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1.It is well known that…\ It is a truth universally acknowledged that…

It is widely accepted that…\ As we all know, …众所周知……

2. The message conveyed in the picture is that…

What is conveyed in the picture is that…图画所传达的是……

3. As is vividly shown in the picture…图片生动地展示了……

4. There are various reasons accounting for this phenomenon. 各种原因导致了这一现象。

The reason for the phenomenon is that e-commerce plays an increasing significant part in our life.

The reason why people become crazy about the shopping carnival is not far to seek.

The reasons why ….are as follows.

5. Reading is to us what water is to fish. 阅读之于我们正如水之于鱼儿。

6. We cannot emphasize the importance of… too much. 我们怎么强调……的重要性也不为过

7. There is no denying that…不可否认,……

8. …is one thing. …is quite another. ……是一回事;……是另一回事9. So happy was I that I did…/ Such a happy boy was I that I did…如此……以致……(so/such放句首,主句部分倒装)Shy as I was, I managed to speak out. (as 倒装,表示“虽然”)

Only if/ when / by … can you… (only放句首,主句倒装。注意:only不能连接句子,加句子时,要加引导词) Only if you try hard can you make it.

10. On setting foot in the lecture hall, I

felt extremely nervous.

Hardly had I set foot in the lecture hall when I felt extremely nervous.

No sooner had I set foot in the lecture hall than I felt extremely nervous.

The moment I set foot in the lecture hall, I felt extremely nervous. 我一进入报告厅就觉得很紧张。

11. Every time I read the poem, I think of …每回……

12. …see/witness…见证Last year saw/witnessed the T-mall shopping carnival sales reached 35 billion, which is out of/beyond our wildest imagination. 13. There is no doubt that…毫无疑问……It is no wonder that…难怪……

14. I firmly believe that…/ I am firmly convinced that…我深信……I am firmly convinced that no society can possibly

achieve prosperity(繁荣)without rules laying the foundation.

15. Given all the above arguments, I embrace the idea that we should never follow the rules blindly. 综上所述(考虑到以上论据),我认为……

16. Taking all these factors into account, we should not underestimate(低估) the importance of …综上所述(考虑到所有这些因素,我们不能低估……的重要性。)17. It seems very ridiculous that…However, thi s kind of story is performed everywhere.


18. …cannot do …without…如果没有…就不能…Nobody can succeed without trying hard.

19. Chances are that…很可能Chances are that some cannot live up to their name.

20. It sheds lights on the fact that reading contributes a lot to our characteristics and helps steer (驾驶~掌舵)ourselves in the right direction. 这说明了……Shed/cast light on照亮,解释,阐明21. On no account shall we ignore the importance of reading ,which serves as a perfect way to cultivate(栽培、养殖) our minds and enhance(增强) our abilities . 我们决不能忽略……的重要性

22. Under no circumstance should we underestimate the positive and enduring effect of reading. 决不能低估……的影响23. The picture conveyed here is that air pollution is quite severe in China. Many factors account for(contribute to) this phenomenon. In the first place, vehicles sending large quantities of poisonous gases are a major source of air pollution. Furthermore, factories that release a

great deal of smoke are also responsible for the poor air quality. Besides, burning materials like coal or oil for homes and offices is another major contributor to air pollution.


表明indicate/ suggest

重要be of great significance

重视attach great importance to sth.

增进了解promote a better understanding of sth.

喜欢favor sth./ be fond of sth./ be fascinated by/ have a passion for

掌握have a good command of sth.

考虑take…into considersation/account allow for

占据(百分比)make up/ account for


学习academic performance/ academic achievements/ academic success


缺乏the absence of thinking/ humor/exercising/smiles

规矩rules and regulations


了解,有……意识be aware of/ have an awareness of

唤醒/提高/培养意识arouse/increase/foster the awareness of…吸引注意力sth. draw my attention/ capture my attention/ sth. appeal to sb.

注意sb. pay attention to sth. / take notice of sth.

令我非常高兴的是greatly to my delight/ greatly to my joy/ to my great delight

毫不犹豫地don’t hesitate to do…/ do…without hesitation

关于as to/ as for/ in terms of/ with regard to/ when it comes to

对……视而不见turn a deaf ear to sth.

抓住机会seize the opportunity

参考书本refer to books

保持学习与放松的平衡maintain a balance between study and relaxation

不令人满意far from satisfactory

参加课外活动participate in extracurricular activities

陪伴某人keep sb. company

因为……而分神be distracted by/ distract sb. from sth.

接近be close to be close to success

遇到困难be trapped/caught/stuck in difficulty/a dilemma (两难之境)

be faced with difficulty/barriers/ obstacles

越来越多的an increasing number of…

可以使用、可以获得sb. have access to sth. / sth. is access to sb.

接触sb. is exposed to sth. It is a

concern that when watching TV, children are exposed to too much violence, which will have an ill effect on them.


受欢迎sth. is popular with sb. / be well received

刺激经济发展fuel the development of the economic


减轻负担/疼痛/压力relieve their burden/pain/pressure

缓解我的尴尬relief me of my embarrassment

感到一阵宽慰have a sense of relief/ have a rush of relief

强调highlight/ stress/ emphasize/ highlight the importance of…

在某种程度上to some extent

引起广泛的关注raise a widespread concern

Recently ,the air quality in China has raised widespread concern.

通力合作make joint efforts

汽车尾气排放/温室气体排放vehicle/greenhouse emission

提高节源标准Raise fuel economy standards 降低汽车尾气排放require lower emissions form automobiles. 提高尾气排放效率和性能improved emission efficiency and performance

作为serve as/ act as

自然资源natural resources

不辜负live up to their parents’expectation/ their reputation

强身健体/增强信心build up one’s health/confidence

认为……是理所当然的take…for granted

拓宽视野broaden our horizon


1. It is a common practice that students make use of the Internet resource to build up their knowledge.

2. A swift click on the mouse, everything you want will unfold ight in front of you.

3. Yet I find it questionable whether it is a good way to learn.

4. There is no denying that most students in Chna are bombarded(轰炸)with tons of assignments to finish them on time.

5. Those who hand in their work without thiking may get praised or being efficient temporaily, but their academic success is doomed to be limited.

6. Finishing homework is one thng. To thoroughly grasp knowledge and transfer them to be our own knowledge is quite another.

7. Copying answers from the Internet greatly influences, if not prevent us from

thinking independently. 从网上抄答案即使不会阻止我们独立思考也会对我们的独立思考产生很大的影响。

8. The complete absence of thinking will surely result in ignorance. 缺乏思考必定导致无知。

9. A critical lesson I drew from this experience is that where there is a will there is a way.

10. A saying goes that many a little makes

a mickle (miracle). 俗语说,积少成多。

11. Not knowing what to do desperately, I turned to my parents for help, who always lent attentive ears to my puzzles.

12. With their sincere help and valuable help, I overcame help eventually.

13. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. There is no such thing like people’s utmost. 有志者事竟成,人的极限是无可比拟的。

14. Ill management of my time still happens to me. 我仍然不会管理时间。15. I have been actively participating in volunteering work, which enables me to obtain a sense of contentment through the process of helping others. 我积极参加志愿者工作,在帮助他人的过程中,我获得了满足感。

16. This undoubtedly has a negative effect on my study since effectiveness plays an essential role in academic achievements. 这毫无疑问对我的学习产生了负面影响,因为效率对成绩影响很大。

17. As the proverb goes, time and tide wait for no man. So precious is time that we cannot afford to waste it. From my perspective, we cannot make up for the time wasted. Therefore, never will I invest time to anything meaningless.

18. With the belief that family and friends

are those who shape my life, I spend large quantities of time I can spare keeping them company.

19. I am going to create a balance between my study and recreation, which will allow me to let go of those useless and seek for something meaningful and priceless.

20. Spending too much time watching TV doesn’t do any good to my study. In contrast, it distracts me from it.

21. Many people fail in life because they do not realize how close they are to success when they give up.

22. The picture, which seems to be humorous but thought-provoking (引人深思的) on second thought, profoundly(深刻地) indicates that not until we succeed could we stop our efforts to it.

23. First and foremost, it is the

far-reaching(影响深远的) development of e-commerce(电子商务) that makes it accessible for people to(让人们可以)shop without walking out.

24. Out of my humble perspective, such a phenomenon fully mirrors(反映)people’s crazy pursuit of material(物质的)joys.

25. The fact that the things we purchase online are usually cheaper than those in shops contributes to the booming(繁荣) of shopping online.

26. It is a belief which is deeply rooted in out heart that we should give our love to our parents.

27. Many people are trapped in the myth (谬论)that only when you are capable of providing your parents with tremendous fortune(巨额财富)can you express filial piety(孝心).

28. Rules and regu lations ensure a fair and

satisfying environment for living, competing and cooperation.

29. Although we must continue to work on this, substantial results have been achieved, including remarkable improvement in air-quality through vehicle emission controls and greater use of clean energy sources. 尽管我们还需不断努力,但是通过控制车辆尾气排放和大量使用洁净能源,我们在包括改善空气质量等方面取得了实质性的进展。

30. No major city in the world is without its share of smog, fumes, and noise.


31. Given that most of the rules and regulations are older than you and me, there must be a proper reason why they exist for so long despite minor and inevitable imperfections.

32. Rules and regulations serve as a warning to anyone in an attempt to perform harmful or even illegal behaviors.

33. As President Reagan put it, if not me, who? If not now, when?