teachers won't think much of students who cannot think for themselves.

2. 他上中学的时候,几乎没有什么人去做科学实验,更谈不上接受这方面的训练了。(hardly; much less)

Suggested answer:

When he was in high school, hardly anyone did scientific experiments, much less had training in this respect.

3. 嫉妒是由懒惰和无知造成的。(the result of ...)

Suggested answer:

Envy is the result of laziness and ignorance.

4. 有些大学生是根据自己的专业来选择志愿服务的,而不是碰到什么就做什么。(volunteer job; rather than)

Suggested answer:

Rather than picking any volunteer job, some college students choose activities based on their majors.

5. 最好的办法就是把学生分成若干小组,让他们针对具体的问题进行讨论。(break up ... into ...; focus on)

Suggested answer:

The best approach is to break the students up into several groups so that they can focus their discussion on specific problems.


1. 据估计,目前中国4亿手机用户中,有大约一半人的隐私受到了威胁。(it is estimated that ...; privacy)

Suggested answer:

It is estimated that today, the privacy of half of the 0.4 billion mobile phone subscribers is in danger.

2. 人们在购买生活必需品上的花费越少,他们安排诸如旅游等娱乐活动就越多。(the less ... the more ...)

Suggested answer:

The less people spend on daily necessities, the more arrangements they will make for leisure activities such as travelling.

3. 对我来说,旅游最大的好处就是可以去不同的地方,了解不同文化背景下人们的生活方式以及传统习俗。(What I especially like about ... is ...)

Suggested answer:

What I especially like about travelling is that I can go to different places and learn about particular lifestyles, conventions and customs in different cultures.

4. 在大多数情况下,文化碰撞激起的是人们对不同文化的好奇心,只有在极少数情况下,文化碰撞会造成尴尬。(culture bump; on rare occasions)

Suggested answer:

In most cases, cultural bumps arouse people's curiosity about different cultures. Only on rare

occasions can they cause embarrassment.

5. 你可以保留自主选择的权利,但作为一个成年人,你做事不要冲动。(reserve the right to; act on impulse)

Suggested answer:

Y ou can reserve the right to make independent choices, but as an adult, you should not act on impulse.


1. 那位身穿红衬衫的人突然收起假笑,露出他的本来面目。(turn off; false smile; true colours) Suggested answer:

Suddenly the man in the red shirt turned off his false smile and showed his true colours.

2. 妻子声称丈夫很懒,不愿做家务,丈夫对此予以坚决否认。(flatly; contradict) Suggested answer:

The husband flatly contradicted his wife's claim that he was too lazy to do the housework.

3. 经理已经做出保证,在他的任期结束之前,他不会离任。(pledge one's word; leave office; term)

Suggested answer:

The manager pledged his word that he would not leave the office until the last day of his term. 4. 他没有意识到,对她美貌的迷恋使他对她的缺点视而不见。(blind v.)

Suggested answer:

He didn't realize that his fascination for her beauty had blinded him to her faults.

5. 当得知警察终于在树林里找到她的孩子时,这位年轻的太太流下了眼泪。(shed) Suggested answer:

On hearing that the police had finally found her child in the woods, the young lady shed tears.


1. 一定要先确认把邮票贴牢了,再把信投入信箱。(attach)

Suggested answer:

Make sure the stamp is firmly attached to the letter before you drop it into the mailbox.

2. 很多青少年痴迷网络游戏,这会对他们的身心健康造成损害。(be addicted to) Suggested answer:

Many youngsters are addicted to net games, which can damage their physical and mental health. 3. 她坐在桌子旁边读报,看上去好像什么事也没发生过。(for all the world)

Suggested answer:

She sat at the table reading the newspaper, looking for all the world as if nothing had happened. 4. 我本打算去购物中心购物以缓解压力,但后来我改主意了。我决定好好睡一觉。(change one's mind)Suggested answer:

I had intended to reduce stress by shopping in the mall, but I changed my mind. I decided to have

a good sleep instead.

5. 议会否决了总统提出的最新经济提案,因为它引起了广泛的批评。(reject; put forward; provoke)Suggested answer:

The Congress has rejected the latest economic proposal put forward by the President because it provoked widespread criticism.