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Unit 1 Our School


computer 电脑 board 写字板fan 风扇 light 灯this 这个

that那个teacher’s desk讲台 picture 图画wall 墙壁 floor地板playground操场garden 花园library图书馆teacher’s office 教师办公室canteen 食堂 art room 绘画教室computer room 计算机教室washroom 卫生间music room音乐教室gym体育馆TV room 电视机房


1.This is the teacher’s office. 这是老师办公室。

2.That is my classroom. 那是我的教室。

3.Go to the library. Read a story-book..去图书馆。读故事书。

4.Is this the library? ---Yes, it is.这是图书馆吗?---是的。

5.Is that the art room? 那是美术室吗?

--- No, it isn’t. The art room is on the second floor.不是,美术室在二楼。

6.Where is the canteen? 食堂在哪里?---It’s on the first floor.在一楼

7.Do you have lunch at school? 你们在学校吃午饭吗?

8.How many students are there in your class? 你们班有多少学生?


Go to the garden. Water the flowers. 去花园。浇花。

Go to the library. Read a story book. 去图书馆。看故事书。

Go to the canteen. Eat some noodles. 去食堂。吃面条。

Go to the teacher’s office. Hand in the homework. 去教师办公室。交作业。

Go to the playground. Play football. 去操场。踢足球。

Unit 2 What time is it?


one 一two 二 three 三 four 四 five 五six 六seven七

eight 八 nine 九 ten 十Math 数学 Chinese 语文 English 英语

P.E. 体育 music音乐class课程lunch 午餐English class 英语课

music class 音乐breakfast 早餐dinner 晚餐P.E. class 体育课

get up 起床go to school上学 go home 回家 go to bed 上床睡觉


1.What time is it ? ---It's nine o'clock. 现在几点了?---九点。

2.It’s 9:45. It's time for English class . 九点四十五了。该上英语课了。

3. It’s 7:05. It's time to go to school. 七点五分了,该上学了。

4.School is over. Let’s go to the playground.放学了,让我们去操场吧!

5.Just a minute. 再等一会儿。

6.Breakfast is ready. 早餐准备好了。


Time for breakfast. Drink some milk. 到吃早餐的时间了,喝些牛奶吧。

Time for lunch. Have some chicken. 到吃午餐的时间了。吃些鸡肉吧。

Time fordinner. Eat some rice. 到吃晚餐的时间了。吃些米饭吧。

Time for P.E. Jump and run. 到上体育课的时间了。跳吧、跑吧。

Time for English. Read and write. 到上英语课的时间了。读吧、写吧。

Time for music. Sing and dance. 到上音乐课的时间了。唱吧、跳吧。

Unit 3 Is This Your Skirt?


jacket 夹克衫shirt 衬衫skirt裙子 dress 连衣裙T-shirt T恤衫

red 红色 blue 蓝色 yellow 黄色green绿色 white 白色 colour颜色sweater毛衣 shorts短裤they’re=they are


1.I like the white sweater with the green skirt. 我喜欢这件白色的毛衣和绿裙子。

2.Is this your skirt?---No,it’s not.这是你的裙子吗?---不,它不是。

3.What colour is it?---It’s white.它什么颜色?---它是白色的。

4. Where are my socks? 我的袜子在哪里?

5.Whose is this? ---It’s your baby brother’s!这是谁的?---它是你弟弟的。

---It’s my T-shirt. 它是我的T恤衫。


Put on your T-shirt. 穿上你的T恤衫。Hang up your skirt. 挂起你的短裙。Take off your jacket. 脱下你的夹克衫。Fold your dress. 叠起你的连衣裙。Wash your shirt. 洗洗你的衬衫。Put away your sweater. 收起你的毛衣。

Unit 4 It’s Warm Today


warm 暖和的 cold 寒冷的cool 凉爽的 snowy下雪的 sunny 晴朗的today 今天jeans牛仔裤 pants长裤socks 袜子shoes鞋子

play football踢足球hot 炎热的 weather天气 rainy 下雨的 windy 有风的cloudy 多云的let’s=let us


1.This is the weather report. It’s cool in Lhasa .这是天气预报。拉萨天气凉爽。

2. It’s warm today. Let’s play football. 今天暖和。让我们踢足球吧。

3. It’s rainy in London.今天伦敦多雨。

4.What’s the weather like in Beijing?北京的天气怎么样?

---It’s rainy today.北京今天下雨。

5. Can I wear my shirt today? 我今天能穿衬衫吗?

①Yes, you can. 能②No, you can’t.不能。

6.What’s the matter with you? 你怎么了?/你出什么事了?


It’s rainy. Open up your umbrella. 下雨了。打开你的雨伞。

It’s windy. Hold on to your hat. 刮风了。抓紧你的帽子。

It’s sunny. Put on your sunglasses. 天气晴朗了。带上你的太阳镜。

It’s snowy. Put on your boots. 下雪了。穿上你的靴子。

It’s cloudy. Take your raincoat. 阴天了。带上你的雨衣。

Unit 5 How Much Is It?


big大的small 小的long 长的short 短的how much多少钱

apple 苹果 banana 香蕉pear 梨orange橘子watermelon西瓜

colourful色彩丰富的 pretty 漂亮的 cheap便宜的expensive 昂贵的sneakers 帆布鞋slippers拖鞋sandals凉鞋 boots 靴子


1.Look at that dress. It's pretty. 看那条连衣裙,它很漂亮。

2.----Can I help you? 需要我为你做些什么吗?

--- Yes.I want a pair of sneakers. 是的,我想买一双帆布鞋。

3.How much is it? ---It’s ten yuan.它多少钱?---十元。

4.How much are they? ---They’re three yuan.它们多少钱?---三元。

5. That’s expe nsive. 好贵阿!

6. What size?--- Size five. 几码?----五码!

7. Are they all right? 合适吗?8.We’ll take it/ them. 我们买下它/它们了!

9.It fits me well. 它很适合我。


Put on your sneakers. Run in the park. 穿上你的网球鞋。在公园里跑。

Put on your sandals. Wiggle your toes. 穿上你的凉鞋。扭动你的脚趾。

Put on your boots. Splash in the puddles. 穿上你的靴子。在水坑里玩水。

Put on your slippers. Dance in your room. 穿上你的拖鞋。在你的房间里跳舞。

Unit 6 At Farm


horse马 cat 猫 rabbit 兔子 pig猪 duck鸭子 dog狗 eleven十一twelve十二 thirteen 十三 fifteen 十五 twenty二十how many 多

sheep绵羊hen母鸡 lamb小羊 goat 山羊 cow奶牛 fat 胖的tomato 西红柿cucumber黄瓜 potato土豆 onion洋葱 carrot胡萝卜


1.What are they? --- They are goat. 它们是什么?---它们是山羊。

2.What do you see in the picture? 你在图片里看见了什么?

---I see five cats ,eight rabbits and two pigs. 我看见了5只猫,八只兔子和两只猪。

3.Are they ducks? ---No,they aren’t.它们是鸭子吗?---不,它们不是。

4.Look at the cucumbers. They’re fresh.。看那些黄瓜,他们好新鲜!

5.I like tomatoes. They are juicy.。我喜欢番茄,他们很多汁。

6.I don’t like onions. They’re smelly.我不喜欢洋葱,他们有股味道。

7.----How many horses are there? -----Twelve. 那里有几匹马?-----12匹。

8. ----How many cows do you have? 你有多少头奶牛?

----One hundred. 一百头。


Feed the hens. 喂母鸡。Ride the horse. 骑马。Milk a cow. 挤牛奶。Shear a sheep. 剪羊毛。Hold a lamb. 抱羊羔。


1. a

( 1 ) cake snake grapes face potato take

( 2 ) apple bag cat hat that lamb fan

fat carrot jacket math rabbit

2. e

( 1 ) me she we he these

( 2 ) egg desk pen bed dress hen help ten twenty

3. i

( 1 ) bike library rice kite ice-cream light nine five

( 2 ) milk six fish pig big window is it dinner fifteen

4. o


( 1 ) hole home nose rose over cold go hello

( 2 ) box fox orange lock dog donkey long not sock

5. u

( 1 ) student cute tube music computer

( 2 ) bus umbrella toothbrush cup duck up much but