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【2012湖北襄阳】27. —Y our room is very dirty. Y ou should keep it _____.

—OK. I’ll sweep it right away.

A. clean

B. dry

C. quiet

D. warm

【2012山东聊城】33. The Internet is really _________ to us. We can download a lot of things from it,

A. Useful

B. difficult

C. different

D. safe

【2012浙江丽水】23 — why are you driving so____. Tony? I'm feeling sick.

— Sorry, but the train is leaving in 20 minutes. We have to hurry.

A. often

B. fast

C. hard

D. slowly

【2012山东日照】30. I don’t think fast food is good for our health, so I _______ go to MacDonald.

A. seldom

B. always

C. usually

D. often

【2012山东·东营市】24. No matter what happens, the fact that Huangyan Island belongs to China will change.

A. ever

B. never

C. still

D. hardly

【2012湖北省荆州市】22. — How often do you exercise?

—ever. Because I am very busy with my work.

A. Hardly

B. Nearly

C. Always

D. Almost[来

【2012重庆市】31. Helen was so excited at the news that she could say a word.

A. ever

B. almost

C. hardly

D. always

【2012重庆市】28. The flower smells and I like it very much.[中国教育出&版*^#@网]A. well B. good C. bad D. badly 【2012浙江嘉兴】24. The fire last night destroyed many buildings. , no one was killed.

A. Actually


C. Luckily

D. Immediately

【2012年广东省】30. --- did you go to the cinema to see 3D Titannic last night?

---- No, I ________ go to the cinema . The tickets are too expensive


B. nearly

C. still


【2012山东济南】40. —Sonia, do you think you are different from Linda?

—Y es. I'm ______ at drawing than her.

A. better

B. good

C. well

D. best







3、时间、地点、方式等连接副词(即Wh- 和How 类的特殊疑问词)引导从句或后跟不定式








一般情况加-er或-est new

long newer




以e 结尾的词加-r或-st fine

late finer




以“辅音+y” 结尾的词变y为i再加

-er 或-est early


















2.多音节词和部分双音节词在其前面加more或 most。如:原级比较级最高级

useful more useful the most useful

difficult more difficult the most difficult

delicious more delicious the most delicious happily more happily the most happily carefully more carefully the most carefully 3.不规则变化


good/well better the best

bad/badly worse the worst

many/much more the most

little less the least

far farther / further the farthest / furthest



Be more careful next time. 下次小心点。


a. 名词或代词:He is older than me / I . 他年龄比我大。

b. 动名词:Skiing is more exciting than skating. 滑雪比滑冰更刺激。

c. 从句:I was a better singer than he was. 我唱歌比他好。


1. 常修饰比较级的词:rather ,much,still,even,far,a lot ,a little,a bit等


My sister is ten years younger than me. 我妹妹比我小十岁。

3.the + 比较级,the +比较级:表示越…越...;


The harder you work,the greater progress you'll make. 越努力,进步越大。

1)no more than 至多、不超过、不比...更。如:

The officials could see no more than the Emperor. 官员们看到的最多和皇帝一样多。

2)more...than... 意为:与其.....不如..... ;more than 意为:不仅仅...,不止...

如:She is more shy than unfriendly,I think.


There are more than two thousand people in the hall.

3) less than 不到… 不太:It was ready in less than a week.

4) no less than 多达、不少于、和...一样:No less than 2 million people came.

5) more or less 基本上大体上大约或多或少

The work is more or less finished. 这项工作基本上完成了。

4.as + 形容词或副词原级+ as :和.....一样

1) not …so/as…as:与....不一样

如:He cannot run so/as fast as you. 他没你跑得快对比:the same...as... 与....相同; be different from... 与.....不同

2) 当as… as 中间有名词时采用以下格式:

①as +形容词+ a +单数名词/;

This is as good an example as the other is. 这个例子和另外一个一样好。

②as + many / much +名词。例如:

I can carry as much paper as you can. 你能搬多少纸,我也能。

3)as+ 形容词+as+数量词= 数量词+ 形容词

如:She is as tall as 1.6 metres. = She is 1.6 meters tall.

Y our room is the same size as mine.你的房间和我的一样大。

4) 倍数的表达

① ....once/ twice / 基数词+times + as + 形容词/副词原级+ as ...

如:This room is twice as big as that one. 这房间的面积是那间的两倍。

②...once/ twice / 基数词+times + 形容词/副词比较级+ than...

【固定搭配】as long as 只要,有....之久;as far as 到....地点,就....而言;

as soon as 一....就;as well as 既...又;

as good as (=very nearly)几乎,简直,与....简直一样

【练习】--How far apart do they live ? ---____I know,they live in the same neighborhood.

A.As long as

B. As far as

C. As well as

D. As often as

The man was lying on the ground,___dead.

A.as possible as

B.as well as

C. as soon as

D.as good as

5. The + 比较级+ of the two + 名词表示两个中较.....的

如:The taller of the two boys is my brother.

用介词by 表示相差的程度如;

I missed the last train by one minute.我差一分钟就赶上了最后一班火车。


【2010河北省卷】34. Sometimes walking is even ________ than driving during the busy traffic time.

A. fast

B. faster

C. slow

D. slower 【2010福建?晋江】39. --The cake is too expensive. Would you like to show me a _______one?

--Sure. Here you are.

A. cheap

B. cheaper

C. cheapest

【2010湖北·咸宁】26. — Health is money.

— But I think it is money.

A. as important as

B. more important than

C. so important than

D. the same as 【2011重庆江津】25.I think these cards are than those cards.

A. nice

B. nicer

C. nicest

D. the nicest

【2011四川乐山】28. – Susan, you know what? We can have a dog!

– Great! But I prefer to have a cat. It is much _______ to look after.

A. easy

B. easier

C. easiest

【2011山东泰安】29. —Which do you like , summer or winter?

—I prefer summer.

A. good

B. well

C. better

D. best

【2011广东】30. —Steve is good at writing short stories.

—So he is. But he writes _______ than us. So he can’t get good grades in writing.

A. most carefully

B. more carefully

C. less carefully

D. least carefully

【2012.安徽省】32. We lost the match because they had ______ players. they had eleven and we had only nine.

A. stronger

B. younger

C. fewer

D. more

【2012北京】28. I work hard this term, but Peter works much ____.

A. hard

B. harder

C. hardest

D. the hardest

【2012贵州安顺】22.His grandparents live ____ in a small house, but they don’t feel _____.A.lonely; alone B.alone; lonely C.lonely; lonely D.alone; alone 【2012贵州铜仁】34.The weather in Guiyang in summer is ______than that in Tongren.

They’re different .

A . cool B. much cooler C. hot D. much hotter

【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】34. _____exercise you take, _____you’ll be.

A. The fewer, the fatter

B. The less, the fatter

C. The less, the more fatter

【2011湖北恩施】23. Farmers have become ______ in our hometown in recent years.

A. more and more rich

B. richer and richer

C. more rich and more rich


1 1 .the + 最高级+ in / of的比较范围


The Sahara is the biggest desert in the world. 撒哈拉沙漠是世界上最大的沙漠注意:形容词most前面没有the,不表示最高级的含义,只表示"非常"。例如:

It is a most important problem. =It is a very important problem. 这是个很重要的问题

2)最高级的修饰语常见的词有:序数词,by far , nearly,almost,by no means,not really,not quite,nothing like 等

如:This hat is nearly / almost the biggest. 这帽子差不多是最大的了。

3)否定+ 比较级= 最高级

如:There is no greater love than that of a man who lays down his life for friends.



Africa is the second largest continent.非洲是第二大洲。


Mike is the most intelligent in his class. 或者:

Mike is more intelligent than any other students in his class.

2. 形容词最高级可用作表语,这时定冠词the 可以省略。

例句:I think her plan is best. 我认为她的计划最好。

3.形容词最高级还可和at 构成许多短语作状语,如at best, at least, at most等。

例句:I’ll be with you at latest by ten.我最迟十点钟就来陪你。


1.做形容词时,修饰名词enough food


Brave enough 足够勇敢strangely enough 很奇怪...

3.Enough to do sth 足够做某事

4.cannot...enough / cannot(never等否定词)...too 表示再....也不为过

例:Trees are good for human being,so we can’t pl ant them ___many.





In a relay race, a player can’t run fast __






【2012天津】36. Who listens _________, Tom, Jack or Bill?[来@^&源*:#中教网]

A. the most carefully

B. more carefully

C. the most careful

D. more careful

【2012江苏连云港】5.—Have you bought for Linda’s birthday?

—Not exactly. Just some flowers.

A. something unusual

B. anything unusual

C. unusual something

D. unusual anything

【2012重庆市】39. -What do you think of the film you saw yesterday?

-Oh! It’s one of films I’ve ever seen.

A. interesting

B. more interesting

C. most interesting

D. the most interesting 【2012.山东菏泽】3. A 100-year-old man ran a marathon in Toronto on Sunday.

He became the______ person to complete the long-distance running in the world.

A. youngest

B. best

C. biggest

D. oldest

【2011河南】25. Y ao Ming is _______Chinese basketball player that ever played in NBA.

A. tall

B. taller

C. tallest

D. the tallest

【2011雅安】11.—Which month has ______ days in a year?


A. few

B. little

C. the least

D. the fewest

【2010福建?晋江】37. --Don’t worry. My mother will look after your baby __________.

--Thanks a lot.

A. careful enough

B. enough careful

C. carefully enough 【2010甘肃?兰州】29. —Where would you like to go on your summer holiday, Mike?

—I’d like to go ______.

A. nowhere interesting

B. interesting anywhere

C. somewhere interesting

D. interesting somewhere

【2010宁夏】24. She is very good at painting. She can paint _______ her teacher.

A. as better as

B. as well as

C. as good as

D. so well as 【2010湖北?荆州】18. —Which province is the ________ one in winter?

—It should be Hainan Province, I think.

A.coldest B.hotter C.warmest D.cooler



2、形容词副词的比较级:比较级 + than

as...as... 结构,(注意:此结构中时形容词副词的原级) much, a little ,even,quite , a bit 等修饰比较级


3、形容词副词的最高级:the + 最高级 + in ...

The + 最高级 + of ...

4、形容词 / 副词enough 的用法


( ) 1 Y our room is _______ than mine.

A. three time big

B. three times big

C. three times bigger

D. bigger three times

( ) 2 When spring comes, it gets_______.

A. warm and warm

B. colder and colder

C. warmer and warmer

D. shorter and shorter

( )3 ______ he read the book, _______ he got in it.

A. The more; the more interesting

B. The less; the more interesting

C. The more; the more interested

D. More; more interested

( )4 I like______ one of the two books.

A. the older

B. oldest

C. the oldest

D. older

( ) 5 Which do you like _______, tea or coffee?

A. well

B. better

C. best

D. most

( ) 6 This work is _______ for me than for you.

A. difficult

B. most difficult

C. much difficult

D. more difficult

( ) 7 Who jumped_______of all?

A. far

B. farther

C. farthest

D. the most far

( ) 8 Li Lei is_______ student in our class.

A. tall

B. taller

C. tallest

D. the tallest