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Unti1 Task4

1.He got thoroughly wet and he caught a bad cold.

A. in consequence

B. in nature

C. in general

D. in sequence

2. Our former English teacher retired Mrs. Wang _______him.

A. in place

B. in place of

C. replaced

D. replaced by

3. The spread lf disease among the refugees at last local people from their indifference towards these unhappy people.

A. accessed

B. assessed

C. aroused

D. attracted

4. He was very distressed for his proposal was by the boss.

A. refused

B. rejected

C. accepted

D. returned

5. You have been late for class the third time this week. How could you _____ this?

A. save for B .go with C. account for D. go for

6. The purple curtain really doesn’t the green sofa.

A. go into

B. go with

C. go around

D. go up

7. The raincoat can you being thoroughly wet.

A. separate…from




8. I really appreciate me when I’m in difficulty.

A. you to help

B. that your help

C. your helping

D. your to help

9 must deal with the situation at once before it gets ______

A. in hand B .out of hand C. off hand D .at hand

10 ______his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others.

A. Dislike B .Unlike C .Alike D .Liking

11 I don’t like the location of the house,________ the price is too high.

A. in addition to

B. however C .moreover D. whereas

12 We managed to ________this annoying situation.

A. go with B .work out C. conduct out D. cope with

13 The new immigrants will take a long time to the life there.

A. adjust to B .familiar to C .get used in D. come to

14 You should try to him from making stupid decisions.

A .persuade

B .separate

C .prevent D. recover

15 She her original belief in order to marry a Muslin.

A. distressed

B. appreciated C .acquired D. rejected

Unit 1 1-5 ACCBC 6-10 BBCBB 11-15 CDACD

Unti2 Task4

1.His major is biochemistry, but he is keen on computer. He is a(n) ______ in computer.

A. Profession

B. expert

C. amateur

D. hobby

2.You had better go home now since it is ______11p.m.

A. mainly

B. really

C. clearly

D. approximately

3. My mother always ______on my sister’s fashionable dresses.

A. reflect

B. counts

C. frowns

D. acts

4. I want to express my ______to you for your timely when I was ill.

A. gratitude

B. passion

C. fatigue

D. virtue

5. I was so indulged in the excellent violin performance that I forgot the ______.

A. evil

B. suspicion

C. gratitude

D. fatigue

6. If you ______ working hard, you will get promotion an extra bonus.

A. insist in

B. persist in

C. assist in

D. consist in

7. She made a big ______when a naughty boy sneaked into her garden and stole one of the roses.

A. rumor

B. condemn

C. fuss

D. temper

8. There has been a gradual ______ of workers away from manufacturing towards the service industries.

A. rank

B. shift

C. trail

D. pursuit

9. If you make your ______felt, you do something which forces people to pay attention to you.

A. appearance

B. indifference

C. presence

D. phenomenon

10. The ______ of the right to freedom is very important to all people.

A. determination

B. assertion

C. participation

D. competition

11. The judge, a man of ______, has a very good reputation in this area.

A. virtue

B. value

C. determination

D. rumor

12. They are trying to ______ the situation to their advantages.

A. pursue

B. deny

C. counter

D. exploit

13. He was punished for ______ the law.

A. denying

B. cracking

C. stripping

D. defying

14. The young man ______his own life to safe a child from the river.

A. saked

B. conquested

C. sacrificed

D. rebelled

15. The police is inquiring the man in black, who is under ______of having taken money from the company’s safe.

A. competition

B. condemnation

C. suspicion

D. reception

Unit 2 1-5 CDCAD 6-10 BCBCB 11-15 ADDCC

Unti3 Task4

1.Some fish have a greater _________ for acid water than others.

A. tolerance

B. resistance

C. dependence

D. persistence

2.When two people feel the same about each other, their feelings are _________.

A. visible

B. common

C. joint

D. mutual

3.The selector was accused of showing _________ in failing to include Jane in the team.

A .favor B. interest C. prejudice D. unfair

4.A good dictionary can tell the _________ distinctions between meanings of synonyms.

A. attitude

B. subtle

C. acute

D. sharp

5.You’d better seek an architect’s _________before building the house.

A. attitude

B. suggestion

C. consultant

D. counsel

6.The _________ chapter, which follows this one, is the last chapter in this book.

A. sequent

B. proceed

C. consequent

D. subsequent

7.The work was almost complete when we received orders to _________ no further with it.

A. progress

B. proceed

C. march

D. promote

8.I don’t know whether the story is true or not, but I’ll try to _________ it.

A. affirm

B. assert

C. confirm

D. conform

9.The bank manager asked his assistant if it was possible for him to _________ the investment plan within a week.

A. put out

B. set out

C. make out

D. work out

10.The shop manager always stressed to his employees,”We can never be _________ polite to our customers.”

A. so

B. too

C. more

D. very

11.Police still have no _________ as to the identity of the killer.

A. signals

B. cues

C. clues

D. signs

12.The ringing bells _________ the news of the birth of the prince.

A. claimed

B. proclaimed

C. released

D. published

13.What _________ do you need for this cake besides flour and sugar?

A. component

B. ingredients

C. constituent

D. element

14.The singer gave a (n) _________ performance and won a loud applause from his audience.

A. brilliant

B. bright

C. awful

D. notorious

15._________my government I have the honor to make to you the following communications.

A. In place of

B. In terms of

C. On account of

D. On behalf of

Unit 3 1-5 ADCBD 6-10 DBCDB 11-15 CBBAD

Unti5 Task4

1. I was ________surprised at hearing that he wasn't admitted to the university

A. somewhere

B. somehow

C. somewhat

D. anyway 2.Nothing can ____the young mother for the loss of her beloved son. .

. A. compile B. compensate C. complain D. complete

3. Confined to bed, the disabled man is as __as a baby.

A. lose

B. hopeless

C. useless

D. helpless

4.It was time to ___economic constraints.

A. lose

B. limit

C. loose

D. loosen

5.Her reply showed that she was very ____to criticism.

A. sensible

B. sensitive

C. insensible

D. sentimental

6.The hope, goals, fears and desires _______widely between men and women, between the rich and the poor.

A. alter

B. transfer

C. vary

D. shift

7. The southerners are quite ________the cold weather here now.

A. hardened to

B. similar to

C. reliable to

D. adept at

8. The boss is ______on us to meet the deadline.

A. learning

B. forcing

C. enforcing

D. embarking

9. Most _______goods in the supermarket have bar codes and you just scan them on the scanning machine when you check out.

A. branded

B. uncovered

C. packaged

D. limited

10. He was in such a hurry that he _______some bread and milk and went to work.

A. ate

B. chewed

C. bit

D. swallowed

11.Fortunately there was someone ,so we asked him to deliver the message at once.

A.at daybreak B. at present C. at hand D. at random

12.A survey was carried out on the death rate of new-born babies in the region,were surprising.

A. as result

B. the result of it

C. with result

D. the result of which

13. The side-effect of the drug is________ within a short period of time.

A.available B. unnoticeable C. indispensable D. incredible

14.without proper lessons,you could a lot of bad habits when playing the piano

A.pick up B. keep up C. draw up D. catch up

15. she loves her family,but they are a(n)_____on her career

A. obstacle

B. aid

C. comfort

D. drag

Unit 5 1-5 CBDDB 6-10 CAACD 11-15CDBAD

Unti6 Task4

1We need a chairman in whom everyone has _____.

A confident

B confidence

C confine

D confirm

2The manager spoke highly of such ____ as loyalty, courage and trustfulness shown by his employees.

A virtues

B features

C properties

D characteristics

3 The man in the corner confessed to ____ a lie to the manager of the company.

A have told

B be told

C being told

D having told

4 I was agree with what you say to some ____

A rang

B level

C extend

D quantity

5 My plan met with his _____.

A approval

B approve

C approach

D appropriate

6 In Britain, the best season of the year is probably _____ spring.

A later

B last

C latter

D late

7 This popular sports car is now being _____ at the rate of a thousand a week

A turned down

B turned out

C turned up

D turned on

8 Although he had looked through all the reference material on the subject, he still found it hard to understand this point and her explanation only ____to his confusion.

A extended

B amounted

C added

D turned

9 There is no _____ for good food and exercise

A substantial

B substance

C substitute

D subsequent

10 He was ___ the prize for being the fastest runner

A aware

B await

C awake

D awarded

11 She ______ deceived me to stay such a thing

A virtually

B virtual

C virtue

D virtuous

12 The little child _____ something in his pocket

A conceived

B devoted

C devised

D concealed

13 We do business with them on a large____

A scan

B scarce

C scale

D sum

14 Parrots often ____ human speech

A imitate

B produce

C intimate

D obtain

15 _____ the cost, the dress doesn’t suit me.

A But for

B Except for

C Except

D Apart from

Unit 6 1-5 BADCA 6-10-DBCCD 11-15ADCAD

Unit7 Task4

1.Everyone should be ____ to a decent standard of living and an opportunity to be educated.

A. contributed

B. attributed

C. reacted

D. entitled

2.After several failures, the man realized his ____was impractical at last.

. A. ambition B. illusion C. perception D. tension

3.He refused to stay abroad and enjoy the comfortable life there out of his great _____to his own


A. curiosity

B. priority

C. loyalty

D. royalty

4.The government _____the development of the basic industries.

A. gives priority to

B. takes priority to

C. puts priority

D. lay priority to

5.Do children _____to kind treatment by becoming more self-confident?

A. answer

B. react

C. contribute

D. interact

6.He took more than half of the ballots and ______his two main rivals.

A. overcome

B. overcharged

C. overcrowded

D. overwhelmed

7.The plane got ____and crashed into the sea.

A. Out of control

B. under control

C. in control

D. in the control

8.According to the survey, one in five women lacks iron in that most of them go on a diet to get rid

of their ____weight.

A. successive

B. excessive

C. accessible

D. available

9.The doctor recommended that patient _____ smoking.

A. cut down

B. cut off

C. must cut down

D. must cut off

10.Young adults ____older people are more likely to prefer pop songs.

A. other than

B. more than

C. less than

D. rather than

11.First published in 1927,the charts remain an ____source for researchers.

A. identical

B. inevitable

C. intelligent

D. indispensable

12.Mr.Lin is the chief ____of china to the united nations.

A. representative

B. deputy

C. delegate

D. commissary

13.His new book caused a _____in the whole country.

A. sting

B. stir

C. strike

D. stun

14.We have to admit there are always some parts of your life ___which you can have little or no


A. by

B. for

C. over

D. through

15.The new job___ traveling abroad to different countries several times each year..

A .involved B. included C. consisted D. concluded

Unit 7 1-5 DACAD 6-10DABAD 11-15DCBCA

Unti8 Task4

1.The vast majority of people in any given culture will ------to the established standards of that


A .confine B. conform C .confront D .confirm

2. Under no excuse ________to be late for class.

A .you are allowed B. you allow

C .do you allowed D. are allowed

3. _____in time, he would not have been punished.

A .if he only arrived B. if only he arrived

C .if only he had arrived

D .if only he would arrived

4. I didn’t _____ to take a taxi but I had to as I was late.

A. assume B .suppose C .mean D. hope

5. A healthy life is frequently thought to be _____with the open countryside and hometown food.

A .tied B. bound C. involved D. associated

6. There has been an encouraging response to the appeal for ____to the famine relief fund.

A. contribution

B. comparison

C. proportion D .institution

7. He was ____ only by his to help me, and expected nothing in return.

A .accompanied

B .confined C. recommended D .motivated

8. The ____ of the library, around which student life revolves, is one of most important problem to be solved.

A. expectation

B. expedition

C. expense

D. expansion

9. My new house is very ____ for me as I can get to office in five minutes.

A. adaptable

B. comfortable

C. convenient

D. available

10. The weatherman broadcasts the ____ in temperature twice a day.

A .diversion B. variation C .variety D .modification

11. To prove their theories, scientists must ____an adequate amount of date as evidence.

A .accomplish B. accumulate C .accelerate D .accommodate

12. One of the government’s main ____within this year is to reduce unemployment rate by 10 percent.

A. objects

B. subjects C .objectives D. objections

13. It is just one more ____result of the development of microprocessors----those tiny parts of a computer commonly known as “silicon chips”.

A. incredible B .preferable C .incredulous D. plausible

14. He misled management by giving it the idea that the older and more experienced men were not an ____but a liability.

A. advantage B .asset C .assistance D .award

15. The number of representatives each state is en titled to its ____to the size of its population.

A .proportion B. periodical C. principal D. dominant

Unit 8 1-5 BDCCD 6-10ADDCB 11-15BCABA


2. It is a matter of ______ that male businesspeople usually wear suits on formal occasions

3. These people are very ______, organized and excellent time managers.

4. Julian says he hopes to get a job and find a way to ______ a college education.

5. Having studied business at college and knowing two foreign languages, my secretary is perfectly ______ for her job.

6. The leading economists of the country have been ______ the influence of the current crisis upon its economy.

7. The general public did not have confidence that the government would be able to ______ this difficult job

8. The company is ______ a survey to find out local reaction to their recently promoted product.

9. The rain was heavy and ______ the land was flooded.

10. The discovery of the oilfield is of great _____ to the economy in this region.


1.charge 翻译:律师们收费如此之高,但他们好像从来不缺少客户。

2.convention 翻译:男性商务人员在正式场合通常穿着西装是一种惯例。

3.efficient 翻译:这些人非常高效,非常有条理,并且是出色的时间管理者。

4.obtain 翻译:朱利安说他希望获得一份工作并设法接受高等教育。

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/7475818c7e192279168884868762caaedd33ba95.htmlpetent 翻译:我的秘书在大学里学过上午,还精通两门外语,她完全能胜任她的工作。

6.assessing 翻译:这个国家的主要经济学家们一直在评估当前的危机给该国家经济带来的影响

7.fulfill 翻译:公众对政府完成这项艰巨工作的能力没有信心。

8.conducting 翻译:这家公司正在实施一项调查以了解当地消费者对他们最近促销的产品的反应

9.consequently 翻译:雨很大,因此这块地被水淹没了。

10.significance 翻译:油田的发现对该地区的经济发展具有重要的意义。


2. The mother couldn't help laughing at her little boy's ______ appearance.

3. The tall man ______ his head so that he could enter the room.

4. Though the plan didn't work well, he ______ in following it.

5. Should it be a failure, as many experts predict, it would ______ as one of the worst man-made disasters.

6. Don't ______ at others in any situation on matter how angry you are.

7. It is really ______ that she didn't get promoted just because of her skin color!

8. She was very glad to see the ______ of many old friends at her birthday party.

9. Why are you ______ all the time? Try to look happy!

10. I cannot tell the exact number; ______ 100 students will be presented with medals as recognition of their excellence.

Unit 2

1.promising 翻译:毕业后我想在一家有发展前景的公司就职。

2.amusing 翻译:小男孩逗人的样子使他母亲忍不住笑了起来。

3.lowered 翻译:那个高个儿男人低下了头吗,这样他才能进入房间。

4.persisted 翻译:尽管计划实施得不太顺利,他还是坚持继续实施下去、

5.rank 翻译:万一像许多庄家语言的那样失败了,它将是最严重的认为灾害之一。

6.swear 翻译:不管你多生气,在任何情况下都不能咒骂他人。

7.unfair 翻译:仅仅因为她的肤色而不让她晋升,这的确太不公平了。

8.presence 翻译:看到许多老朋友来参加她的生日派对,她感到非常高兴。

9.frowning 翻译:你为何总是皱着眉头?高兴点儿!

10.approximately 翻译:具体数字我说不准,大约有100名学生因表现优秀而被授予奖章。


2. People have bought these under the ___________ that their value would just keep on rising.

3. The project has been ____________ by the local government for lack of public resources.

4. The clerk must have _____________ your name, because he said you weren’t here.

5. The speaker said something about the actors and then ___________ to talk about the film.

6. Differences of opinion are often the most difficult problem to _____________.

7. When he should looked for a job, John strongly felt that there was a widespread __________against men over forty.

8. Children should be encouraged to reach a (n) ____________ between what they want and what others want.

9. The discovery seems to _____________that people lived here over 10,000 years ago.

10. The book was first published in 1994 and was ______________ translated into fifteen languages.

Unit 3

1.mutual 翻译:我坚信这一协议符合我们的共同利益。

2.illusion 翻译:人类幻想这些房子会不断升值猜买下了他们。

3.canceled 翻译:因缺乏公共资源,该项目已被当地政府取消。

4.overlooked 翻译:这位职员一定是没有看到你的名字,因为他说你不在这里。

5.proceeded 翻译:演讲者介绍了一下演员,接着谈论电影。

6.resolve 翻译:意见不一致往往是最难解决的问题

7.prejudice 翻译:找工作时,约翰强烈地感受到人们对年过四十的男人普遍抱有偏见。

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/7475818c7e192279168884868762caaedd33ba95.htmlpromise 翻译:应当鼓励孩子们在自己的需求与别人的需求之间达成一种妥协。

9.confirm 翻译:这一发现视乎证实了一万多年前人们在这里居住过。

10.subsequently 翻译:这本书最早出版于1994年,后来被翻译成了15种语言。


1. After a while as an ambulance driver, you get ________to what you see at accidents.

2. My sole object was to get ________ from the snow, to get myself covered and warm.

3. If we take all the factors into account, his chances of winning the election were ________

4. It will only ________ his position if he continues to stick to his strange ideas.

5. ________thousands of people watched the football game.

6. The most ______ change was in my younger brother, who had grown quite a bit and was now a third-grader.

7. I am supposed to be resting and relaxing, but it is just a whole ______ of different things that have happened.

8. Day and night Martin could not _____ his mind from the failure he had suffered.

9. I would be ______ if you would mail this package for me.

10.The young man was _______ on heroin(海洛因)and lost his job and his wife.


1.hardened 翻译:当救护车司机一段时间后,你就会对事故中看到的情景变得漠然。

2.shelter 翻译:我唯一的目标是躲过这场雪,使自己不再暴露在外而暖和起来。

3.slim 翻译:如果我们讲所有的因素都考虑到的话,他在选举中获胜的机会很渺茫。

4.weaken 翻译:如果他继续坚持自己怪异的想法,将只会削弱自己的地位。

5.Literally 翻译:确实有数千人观看了这场足球比赛。

6.noticeable 翻译:变化最明显的是我弟弟,他长大了很多,并且现在上三年级了。

7.bunch 翻译:我本该休息和放松,但是一大堆各种各样的事情发生了。

8.drag 翻译:日日夜夜,马丁都无法忘记所遭受的失败。

9.grateful 翻译:如果你能帮我邮寄这个包裹,我将十分感激。

10.hooked 翻译:这个年轻人吸食海洛因上了瘾,并且失去了工作和妻子。


2.It is a very popular play, and it would be wise to ________seats in advance.

3.He was an enthusiastic amateur write for many years before he turned____.

4.The acto r’s performance in Hamlet has been _______.

5.Where unemployment and crime rates are high, it can be assumed that the __________is due to


6. A good photograph can often _____________far more than words.

7.Although you have graduate from university, a bachelor’s degree in English does not

______________you to teach English.

8.The young girl is _________in her manners and she always eats cakes with a little fork.

9.I have a packed timetable this week. Could you ________for me at the meeting at the head office?

10.The new project is expected to start early next year , it has won the _____of the board.

Unit 6

1.confessed 翻译:经过警察2天的审讯,那名罪犯终于招供了。

2.reserve 翻译:这部戏剧很受欢迎,因而提前预定座位是明智的。

3.professional 翻译:在成为专业作家之前的许多年里,她是一名热情的业余作家。

4.impressive 翻译:这位演员在《哈姆雷特》中的表演给人留下了深刻的印象。

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/7475818c7e192279168884868762caaedd33ba95.htmltter 翻译:在失业率和犯罪率高的地方,人们可以认为后者是由前者所致的

6.convey 翻译:一张好照片常常能够传递远远超过文字的信息。

7.qualify 翻译:尽管你已大学毕业,但英语学士的学位不恩能够确保你能胜任英语教师一职。

8.refined 翻译:这位少女举止优雅,她总是用一把小叉子吃蛋糕。

9.substitute 翻译:这周我的日程特别紧,你能不能替我去参加总公司的会议。

10.approval 翻译:新项目已经获懂事会批准,预计明年年初就启动。


2.You seem awfully______-why don’t you have a drink and try to relax?

3.The doctor_____ that he should stay a few more days in the hospital.

4.The crisis had a(n)_____effect on the economy.

5.The program can only be successful if the students_____ training as important.

6.The______ was to be laid mainly on the traffic in inner city areas.

7.Looking at the old photos of his mother ____feelings within him that had been quiet for many


8.This is an important matter, so we must give it ____over all other business.

9.She____ her broken marriage to her husband’s short temper.

10.The activities are designed to____ classroom discussions.

Unit 7

1.react 翻译:冷静且有远见和敏捷的思维使他在遇到紧急事件时能迅速作出反应。

2.tense 翻译:你看起来很紧张,为什么不喝点东西放松一下?

3.recommended 翻译:医生建议他应该再多住几天院。

4.destructive 翻译:这次危机对经济造成了毁灭性的影响。

5.perceive 翻译:只有当学生们意识到培训的重要性时,这个计划才会成功。

6.emphasis 翻译:重点应主要放在内城区的交通上。

7.stirred 翻译:看着他母亲的旧照片,他平静多年的心又被扰乱了。

8.priority 翻译:这件事情非常重要,较之其他事情而言我们必须优先处理。

9.attributed 翻译:她把婚姻破裂归咎于丈夫急躁的脾气。

10.stimulate 翻译:设计这些活动是为了激发课堂讨论。


in the neighborhood.

2.He was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his ______ to world peace.

3.Internet games have proved very _________ with young people.

4.Peking University and Tsinghai University are two most important educational_____ in china.

5.Bill______ in a four-year teacher training program.

6.With foreigners and tourists coming from all over the world, New York is one of the most

culturally________ cities in the world.

7.By the late 1950s, scientists had already ________ enough information to show a clear link

between smoking and caner.

8. a tiny baby soon learns to ________its mother’s face from other adults’ face.

9.How _______! The male student who seldom attends class has the highest mark this time.

10.It is very important to ______ your speech to the subject.

Unit 8

1.render 翻译:他时刻准备着给予他人帮助,因为他是小区里最受尊敬的人。

2.contribution 翻译:他因为世界和平所作的贡献而被授予诺贝尔和平奖。

3.popular 翻译:网络游戏已被证明很受年轻人欢迎。

4.institutions 翻译:北京大学和清华大学是中国最重要的两大教育机构。

5.enrolled 翻译:比尔报名参加了为期四年的教室培训课程。

6.diverse 翻译:随着世界各地的外国人与游客的到来,纽约成为世界上最具多样性文化的城市之一。

7.accumulated 翻译:到20世界50年代末,科学家已经收集了足够的信息证明吸烟和癌症的密切联系。

8.distinguish 翻译:幼儿很快就能学会区分自己的母亲与其他成人的面孔。

9.puzzling 翻译:这个很少来上课的男生这次居然考了最高分,真难以置信!

10.confine 翻译:将你的演讲限定在主题范围之内是很重要的。