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大学英语新课标新时代第三册Unit2 The freedom givers知识总结

第三册Unit2 The freedom givers


Key Words:

impose: 1) place a (penalty, tax, etc.) officially on sb./sth.

e.g: The government has made a decision to impose a further tax on wines and spirits.

The local government tried to impose fines on the factories which poured

untreated waste into the river.

2) try to make sb. accept (an opinion or belief)

e.g: I wouldn't want to impose my religious convictions on anyone.

It may not be wise for parents to impose their own tastes on their children.

Liberate: set from (used in the pattern: liberate sb./ sth. from)

e.g. The central government authorized $200 billion to construct new dams to generate ch eap hydro-electric power. 他被授权发表下列声明

He was authorized to issue the following statement. An authorized agent指定的代理人.

Have authority over…对…有权利 By the authority of 蒙…的许可 An academic authority 学术权威 Authorities concerned有关当局

exploit: 1)n. brave and adventurous deed or action(usu. pl)功绩,业绩

e.g. The general?s wartime exploits were later made into a film and a television series.

My grandfather entertained us with stories of wartime exploits. vt. 1) to use (esp. a person) unfai rly for one?s own profit 剥削

e.g. The cruel boss exploited the poor by making them work for less pay.

2) to use or develop (a thing) fully so as to get profit

e.g. to exploit the oil under the sea n. exploitation


1) give sb./ sth. a false appearance

(used in the pattern: disguise sb./ sth. as…) 假扮,伪装

e.g. Mulan disguised herself as a man so she could fight on the battlefield. Jack escaped acro ss the border disguised as a priest.

2) hide (the real state of things) 伪装,掩饰,隐藏

It is impossible to disguise the fact that the business is bad. 16. in the eyes of: in the opinio n of , in one?s opinion

e.g. In the eyes of students, Richard is a sensible and reliable teacher.

In the eye of my parents, I?m still a young person although I am already in my


peer: look closely or carefully , esp. as if unable to see well ( followed by at/

through/ into, etc.)凝视,盯着看

e.g. She peered through the mist, trying to find the right path. He peered at me over the t op of his glasses.

He peered into his parents` room and found they were quarrelling.

bid: say, wish ( bid----bid----bid bid----bad----bidden)说,致意

e.g. He bad me good morning as he passed . 2) order or tell 命令,吩咐


a. having no clothing on the body;nude;having no covering,especially the usual one;being without addition,concealment,disguise,or embellishment裸体的;无遮盖的,赤裸裸的;直率的;露骨


都含“没有衣物或必需的遮蔽物的”、“赤裸”的意思。naked指“没有必需物遮盖的”、“全裸或身体某部分裸的”,语气较强,如:She was completely naked.她一丝不挂。 nude比naked 更正式,只用于人,指“一丝不挂的”、“全裸的”,如:She doesn’t like nude swimming. 她不喜欢裸泳。 bare指“没遮蔽物的”(指物)、“部分裸体的”(指人),如:a tree bare of leaves 光秃秃的树;bare arms赤臂


v.carry from one place to another;convey.运输;运送

The goods were transported by train.


Trains transport the coal to the ports.火车把煤运到港口。


vt. do away with;destroy completely取消;废除;废止;革除 Should the death penalty be abolished? 应当废除死刑吗?




1) n. a place where people have come to settle新村落,定居地,拓居地 These tools ale found in an early Iron Age settlement.


2)all agreement or decision ending an argument, question, etc. 争执、问题等的解决;和解The management has reached a settlement with the union over the pay dispute.


Key Phrases:

stand up (for)

坚决维护;捍卫If you stand up for someone or something, you defend them and make your feelings or opinions very clear.

They stood up for what they believed to be right...他们坚决捍卫自己认为是对的事。

Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. 要敢于维护自己的权利。


stand up

(1)(要求或证据)经得起检验,能够成立If something such as a claim or a piece of evidence stands up, it is accepted as true or satisfactory after being carefully examined.

He made wild accusations that did not stand up... 他的指控毫无根据,根本站不住脚。

How well does this thesis stand up to close examination? 这个命题经得起推敲吗?

(2)(男友或女友)爽约,放…的鸽子If a boyfriend or girlfriend stands you up, they fail to keep an arrangement to meet you.

We were to have had dinner together yesterday evening, but he stood me up...


He was in a foul mood because he had been stood up. 他因女友爽约而心情不好。

be intent on (sth./doing sth.) be eager and determined to (do sth.) 热衷于,坚决要做

on the side as an additional job or source of income; secretly 作为兼职;秘密地

close in (on/around) come near to, esp. in order to attack from several directions; surround接近;包围

as for with regard to至于

make the best of accept an unsatisfactory situation cheerfully and try to manage as well as you can 尽量利用,充分利用

in the eyes of in the opinion of在(某人)看来

at risk threatened by the possibility of loss, failure, etc.; in danger有危险;冒风险

pass for appear like; be accepted or looked upon as被看做;被当成

Useful Expressions

face risks面临危险

impose a fine处以罚款

keep a log of做个记录

road signs路标

a funeral procession出殡队伍

virgin land处女地.

Key Sentences:

1. Josiah Henson is but one name on a long list of courageous men and women who together forged the Underground Railroad, a secret web of escape routes and safe houses that they used to liberate slaves from the American South.


2.For the heroes of the Underground Railroad remain too little remembered, their exploits still largely unsung.


3.In Kentucky, where he was now headed, there was a $1000 reward for his capture, dead or alive.


4.10 The others made it to the Ohio shore, where Parker hurriedly arranged for a wagon to take them to the next "station" on the Underground Railroad - the first leg of their journey to safety in

Canada. Over the course of his life, John Parker guided more than 400 slaves to safety.

其他的人都上了岸,帕克急忙安排了一辆车把他们带到地下铁路的下一“站”――他们走向安全的加拿大之旅的第一程。约翰·帕克在有生之年一共带领400多名黑奴走向安全之地。(leg = part)

5.Making the best of his lot, Henson worked diligently and rose far in his owner's regard.

亨森非常认命,干活勤勉,深受主人器重。(lot = fate)