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Unit 2 Tales of True Love

Key to Exercises


Suggested answers for reference

1. Qian Zhongshu was a Chinese literary scholar and writer, best known for his wit and great academic knowledge. One of his most famous novels is Fortress Besieged (《围城》). Yang Jiang was a Chinese playwright, author, and translator. Her memoir We Three(《我们仨》) recalls memories of her late husband, Qian Zhongshu, and her daughter, Qian Yuan, who died before her father.

David Beckham is an English former professional footballer, and the first English player to win league titles in four countries: England, Spain, the United States and France. David is married to Victoria Beckham, an English businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer. They have four children.

2. Qian and Yang’s romance began when they met at Tsinghua Universi ty after Yang Jiang enrolled in the graduate school in 1932. They married in 1935.

David started dating Victoria in 1997, after she attended a charity football match. The couple announced their engagement in 1998 and married in 1999.

3. During the Cultural Revolution, like many other prominent intellectuals of the time, Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang were “sent down”, doing “reform through labor” in a “cadre school” in Henan from 1969 to 1972.

The challenge David and Victoria have come across is media attention. They are both famous, so their relationship has attracted a great deal of media attention from its very beginning.

Reading & Interacting

I. Understanding the Text

1. Text Organization



2. Comprehension Check

2.1 Focusing on the main ideas

Frank joined the U.S. Army during World War II, and frequently exchanged letters with Polly, his wife. Frank, away in England, wrote about his longings for home and his feelings towards Polly and Dee, their toddler daughter, while Polly described in detail her life at home and expressed her concern over the war, as well as the loneliness she endured from the long separation. They wrote about their love for each other and comforted each other with the expectation for their reunion in the future. Tragically, however, Frank was killed in the Normandy landing operation on D-Day.

2.2 Digging into detail

1. He was very bitter that he was not going to be by her side while she grew up.

2. He believed it was God’s will whether he would be one of the assault troops

and whether he would survive the fighting. What he would do was to trust God.

3. They had not seen each other for 8 months.

4. Polly would take her daughter Dee to see her first movie.

5. Polly imagined she and Frank would listen to their favorite music together on

Sunday nights.

6. She felt all the more sentimental but at the same time more confident in the


2.3 Understanding difficult sentences

1. B

2. A

3. B

4. B

5. B

II. Focusing on Language in Context

1. Key Words & Expressions


1. While I was working in a fast-food restaurant, I constantly dreamt of being able

to own one someday.

2. It was common for people to keep up correspondence with friends through

letters before the age of the Internet.

3. In modern Chinese society, women, to a large extent, are no longer dominated

by men either in family life or in the workplace.

4. There is now a growing realization of the importance of recycling among the

residents in our neighborhood.

5. The Japanese invasion during World War II met with fierce resistance from the

Chinese people.

6. It is wonderful to see flowers bloom in different colours after a long bleak


7. The elderly landlady couldn’t endure the behavior of the young man any more:

he tossed trash all over the building.

8. It is true that human beings have had war constantly throughout history;

nevertheless human civilization has managed to survive.

9. An increasingly large number of Chinese plan to spend their time travelling to

different countries and seeing more of the world when they retire.

10. Last week I submitted my first project proposal and I was very anxious to know

how the department manager would react to it.

11. We all sympathize with those who lost loved ones in the disaster.

12. The general decided to launch an assault on the enemy at midnight.

13. At that time, most stores in that region allowed shoppers to exchange goods and

services at a mutually agreed price.

14. The kids never received any professional training previously, but their

performance was impressive.

15. It’s amazing that the toddler can count up to one hundred and backward.


1. postponed

2. of late

3. long for

4. continually

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/680830950d22590102020740be1e650e52eacf0e.htmlpensated for

6. on land

7. Adored

8. by the day


1. The sole survivor of the crash declined to be interviewed saying he just could

not bring himself to talk about the tragic accident at the moment.

2. I thought the party I was invited to was a quiet and private one, but as it turned

out, I was overwhelmed by the crowds and noise.

3. Like many of her generation, the lady suffered/underwent a lot of hardships

throughout her life.

4. The local government was forced /had to bow to public pressure and cancelled

the nuclear power program.

5. Different teachers play different roles in the growth of a student.

6. The team is carrying out research to find out the impact on children of long

separation from their parents.

7. Mary immediately felt uneasy when she found her cousin John was gazing upon


8. I can still recall how my heart was filled with joy and pride when I received the

diploma from the principal.

2. Usage

1. We all pray for the return of peace and loved ones.

2. The prime minister, when talking about the servicemen in battle, said, “Those

brave young people are the ones who are undergoing all/all of the hardships.”

3. All of them were overwhelmed by the glamour of the royal palace.

4. The happiest are not those who own all/all of the best things, but those who can

appreciate the beauty of life.

5. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

3. Sentence Patterns

1. Of course you all think big. But I’ll bet many of you have no idea what you are

really longing for.

2. The school bus driver shouted, “Don’t get off until the bus stops!”

3. I understand the importance of developing the habit of not putting off what you

can do today until tomorrow. But you know, it’s always easier said than done.

4. You may say you enjoy being single, but I bet you will think differently when

you finally fall in love.

5. Not until I experienced terrible loneliness did I come to the realization that

support and sympathy from family were precious.

4. Comprehensive Practice

4.1 Cloze

In putting into words how much we adore someone, sometimes it is easier to do so in correspondence than face-to-face. One cannot help but sympathize with the lover who, gazing upon the object of his affection face-to-face, becomes overwhelmed and lost for words. Here distance may help. For separation not only makes the heart grow fonder, it also provides the perfect excuse for a(n) exchange of love letters in which the tongue-tied lover can give a more impressive display of his innermost thoughts. Unable to bring himself to speak freely about his feelings, with pen and paper on hand he may nonetheless easily fill pages with

fine words. Watered by these, love will hopefully bloom.

4.2 Translation

1. George longs for a chance to meet her, but he can’t bring himself to tell her

about it.

2. Many smart and capable people do not achieve a lot in their life because they

are afraid of the hardships they may have to endure.

3. I remember that in my childhood I had great enjoyment in living in the

countryside where all the flowers were blooming in spring.

4. The government is sure to react to the recent growth in violent crime.

5. Quite a lot of people can undergo feelings of loss after they retire, and we may

help them with our care and concern.

6. They would get together exchanging ideas and discussing the problems they

were confronted with when they stayed in Silicon Valley in the 90’s.

7. Gazing upon the picture of her grandson who lost his life on D-Day, the elderly

lady was filled with sorrow.

8. Some people worry that robots may someday become the dominating force in

the world.

Reading & Comprehending

Reading 1

1. Comprehension Check for Reading 1

1. F

2. F

3. F

4. T

5. F

6. T

7. T

8. F

9. F 10. T

2. Translation

1. 每个事故本身都不怎么严重,但叠加起来似乎就触发了一个奇怪的结果。

2. 大脑遭受过这种损伤的人会漫无目的地从他们住的地方走失,完全不记得


3. 看到詹姆士·彼得斯房产中介的招牌,吉姆就给自己取名詹姆士·彼得斯。

4. 两个人惊呆了,甚至忘记了拥抱。

Reading 2

Comprehension Check for Reading 2

1. Zhu convinced her father to allow her to attend school disguised as a young


2. She received a letter from her father requesting that she return home

immediately. Before parting, she invited Liang to visit her house so that she could arrange a marriage between him and her sister.

3. Liang fell critically ill soon after he visited Zhu at her home, and passed away

within a month. This was because it was too late for Liang to propose to Zhu.

Her parents had arranged the marriage between her daughter and another man.

Of course, it would be a fatal blow to Liang.

4. When both Liang and Zhu were dead, two small butterflies were seen emerging

from their grave, flying happily together. Ever after, the two have been known as the butterfly lovers.

Integrated Skills Practicing

I. Viewing & Listening

1. 29th Jan., 1945

My dearest one,

I’ve just heard the news that all the Army men who were held POW are to return to their homes. Because of the shipping situation we may not commence to go before the end of February, but could probably count on being in England sometime in March. It may be sooner. It has made me very warm inside. It is terrific, wonderful, shattering.

2. I do not know how long leave I shall get. I could get as little as 14 days and I

may get as much as a month. I’m wondering how I shall tell you I’m in England.

Probab ly it’s still quicker to send a telegram than a letter. And I hope to send you one announcing that I am on the same island. I will send another when I’m

actually soon to get on the London-bound train and you can ring Lee Green 0509 when you think I have arrived there.

3. It’s a pity that the winter weather will not be kind to us out of doors. But it will

be nice sitting next to you in the pictures no matter what may be on the screen.

It will be grand to know we have each other’s support and sympathy. Won’t it be wonderful to be together — really together in the flesh, not just to know that

a letter is all we can send.

Love you,


III. Writing

Model letter for your reference

My Dearest Pauline,

I was overwhelmed with sadness to hear about the death of Frank in battle. I long for words to say how much I sympathize with you, but none are adequate in moments like these. I will say, though, that my heart goes out to you. I will always remember the deep enjoyment I had in knowing Frank, such a kind, gentle soul.

He was an extraordinarily impressive man and a very brave soldier. He filled so many of us with admiration by his willingness to give his life for world peace and freedom. His life will endure as a model for us all, all the more so, for Dee, whom he adored. I am so proud of him.

You can depend on my love and support during this sad time.

With my deepest love and sympathy,

Jenny (140 words)